[Unity Web] Some feedback

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[Unity Web] Some feedback

Postby XiuLaterTownies » Tue May 19, 2020 8:22 am

1. I start noticing then when I start scrolling with my mouse to go through chat log/lobby log (not using the bars) the speed was really quick and it causes lag for a couple seconds after.
2. I think this is addressed a before in Steam unity but 2-target night action menus are very tacky. I play mobile a lot, and in mobile I understand because of the room and the fact that scrolling and clicking is easily reachable makes it bearable, but there is so much space on PC to make it easier to target. It became apparent to me when I played as Traitor Transporter and this interface slow me down a lot in trying to chat, coordinate with other mafia members and switching my actions in the same time.
- At least you shouldn't need to scroll to go through 15 players for the 2nd target pop-up.
- I know you are able to fit jail/pirate and vote on the same day action target menu so adding 2 rows for night actions shouldn't be a problem, visually; icons could be something indicate a from-to relationship as thats what 2-target roles do.
- Another way to do it is make a window like pirate/PM/Hypno in the middle that has 2 rows, and the user can actively choose and chat in the same time. This way seems a bit more work.
3. It seems like in general the port feels a bit slow, I guess because of a lot of other features were added as the Unity port went on. I have a fairly new Macbook and have ran both versions on browser, and Flash seems to be faster.
Everything else seems okay for now, as far as the port goes it function just as good as the Steam one so most improvements from now on would probably for both version. Great job :D
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Re: [Unity Web] Some feedback

Postby DocExer » Wed May 20, 2020 11:11 am

@XiuLaterTownies, the upcoming Beta 5 release will contain some additional enhancements to the performance of the chat log, as well as slowing down the speed of the scrolling. Thanks for reporting your issues with this. Happy hanging!
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