READ FIRST: Guidelines for Reporting Players (June 15, 2019)

Leave reports of lobby offenses and hate-speech experienced in-game.

READ FIRST: Guidelines for Reporting Players (June 15, 2019)

Postby TurdPile » Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:41 pm

As mentioned in the past, the Report Players forum will be getting phased out with the Trial System. Due to some confusion and complications, we are implementing some of these changes now.

Please read everything here before reporting players in this forum.

What can you report?
  1. Rule infractions that occur in the lobby and not in-game. If it doesn't occur in the lobby, use in-game reporting.
  2. Hate speech. Phrases against race, sexual orientation, gender, or religion fall under hate speech. Pedophilia falls under this category as well. This will generally result in a permanent ban depending on severity.

What can't you report?
  1. Everything else. Use the reporting system in-game for other infractions.

Inappropriate usernames (as in account names, not in-game aliases) are not handled here, post those in the thread found here: Report Inappropriate Usernames Here.
You can report any account name that breaks the Terms of Use.

What information to include:

  1. The title of the report thread must include the player's username (account name). Again, this is not their in-game name. If you notice someone already has an open thread against them, you may add your details to that thread.
  2. The report details must include the player's username. Yes, again. Why? /shrug
  3. The reason for reporting the user. Even if its self-explanatory.
  4. The link to an unedited, un-cropped screenshot showing the offense. Please do not use Google Drive to submit your screenshot, because it shows your full name and email address.

If this information is not included and provided as stated above, your report will be closed without further review. No exceptions.

This forum is not a substitution for reporting players in game. Always use the in game report feature first for any rule breaks after the lobby.

Regarding In-Game Reports:
  • In-game reports create a record of all chat logs that occur during the game (including lobby).
  • It requires two players to report the same infraction to generate a report's chat log. Please make sure someone else reports as well if you are wishing to file a report.
  • Any reports without the game's logs in the system will be closed. We cannot handle in-game infractions without an accompanying in-game report. We may review the account for similar infractions, however.

The current judges are listed here: Trial Judge Group

If you have any questions please ask in this board.

Start using the Trial System and join our Discord server below:

Spoiler: Find old threads here:
DoctorPink's: ... =26&t=6765
Nellyfox: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=13693
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Re: READ FIRST: Guidelines for Reporting Players (June 15, 2

Postby Naru2008 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:21 pm

Moderator Message: Editing TurdPile's post to clarify that this only applies to reporting players here in the Report Players forum, and not reporting in general.

Also, minor grammar mistakes fixed.
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