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Role idea

Postby Iggydra » Sat Oct 05, 2019 8:09 pm

Alignment:Coven (Evil)

Role block immunity
Detection immunity (With The Necronomicon)

Coven chat
Unique role

With out the Necronomicion
Sheriff:Your target is suspicious

With Necronmicion
You cannot find any evidence of Wrong doing They seem innocent

Investigator results

Cl/Consigliere:Your target is a very attractive and beguiling Women they must be a Enchantress

Summary:A Very Attractive and beguiling women who can Easily make people do what she wants

Abilities:Every Full moon you May Seduce A player

Attributes:You may choose to Seduce A player Every Full moon ,(Means to Role block the player that night and see all the actions they do Every Full moon)
With Necronmicion
Can Seduce(Every time you Seduce some one they became a Lifeless husk(Can’t talk,Vote or Do there ability)Every night But target will became a husk and die the next day

Without Necronmicion
Defense:Basic (Only At the Full moon)
With Necronmicion

Attack:Powerful(Only when there’s a full moon when there’s not a full moon the attack is Basic)


Goal:Kill all who oppose the coven

Victory condition
Wins with
Must kill
Coven stuff

When Someone is a Husk they Will Die the next die

Roles that are immune to Seduces With out the Necronmicion
Serial killer(Will attack The Enchantress)
Werewolf(When there’s a full moon will attack the Enchantress)
Pestilence (Will attack the Enchantress)
Juggernaut (Will attack the Enchantress)

When jailed And Enchantress have Necronmicion
If Jailer doesn’t execute The Enchantress Jailer will became a Husk

Death message
He/she was Suck out of life by the Enchantress

The Enchantress has Drained your insides out Your now a husk you will die tomorrow if a doctor doesn’t help you

Immure to Role blocks

You will not die by traps only tigger it if you do not have the Necronmicion or Bodyguards

With Necronmicion
Immunity to
Being control


You been Role blocked

The Enchantress KISS made you into a lifeless husk you will die tomorrow

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