Betrayal V [1/19] - Timuru wins the game!

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Betrayal V [1/19] - Timuru wins the game!

Postby Kirigirii » Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:28 am

The fifth game of Betrayal has begun!

Join the Discord to spectate!

1st - Timuru [Survivor] - Outlasted everyone (Sidekick)
2nd - Doug - Runner-Up (Threatener)
3rd - Jdsameer09 - Eliminated 13th elimination (Masochist)
4th - BadNewsBear - Eliminated 12th elimination (Witchdoctor)
5th - Sh99er - Eliminated 11th elimination (Gatekeeper)
6th - Gorotash - Eliminated 10th elimination (Backstabber)
7th - Bluedetroyer - Eliminated 8th elimination (Gravedigger)
8th - Chemist - Eliminated 7th elimination (Highwayman)
9th - Maxine - Slain by Excalibur (Undercover)
10th - TNF - Eliminated 6th elimination (Villager)
11th - Hopeless - Eliminated 5th elimination (Succubus)
12th - Pride - Eliminated due to soul link (Ghost)
13th - Aiden - Eliminated 4th elimination (Banker)
14th - Omgitsnightly - Modkilled for inactivity (Lancer)
15th - Monika - Eliminated 3rd elimination (Bomber)
16th - Lukimeih - Commit suicide due to guilt (Pathologist)
17th - Cyromaniac - Shot by an unknown entity (Manager)
18th - The Lukundo - Eliminated 2nd elimination (Hunter)
19th - Vidofnir - Eliminated 1st elimination (Gunman)

Previous Game Results: Spoiler: Game #4:
1st - TNF [Survivor] - Outlasted everyone (Gunman > Manager > Backstabber)
2nd* - Sh99er - Drunk Scarlet Potion (Hunter > Gatekeeper > Villager > Witchdoctor > Ghost)
2nd* - Timuru - Drunk Scarlet Potion (Sidekick)
4th - Quizicol - Eliminated 10th elimination (Threatener)
5th - Chemist - Eliminated 9th elimination (Masochist)
6th - KingKottlewing - Eliminated 8th elimination (Detective)
7th - woofy - Eliminated 7th elimination (Bomber)
8th - SilverStar2003 - Eliminated 6th elimination (Nurse)
9th - gummio - Eliminated 5th elimination (Hero)
10th - doug - Eliminated 4th elimination (Lancer)
11th - Vidofnir - Eliminated 3rd elimination (Juggernaut)
12th - omgitsnightly - Blown up by woofy (Hacker)
13th - Maxine - Eliminated 2nd elimination (Succubus)
14th - N - Eliminated 1st elimination (Undercover)
15th - Bluedetroyer - Shot by TNF (Highwayman)
16th - Gorotash - Shot by TNF (Overlord)
17th - The Lukundo - Hunted down by Sh99er (Gravedigger)
*They died at the same time so they share the same position

Game #3:
1st - Sh99er [Survivor] - 13400 points (Masochist)
2nd - TNF - 13000 points (Backstabber)
3rd - Xerxes - 1000 points (Sidekick)
4th - Jalandh - 833 points (Detective)
5th - doug - 833 points (Agent)
6th - Chemist - 800 points (Overlord)
7th - gazza - 500 points (Judge)
8th - thebethsterz - 0 points (Threatener)
9th - Gorotash - 0 points (Nurse)
10th - gummio - 0 points (Gunman)
11th - woofy - 0 points (Wizard)
12th - Lime - 0 points (Bomber)
13th - Cyromaniac - 0 points (Lancer)
14th - Bluedetroyer - 0 points (Highwayman)
15th - Vidofnir - 0 points (Hero)
16th - Quizicol - 0 points (Succubus)
17th - MM - 0 points (Hacker)
18th - Raccoon - 0 points (Gatekeeper)
19th - The Lukundo - 0 points (Ghost)
20th - omgitsnightly - 0 points (Banker)

Game #2:
1st - Sh99er [Survivor] - 9725 points (Threatener)
2nd - Timuru - 10000 points (Agent)
3rd - Vivi - 8109 points (Hacker)
4th - Cyromaniac - 4450 points (Avenger)
5th - Gorotash - 1501 points (Juggernaut)
6th - The Lukundo - 777 points (Hero)
7th - gazza - 111 points (Wizard)
8th - gummio - 111 points (Banker)
9th - thebethsterz - 100 points (Assassin)
10th - Jalandh - 1 point (Nurse)
11th - Chemist - 0 points (Undercover)
12th - Takumi - 0 points (Ghost)
13th - Bluedetroyer - 0 points (Gravedigger)
14th - woofy - 0 points (Gatekeeper)
15th - TNF - 0 points (Villager)
16th - omgitsnightly - 0 points (Backstabber)
17th - Kingkottlewing - 0 points (Detective)
18th - Quizicol - 0 points (Hunter)

