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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:41 pm
by moonbird
FM Public Moderation Thread

All site bans and blacklists, 2018 onwards.


If you are curious as to a status of a player on our site, please look below for a list of moderation decisions based upon the FM Game Rules. We ask that you do not witch hunt or harass players based upon moderator action.

Please note that all decisions will not be immediately posted.

Replacements Mastersheet
A full list of replacements and replacement history may be found here. This can be used to determine whether players are eligible for episodes or not.

Deny FM
Players without access to the section.
  • UNDERSTOOD12345: Ban Evasion, Spamming threads
  • Gobln: Toxicity, Baiting, Spam
  • verdance: Non-fm user slur trolling
  • Brilliand: Non-fm user trolling w/ bad faith
  • James2: Already blacklisted player trolling w/ bad faith
  • Aetherflux: Non-fm user slur trolling

Permanently banned players.
  • James2: Disrespect, Gamethrowing.
  • Wildraven: Violating game integrity.
  • SeththeKing: Continued disregard for rules after multiple previous blacklists
  • Google: Threats of spoiling games after being blacklisted
  • therealet1: Out of game communication, Account sharing

Temporary bans. Listed by end date and length.
  • xXIllegalPotatoXx: 2 Oct 2020 (3 months). Continuous breaking of multiple rules.

Signup Cooldowns
Players currently unable to join a game, following our replacement/joining rules, and the date which they may join another game upon (month/day). Please contact the moderator in charge of the game listed if you'd like to appeal a signup cooldown.

  • We haven't been updating this

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