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Postby ObiWan » Mon Aug 10, 2015 6:27 pm

Hello! Welcome to the FM Main Hub!


This thread is here to guide players new and old on whats what in FM. This thread will include important threads that have their own special purposes for FM.


New Player Links

Newcomer Forum Mafia
  • Brand new to FM and don't know what game to join? Scared to try a game? Try Newcomer Forum Mafia! You will join other newcomers along with some help from the moderator in order to guide you through Forum Mafia. Even if sign ups are full, there will be other games. Check back here every so often!

Forum Mafia Beginner’s Hub
  • Crash course on all thing Forum Mafia related. Made to help break in new forum mafia players.

Forum Mafia FAQ
  • General FAQ's on all things Forum Mafia. Questions that other players have talked about are answered here.

Forum Mafia Terminology
  • Contains terms that are used in Forum Mafia and their definitions.

Types of FM Games
  • List and description of all the current types of FM games.

The Discord Chat
  • Where a large portion of the community hangs out. Want to chat? We welcome you on in.

Officialities and other Information

Forum Mafia Game Rules
  • List of all Forum Mafia Game rules that you need to follow.

Moderation Hub
  • List of all players unable to currently join a FM game and the date which they may rejoin. Also lists current banned and blacklisted players.

Role Cards
  • List of all the Role cards that are used in a game of Forum Mafia.

Forum Mafia Sign ups
  • Contains the Forum Mafia sign up section. This is where you will sign up for a Forum Mafia game! Check back here every so often to join a game.

FM Moderators Announcements
  • Contains announcements made by the FM Moderators. These announcements can be for upcoming games, rule changes, or anything else Forum Mafia related. Pay close attention to each announcement!

FM Moderator Bios
  • A little bit about the moderators overseeing FM.

ECO: Encyclopedia of Controversial Occurrences
  • Contains the set of rules for various scenarios in FM games.

Game Hosting/Creation and Role Development

Host Requirements, Rules & Duties
  • List of hosting expectations and rules. A must-read for game hosts.

Branding of Standard Games
  • Contains a list of the brands of standard games and their description.

Creator's Spotlight Archive
  • The hub for all threads relating to the Creator's Spotlight, a quarterly event to help expand the list of Standard and Episode roles through the discussion of and in the voting on user-submitted roles.

Forum Mafia Resources
  • Collection of easily copyable role cards and role colors.

The 5 Steps to Making an SFM
  • Guide intended to lead game creators through the process of creating a SFM. Written by RhazhBash, formerly of the Balance Team.

How not to make a VFM game
  • Guide intended to tell people what not to do when creating a VFM pitch. Written by RhazhBash, formerly of the Balance Team.

How to Spice up your VFMs
  • Guide intended to give advice to game creators on how to make their VFMs more interesting. Written by Schultz128, formerly of the Balance Team.

Previous Games and Further Reading

FM Game Archive
  • An Archive of all the Forum Mafia games that have been run and who won each game.

Mafia Night Chat Archives
  • Archives of older mafia chats that you can read. Some chats may be inaccessible however.

FM Spreadsheets
  • A record of every players wins, losses, and draws.

Forum Mafia History
  • History of significant things that have happened in Forum Mafia.

Forum Mafia Awards

Miscellaneous Threads and Community Creations

TheMassClaim FM Podcast
  • Special Podcasts from the FM Moderators talking about FM related topics.

FM Note Taker
  • A desktop application that allows for convenient note taking for your facts and opinions in Forum Mafia games.

ISO Userscript
  • Userscript for creating ISO's for your FM game.

FM FanFiction Masterthread
  • Master thread of all current FM fan fictions. Go write your own!

FM Role Randomizer
  • Used to randomize your role list for FM games.

FM Academy: Forum Mafia Basics
  • Guide on how to play specific alignments: Town or Scum. Written by TheCow.

FM Citizen Guide
  • Guide made to for those who would get the forum mafia exclusive role, the citizen. Written by former FM Mod ObiWan.

FM Bomber Guide
  • Guide made for those who get the FM exclusive role, the bomber. Written by former FM Mod Santa07.


Any questions? Send any FM Moderator a PM or DM them in the FM Discord!

Or ask us in the Questions and Answers thread!

Current Forum Mafia Moderators


I hope to see you in a Forum Mafia game very soon!
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