Game #1:
1st - Timuru [Survivor] - 7333 points (Pathologist)
2nd - TNF - 4300 points (Hacker)
3rd - Jalandh - 3000 points (Gunman)
4th - Multi - 3000 points (Backstabber)
5th - Takumi - 2501 points (Nurse)
6th - Kingoftherocks - 1300 points (Judge)
7th - Vidofnir - 1001 points (Wizard)
8th - PKR - 800 points (Undercover)
9th - gazza - 500 points (Avenger)
10th - TTR - 499 points (Villager)
11th - omgitsnightly - 333 points (Sidekick)
12th - SushiMartyr - 0 points (Gatekeeper)
13th - Max - 0 points (Assassin)
14th - Cyromaniac - 0 points (Detective)
15th - Quizicol - 0 points (Overlord)
16th - alexander_lifel - 0 points (Hero)
17th - woofy - 0 points (Ghost)
18th - Danielle - 0 points (Threatener)
19th - SpiritTheDeer - 0 points (Juggernaut)

19 players, 1 survivor and a whole lot of betraying. All of these people, testing what it takes to be the Deceptionist. There’s only one win condition, live. And to gain the upper-advantage, you must try and form alliances with people you trust. However, there can only be one winner, and you must betray to live. Betrayal is a unique genre of Survivor which includes certain aspects of it and other aspects like roles, items and doggos.

To form an Alliance, you must pm anyone you want to have in your Alliance and pm me as well. The people you want in your Alliance must pm me too to say that they want to be in that Alliance as well. I will then create a private chat with the alliance name and add all the members into it. The Alliance cannot have more than 4 people.

I will pm everyone about the results of specific abilities and items, if they have any status effects, if they've been killed and if anything else happened to them every day. To use an ability or an item, you must pm me.You may hold up to three items, and can hold more if you have an item count boost.

Every player will have a Coins value and a Luck value. You cannot know your luck. You're also allowed to give items to other players whenever you like but you cannot give anything else or give items when you die.

In the final two, the winner will be decided by three judges including myself and the votes will be based on who played a better strategic game to make it to the end. Social game will not be a factor when deciding a winner, so if you have a socially aggressive playstyle then that's fine.

The rules are quite simple, just follow the TOS rules and don't screenshot anything.

Factions: Spoiler: GOOD - You are the guys who want to rid of all evil. You help and support others and investigate to find out information. Your luck value goes up by 2 every Good player in your Alliance and 1 for every Neutral player.

NEUTRAL - You side with anyone you want, without regret. You choose to help others or hurt others and you side with anyone you want. Your luck value goes up by 1 for every player in your Alliance.

EVIL - You are the guys who want to rid of all good. You cause chaos, by hurting others and manipulation. You’re powerful and strong. Your luck value goes up by 2 for every Evil player in your Alliance and 1 for every Neutral player.

Roles: Spoiler: NEUTRAL
Sidekick - You are an amazing team player and will always help others, making you a strong ally. Helping others allows you to help yourself too.

Safeguard [x5]* - Protect somebody from the next Elimination. Cannot be yourself.

Surveillance [x3]* - Protect you and your allies from visitors outside your alliance for 24 hours.

Steel Guard [x0]* - Protect your whole Alliance from the next elimination.

Silver Finger [x1]* - Your vote counts as 2 for the next Elimination and 2 votes will be nullified against you.

Security - Every time you successfully protect someone with Safeguard, gain a charge for Steel Guard.

Sympathetic - Prevents anyone from voting anyone else in your alliance.

Detective - You want to find the bad guys and get rid of them, but they want to get rid of you too and you are hard to be trusted. You have to stop the evil if you want to survive.

Search [x5]* - Search a player and find clues leading to their actions.

Interrogate [x3]* - Get given two possible roles that the person you select is, one random and one their actual role.

Solve [x0]* - Figure out any piece of information about a player. Gain a charge for this every even day.

Clever - Immune to Blackmailed, Disabled and Despaired.

Self-Defence - If anyone tries to attack you, they will fail and you will give them Blackmailed. Additionally, you find out their role.

Gunman - You want to stop evil and prove yourself worthy, that is your only goal. You only have one shot at life, literally. Make sure it’s worth it or it will really haunt you.

Fire [x1] - Shoot a player, if they are a good guy, you will commit suicide.

