FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. ICECLIMBERS)

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FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. ICECLIMBERS)

Postby Alzar » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:02 pm

nyhello, FM players! It's Alzar's super wonderful deluxe talk show~! In this thread, there will be interviews with different FM players about life, death, the fate of the universe, and catgirls! Suggestions, discussions, and questions are all welcome here!

Interview #1: Arcthurus - "Hewwo :3c"
Spoiler: Arcthurus is a former FM mod, who first joined the team in early 2016, replacing mod RickDaily12. He retired in March 2017, his reign being known known for quality of memes and his valuable contributions to the memeconomy of Forum Mafia. Back from his hiatus, he returns for an interview here!

[9:42 PM] shrike<: so you've been away from the fm mod position for quite some time, give us some background on your previous fm exploits and your history on the forums
[9:45 PM] Arcthurus: As former mod I puppeteered and observed the acts of men from above like a kind, benevolent, lusty god like dionysus
[9:47 PM] Arcthurus: But yeah I pushed foward the tragedy that is NFM
[9:47 PM] Arcthurus: I wonder how that is working

[9:49 PM] shrike<: so over your hiatus, is there any notable change you've noticed and like to comment about, for any new players reading?
[9:51 PM] Arcthurus: There's a lot of alts. Dont rely on alts kids. Stick to your main form and allow yourself to improve naturally.
[9:51 PM] Arcthurus: Aim to be the best and own up your mistakes.
9:55 PM] shrike<: can you tell me more about this view on alts in the 2017 economy?
[9:55 PM] Arcthurus: Im assuming no one is ban evading
[9:56 PM] Arcthurus: But players are more inclined to use an alt to mask their play because they're embarrassed I think
[9:56 PM] Arcthurus: I used one just for shits and giggles
[10:15 PM] Arcthurus: I really havent seen much change other than a couple of new faces
[10:15 PM] Arcthurus: I missed a couple of cool games it seems
[10:16 PM] Arcthurus: Things havent changed wildly. I guess I wasnt away for that long lol

[10:21 PM] shrike<: thanks for the perspective, arc
[10:22 PM] shrike<: still on the topic of new years, what do you hope for in the coming year for the fm section?
[10:25 PM] Arcthurus: Spicy new games are always welcome
[10:25 PM] shrike<: hell yeah, i'll give you your spicy new games
[10:26 PM] Arcthurus: Every setup is appealing with the right playerlist
[10:26 PM] Arcthurus: What I'd really like would be people seeking self-improvement
[10:27 PM] Arcthurus: Instead of going through the motions
[10:27 PM] Arcthurus: High wim games are instantly better
[10:28 PM] shrike<: what do you mean by that?
[10:28 PM] Arcthurus: I realize this sounds like asking for a lot but it really isnt
[10:29 PM] Arcthurus: I mean
[10:29 PM] Arcthurus: Just caring about the game you know
[10:29 PM] Arcthurus: I feel is an statement you make when you say /join
[10:30 PM] Arcthurus: And a lot of people forget that
[10:30 PM] shrike<: do you think recent games have had a problem with this?
[10:31 PM] Arcthurus: People would realize putting effort isnt the gargantuan(?) task it sounds like and it actually is pretty fun
[10:31 PM] Arcthurus: Yes
[10:31 PM] Arcthurus: Not gonna say which ones
[10:31 PM] Arcthurus: Too personal probs
[10:33 PM] Arcthurus: Getting burned out during a game is completely fine, it happens to the best
[10:33 PM] Arcthurus: But y'know
[10:33 PM] Arcthurus: Just take a break and come back
[10:38 PM] shrike<: that's good advice

[10:43 PM] shrike<: so mr arcthurus, where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
[10:46 PM] Arcthurus: My lifeless body detached in bits decorating the motortruck of a mad max-esque belonging to a ringleader of the moloch alcolytes which run the now devastaded wasteland before known as midwest u.s.a.
[10:47 PM] Arcthurus: That or accounting
[10:48 PM] shrike<: i see, thank you for this wonderful description mr arcthurus

[10:48 PM] shrike<: with that, is there anything else you'd really like to say before the end of this interview?
[10:52 PM] Arcthurus: Remember the golden rule: before doing something ask yourself "would an idiot do that?", if the answer is yes then dont do that thing
[10:52 PM] Arcthurus: Just a general thing
[10:53 PM] shrike<: that's pretty good and highly applicable to fm, a+
[10:53 PM] shrike<: thanks for the time, have a good new years :3c

Interview #2: Schultz128 - "To be fair,"
Spoiler: Schultz128 is an FM player and member of the balance team, having a hand in playing and creating many games here! In today's episode, Alzar-chan investigates just who is this Schultz guy anyway, nya~

[12:04 AM] shrike<: so schultz, can you tell me a bit about yourself in the fm world?
[12:07 AM] shrike<: if you want to talk about what fm means to you thats fine too
[12:14 AM] Schultz: Long story short, underwhelming. I understand mafia mechanics and theory very well, but I fail to utilize that knowledge into my actual play. For example, I tend to post without proofreading. In my mind, I think "oh, this is me without a filter, this is the purest I can be" but what I fail to realize a lot of the time is that I say scummy shit quite often. I've made some good plays (Episode 13) and some God awful plays (VFM8). This is why you won't usually see me in games all too often anymore until I myself improve because I feel the slot could be filled by another player who will give the game the respect it deserves, along with making the game more memorable or higher quality. Yes, that's counterproductive because you need to play to get better, but I plan to get better via discord/other types of FM games rather than those on the forums before coming back. I primarily host FM games and I love doing that more than playing in all honesty. You'll usually see me hosting multiple things at once (FMs, VLDR, forum games) as multi-tasking is something I can do well.

FM to me is purely emotion. Meta in terms of player behavior, more often than not, isn't useful because players constantly evolve (for the most part). For example, using the activity being alignment indicative meta (that being "X is more active as scum while Y is more active as town") is useless against a player like TheCow, since they're constantly basing their activity off of their feel of the game rather than if they're scum or town. Just because you make your posts in a townie light won't mean anything. Factuals/metas don't stand up to raw emotion in any game.
[12:15 AM] shrike<: tell us about what you've hosted and any thoughts you've had on those!
[12:21 AM] Schultz: I've hosted various types of games. Forum Games wise, I've hosted Behind the Mask games in a hope to improve the game from the terrible position it is in now.

In terms of FM, I've hosted Standards, TFMs, VFMs, and NFMs. I have yet to host a SFM because a certain group of people aren't reviewing :thinkbanne: My favorite types of FM will always be TFM and SFM as they allow room for creativity to shine through and make something memorable.

My favorite thing to host is VLDR mainly. I enjoy the game it's based off of story wise and the roles are always a blast to see how players will play with them. Minor roleplaying in VLDR is also cool because it feels like you're reading a story rather than a forum game a bunch of nerds are playing online. The main gripe regarinldsadksaldmsaoi12n3lsad.

Sorry, lab jumped onto the bed and went across laptop. Thunderstorm is happening right now.

