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My TT feedback/bug report

PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2020 5:20 pm
by helpme69
Town traitor is probably my favorite ToS gamemode yet but as most new things it has a few flaws and bugs that need to be worked out, First of all i'm sure this bug has been reported several times but having 2 mafiosos in classic TT can be a problem especially if the GF targets vet as I've had happen and the vet killed both Mafiosos, Secondly I feel like Coven TT is too imbalanced with 4 coven + traitor if coven gets mayor traitor then all they have to do is take out the TK and Jailor and they basically win I feel like one of the RC should be replaced with a Neut like Pirate or even exe/jest. All around though i'd say that TT is a really fun gamemode that just needs balancing and bug fixes.

Edit: Mafioso bug is apparently being patched rn ty