Confidence - Once you’ve shot a Neutral or Evil, you become immune to negative status effects.

Ignorant - Cannot be redirected to another target when you shoot somebody.

Justice’s Gift - If you shoot an Evil, you will obtain an Unreliable Wish.

Hacker - You love hacking, and you will try to hack as much as possible to survive, it’s your only choice. You can really change results of things, you can mess up anyone you want.

False Result [x4]* - When someone votes for a chosen target, their vote gets counted to a different chosen target instead. Cannot be used on yourself.

Troll [x1]* - You become immune to votes but votes on any of your allies now count as 2 votes for anyone.

Silence [x2]* - Can stop a player being allowed to talk and vote for a whole entire day giving them Blackmailed.

Disable [x2]* - Disable somebody, giving them Disabled. Removes any other status effects apart from Cursed.

Escapist - Immune to Disabled and Blackmailed.

Undercover - You want to stay a secret to everyone, if you get exposed to what you really are, then the future will not be bright for you.

Black Cloak [x7]* - If anyone visits you, they get redirected to a target of your choice.

Deduct [∞]* - Find the exact role of a player of your choice, has a 24 hour cooldown after use.

Investigate [x3]* - Find out who voted a player and who that player voted during the next Elimination.

Exposed - If three people declare** you as the Undercover, you cannot use Deduct or Investigate anymore.

Threatener - Your only way of living is by threatening over people to do what you want.

Steal [x2]* - If player you chose has any items, you will take them all.

Shutdown [x1]* - Prevent a player and all of their alliance members from voting and blackmail the player giving them Blackmailed.

Redirect [x2]* - Redirect a player to visit a player of your choice if they visit somebody. They will not be informed.

Survivalists Threaten [x1]* - Prevent two players from voting two players of your choice for the next Elimination. Can be yourself.

Dealer - Allows you to transfer an amount of coins to somebody. Anyone in the Threatener's alliance can also transfer money to each other.

Nurse - Your only desire in life is to heal others and help the ones you need to survive yourself.

Heal [x3]* - Heal your target from an attack by another player next time they're attacked.

Vaccinate [x3]* - Your target becomes immune to a status effect of your choice.

Cure [x3]* - Cures your target of any status effect.

Powerful Immunity - Immune to negative status effects.

Medical Bills - You may charge your target up to 400 coins when using any of your abilities on somebody. If they refuse the bills, you will get your ability charge back.

Ghost - You’re not really a human. You’re just a lone spirit casting an illusion unknown to the others. Your spirit is still alive, and it doesn’t want to be around others.

Invisibility [x4]* - Go invisible which allows nobody to visit you for the day.

Curse [x4]* - Curse somebody, giving them Cursed. Removes any other status effects they have.

Death Curse [x1]* - Curse somebody, giving them a special Cursed which can only be cured by the Wizard’s bless. Someone inflicted with this curse will have their perks and abilities disabled unless the Ghost is dead.

Disappear [x1]* - Vanish for up to two days, making nothing happen to you. You're also immune to votes. You may reappear at any time once you vanish.

Ghosts Blood - Immune to Cursed.

Secret Spirit - You can still use your items and abilities when you’re eliminated.

Confusion - If you're investigated, the investigator will receive a random result instead.

Backstabber - You’re a strong guy, and you can choose to help anyone you want, but you can also backstab anyone you want at any time. This is how you interpret life, betraying to survive.

Mans Blessing [x2]* - The first vote on a selected player doesn’t count and remains permanent until you change it.

Decode [x1] - Permanently reverse the effects of Mans Blessing, making the first vote for someone count as 2.

Fatality [x1]* - For one Elimination, all votes on any of your allies count as 2 and their votes won't count.

Manipulator - You gain alliance info before anyone else in your alliance does and you may decide to manipulate it before it's shown to the rest of the alliance.

Finger of Death - If you're eliminated, you may pick a target to have the first vote for someone count as 2. Once that target dies, you may choose another player.

Counting Stars - Everytime one of your allies die, you gain a charge for Mans Blessing or Decode.

Wizard - You’re the master of spells. You’ve been practicing magic ever since you were young, and you will use the magic to your advantage.

Freeze [x1]* - Freeze somebody, giving them Frozen. Removes any other status effect they have apart from Cursed.

Electrify [x1]* - Electrify somebody, giving them Paralysed. Removes any other status effect they have apart from Cursed.

Empower [x1]* - Empower somebody, giving them Empowered. Removes any other status effect they have apart from Cursed. If you empower yourself, you cannot use empower again.

Fireball [x1]* - Burn somebody, giving them Burned. Removes any other status effect they have apart from Cursed.

