Why the Guardian Angel doesn't work

Why the Guardian Angel doesn't work

Postby NettoTakashi » Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:45 pm

I just figured out what I don't like about Guardian Angel.
You don't know who you win with.

Let's look at all the other Neutral roles, shall we?
Jester: Your only goal is to act just scummy enough to be lynched. It doesn't matter who else wins as long as you get hanged.
Executioner: Your target is guaranteed to be Town, so for you to get them lynched, you know you have to go against the majority, and may need the help of other evil roles.
Witch (non-Coven mode): You literally win with anyone except Town. This means needing to get the other evil roles to assist you. The other evils, in turn, know that you're their ally, or at worst, you have to choose between them and maybe one or two other evil factions to support.
Survivor: You win with everyone. If Town seems to be dominating, you can help them lynch the last evil or two. Or if Mafia is one vote away from majority, you can side with them and make sure they succeed. Who you help is entirely your choice.
Amnesiac: You get to pick which role you want to become out of all the (non-cleaned, non-unique) roles in the graveyard. It's a little harder to make an informed decision on who to help than it is for a Survivor, but when you do join a team, you get new abilities for it.
Any NK role: You are your own faction, with only NB and NE as potential allies. You know that you need everyone else dead.
Vampire: You are your own faction, but with the ability to gain new members, turning enemies into allies.
Pirate: You don't care who wins, you just want to kill two people. You can focus on targeting scum to make town less eager to lynch you, or turn your blade on town to stir up chaos. Just pray that you don't target an SK.

And finally, Guardian Angel: You get one name, and you have to protect that person. You have no idea whether giving the deciding vote to lynch the obvious Godfather will help you or screw you over. If your target is Town, then yes, you need the GF dead. But everyone's going to claim to be Town, and if your target turns out to be Mafioso, then you lynching their boss hurts you more than anything. You could be saving your target's life by killing the Medusa, or dooming them because they're the Coven Leader. You do not, and cannot know. THIS, I think, is the biggest problem with Guardian Angel. You don't know your own faction.
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Re: Why the Guardian Angel doesn't work

Postby Kaladry » Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:03 am

I think Guardian Angel should know the role of their target, that would solve this problem.
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