Tinter: Neutral(Killing)

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Tinter: Neutral(Killing)

Postby cob709 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:09 am

Role Name:

Role Alignment:

- During the day, you may select a player to kill.

- The player you selected will be attacked after the day ends.

[Tinter]: You have decided to kill [Player] today.
[Player]: You were attacked by a Tinter. You have died!

You win with the Tinters
You win with the Witches
You win with the Survivors
You must kill the Town
You must kill the Mafia
You must kill the Arsonist
You must kill the Serial Killer
You must kill the Werewolf
You must kill the Vampires
You must kill the Coven
You must kill the Plaguebearer
You must kill the Pestilence
You must kill the Juggernaut
You may spare anyone else

Win Conditions:
- Kill everyone who would oppose you.

Special Attributes:
- Attack: Basic
- Defense: Basic
- Action priority(Tinter will have action priority over Jailor, pirate, and etc.)

Investigator Results:
Sheriff - Your target is suspicious!
Investigator - Your target could be a Doctor, Disguiser, Serial Killer, (Potion Master), or a Tinter!
Consigliere - Your target disregards standard methods for murder, the must be a Tinter!

- "Not paranoid enough" - Kill the Veteran
- "I've been expecting you" - Kill the Jailor that attempted to jail you
- "Bodyguard? I don't even know her" - Kill the Mayor
- "Arghhhh" - Kill a Pirate that attempted to plunder you

Additional Information:
- This is a killing role, but it kills during the day instead of killing at night. It would be fine if this role actually replaces Serial Killer.
- This role is dangerous because it disregards night abilities, making TPs, Lookouts or Trackers useless against it, so it's good to get rid of the jailor meta. This also prevents the person from performing their night ability because they're dead before the night started.
- The announcement of the death will be announced the day after.

- "You're an impatient Serial Killer"

"Man I just want everyone dead."
The Serial Killer laughed to himself as he walked away from the mayor.
"A shame that the doctor could not heal you. But the jailor.."
A few days has passed, as the Serial Killer attempted to get around those pesky doctors and bodyguards.
"DAMN! I can't get around them....Not now at least"
The Serial Killer had an idea
"Heh, you expect me while you sleep but you'll never expect me in the day"

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Re: Tinter: Neutral(Killing)

Postby JacksonVirgo » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:52 am

I like the concept, but this is stronger than the Serial Killer in all aspects and I doubt it will replace it so unless the killing is slightly reworked to balance it is too OP.
The death should be announced at the start of the night otherwise mafia may even waste a kill etc.

"John Proctor has been killed by the Tinter!".

Lore wise they could like follow them to their house and stab 'em from behind.

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Re: Tinter: Neutral(Killing)

Postby Brilliand » Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:52 pm

I've always like the concept of the daykiller.

But yeah, it needs downsides.
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