Retributionist (Neutral Benign) [Overhaul]

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Retributionist (Neutral Benign) [Overhaul]

Postby OrionVulcan » Fri May 22, 2020 12:21 pm

Role Name:

Role Alignment:
Neutral Benign

You may select someone during the day who has died previously to revive at the start of the night.

You may only resurrect one person.
If your ressurection dies you will become a Survivor without any bulletproof vests.
The person ressurected won't show up in the town list before the start of the next day.

All players will see a message that your target has been revived at the start of the next day.

Ressurect someone that has died and help them achieve their goal.

Win Conditions:
Ressurect someone and help them achieve their goal by the end of the game.

Investigator Results:
Sheriff - You cannot find evidence of wrongdoing. Your target seems innocent.
Investigator - Your target could be a Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, Necromancer, or Trapper.
Consigliere - Your target wields mystical powers. They must be a Retributionist.

Author's Notes:
The reason I though this change might be warranted is due to the strength of a Retributionist in a Town game, in certain situations it can lead to Mafia and/or Neutral Killing losing the game instantly without any particular missplay on their part. I also find that it invalidates certain roles abilities in the same way the Medium does in that Medusa and Janitors stoned/cleaned roles can easily be confirmed or a Forger forged will discarded, leaving less claim space for evils, however a Medium can't instantly confirm that what they are saying is correct, while a revived Town can say anything they've learnt from dead chat which is instantly confirmed information for town and also an increases to Town's voting power since a Town is back in the game.

With Retributionist as a Neutral Benign they can still do much of what a regular Retributionist can now, but since they are no longer Town Aligned then they might not want to revive the first Town that dies, as a revived Bodyguard would just die again, leaving them a vestless Survivor. They can also now revive dead Neutral Killing or Mafia at a critical moment. Imagine an Arsonist brought back a couple of nights later and igniting, or a Consort brought back in time to prevent a Vigilante from shooting their Mafioso or the Jailor from executing their Godfather.

A problem I could see is that a confirmed evil being brought back would mean that they might just be executed instantly, however I think that a practiced Retributionist would be able to see when they should ressurect an individial in order to see themselves and their target win.

A potential senario I am unsure how should be resolved is if a Godfather is brought back when a Mafioso has become the Godfather. Could make it so that a Godfather cannot be brought back while there is another Godfather alive.
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Re: Retributionist (Neutral Benign) [Overhaul]

Postby BasicFourLife » Sat May 23, 2020 5:57 am

I am kindly telling you to fuck off. Thank you.

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Re: Retributionist (Neutral Benign) [Overhaul]

Postby lemonader666 » Sat May 23, 2020 6:06 am

Changing it's alignment doesn't fix the fact that ressurecting is broken in concept
What's that? You just revived scum? Instant death
What's that? You want to strategically revive somebody near the end of the game? Have fun being a vestless wincon-less survivor
This slot would just end up being an extra town-member as you are forced to either revive town n2 or play like a dumb survivor to actually win
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Re: Retributionist (Neutral Benign) [Overhaul]

Postby ARandomDouche » Sat May 23, 2020 6:10 am

Harsh, but true. This creates more problems then solutions, it still revives, its still boring to play and it forces the Retributionist to revive town as soon as possible.

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Re: Retributionist (Neutral Benign) [Overhaul]

Postby KAKERMAN23 » Sat May 23, 2020 6:15 am

Being able to revive non-town roles is not a good idea. If it was still town majority, the town would instantly lynch any evils you revived.
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