Main gripe about VLDR is puzzle making and the amount of fucking PMs that happen in the game (i.e the current VLDR I'm hosting I sent out roughly 300 PMs and received 180-ish within 24 hours). Other than that, the game is fun and I'm thankful that Metrion made it.
[12:22 AM] shrike<: hey no you can't shittalk other forum sections here you might start a war
[12:22 AM] shrike<: can you say anything specifically about your experience in hosting fm games?
[12:27 AM] Schultz: Biggest issue for me is votecounts and flavor to be honest. I recommend for any future hosts to do at least two votecounts per day (preferably in the morning and night). If you're going to do flavor, stick with it 100% or don't do it at all. With 13B (a Zero Escape themed Standard I hosted) I stuck with the flavor through 100%. Night results were short stories, usually with 2-4 paragraphs of flavor to make the player feel more immersed into the game.
[12:28 AM] shrike<: is there anything we should be looking forward to in your future games, in terms of improvements and innovations?
[12:29 AM] shrike<: actually, you have a current sfm idea up in the game ideas board right now, don't you? :3c
[12:32 AM] Schultz: I'll always try to make things interesting and try to provide good flavor. Innovations wise, I doubt I'll make anything like that. Maybe something in role mechanics, but nothing mechanic/meta changing. I have considered petitioning for a monthly role idea contest strictly for Standard rolelists just to get more variety and help promote the creativity of our players, but that's something for a mod to handle really. I do endorse creativity and expanding on possibilities, hence why i constantly look for ways to expand the roles/rolelists/game types. This is why I hosted a Switch VFM setup and why I'm currently hosting a Charge me Up! VFM with leyva45.

And yes, Darkest Dungeons FM. It's definitely an interesting one, but is completely WiP and you'll likely not see it until late 2018/early 2019.
[12:33 AM] shrike<: i'll have to actually look at the vfms, then~
[12:34 AM] shrike<: can't you at least tease us a little about what might feature in DDFM?
[12:34 AM] Schultz: Big teaser: go play Darkest Dungeons. Almost any mechanic in that game can, will, or may be a mechanic in DDFM.
[12:35 AM] shrike<: i can't wait for the players to literally go insane during gameplay
[12:36 AM] Schultz: Ever play a Cow game?
[12:36 AM] shrike<: ok that's fair
[12:37 AM] shrike<: and just because it's now 2018: what direction do you think fm will take over the course of the next year?
[12:37 AM] Schultz: Or Hell, I think you had one of the most confusing and elaborate SFMs to date, alzar chan
[12:37 AM] shrike<: it was just a fun little game :3cc
[12:39 AM] Schultz: It's hard to say really. I've seen a good amount of new players here and I do see potential, but the pessimistic side of me (the majority of my personality) thinks they'll not improve on their own gameplay themselves. I do think that Flow!2018, if executed correctly, can definitely help some of these players improve. In terms of games, I've seen some interesting ones that will come in 2018, but I'm not certain about the rest.
[12:40 AM] shrike<: here's to the future, then! :champagne_glass:
[12:41 AM] shrike<: anything you personally plan on doing for your new year's resolution for fm?
[12:43 AM] Schultz: As stated previously, improve in my own gameplay. If the opportunity arises again, I'll go for FM Mod like I did when ObiWan retired (wasn't expected to make it as far as I did, really). You don't necessarily have to be good at the game to be a Mod, you just need to understand Mafia at its core and be able to represent your community in a reasonable manner.
[12:44 AM] shrike<: that's a good goal to havr! any final thoughts you'd like to share?
[12:45 AM] Schultz: A final word really: don't take memes seriously and try to be creative.
[12:46 AM] shrike<: thanks for your time, schultz, and happy new years~! :3

(Post Interview Addendum from Schultz)
7:28 PM] Schultz: Some games you can look forward to seeing within the next year or two:

-Kypaazlr (TFM)
-Zero Escape: SFM Edition (SFM)
-Darkest Dungeons FM (SFM)
-9fm (TFM)
-Boku no Hero Academia FM (SFM)

Interview #3: Metrion - "Balance in all things"
Spoiler: Metrion, our lead FM Moderator and one of the highest ranked memers in FM, joins us today for a special episode! Read on for a tale of shocking scandal, hair-raising terror, and memes that are sure to spook the bones right from your body!

[3:33 PM] shrike<: take a seat here mr metrion
[3:34 PM] Metrion: All you have is this tiny stool, but okay
[3:34 PM] shrike<: it's the tiny stool of knowledge
[3:34 PM] shrike<: so mr metrion, did you know that you're the head fm mod?
[3:35 PM] Metrion: Ever since Obi looked at me with those big blue eyes of his and told me that I was his third choice
[3:44 PM] shrike<: is this how your fm mod career started?
[3:44 PM] shrike<: just like, in general
[3:50 PM] Metrion: Back the day, I was really enchanted with the idea of becoming a mod. Just to tinker and host games.
[3:51 PM] Metrion: I've been around since Guzame was the only mod
[3:51 PM] Metrion: It really started with that desire to create.
[3:51 PM] shrike<: oh man i always forget you're actually 1000 years old
[3:52 PM] Metrion: I'm constantly reminded by my visible bones
[3:52 PM] Metrion: and these skeletons whenever I press E now
[3:54 PM] shrike<: so as an fm mod now (and lead, no less), is there anything in the fm world today that would've shocked and bamboozled a 2014 metrion?
[4:07 PM] Metrion: That is a good question. I actually can't think of anything shocking in that context. Although I suppose that's what steady progression does. I've always been one to push the envelope so I think a younger Met would be more filled with wonderment at all the amazing SFMs and all the changes to the board. Particularly some of TheCow's gems and perhaps at the shear volume of TFMs.
[4:10 PM] shrike<: that's fair! would you say any of those game mechanics in particular stand out to you personally?
[4:15 PM] Metrion: Immediately what comes to mind that I can talk about is TheCow's Liar series. For some self gratification VCFM and DFM were very ambitious.
[4:16 PM] shrike<: that reminds me, can you pass on to hades for me that his amazing performance in sfm36 led to a well deserved win for him?
[4:17 PM] shrike<: of course, it's not like he was a game mechanic or anything, it just randomly sprung to mind (^:
[4:18 PM] Metrion: Yeah he's in the room with me right now. He said that it's a very humbling experience to be an absolute god at forum mafia.
[4:19 PM] Metrion: On the back hand, yeah pushing the envelope.
[4:20 PM] shrike<: alright let's sweep that forum mafia thing aside, that's irrelevant
[4:21 PM] shrike<: down to the real questions
[4:21 PM] Metrion: Perfect
[4:21 PM] shrike<: how many times do you feed santa07 per day in the meme dungeon you've trapped him in?
[4:22 PM] Metrion: Oh God, one second I have to go do something.
[4:23 PM] shrike<: im sure its fine
[4:24 PM] Metrion: Okay, as I was saying. He's on a happy and healthy diet, and he couldn't enjoy it more.
[4:24 PM] shrike<: that's great news! i'm happy to hear that about our mod team :)
[4:26 PM] shrike<: by the way, do you have your next SFM project planned out yet?
[4:29 PM] Metrion: I have been tossing around the idea for a long time to have a FM game rooted in racing, so my next game is going to be based on MotorStorm and feature some unique mechanics. It's touch and go like how I design most of my games now, but it's easier going than my next big project.
[4:30 PM] shrike<: that sounds really cool, although i'm not sure if i should be terrified for my life when you say the words "unique mechanics"
[4:31 PM] Metrion: Well Hades is unique
[4:31 PM] Metrion: So use that as a metric
[4:31 PM] shrike<: i think.... that's a yes
[4:32 PM] shrike<: how do you even come up with these mechanics?
[4:38 PM] Metrion: Constraints breed creativity. Trying to hit flavour helps as a starting place. I have a sort of log of ideas and scraps that wouldn't work in open games or are remnants of other games that couldn't be squeezed in. If I'm really stuck I get inspiration from other places or just play the source material if there's a theme. Every game I've ever designed goes through a lot of revisions, nothing is perfect from the start.
[4:38 PM] shrike<: so how many blazblue hours is that total?
[4:39 PM] Metrion: Haha, more than I can count. I work mainly on the bus trip between college and home which is a good 3 hours a day.
[4:40 PM] shrike<: that's a pretty good advice for the creative process, though. are there any tips about making games you'd want to share with the playerbase at large?
[4:42 PM] Metrion: There's an entire thread's worth I could say. For now I'll say to make sure that your game feels like an ecosystem and not a handful of roles and a random general mechanic.
[4:44 PM] shrike<: that's fair, and also very true
[4:45 PM] shrike<: do you have any other thoughts you'd like to drop before we conclude this episode?
[4:46 PM] Metrion: I suppose this is the part where I expose something to keep your audience coming back for more?
[4:47 PM] shrike<: no this is the part where you post a meme and say that hades will also be available for interview
[4:47 PM] shrike<: we're all dying to hear more from him
[4:48 PM] Metrion: Oh okay.
[4:48 PM] shrike<: you can also expose some fm scandals if you want, i'd like that just as well
[4:49 PM] Metrion: I was going to say watch out for the 4th, and that something was going to be posted.
[4:49 PM] Metrion: But I wont now.
[4:49 PM] shrike<: :c
[4:51 PM] shrike<: (still dying to hear more from hades though)
[4:51 PM] Metrion: Well, you probably haven't seen the last of him
[4:51 PM] shrike<: OH
[4:52 PM] Metrion: :>

