Rogue (Neutral Evil) (Overhaul)

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Rogue (Neutral Evil) (Overhaul)

Postby Venusupreme » Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:46 am

Almost three years ago, I made this suggestion for a Neutral Evil role called the Rogue. However, that thread has been archived, and the role itself is horribly out of date at this point (as are the replies and suggestions being given about it). So, rather than asking for it to be unlocked and updating it, I'm just going to create this new thread. Enjoy!

Name: Rogue

Alignment: (Neutral, Evil)

Description: You are a stealthy criminal who is willing to work together with anyone who can help you eliminate your enemies.


Check one player each night to determine whether or not they are of use to you. [Anyone not of Town alignment.]

-You will not learn your target's role.

If you find someone to be of use to you, you will "assist" them for the night.

-While "assisting" your target, they will gain basic defense if they didn't have it already.

-You will cause Sheriffs to see them as Not Suspicious, cause Investigators to see them as a Framer, and cause Detectives to see them as being of Town alignment.

-Additionally, anyone who attempts to roleblock your target will have their ability fail but will not be notified. If your target is a visiting role and a Transporter attempts to move their target, the Transporter's ability will fail, getting the notification "Your night ability was stopped by a Rogue!".

-If your target is controlled by a Witch, you will not stop the Witch, and will assist your target to whoever the Witch had them visit.

-If your target is a killing role, you will also block any Town Protective roles that are on their target. They will get the same notification as the Transporter.

-If your target is Jailed, the Jailor will be roleblocked with the normal "Someone occupied your night. You were roleblocked!" message, even if they don't try to execute them.

-If your target's target is Jailed, your target will learn that their target is in jail, but their night ability will not be stopped.

-You will visit both your target AND their target, if they visit someone.

-Town does not need to kill you in order to win the game.


-Attack: None

-Defense: None

-You own one auto-vest.

-If you assist a Werewolf, you will be able to escape before he attacks you for visiting his target.

-If you assist an Arsonist and you have doused by an Arsonist, you will clean the gas off of yourself in addition to preforming your usual night action.

Investigation results:

-Investigator: Tracker, Spy, Hustler, Gossiper

-Sheriff: "Your target is suspicious!"

-Witchsigliere: "Your target is a criminal who works from the shadows. They must be a Rogue!"

Wins with:

You must kill the Town
You win with the Mafia
You win with Serial Killers
You win with Arsonists
You win with Werewolves
You win with Witches
You win with Stalkers
You win with Gossipers
You win with Malpractitioners
You win with Survivors
You may spare anyone else.
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