[Rework] Mafioso (Mafia Killing)

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[Rework] Mafioso (Mafia Killing)

Postby JacksonVirgo » Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:06 pm

This isn't just a normal rework, this is an idea that I've come up with to combine with THIS idea of a complete Mafia rework. The concept was that all Mafia Killing roles attack differently, Godfather can attack directly, Ambusher attacks visitors and Mafioso attacks like x. This is one of my ideas for how we could change Mafioso to fit with.

I might reformat this but since I am rushing for time I will write it like this.
Name: Mafioso (possibly change it to bomber or some shizzles)
Abilities: Place a bomb at somebody's house or light one up instead of the factional kill.
- Bombs deal an unstoppable attack, and the Mafioso only visits when placing the bomb.
- When killing, you can choose ONE bombed target and explode them to smithereens, being an Astral Unstoppable attack.
- Bombs take the factional kill, keeping the Mafia's 1KPN.
- On the death announcement, the kill will be announced to be "Killed by a member of the Mafia!" not "Killed by a bomber/mafioso"

They can visit and fake being a TP or they can be on important targets that may have TP on them so you can hit them with an unstoppable attack. This woud have a 0.5 KPN if dealing unstoppable attacks only. However it may need a limit to the amount of bombs because it's still quite overpowered against TPs.


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