Interview #4: Swordsworth - "The insanity process"
Spoiler: Swordsworth, current FM mod, TFM queue host and maker of wonders and horrors such as CFM12, joins us in this episode! A player since 2015 and FM mod since almost a full year ago, Swords tells us all today~

[10:22 PM] shrike<: welcome to tonight's episode of alzar's super wonderful deluxe talk show
[10:22 PM] shrike<: tonight we're going to investigate a highly mysterious player, one nobody knows anything about.... the enigmatic and inscrutable swordsworth
[10:22 PM] shrike<: nya
[10:23 PM] Swordsworth: Hello!
[10:23 PM] Swordsworth: It's a pleasure to be here
[10:23 PM] shrike<: hi swordsworth welcome to the show!
[10:23 PM] Swordsworth: Thank you
[10:23 PM] shrike<: you are an fm mod!
[10:24 PM] Swordsworth: Yes, yes indeed!
[10:24 PM] Swordsworth: Kind of funny how that happened after CFM12
[10:24 PM] shrike<: it really makes you wonder
[10:25 PM] shrike<: so swords, you have a well deserved reputation of being the writer of terrifying games
[10:25 PM] shrike<: can you tell us a bit about the process of creating your masks and mechanics?
[10:26 PM] Swordsworth: Well alzar, I was always a huge fan of the original bionicle toyline as a kid, and with my love of reading, I developed a flourishing imagination
[10:27 PM] Swordsworth: My process of creating games of questionable sanity stems from imagining hypothetical scenarios, and then seeing if they make good ideas
[10:27 PM] Swordsworth: For example, what if we could turn back the clock?
[10:27 PM] Swordsworth: What if potential possibilities could be qualified and even removed?
[10:28 PM] Swordsworth: That idea itself was the root that eventually paired with the flavour of the Kanohi Olisi in the Bionicle universe to create the now-known Mask of Alternate Futures.
[10:28 PM] Swordsworth: I'm always turning over ideas in my head, and probably my biggest hope would be being able to test them all
[10:29 PM] Swordsworth: My design process for terrifying mechanics is usually based around the question"What if?" and expanding from there.
[10:30 PM] Swordsworth: Of course, sometimes I run into roadblocks, but those are a different story.
[10:30 PM] shrike<: that might have been the most terrifying yet informative answer on this show yet, congrats!
[10:31 PM] Swordsworth: A talk show? A talk show. What if FM was a talk show?
[10:31 PM] Swordsworth: I'll file that away for later
[10:31 PM] shrike<: OH NO CUT THE CAMERAS
[10:32 PM] shrike<: so coming back around to the original topic, how do you personally like to translate an idea into a mechanic?
[10:33 PM] shrike<: we've seen the masks, but I would like to see the mask.... behind the other mask
[10:33 PM] Swordsworth: Well you see alzar, once I have an idea, I get to work imagining it
[10:34 PM] Swordsworth: Let's take alternate futures as our example
[10:34 PM] shrike<: (oh dear)
[10:34 PM] Swordsworth: I wanted to do a bionicle game, and there's the Kanohi Olisi
[10:34 PM] Swordsworth: In-universe, it's a mask that allows the wearer to show others elaborate and very solid illusions that can last forever until a mistake is pointed out in them
[10:35 PM] Swordsworth: So I got to thinking, how would that work?
[10:35 PM] Swordsworth: What goes into making everyone but one lied to, but keep the chance of recognizing something to be amiss?
[10:36 PM] Swordsworth: The concept of page deletion, while outlandish, came to me
[10:36 PM] Swordsworth: If it, in the end, wasn't real, then neither was anything that happened during that period
[10:36 PM] Swordsworth: So it should be wiped
[10:36 PM] Swordsworth: Once I decided on that, the rest of the mechanic fell into place relatively easily
[10:37 PM] Swordsworth: Alternate Futures is one of the ideas that translates very easily from flavour into practice directly.
[10:37 PM] Swordsworth: When it comes to a more tricky concept, I'll refer now to a game idea I posted long ago called "Escaping the Sunken City"
[10:37 PM] Swordsworth: Something like that
[10:37 PM] Swordsworth: The flavour was the sinking of Atlantis, the lost continent
[10:38 PM] Swordsworth: And the concept was, well, a sinking island
[10:38 PM] Swordsworth: What if FM took place on a dangerous area where natural casualties occurred?
[10:38 PM] Swordsworth: But, this gave a rise to a host of new considerations
[10:39 PM] Swordsworth: Who lives and dies? Why? By what qualifier? Can it be balanced?
[10:39 PM] Swordsworth: I took a substantial amount of time fleshing it out
[10:39 PM] Swordsworth: Writing a variable calculation system to determine chance of living every day
[10:40 PM] Swordsworth: Creating a backup list of players to enter the thread based on scenarios
[10:40 PM] Swordsworth: Eventually, I had to scrap the idea when I realized this all balanced around roles and not players.
[10:40 PM] Swordsworth: Let's say uhhh Metrion is the cop
[10:40 PM] shrike<: i think that's a problem with a lot of games, though
[10:40 PM] Swordsworth: Met fails a survivability check and dies
[10:40 PM] Swordsworth: Now the backup cop enters the game
[10:41 PM] Swordsworth: But it's FMBot, who has no will of his own
[10:41 PM] Swordsworth: Ye he's still a cop but the slot has been heavily nerfed
[10:41 PM] Swordsworth: So alas, the idea in its form then was canned.
[10:41 PM] Swordsworth: I agree alzar.
[10:42 PM] Swordsworth: As it happens, I think many people plan around mechanical eventualities rather than ones based on player behaviour.
[10:42 PM] Swordsworth: This isn't inherently bad, but can lead to awkward consequences that turn into BAD consequences based on how you handle them when they turn up.
[10:43 PM] Swordsworth: One thing I'd also stay away from is any mechanic that requires direct moderator intervention in the workings.
[10:44 PM] Swordsworth: In CFM12, MiniatureCowgirl wielded the Mask of Summoning
[10:44 PM] Swordsworth: Very poor decision to include that in the rand, as it was literally the host's tool to change the game on the fly
[10:44 PM] Swordsworth: Just food for thought.