Bless [x2]* - Bless somebody, removing Cursed from them if they have it. It will do nothing if they don’t have Cursed.

Magic Barrier - Immune to Frozen, Paralysed, Burned and Cursed.

Juggernaut - You’re a beast, and all you do is become more powerful as the days go by, but you also become more evil and more of a threat to those around you.

Peek of the Grave [x0]* - Find the exact role of a player who has been eliminated. Gain an extra use for Peek of the Living when used.

Peek of the Living [x1]* - Find the exact role of a player. When the player you investigated dies, you gain an extra use for Peek of the Grave.

Resilient Aura [x1]* - If you are voted to be eliminated the day you use it, you will refuse and will get to eliminate a player of your choice instead of yourself. You stay unamnious so nobody will know you had the most votes. If you successfully use this ability, you become immune to the next Elimination as well.

Power Up - When 15 players are left you get: Cursed immunity and +1 item count.

Power Up Mega - When 10 players are left you get: Cursed, Frozen & Paralysed immunity and +1 item count.

Final Gambit - When 5 players are left you get: Immunity to bad status effects and death immunity.

Pathologist - You’re interested in the dead and you enjoy examining dead bodies. It’s all you do, even in your free time. You’re so obsessed with it that you want others to be killed just to be examined.

Body Examine [x4]* - Find the role of a player who has died, is not accurate on specific roles.

Reenact [x1] - Choose a perk and an ability to gain from somebody you've examined.

Disrespectful Peek [x4]* - Check what items a dead player has.

Confiscate [x2]* - Take all the items from a player who has died for yourself.

Dead Inside - Immune to any effects from somebody’s perk or ability that can happen to you when they’re eliminated is eliminated.

Judge - You want the world to be a utopia, where it’s free of crime, poverty and hatred. You want the evils gone, but if you fail you will gradually weaken yourself.

Lawful [x1]* - Changes the day to have two Elimination phases. Your votes count as 2 for both of them.

Overrule [x2]* - You and your Alliance members vote bypasses any immunities that someone has apart from Rebound Immunities for the next Elimination.

Justice - If both people eliminated during the Lawful trial are Evil/Neutral then you gain a random Epic-Mythical tier item.

Dystopia - If both of the people eliminated are Good during the Lawful trial then your abilities are disabled and you get Despaired.

Villager - You’re just a villager who wants to survive. You may have to fight for survival, but it’s your desire to live and get back to your village, everyone loves you.

Bond [x4]* - Bond with a player in your Alliance, making them get +30% coins value. If used on the same person again then it stacks.

Loveable - You can be in up to three alliances.

Castled - You only gain Alliance bonuses from the Alliance that gives them the most bonuses.

Gatekeeper - You’ve always been taking in prisoners, whether they’re sickly evil or perfectly innocent and abusing your power by using them. You like to stop your threats by putting them through misery and pain instead of killing them.

Restrain [x2] - Restrain someone, giving them Restrained. Removes any other status effect they have apart from Cursed. You will know your prisoners role.

Force Ability [x7] - Force your prisoner to use any of their abilities on any player.

Release [x2] - Release your prisoner, removing Restrained from them.

Armoured - Negatiates one fatal effect on you apart from being eliminated.

Preserved - Items cannot be stolen. It will notify anyone who tries to steal them that they had no items.

Hero - Your ambition was always to do something magnificent and brave. It’s always what you wanted to do, and you will try as hard as you can to achieve that goal.

Venture [x9]* - Find our if a player is Good or not.

Mentor [x1]* - Learn an Alliance members role and learn one charge of an ability of theirs of your choice. Fails if your target is Neutral or Evil.

Protection [x3]* - Protect one person at a time from death, including eliminations. Every time they’re saved, you gain an ascending rarity item of your choice starting from Common.

Heroic Power - Your alliance gains increased Luck value if all members are Good.

Overlord - You’re extreme. You’re the leader of all evil, you have power over all the evil, you’re what created the word evil. And evil is how you survive.

Demon Hunt [x9]* - Find out if a player is Evil or not.

Reanimate [x1]* - Reanimate a dead player and be able to use any abilities they didn't use.

Discover [x1]* - Find the exact role of a player ignoring any redirects. Can even find Ghost.

Evil Aura - You get higher Immunity Card chances and more Luck if everyone in your alliance is Neutral or Evil.

Legion - You may have 5 people in your alliance.

Seize - You’ll find out your alliance gets an Immunity Card before everyone else and may choose to take it without anyone knowing.

