Reporting SamualbOnahole and MeNamePedro

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Reporting SamualbOnahole and MeNamePedro

Postby SirKepi » Mon Oct 21, 2019 4:01 am

Account name(s): SamualbOnahole, MeNamePedro

Offense(s): Inappropriate usernames (please see details section)

Offense location(s): Naming phase


MeNamePedro named themselves Nee and SamualbOnahole named themselves ger. When taken together these spell out "Neeger" which is obvious filter evasion to use a racial slur. Normally I'd report this in-game, but I'm not too sure if this actually constitutes an inappropriate username (I mean in my opinion it does, but that's me) since it's split into two usernames instead of one and the fact that it was two accounts committing the possible offense kinda threw me for a bit of a loop as well, so I figured to be safe I'd go ahead and report here. Sorry if this isn't the correct place for it.

Oh and if MeNamePedro tries to claim that "Nee" is a word used in the Netherlands, you can see in the second screenshot someone asked them if they're from there, they said no. The person that asked the original question stated that "Nee" is a word used in the Netherlands and Nee (MeNamePedro) said they did NOT know that, which makes me believe even more strongly that these two were trying to filter evade to use a racial slur in their usernames.

Again I sincerely apologize if this is the wrong place for this, but again I wasn't entirely sure what to do as the circumstances kinda threw me for a loop.
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Re: Reporting SamualbOnahole and MeNamePedro

Postby Naru2008 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 4:27 am

Samual was suspended on a valid repot for gamethrowing. Nothing found on Pedro.

Thanks for reporting.
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