[10:45 PM] shrike<: honestly, now i'm not sure whether i should be disappointed or relieved that this game never became a reality
[10:46 PM] shrike<: do you have any other cool sounding ideas that didn't make it to an actual game for whatever reason?
[10:47 PM] Swordsworth: Hm. I did tinker with another idea around this time last year ("What if players had role SHEETS instead of rolecards?") that you may possibly find in Game Ideas under "magic and theatre/now you see me" flavour
[10:48 PM] Swordsworth: It was a small game very dense in power roles
[10:48 PM] Swordsworth: As I recall the mafia deception (flavour of pyrotechnics) could fake closing the thread through a visual spoof on top of various other things
[10:49 PM] shrike<: like... entire sheets?
[10:49 PM] shrike<: for a rolecard?
[10:49 PM] Swordsworth: Oh yeah, entire sheets
[10:49 PM] Swordsworth: Every role had 5+ active powers
[10:49 PM] Swordsworth: Several passives
[10:50 PM] Swordsworth: And of course, I had a proof-of-concept for a game based around The Wonderful 101 (fantastic Wii U game) which was 125 players
[10:50 PM] Swordsworth: Flavourproof as well
[10:50 PM] Swordsworth: That was canned as well for practical purposes
[10:50 PM] Swordsworth: I am not outing all the details on these games, because as it stands I've been working on all of them for my next game
[10:51 PM] shrike<: run that by me again, how many players
[10:51 PM] Swordsworth: At this point, I've had up to 3 years to think about some of these mechanics, and I've been slowly reworking them, but that's not a game I've already talked about
[10:52 PM] Swordsworth: Oh, 125
[10:52 PM] shrike<: ah ok i see that makes sense
[10:52 PM] Swordsworth: Every flavour name in the Wonderful101 universe was in use
[10:52 PM] Swordsworth: So for reference, that's all of the Wonderful 101
[10:52 PM] Swordsworth: All the alternate skins for the main 10 or so characters
[10:52 PM] Swordsworth: All the DLC skins
[10:52 PM] Swordsworth: And all the bad guys
[10:53 PM] shrike<: now i fear for my life and sanity for the third time today!
[10:53 PM] shrike<: but we can talk shop later :3
[10:53 PM] Swordsworth: Oh dear
[10:53 PM] shrike<: :3c
[10:54 PM] Swordsworth: Good heavens
[10:54 PM] shrike<: anyway, outside of your purgatorial sfms, how's life in the tfm queue?
[10:55 PM] Swordsworth: TFM queue? It's quite nice
[10:55 PM] Swordsworth: The TFM queue I think is a nice testing place for setups or unorthodox mechanics
[10:56 PM] Swordsworth: Although I've mainly been seeing MS setups and those work well and are cool, I would encourage more people to branch out and explore ideas to test in the TFM queue
[10:57 PM] Swordsworth: You never know, you may hit upon something really cool for use in another game!
[10:57 PM] shrike<: are things bland there? i don't personally pay much attention to what tfms are being run
[10:57 PM] shrike<: if they are, a certain alzar can maybe help spice things up~!
[10:57 PM] Swordsworth: I wouldn't say they're bland
[10:58 PM] Swordsworth: I'd say there's always room for more stuff pushing the boundaries
[10:58 PM] Swordsworth: Obviously in a way that's not terribly broken or unfun
[10:58 PM] Swordsworth: But it's worth a shot.
[11:01 PM] shrike<: that's fair! hopefully this episode might encourage some of the distant audience to go to the local tfm queue today ;3c
[11:01 PM] Swordsworth: Indeed
[11:02 PM] Swordsworth: TFMs are quite nice
[11:02 PM] Swordsworth: :sunglasses: :thumbsup:
[11:02 PM] shrike<: you heard it here everyone, from the unbiased opinion of local tfm queue mod swordsworth!
[11:03 PM] Swordsworth: I'm not paid to say this
[11:03 PM] Swordsworth: :sunglasses:
[11:05 PM] shrike<: this is a non sponsored message :)
[11:06 PM] shrike<: the question remains, though
[11:07 PM] shrike<: you'd told us about your former works, and about the works of others
[11:07 PM] shrike<: but what are you creating right now?
[11:07 PM] Swordsworth: Good question!
[11:08 PM] Swordsworth: At the moment, I've been playing this charming little mobile game called Reigns, and the sequel: Reigns; Her Majesty.
[11:08 PM] Swordsworth: It's basically Tinder, but instead of dating people, you're making decisions to rule a kingdom.
[11:08 PM] shrike<: h-how is that like tinder?
[11:08 PM] Swordsworth: You have to keep all the powers in your kingdom in check, or it's game over
[11:09 PM] shrike<: what do you do on dating sites, declare war on other nations?
[11:09 PM] Swordsworth: Oh, you swipe left and right on silly decisions, but they all stack up and have an effect
[11:09 PM] Swordsworth: Well
[11:09 PM] Swordsworth: Ahem
[11:09 PM] Swordsworth: Anyway
[11:09 PM] shrike<: sounds neat!
[11:09 PM] Swordsworth: I've decided to pick up that idea
[11:09 PM] Swordsworth: Making decisions
[11:09 PM] Swordsworth: What if FM was about making decisions and keeping external powers in check?
[11:10 PM] Swordsworth: That's all I can say for now, but it's a very big and complex game.
[11:10 PM] Swordsworth: Mechanics you know may return, but currently I'm creating a system of roles that operate around the idea of decisions.
[11:10 PM] Swordsworth: So for example, the choice you make changes your power depending on the situation.
[11:11 PM] Swordsworth: That's just one part of it. Much more is to come, with brand new and old revamped ideas alike. I'd estimate the game to be about 10% complete. I hope you look forward to it!
[11:13 PM] shrike<: 4 times now that i've feared for my life and sanity this episode, although that actually does sound pretty exciting
[11:14 PM] shrike<: i have a game idea I want to fling by real quick, so any closing thoughts for the playerbase?
[11:15 PM] Swordsworth: I'd say, just have fun
[11:15 PM] Swordsworth: FM is a fun game, you know?
[11:15 PM] Swordsworth: Watch out for alternate futures!
[11:15 PM] Swordsworth: :sunglasses:
[11:16 PM] shrike<: thank you for the time, swords~!!
[11:17 PM] Swordsworth: No problem Alzar, thanks for having me on the show