Agent - Your whole life, you've been watching others. Your scouting skills have stayed intact and led you to prepare for a life-threatening moment like this.

Follow [x3]* - You will know everything your target does for 24 hours from use.

Spy [x3]* - You will know everything that happens to your target 24 hours from use.

Hidden [x2]* - For 24 hours on use, anything done on you will be reflected back to the user.

Hawkeye - If someone steals from you, you will know who did it.

Dark Sight - You will know if anyone in your alliance is hiding a secret.

Organised - Your vote cannot be stolen, blocked or tampered with in any way.

Highwayman - You're a crazy bandit who goes to insane levels of crazy to make things go your way and increasing your chance of survival.

Ruthless Murder [x1] - Reveal your role and then shoot one person. If you kill an Evil you will be Despaired and cannot use any of your own abilities.

Hold-up [x1]* - Threaten to kill someone, they can either accept death, give you all money or all items. The target can’t use items or spend money at this time.

Armed Friend [x1] - You give somebody Ruthless Murder but you cannot use it after.

Bloody Escape [x1]* - Choose a person to hide behind pernamently. If you’re attacked, they will attack your target instead.

Suspicious - if someone in your alliance is investigated they will investigate you instead.

Banker - You love numbers, and really big ones at that. Even better if they're YOUR big numbers, and you will do anything you can to raise them.

Inheritance Tax [x1]* - You take all money from a dead player.

Last Will [x2]* - If you die during the next Elimination, everyone who voted you has their coin count reduced to 0.

Payday [x1]* - Everyone currently alive must pay up 100 coins to you or become Restrained for 3 days.

Bank Loans - Allows you to transfer an amount of coins to somebody. Anyone in the Banker's alliance can also transfer money to each other.

Greedy: If in an alliance, all coins that Non-Neutral allies get are given to you.

Witchdoctor - You were born with crazy magicial healing powers, but instead of making good use of them, you decided you abuse them. Your abusing has made you into a devious Sorcereress who causes chaos and disruption.

Soul Binding [x1]* - Choose 2 players. Those players are now connected, and if one of them dies the other does too. All status ailments/effects and buffs are shared as well.

Voodoo Doll [x1]* - Make a Voodoo Doll of someone, anything that happens to you, will happen to them instead except for being eliminated (this counts as an item so it will use up a slot and can be stolen etc, if you are eliminated via voting then the doll is destroyed).

Hex [x1]* - Whoever is affected by the Hex, can use their items twice instead of once

Insane - You cannot become Despaired, Drunk or Blackmailed, you are too crazy to feel remorse.

Magic Mind - Your actions cannot be controlled by anyone or anything.

Gravedigger - You're a dark, cold, human being who has an obsession with graves after being involved in a village massacre. Your experience with graves has trained you to benefit you and other players in many ways.

Bury Alive [x2]* - Bury someone for 24 hours, making them count as dead and finding out their role. They cannot do anything. Abilities that work on dead players work on your targets.

Preserve [x2]* - If someone died, within 24 hours of the death you can use this on them to make them survive for 24 more hours. If they’re healed or blessed within that time they will come back to life.

Service - If you save anyone with Preserve, they cannot vote you for the rest of the game.

Haunted Tombstone - Cut a player of your choices coins in half when you’re eliminated.

Hunter - You've hid in the shadows, waiting to strike at the right times to benefit yourself. Your life is made of isolation and making risks.

Mask [x3]* - Give you or one of your allies a mask which makes their role, abilities and items detection immune and you cannot see their votes.

Hunt [x1] - First, you must guess someone’s role. If nobody has investigated them and found their exact role, their role is revealed to everyone and you kill them. If not you get Blackmailed.

Scent Marker [x1] - Mark someone with a special scent, when they die, you gain a Stack for Thrill of the Hunt and get Scent Marker back.

Thrill of the hunt - Gain a Stack every time somebody dies with your Scent Marker.
1 Stack = Your Luck slightly increases.
2 Stacks = Gain a charge for Mask.
3 Stacks = Mask now cures status effects.
4 Stacks = Your vote becomes 2.
5 Stacks = You become immune to attacks.
6 Stacks = First vote against you is null.

Lancer - You’re a heroic prince who searches far and wide for enemies to stop them from carrying out their bad deeds as well as protecting those close to you.

Storm [x3]* - Trample someone and anyone who visited them within the last 24 hours, making them be able to do nothing for 24 hours.

Swift Dodge [x6]* - The next time you’re visited by someone, you may choose to avoid it. You know what will happen to you.

Impale [x2]* - Impale somebody, removing all of their immunities to anything.

Oath’s Blessing - Always receive an extra item in an Item Rain.

