Jeweler (Coven Evil)

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Jeweler (Coven Evil)

Postby CVXgophrafe » Fri Jan 28, 2022 1:29 pm

Role Name:

Role Alignment:

Give a runestone in the form of jewelry

You have the option to give jewelry or make them gleam
The runestones will break after one use
Gleaming runestones will roleblock the holders

Spoiler: You decided to give jewelry to [target]
You instead decided to give jewelry to [target]
You decided to make the runestones gleam
You instead decided to not make them gleam
Someone tried to give you jewelry but you refused as it looked suspicious (roleblock immune message)

Goal: Kill all who oppose the Coven

Win Conditions:
You win with Coven
You win with Survivors
You must kill the Mafia
You must kill the Town
You must kill Serial Killers
You must kill Arsonists
You must kill Werewolfs
You must kill Pestilence
You must kill Plaugebearers
You must kill Vampires
You may spare anyone else

Special Attributes:
Roleblock immune, Unique yes

Investigator Results:
Sherrif: Your target is suspicious (with the Necronomicon Your target is not suspicious)
Investigator: Your target is an expert with people they could be an Escort, Transporter, Consort, Hypnotist, or Jeweler
Consigliere: Your target uses runestones in their jewelry they must be a Jeweler

Spoiler: Mesmerizing: Win 1 game as a Jeweler
Shine like a runestone: Win 5 games as a Jeweler
Moonlight: Win 10 games as a Jeweler
Light pollution: Win 25 games as a Jeweler
Lightshow: Gleam everyone as once
Pretty Penny: Get killed by a serial killer
Firework: Gleam everyone who isn't a coven
Generous: Win a game without gleaming
Buy one get one: Give yourself a jewelry
Free trouble: Give a member of the coven a jewelry
At the end of the tunnel: Kill everyone who isn't coven with a gleam
They must be here: Gleam a werewolf on a full moon(hidden)

Additional Infomation:
Spoiler: With the Necronomicon, your gleams kill your enemies and you can gleam and give roleblock immune people jewels.
People who are roleblock immune don't accept the jewel and are notified as such
If you try to give a piece of jewelry to a serial killer they will attack you

Lore: Spoiler: Their first awaking was a geode they always liked shiny things, but it was complex with beauty rivaling the stars. They knew a friend who was a miner. They walked over to their house finding it locked. They glanced down at the geode looking deep not and figured it was ok. They broke a window and slid on in. He found notes on where the geodes are located and stashed them in his pocket. They saw tools on the wall and something came over them. He took pliers and got to work making blue stone with an eagle imprinted on it which the lookout would love.
Later the next day they gave it to the lookout as a gift.
He felt a pull to the original geode he received for the miner and with the moon high in the sky he did something to the geode and a bright flash would look to coming from the lookout's house.
A portal from another world opened behind him and someone put their hand on their soldier.
"You'll have all of that and more because the runestones make you grow stronger," they whispered into their ear; they gestured for him to follow them.
They walked through a portal into Salem with the coven leader in hand.
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Re: Jeweler (Coven Evil)

Postby syjfwbaobfwl » Fri Jan 28, 2022 5:35 pm

I think it should do something else, because I dont think that a simple coven escort is enough of a role
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Re: Jeweler (Coven Evil)

Postby EtherealEnder » Sat Jan 29, 2022 8:42 pm

if this is a coven, it needs to be able to kill somehow both with and without the nomicon. it also needs some kind of Necronomicon buff
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