Interview #5: Leyva - "girls are gay"
Spoiler: Leyva45 is a veteran player, having played in the second most games on the site. Somehow he's still here after all that, and is on our show today!

[12:22 AM] shrike<: hi leyva welcome to the show
[12:22 AM] Leyva45: hello
[12:23 AM] shrike<: we have a lot of subjects to talk about today, so get comfortable
[12:23 AM] Leyva45: alright
[12:24 AM] shrike<: so first things first, the most important question to kick it off
[12:24 AM] shrike<: in an fm mod dating sim, who would you date first?
[12:25 AM] Leyva45: Huh. That's a hard question. Would it be only current members?
[12:25 AM] shrike<: I was thinking current members, but former mods are fine too
[12:26 AM] shrike<: this is all purely hypothetical and irrelevant to any of my future sfms obviously
[12:26 AM] Leyva45: Well, huh. Is it okay if I discuss the options and the pros and cons with you?
[12:26 AM] shrike<: oh of course, this episode is all about what you have to say
[12:26 AM] Leyva45: Thanks, Alzar.
[12:26 AM] Leyva45: Well let's start off with the head mod metrion.
[12:28 AM] Leyva45: Metrion seems like a friendly pal. He's kind of like the friendly >w< kawaii girl you'd find in a dating sim. He's probably not into anything weird, so that's good or bad. I dunno, he seems too boring. He seems like the normie pick, he's too normal. Metrion is not for me.
[12:29 AM] Leyva45: I'm kind of looking at the mod panel right now, so let's go off of that list and look at Santa07.
[12:31 AM] Leyva45: Santa07 seems like the shy girl. The one who would never approach you first. The one you would have to encourage when they talk to you about their insecurities. Not really my type. I'm more into bold people.
[12:32 AM] Leyva45: Next is my dude Swordsworth.
[12:33 AM] Leyva45: Swords seems like the really weird girl. Like really weird. Like the I collect knives weird, and are probably into some stuff you don't want to know about. Overall, they'd be pretty nice to hang out with until you actually discover what type of girl they are. After you find out their inner thoughts and feelings about you, you wouldn't want to date them. I don't like yanderes man.
[12:33 AM] Leyva45: Next is FMBOT
[12:33 AM] Leyva45: who wouldn't dick a bot
[12:33 AM] Leyva45: tbh
[12:34 AM] shrike<: relatable
[12:34 AM] Leyva45: next is moon
[12:34 AM] Leyva45: girls are gay
[12:34 AM] Leyva45: next is TrueGent
[12:34 AM] shrike<: im getting my :thinkbanne: ready
[12:36 AM] shrike<: hands off my carry
[12:36 AM] Leyva45: TrueGent seems like the childhood friend type of girl. Except without hanging themselves you know. He seems like a very good canidate, just the right amount of norminess, and the right amount of weirdness, the perfect archtype. TrueGent seems like he'd be a best girl in one of these types of games. He'd be the most relatable, human, and most normal person in the game. I'd pick truegent
[12:36 AM] Leyva45: next is melanora
[12:36 AM] Leyva45: sorry, i am not a milf hunter.
[12:36 AM] shrike<: good answer lmao
[12:36 AM] shrike<: nice dodge
[12:37 AM] Leyva45: alright, i think gent is the one i would date (in a game) >w<
[12:37 AM] shrike<: same tbh
[12:37 AM] Leyva45: Glad to know we agree on this fact, alzar.
[12:37 AM] shrike<: ye
[12:38 AM] Leyva45: I'm ready for the next question when you are, my friend.
[12:39 AM] shrike<: did we miss someone?
[12:39 AM] shrike<: i feel like we missed someone
[12:39 AM] Leyva45: Not really.
[12:39 AM] Leyva45: I dont think so.
[12:39 AM] shrike<: oh you did moon already lmao
[12:39 AM] shrike<: i didn't even notice
[12:39 AM] Leyva45: Yeah.
[12:39 AM] shrike<: alright next question
[12:40 AM] shrike<: so as a player who's basically been here since the very beginning, how are you feeling about the fm section recently?
[12:42 AM] Leyva45: Huh, I am that old. Well, I feel that we're stuck at some kind of barrier. Kind of like in 2015 before our meta shifted through actions of flow/TheCow. It feels like we need something new. There's a wall in front of us, and we need to break it down in order to start growing, like how after our meta shifted.
[12:43 AM] shrike<: what do you mean by a barrier?
[12:43 AM] Leyva45: Like, a kind of phase where we're not growing or changing.
[12:43 AM] Leyva45: We're just staying in the same place.
[12:46 AM] shrike<: that's a pretty interesting point of view. also its pretty funny when you think about how you're a fossil on the forums pretending to be hip and young
[12:46 AM] Leyva45: no bully
[12:47 AM] Leyva45: i am hip with the meta and the kids.
[12:47 AM] shrike<: but thats literally what you are
[12:47 AM] shrike<: "how do you do fellow 2016 fmers"
[12:47 AM] Leyva45: LOL
[12:48 AM] shrike<: ye
[12:49 AM] shrike<: anyway, have any new innovations or mechanics caight your eye recently? don't be ashamed to plug something if it's genuinely good.
[12:50 AM] Leyva45: I like Gobln's ideas of FM recently.
[12:50 AM] Leyva45: Like in general, I like him trying to rework the NFM system
[12:51 AM] shrike<: a new world order?
[12:51 AM] Leyva45: i mean, nfm is kinda meh right now.
[12:51 AM] Leyva45: if you look, not a lot of players stay after nfm.
[12:51 AM] shrike<: well, i don't really think that's a new problem
[12:52 AM] Leyva45: yeah its an old problem
[12:52 AM] Leyva45: that hasn't been solved
[12:52 AM] shrike<: i think he's right in that we should be trying to actively work on player retention, but some problems literally cannot be fixed and there are always people who make an account then leave
[12:52 AM] Leyva45: yeah.
[12:52 AM] shrike<: as evidenced by the 4 million accounts on tos
[12:53 AM] shrike<: admittedly a lot are bots and alts but a lot also have to be people who dont play
[12:53 AM] shrike<: we're kind of inherently held back as a subsection of a larger and already niche site.
[12:54 AM] Leyva45: Yeah, I remember moon and I were playing around with the idea of actually advertising FM on actual ToS.
[12:54 AM] Leyva45: We really dont have a steady playerbase.
[12:55 AM] shrike<: but at least we'll always have you, leyva
[12:55 AM] Leyva45: thanks alzar
[12:55 AM] Leyva45: i dont know how i haven't left yet.
[12:56 AM] shrike<: pure masochism and also truegent
[12:56 AM] shrike<: is my guess
[12:57 AM] Leyva45: maybe.
[12:57 AM] shrike<: actually, on that note
[12:58 AM] shrike<: any other fm players (not just mods) you'd date in a dating sim?
[12:58 AM] Leyva45: it'd be funny to play an alzar route.
[12:59 AM] Leyva45: Arcthurus is a filthy memer, so probably that too.
[12:59 AM] shrike<: we can start right now
[12:59 AM] shrike<: ;3c
[12:59 AM] Leyva45: No thanks, alzar
[12:59 AM] shrike<: :c
[12:59 AM] Leyva45: yeah, sorry.
[12:59 AM] shrike<: i'd play an arc route too ngl
[12:59 AM] Leyva45: maybe a cow route.
[1:00 AM] shrike<: i understand if you'd want to try that first
[1:00 AM] Leyva45: gobln route would be spicy too.
[1:00 AM] shrike<: gobln is already committed to kill though
[1:00 AM] Leyva45: in a dating sim enviroment he wouldn't be.
[1:01 AM] Leyva45: i would not play a k1ll route
[1:01 AM] shrike<: both of these points are fair
[1:01 AM] shrike<: let's have an fm girl's night out and talk about who we'd want to date
[1:01 AM] shrike<: you, me, cow, truegent
[1:02 AM] Leyva45: you should make a strawpoll, on who the community would want to date.
[1:02 AM] shrike<: good idea i might put it in the poll once this episode is up
[1:03 AM] Leyva45: sounds good, anymore questions, my pal?
[1:04 AM] shrike<: what would you say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
[1:05 AM] Leyva45: My greatest strength is when I'm motivated for something, i wi ll never lose track or sight of what I'm motivated on. I work hard on whatever I really like.
[1:05 AM] Leyva45: Which ties in with my weakness, where it is if I'm not motivated for something, I will completely drop it.
[1:05 AM] Leyva45: It's kind of like my playstyle, either I actually play the game well, or I just don't play it.
[1:08 AM] shrike<: good answer
[1:09 AM] shrike<: thanks for coming to the show leyva
[1:09 AM] Leyva45: No, thank you for having me alzar.

Interview #6: Schultz, again - "You have to have a very high IQ to understand GIM,"
Spoiler: The newest FM mod on the team, Schultz128 joins us again! In today's interview, we delve into his lore and the backstory of how and why he would willingly become FM mod.