Front Lined - If anything bad happens to an ally, you may choose to receive it instead. They won’t know.

Silver Shield - Negates any negative effect from an Item an Evil used on you.

Bomber - You are a mad explosives expert, whose actions are very hard to track.

Sticky Bomb [x1] - Put a sticky bomb on a player without them knowing. When the holder is visited, the visitor gets the bomb. Detonates after 48 hours.

Gas Bomb [x1]* - Gas a player. Them and any visitors get Paralysed, Disabled, and Blackmailed for a 48 hour period. Gas goes away after 72 hours.

Tagger Bomb [x1]* - Tag a player. Every time the tagged player visits someone they also get tagged. You can see tagged peoples visits.

Bomber's Mask - Allows you to track the locations of your bombs.

Cautious Nature - You can detect traps from other players.

Bombproof Vest - Immune to any fatal effects of a bomb.

Masochist - You love attention, especially the kind to cause you torment. Votes on you gives you pleasure, among other things

Allure [x5]* - Make someone vote you during elimination.

Repulse [x0] - Make any votes on you reflected back to the voter, but still gain a stack. Activates with 2 charges at 5 stacks.

Submission [x0] - All votes don't work on you apart from giving you charge. Every vote you receive now counts towards your vote. Activates with 1 charge at 8 stacks.

Cross Eyes [x0] - Works for 24 hours on use. When you're attacked, it fails and you give the attacker Frozen. Gives you 3 stacks. Activates with 1 charge at 11 stacks.

Pleasure - Receive a stack of pleasure every time you get voted.

Masochism - Gain 100 coins for every stack you receive.

Bliss - When you're attacked, it fails and you give the attacker Blackmailed. Gives you 3 stacks. Activates at 10 stacks.

Euphoria - Gives additional perks when at high amount of stacks.
12 Stacks = You get an extra vote if you have a negative status effect.
14 Stacks = All negative status effects don't work on you apart from Cursed.
16 Stacks = You now get an extra vote for every negative status effect.
18 Stacks = You now may swap 3 stacks in for immunity to the next Elimination. Deactivates when under 18 stacks again.

Pain Chaser - If someone in your alliance has a negative effect happen, you get it instead.

One Track Mind - Other players cannot give you positive effects.

Master Bound - You cannot vote yourself or inflict yourself with negative status effects, no matter how you do it and if unintentional.

Succubus - You're a mass seducer, but not so good at hiding what you do.

Seduce [∞] - Pick someone to seduce, they can no longer vote you however they know who you are and your vote doubles if a seduced votes the same player as you. 48 hour cooldown.

Gag [x3] - Gag a player, giving them Blackmailed. If you pick a seduced, if they try to hint to who you are or harm you, they die instead.

Contract break [∞] - Pick a seduced person to free from seduce and gain a charge for Gag. 48 hour cooldown.

Sexual Encounter - Every time someone uses something on you, gain 50 coins. Only works once per person.

Sadistic - If one of your seduced targets is voted off or killed, you gain 300 coins.

Chain Puller - If your voted target ends up in a draw, you may force all your seduced targets to vote the person of your choice. If you are voted up in a draw, you can make all seduced targets vote the other person.

Manager - You’re experienced at organization and managing people and will do whatever it takes to create the perfect alliance.

Contract [x2]* - Give an ally +25% coins value.

Discount [x4]* - Give an ally a 50% reduced price on every buyable item until they buy one.

Kick [x3]* - Kick someone from the alliance. They lose 25% of their coins which is evenly spread throughout the rest of the alliance and your luck goes up by 1. They cannot rejoin your alliance.

Tradesman - Your luck goes up by 1 every time you receive an item from a player and down by 1 when you give an item.

Fatal Consequences - Your luck goes down by 1 every time an alliance member dies.

Money Transfer - Allows you to transfer an amount of coins to somebody. Anyone in the Manager's alliance can also transfer money to each other.

Note: * means this ability is an Any Ability (AA) with the colour representing its rarity.

** to declare someone as the Undercover, you must pm me saying who you think the Undercover is. You may only declare one person at a time and must wait 48 hours to change a declare.

Spoiler: Rarities - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic,Legendary, Mythical, Unique.

Cursed Shadow - Inflict a player of your choice with Cursed (1000 coins).

Ice Wand - Inflict a player of your choice with Frozen(1000 coins).

Lightning Staff
- Inflict a player of your choice with Paralysed (1000 coins).

Flint and Steel - Inflict a player of your choice with Burned (2000 coins).

Platinum Crown - Inflict a player of your choice with Empowered (6200 coins).

