Town Traitor Feedback

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Town Traitor Feedback

Postby ak521 » Thu May 14, 2020 12:18 pm


I've not played many games but here are my thoughts on Town Traitor, specifically role list. This applies to mafia
(1) Too many TIs!
(2) Too many specific roles, it's hard for evils to claim
(3) Too many Town! The number of mafia isn't particularly "bad" but it could use another RM, even one that is guaranteed like Janitor which would allow a lot of claim space.
(4) Witch should become NE to make town second-guess lynches and allow evils to act like jester.
Here's what I think the role list should look like to make the game competitive:
1: Jailor / Not Traitor
2: Sheriff
3: Veteran
4: Vigilante
5: TI
6: TI
7: TP
8: TS - Please no more than one TS guaranteed.
9: RT
10: RT
11: GF
12: MF
13: Mafia Deception
14: Random Mafia - Can be replaced with Mafia Support
15: Neutral Evil
> I haven't played as evil but it sounds like hell. Fun, but impossible.

Disregarding role list:
(1) I believe the town traitor should not be able to be the (some of these are already implemented): Retributionist. Jailor. Mayor. -- similar to what the exe cannot have as target except retri. Mayor's disputable but I don't think it's a good idea.
(2) The "All Live Townies" tab is a bit too small, the numbers are relatively hard to read, and the number's shouldnt be merged together because it's harder to see who is who.
(3) The Judgement is a bit too big and flashy, I believe it should not darken the game that much. Same with telling people who is bad.
Everything else is GREAT. That's just my general feedback.

I'll be updating this thread as I gain more experience with the gamemode, it's really fun btw
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Re: Town Traitor Feedback

Postby ak521 » Fri May 15, 2020 3:32 pm

Update 1:
The role list actually isn't terrible.

The guaranteed LO and Mayor are both killers - please no more than 2 guaranteed TS.
The witch REALLY needs to become NE to allow evils more strategy.

EDIT: Mayor guaranteed remove, disregard that please :)
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