[6:00 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: hi schultz how's it going
[6:00 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: welcome to the show, again
[6:00 PM] Schultz: good to be back
[6:01 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: so, have you heard the new fm news?
[6:01 PM] Schultz: considering the last 3-5 posts in news and announcements are mine, I would say yes
[6:01 PM] Schultz: but enlighten me
[6:01 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: but did you know that you're now the new fm mod?
[6:01 PM] Schultz: oh, I know
[6:01 PM] Schultz: i found out when i got put in the dungeon with santa
[6:02 PM] Schultz: met hasnt been down in days
[6:02 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i'm sure he's just cooking up more spicy rolecards to feed you
[6:02 PM] Schultz: probably
[6:03 PM] Schultz: even though im supposed to help cook
[6:03 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: :thinking:
[6:03 PM] Schultz: ye
[6:03 PM] Schultz: anyways, its good to be on the team
[6:04 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i bet it is
[6:05 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: you're hosting a gim right now, but do you have anything else planned for your new status as mod?
[6:05 PM] Schultz: oh, definitely
[6:05 PM] Schultz: voting for creator's spotlight is happening within a week or so
[6:05 PM] Schultz: with the arrival of the next episode
[6:05 PM] Schultz: alo-SHUSH
[6:05 PM] Schultz: im speaking
[6:05 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: :c
[6:05 PM] Schultz: now
[6:06 PM] Schultz: im of course working on more games
[6:06 PM] Schultz: along with that one of my goals right now is a shift up in the game types and queues
[6:06 PM] Schultz: you might see some merges, deletions, or entirely new queues/game types
[6:06 PM] Schultz: it's a
[6:07 PM] Schultz: along with that im working on some rules for activity
[6:07 PM] Schultz: i.e rules to be permanently implemented
[6:07 PM] Schultz: im currently seeing about this one being implemented:

"If day has lasted [X] hours and you have less than [X] posts, you will be removed"
[6:07 PM] Schultz: you can speak now alzar chan
[6:07 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: nya~
[6:08 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: sounds pretty exciting, i don't think we've had those kind of big changes in a while
[6:08 PM] Schultz: also, with me around
[6:08 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: am i right in guessing that this is stuff you've been thinking about for a while now?
[6:08 PM] Schultz: and the fact im on balance team
[6:08 PM] Schultz: you'll see queues be updated much more frequently along with just more secretary work in general
[6:08 PM] Schultz: and yes, ive been thinking about it for a bit
[6:09 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: that's good to hear, i'm sure moon would appreciate a buddy to help with that
[6:09 PM] Schultz: moon is, of course, gay
[6:09 PM] Schultz: so it's an unspoken bond of friendship
[6:10 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i see, makes sense
[6:10 PM] Schultz: alright so, im flipping the tables now
[6:10 PM] Schultz: youre getting the interview boi
[6:10 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: n-nyani?
[6:11 PM] Schultz: So, you've always been a prominent member in the community, hosting the FM discord and all that j a z z. Why haven't you ever tried to become a FM Mod?
[6:11 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i tried at one point a long time ago, i'm pretty sure
[6:11 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: as in before you joined the site
[6:12 PM] Schultz: ohhh, coolio
[6:12 PM] Schultz: who got it instead?
[6:12 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i forget
[6:12 PM] Schultz: So, why haven't you attempted further?"
[6:12 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: it might have been the truegent/mel one?
[6:13 PM] Schultz: ah, the age of both regression and progression
[6:13 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: why become a mod when i already control them?
[6:13 PM] Schultz: Have you ever seen that show "Undercover Boss"?
[6:13 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: no, but i'm guessing it's about an undercover boss?
[6:14 PM] Schultz: amazing reads, as always alzar
[6:14 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i try, thanks
[6:15 PM] Schultz: Speaking of reads, you went into a bird seed and fruit punch fueled rage after BlazBlue 3, where you Mafia had a competition to see who could throw the hardest. How have you recovered since then, and what still needs to heal?
[6:16 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i need the hitmen i hired to do their actual jobs
[6:16 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i actually forget what happened that game, i just remember incandescent fury
[6:18 PM] Schultz: I think I can recall some things:

-Janitor who got no cleans off
-Literal gamethrow attempt
-The worst night actions in existence
-8 prodging fuckers in a 4 man mafia
[6:18 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: ah yes, it's all coming back to me now
[6:19 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i wonder when the hitmen will be done with their job
[6:20 PM] Schultz: Well, from what I can see, BrockFire and Hark have been vewy vewy inactive as of late
[6:20 PM] Schultz: Although, I do not know Brock's main
[6:20 PM] Schultz: But I can say that your only target left is Chubby
[6:21 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: chubby can still be saved with enough pats
[6:21 PM] Schultz: Understandable.
[6:21 PM] Schultz: So, how has Gent's departure effected you?
[6:22 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: it's great, he can play dota with me now instead of having to do silly things like manage queues or moderate games
[6:23 PM] Schultz: So, when will I be forced to doot?
[6:24 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: right now
[6:24 PM] Schultz: wait what
[6:24 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: the rest of this interview will consist of us 1v1ing mid
[6:26 PM] Schultz: Abandonment by Schultz128. This game is now safe to leave.
[6:28 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: enjoy fm low prio
[6:29 PM] Schultz: its fine
[6:30 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: anyway
[6:30 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: let's get back to the actual interview
[6:30 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: did you have any particular reason in mind for becoming fm mod?
[6:31 PM] Schultz: Being more active in the community
[6:31 PM] Schultz: and also not being removed from hosting group constantly
[6:31 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: is that... is that actually why
[6:32 PM] Schultz: no, of course not
[6:32 PM] Schultz: but its a minor reason
[6:32 PM] Schultz: ive always enjoyed moderating stuff and I felt like I could help out
[6:33 PM] Schultz: Ive had a tradition of joining staff ranks of any community i become a part of
[6:34 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i see
[6:34 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i don't actually remember when you joined, how long has it been? 2016?
[6:36 PM] Schultz: Well, I joined the forums in 2015, but I joined the FM community in 2016
[6:36 PM] Schultz: As of now, im 1 post away from an even 1600 pages of posts
[6:39 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: nice
[6:39 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: how's it feel, going from newbie in 2016 to mod in 2018?
[6:40 PM] Schultz: p-good
[6:40 PM] Schultz: some people arent happy
[6:40 PM] Schultz: but its w/e
[6:40 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: who could be unhappy, your many competitors in mod apps?
[6:41 PM] Schultz: you mean var?
[6:41 PM] Schultz: nah
[6:41 PM] Schultz: we were actually neck in neck with being decided
[6:42 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: not many other necks in the competition, to be fair
[6:45 PM] Schultz: that is true
[6:46 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: that reminds me, is there any particular reason you put the SFM up to a poll?
[6:47 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: could this be your new trend in modding?
[6:48 PM] Schultz: I had 3 setups ready, but was already indecisive. Plus, reading SFM39 to see that Day 1 was 80 pages while the rest of the game was only 30 pages reminded me of the state of activity we're in.
[6:48 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: ah yes
[6:50 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i was worried we'd see the resurgence of cfms again
[6:50 PM] Schultz: mhmm
[6:59 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: anyway, really excited to see what you'll bring to the table as mod
[6:59 PM] Schultz: thanks alzar
[7:01 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: anything we didn't cover today that you really want to get out?
[7:03 PM] Schultz: not that i can think of
[7:03 PM] Schultz: besides to remind people to give spreadsheets with submissions
[7:03 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: sage advice from our newest mod, everyone
[7:04 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: thanks for coming on the show again, schultz
[7:04 PM] Schultz: anytime

Interview #7: Jordarrian - "SFM (Sadomasochism FM)"
Spoiler: Jordarrian is one of the more familiar sights around FM. He might have left or gone under other aliases, but as a user since late 2015, he comes to our show today to talk about Ace Attorney and anime for 3 hours!