Decurse - Removes the Cursed status effect on use (750 coins).

Thaw Claw - Removes the Frozen status effect on use (1700 coins).

Nerve Master - Removes the Paralysed status effect on use (1700 coins).

Holy Water - Removes the Burned status effect on use. Cannot be burnt (2400 coins).

Depower - Removes the Empowered status effect on use (2000 coins).

Jailbreaking Device - Removes the Disabled status effect on use (1700 coins).

Freedom Ring - Removes the Restrained status effect on use (Cannot be bought).

Hope Antenna - Removes the Despaired status effect on use (2000 coins).

Lillie’s Blood - Makes you immune to status effects for 2 days. Does not cure any current effects (1200 coins).

Vortex Liquid - Makes you immune for a random upcoming Elimination phase (1000 coins).

Immunity Card - Makes you immune for a Elimination phase on use (Cannot be bought).

Rebound Card - If you have the most votes during the next Elimination on use, you may eliminate any other player instead of themselves (Cannot be bought).

Fake Card - Allows you to vote twice for a Elimination phase when used (2500 coins).

Golden Card - Allows you to vote three times for a Elimination phase when used (3500 coins).

Energiser - Allow one extra use for any one of yourself or an allies abilities (Cannot be bought).

Doggo Treat - Feed your Doggo a treat, making it more loyal and giving you slightly more useful information. You can also consume it yourself which gives you 200 coins (400 coins).

Doggo - Gives you a pet doggo which gives you useless information. The more you feed it, the more useful it becomes (2000 coins).

Danger Zone - Your target and their allies will have their votes doubled on them next Elimination (5700 coins).

Awful Orb - Inflict a player of your choice with any negative status effect (Cannot be bought).

Spirit Cage - Inflict a player of your choice with a special Cursed which can only be cured by the Wizards blessing (7000 coins).

Light Eye - Publicly shows who voted for who and what voting perks were used excluding immunities (Cannot be bought).

Dark Eye - Publicly shows the exact role of a player to everyone, cannot be used on yourself (Cannot be bought).

Dusk Eye - Publicly shows who visited who within the time after the previous Elimination. Doesn't show self-visits (Cannot be bought).

Unreliable Wish - Get a random Any Ability (Cannot be bought).

Reliable Wish - Get an Any Ability of your choice (Cannot be bought).

Beer - Inflict a player of your choice with Drunk (1500 coins).

Money Bag - Gives you 500 coins (Cannot be bought).

Polymorph - Transform into a random role which wasn't chosen (4000 coins).

Scanner - Receive seven roles your target could be, with one being their actual role. The other six roles are selected by how that player has been acting throughout the game (1600 coins).

Iron Ball - Does absolutely nothing but takes up an item slot and cannot be used. Removes after 48 hours (Cannot be bought).

Aura Veil - Choose a negative status effect to become immune to. When inflicted or attempted to be inflicted with a negative status effect, this effect wears off (900 coins).

Scarlet Potion - Make somebody immune to a status effect of your choice. If they're already immune to that status effect, they lose it instead. If you use it on yourself, you will kill yourself (1200 coins).

Lucky Coin - Someone receives this from their Care Package, increasing their Luck value by 3 when holding. You may pass this item to someone else and have to pass it to someone else when you die. If you're killed, the killer gets the item (Cannot be bought).

Storage Box - Gain +1 item count, this item does not count as an item slot (2400 coins).

Unpredictable Lamp - When holding, you may choose to get wish and get a bonus or pass the lamp. Breaks in 3 uses, 2nd user gets a negative wish. Ask host for more description on this item (Cannot be bought).

Tip - Gives you a relatively useful piece of information you may find useful (200 coins).
Arrr! Dm mush 'woof woof mothafucka!' for a secret treasure!
Secret Map - Arrrrr! It is my secret map! Y'all must receive it to find out what it does! (3800 coins).

Six Point Bomb - A bomb with six numbered switches. Whoever is in possession of the bomb has to pull a switch, once they pulled one they can pass it. One of the switches will blow it up, killing the holder however (4500 coins).

Russian Revolver - A crazy gun that you can attempt to shoot someone with. 1/6 chance to kill the holder, 1/6 chance to kill your target, 2/6 chance to miss and lose the item, 2/6 chance for nothing to happen (5100 coins).

Military Vest - Makes you survive a lethal attack (3700 coins).

Statuses: Spoiler: Cursed - If it isn’t removed within three days, you will die.

Frozen - You can’t use any abilities until you thaw out. 1/3 chance you’ll thaw every day. Thaws out in 3 days if not thawed out.