[5:08 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: hello mr jordarrian, welcome to the show
[5:08 PM] MrTord: Thank you. Nice to be here
[5:08 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: take a seat mistew jowdawian
[5:08 PM] MrTord: Sure thing my friend
[5:09 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: tell us a little bit about yourself for the crowd at home
[5:11 PM] MrTord: Oh uh, well I have many personalities I go by. Some people may know my most common personality is who I like to call "Mystic". Some say he's taking over my life, but I doubt it
[5:11 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: it's probably fine, unless you've had strange compulsions
[5:12 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: have you had any urges to play GIMs or join an excessive amount of SFMs lately?
[5:13 PM] MrTord: Oof. SFMs are rather big. If I were to join one I better not be busy as hell. GIMs? Haven't we had enough of those? I wouldn't mind watching one though.
[5:14 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: lose yourself in the glory of GIM
[5:16 PM] MrTord: GIMs can get a little crazy, both in a good and bad way. It's a shame what happened in the GIM thread in FM Discussion though. Cow didn't deserve this
[5:17 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: cow died for our sins, i agree
[5:18 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: do you have anything coming up in terms of games or projects?
[5:20 PM] MrTord: Yes. I have Crash FM and Ace Attorney FM. They should be finished soon, after I stop being lazy and actually get started on them at least
[5:20 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: soon™
[5:21 PM] MrTord: :thinking:
[5:22 PM] MrTord: Who knows? Maybe it'll actually get finished
[5:23 PM] MrTord: As soon as I actually get good at FM it can happen
[5:24 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i remember you talked about that project like a year ago
[5:24 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i'm pretty interested in how it'll be once it's done
[5:24 PM] MrTord: Oh yeah, I did mention Crash FM before didn't I?
[5:25 PM] MrTord: If I recall correctly, I kept bugging Invenio about it every day
[5:25 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: classic
[5:25 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i remember nothing about what it was actually about
[5:26 PM] MrTord: Well you see
[5:26 PM] MrTord: That's because Crash FM, at it's current state, is nothing
[5:26 PM] MrTord: The entire game is just at a blank
[5:26 PM] MrTord: And it's been like that for a year
[5:27 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: o
[5:27 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: nice i can drink to that
[5:27 PM] MrTord: Ye
[5:28 PM] MrTord: As far as Ace Attorney FM goes
[5:28 PM] MrTord: It's also nothing.
[5:28 PM] MrTord: If I had to describe how it will go though, this image accurately describes it:
[5:29 PM] MrTord: ... 135547.png
[5:29 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: god thats hot
[5:30 PM] MrTord: Exactly
[5:30 PM] MrTord: The game is gonna get real hot
[5:31 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: nice, that's exciting
[5:31 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: any plans you want to share with us, or is that too much of a spoiler?
[5:32 PM] MrTord: None at the moment. When the time comes, I'll post a teaser in Game Announcements
[5:33 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: sounds good, can't wait to see it
[5:33 PM] MrTord: Thanks
[5:35 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: outside of your own games, is there any game out there in the fm world you're personally excited for?
[5:36 PM] MrTord: The only game I want right now is BLFM2. I heard things got spicy in the original
[5:37 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: why do we refuse to learn from our own mistakes
[5:38 PM] MrTord: Some people are just unable to quit. Why do you think I hosted Vengball three times?
[5:43 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i just assumed sadomasochism
[5:43 PM] MrTord: Speaking of Vengeball, I plan on hosting the fourth one soon after my nice experience with co hosting Var's UPick
[5:44 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: but why
[5:44 PM] MrTord: Because, no matter how hard people try, I will never stop hosting it
[5:45 PM] MrTord: also because this is a cry for help. i am not okay
[5:47 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: so i was right
[5:47 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: it is sadomasochism
[5:47 PM] MrTord: Whatever floats your boat
[6:06 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: we already have lolfm, why would you want to torture our playerbase even more :(
[6:07 PM] MrTord: Well alzar, I was always one for being edgy. This takes it to the next level.
[6:08 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: mercy :((
[6:08 PM] MrTord: Don't worry. I think I've had enough of Vengeball anyway.
[6:09 PM] MrTord: Now, if someone else were to host it, I wouldn't mind playing
[6:09 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: so your plan now is to recruit other players to your cause, i see
[6:09 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: what games have you played recently, anyway?
[6:10 PM] MrTord: I did Standards recently, along with Swords's Mega Man game (RIP that game though)
[6:22 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: rip, died in its infancy
[6:22 PM] MrTord: Yeah... It was a sad day
[6:23 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: that time period was a dark one for us all
[6:23 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: how are you feeling about the playerbase now, though?
[6:23 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: think it can handle the next ultimate big game?
[6:25 PM] MrTord: At it's current state, I pray for the best.
[6:25 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: o-oh
[6:26 PM] MrTord: Don't worry though, I have high hopes.
[6:27 PM] MrTord: I believe we can still have great games. We just need to lead everyone to the right direction
[6:27 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: the right direction?
[6:29 PM] MrTord: I dunno. I may just be saying random things in my head right now. Probably another personality took the wheel
[6:30 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: that's worrying
[6:30 PM] MrTord: I'll be fine, probably
[6:30 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: that statement makes it sound even more worrying
[6:31 PM] MrTord: It's nothing to worry about, I assure you
[6:32 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: i dont mean it as in i'm worried about you
[6:32 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: but this might be a little too much edge
[6:33 PM] MrTord: :thinking:
[6:33 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: :GWchadThink:
[6:34 PM] MrTord: So, is there anything else you would like to ask?
[6:36 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: how are you feeling about your future on this site?
[6:39 PM] MrTord: I'm not sure how to answer that one actually. I guess the best answer I can think of is I expect many memes to come soon enough :think~1:
[6:39 PM] Yarrow, Winged Blight-in-Winter: sounds hype, thanks for coming on the show today
[6:40 PM] MrTord: Thank you for having me, alzar :riceyee:

Interview #8: ICECLIMBERS - "Lowercase costs $10"
Spoiler: The views expressed on this program are solely the opinions of ICECLIMBERS and do not reflect or represent Alzar or the FM Mod Team's views.

[5:06 PM] IceClimbers: do I win
[5:07 PM] shrike<: ?
[5:07 PM] IceClimbers: pm you to be the first to pm you
[5:07 PM] shrike<: alright you get the interview
[5:07 PM] shrike<: whether you like it or not
[5:08 PM] shrike<: so ice, you've been here for a few years ever since you came in from the episode
[5:08 PM] shrike<: how have you felt about episodes since? do you think anyone's been able to replicate your glory?
[5:14 PM] IceClimbers: I don't have plans on joining episodes. I got my flair and I'm happy with it and I don't feel as if I need another one. I did consider joining Episode X shortly after Episode IX concluded though. It'd be after spring semester ended and I figured it'd be a fun game to end a break of not playing FM with since I thought I'd be busy with finals. However finals were not busy so I played in 9E and 9F instead. While both of those ended before Ep. X (and CFM16 maybe?) I decided not to play in it since I didn't think I wanted to play in a game with actual 'stakes.' Not out of nervousness but because I'd be afraid I'd get too into it like I did with ASG2. The game was a thrill to read as an uninformed spectator though so I don't regret this decision at all. And I doubt anybody will replicate my mafia's glorious plan of having half of us die yet still winning. edit: ok i concede nelly and neasans did that before us but that wasn't a result of a nightplan
[5:17 PM] IceClimbers: Oh and Swords still owes me my modbias back from Ep. XIII.
[5:17 PM] shrike<: i'll see if i can get him to send you a consolation prize or something
[5:18 PM] shrike<: its nice to hear things from your perspective
[5:18 PM] shrike<: any plans in fm in the near future?
[5:27 PM] IceClimbers: I have been noticeably absent for the last 6 months or so from games. In the past year I have been focused on aspects of my life outside of hobbies. Finishing up college, graduation, job searching, and now work have all limited my time for FM. There also haven't been any games that have really caught my eye and as time goes on it's harder to be motivated to play in a game. I wouldn't say that I'm done though but that I've been on hiatus for several months now. So don't be surprised if you see my name in the signup forum. Probably with Met's game. I actually didn't plan originally (ie 2015) on staying around past the summer of 2017, so there's that. As for hosting I don't have anything planned. I've already hosted a number of games and the queues are quite busy right now. VFMs don't excite me enough to go pitch one. A standard is a possibility but I don't know what direction I'd take it, if it'd be a more regular game like 12B or if I'd add a twist to the setup like in 14D. As for SFMs I have ideas but I'm not sure where to go from them. I've hosted enough games though that I'm content with seeing what other people have come up with.
[5:28 PM] shrike<: it's cool hearing about your irl exploits, like the time you stole that legendary artifact from a sunken pirate ship and fought your way out against an army of mermaid skeletons
[5:29 PM] IceClimbers: that is the inspiration for the CFM10 seaquel
[5:29 PM] shrike<: have you observed anything going on in fm that's caught your eye? any cool setups or particular players, maybe?
[5:30 PM] shrike<: any extremely cool recently promoted mods whose names start with alzar and end in alzar?
[5:31 PM] IceClimbers: I haven't been paying close attention to recent games, so let me browse through the archive.
[5:32 PM] IceClimbers: Also sorry newer players I don't know most of you through FM games so no answer for that :(
[5:33 PM] shrike<: it's alright, no one notices new players until they forge their names in legends like one particular icy climby player
[5:34 PM] IceClimbers: I like 16B's setup.
[5:34 PM] IceClimbers: SFMs have gotten crazier.
[5:34 PM] IceClimbers: so yeah
[5:34 PM] shrike<: i'm rather proud of that and will take credit, even though i didnt actually make any recent sfms
[5:35 PM] IceClimbers: they're a bit too crazy for me though.... I'm not sure I could manage games on the scale of schultz's game or cytokine storm
[5:35 PM] IceClimbers: maybe I'd join AnarchyRaines II
[5:35 PM] IceClimbers: or maybe it will be AnarchyFreezes :thinking:
[5:38 PM] shrike<: you're always welcome in my queue, even if you don't run a 50p GFM
[5:39 PM] shrike<: have any thoughts or teasers for whatever you might do in the future?
[5:41 PM] IceClimbers:
[5:41 PM] shrike<: :thinking:
[5:42 PM] IceClimbers: in terms of making a game of fm, not sure
[5:42 PM] IceClimbers: although this has been making me think that a rotu fortunae 2 could be fun... though i'd rather play in it
[6:00 PM] shrike<: sounds like it could be amazing and a disaster and maybe both at once
[6:00 PM] IceClimbers: just like the original! (SFM9)
[6:00 PM] shrike<: i like it, maybe a viewer will host one
[6:00 PM] shrike<: exactly!
[6:01 PM] shrike<: any advice (either hosting or playing) to prospective players?
[6:15 PM] IceClimbers: Re: Hosting. I don't think I've had a game where something didn't go wrong. All games are going to have bumps along the way so be prepared for anything to go awry. I would also point out that hosting is a two-way street, in that you are putting in time for the players' entertainment and they are putting in time to help you enjoy hosting. So don't be a super inactive mod or host a bastard game that frustrates the players. And of course there will be games where players are disgruntled for ingame reasons (I think we can all think of games that turned out like that), but your job is to not ensure that the game takes that turn but that they are carried out fairly and to completion.
Re: Playing. There isn't much for me to say in terms of strategy. A lot of people give strategy advice that's similar to the way that they play, and it's usually bent towards townplay. I was mafia in my first game, so what good would that advice be? I'd say that for mafia communication with your teammates is super important, you have a chat and the knowledge of your buddies for a reason so don't be afraid to share ideas! For town I think associative tells aren't used too much on this site, but again that's something that I like to use. For a generic newer player I think that paying a little attention to ongoing games and observing how people play the game and predicting who is what can help you ease into playing a game. That's what I did in the pre-NFM era, although now maybe NFM is good enough, I wouldn't know.
I'd also point out that you can enjoy games you lose. I lost CFM8 but it's my favorite game I've been in because of the experiences I had with it. I've had losses over the years and you usually stop thinking about them after a while. As months and years go by you might even stop caring about the outcome and more about how much you enjoyed it.
[6:22 PM] shrike<: hopefully your advice reaches someone who needs it!
[7:50 PM] shrike<: anything else you'd like to add before we wrap this up?
[8:04 PM] IceClimbers: use light sleep tight and don’t let the bots bite
[8:04 PM] IceClimbers: thank you for having me
[8:05 PM] shrike<: thanks for the interview on very extremely short notice ice
[8:05 PM] shrike<: time to edit
[8:05 PM] shrike<: im not endorsing light theme on my show
[8:22 PM] IceClimbers: you’re not, I am
[8:38 PM] IceClimbers: i've regularly had photophobia before a computer screen can't faze me

tune in some indeterminate time later for our next episode!
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby Arcthurus » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:03 pm

Direct all complaints about quality of this interview to user Varanus

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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby K1llthestory » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:07 pm

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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby milte345 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:14 pm

What's effort?
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby chitownmvp01 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:17 pm

Nice interview! :) I 100% agree about the use of alts. I also plan to go into accounting in the midwest of the U.S.A.
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby Varanus » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:19 pm

Quality interview
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby cmitc1 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:28 pm

nice alzar ^.^

ill do a interview if you want!
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby ChubbyMooshroom9 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:30 pm

interview forny next

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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby chitownmvp01 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:32 pm

ChubbyMooshroom9 wrote:interview forny next

I 2nd this, lol.
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby Shilster » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:35 pm


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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby Alzar » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:59 pm

to close off the year, user gobln, also back from a hiatus, was interviewed. he thinks this playerbase is fine even if the site isnt as fancy, and emotions as a rule are better than logic in fm
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby K1llthestory » Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:10 pm

is that it
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby Alzar » Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:11 pm

its the summary ask him if you want more
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby Gobln » Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:55 pm

[11:45 PM] Alzar: So gobln, tell me a little about yourself before we begin. you just rejoined the fm community recently, right?
[11:46 PM] gobln: Yes. I did rejoin the community recently.
[11:48 PM] Alzar: How do you think the FM community has changed since you were last here?
[11:48 PM] gobln: There are less arguments.
[11:48 PM] gobln: I forgot the Mod's name, but the one with the whip-girl avatar [Invenio]. Yea now that they're gone, things are calmer.
[11:50 PM] Alzar: How can FM improve next year in your eyes?
[11:51 PM] gobln: There is still a large problem in attracting new players. Improving NFM is a must.
[11:51 PM] Alzar: How about the existing playerbase/system?
[11:53 PM] gobln: It's fine.
[11:53 PM] gobln: Other sites have vastly better moderators, automated games, better ISOs and such. Not to mention more varied and skilled player bases.
[11:53 PM] gobln: So staying here is more for the community aspect. And from that point of view, I think things are all good.
[11:55 PM] Alzar: I see, I'm glad to hear something's good over here, lol.
[11:55 PM] Alzar: Tell us in a few quick words about your philosophy as an FM player. Quick words though, we have 5 minutes left.
[11:56 PM] gobln: Emotions > Logic. That's all you gotta know.
[11:57 PM] Alzar: thanks.
[11:57 PM] gobln. Oh and, rockfire, if you're reading this. You can eat a fat one, brah.
[11:58 PM] Alzar: Okay, any final thoughts?
[11:58 PM] gobln: I'm retiring after Patho2.
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby K1llthestory » Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:01 am

we're not dating im straight hetero fully
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby Gobln » Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:05 am

He's a little shy.
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby K1llthestory » Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:06 am

fuck you
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Arcthurus)

Postby Schultz128 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:23 am

and I thought I was gay
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Schultz128)

Postby Alzar » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:10 pm

nyalzar has produced a new episode, this time featuring the schultz128! :3
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Schultz128)

Postby iggyvolz » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:55 pm

Yo, if you want to interview another former FM mod, maybe about something that begins with V and ends with ampire... hit me up :D
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Schultz128)

Postby K1llthestory » Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:06 pm

please dont
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Schultz128)

Postby Swordsworth » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:17 pm

oh boy
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Schultz128)

Postby MichaelgRook » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:28 am

No Guzame interview

Noooooo, you cant just be a steel type strong against fire type attacks
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Schultz128)

Postby leyva45 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:49 pm

I got mentioned in the interview!
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Re: FM Interviews with a Catgirl! (ft. Metrion)

Postby ChubbyMooshroom9 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 4:28 pm

psa next one is here

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