Paralysed - You have a 48 hour cooldown before you can use another ability and item. Pernament until cured.

Burned - Every 24 hours from when you're inflicted, you will lose an item from rarity descending. Pernament until cured.

Empowered - You can use any one of your abilities for 2 days, even if you ran out of them. When you use an ability, it's a 12 hour cooldown before you can use another. If you use a killing ability, you use it and then you no longer have Empowered.

Drunk - 25% chance to target a random person instead when using an item or an ability. Wears off after 48 hours. This effect stacks.

Restrained - Cannot use abilities. If Restrained by the Gatekeeper, forced to use the abilities they use on you. Pernament until cured.

Disabled - You can’t vote at the Elimination Phases. Permanent until cured.

Blackmailed - You can’t talk for a day and you can’t vote at that Elimination Phase. Removes after one day.

Despaired - You always vote for yourself during an Elimination Phase.

Alliances: Spoiler: Level 1 - No additional boosts. Default level.

Level 2 - +10% coins value. Gained when you have an alliance of 2.

Level 3 - +20% coins value. 10% chance for a player to get a Immunity Card every day after an Elimination. Gained when you have an alliance of 3.

Level 4 (Max) - +50% coins value. 50% chance for a player to get an Immunity Card every day after an Elimination. Gained when you have an alliance of 4.

Events: Spoiler: Care Packages (Intermission Event) - Each player starts off with a care package which contains 1 item and 1 Any Ability.

Daily Bonuses (Every day) - Gain 200 coins every day.

Double Elimination (Random Event) - There will be two Elimination Phases today.

Money Heaven (Day 7 & 13 Event) - All of the coins you earn are doubled today.

Item Rain (Random Event) - Everyone gains 1-3 random items.

Ultimate Exchange (Five Player Event) - Whoever is holding the Lucky Coin may convert it into 1500 coins.

Valentines Day (Day 9 Event) - Send a valentine of 200 coins to someone. You cannot receive valentines if you don't send one.

Power Drop (Random Event) - Everyone gains 1 random Any Ability.

R/P/S Tournament (Day 6 Event) - Everyone plays rock, paper, scissors. Winner gets a special prize.

Duels (Day 14 Event) - Choose to challenge someone to a duel. Life is at stake.
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Re: Betrayal V [9/19] [Recruiting players]

Postby Chemist1422 » Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:30 am

mist ~ she/they
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Re: Betrayal V [10/19] [Recruiting players]

Postby Bluedetroyer » Sat Jun 15, 2019 9:58 am

I own 3 dogs and 3 cats.

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Re: Betrayal V [10/19] [Recruiting players]

Postby timurtheking » Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:04 am

Check out my ideas:
The Philosophers (New Faction)
Witch Change/buff
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Re: Betrayal V [11/19] [Sign-Ups]

Postby TheNightmareFox » Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:30 pm

Safe code
Man I can't come up with anything good to put here
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Re: Betrayal V [11/19] [Sign-Ups]

Postby cupcakeaj2 » Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:35 pm

Spoiler: Repertoire

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Re: Betrayal V [17/19] [Sign-Ups]

Postby Kirigirii » Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:58 am

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Proud creator of Betrayal - The ultimate game of backstabbing. There is no game in progress currently but there will be soon!

Survivor/Big Brother Record:
Survivor: Halloween - 2nd
Survivor: All Stars - 18th
Survivor: Anarchy - 6th
Survivor: World Tour - 9th
Big Brother: The Black Hat - 8th
Survivor: Ragnarok - 8th
Survivor: Champions vs Contenders - 6th
Survivor: Blindside Island - 7th
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Re: Betrayal V [17/19] [Sign-Ups]

Postby ZoruaLuhansk » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:04 am

Kirigirii wrote:/join

excuse me wtf
I didn't sign up for host intervention
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Re: Betrayal V [17/19] [Sign-Ups]

Postby Kirigirii » Tue Jun 18, 2019 11:20 am

ZoruaLuhansk wrote:
Kirigirii wrote:/join

excuse me wtf
I didn't sign up for host intervention

excuse me wtf
I didn’t sign up for people to forge my quotes
Proud creator of Betrayal - The ultimate game of backstabbing. There is no game in progress currently but there will be soon!

Survivor/Big Brother Record:
Survivor: Halloween - 2nd
Survivor: All Stars - 18th
Survivor: Anarchy - 6th
Survivor: World Tour - 9th
Big Brother: The Black Hat - 8th
Survivor: Ragnarok - 8th
Survivor: Champions vs Contenders - 6th
Survivor: Blindside Island - 7th
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