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Forum Mafia FAQs

Postby Santa07 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:23 pm

So you've read through the beginner's hub, and all the posts that tell you what to do, but you have some nagging questions on your mind!

Well, look no further for here are the Forum Mafia FAQs!


Who created FM?
Guzame created FM, and hosted the first two games. He has now retired from the head mod position, and was succeeded by ObiWan. ObiWan has been succeeded by Metrion.

Who are the moderators?
The friendly FM moderators are Metrion (lead mod), Varanus, Schultz128, Melanora, Alzar and ZSSDistortion. Bios for each of them can be found here. Past moderators include Guzame, Rickdaily12, LordofFail, PoisonMaid (who's games were both taken over by ObiWan, that is why you can't find archives of them), ValeforRaine, Iggyvolz, Invenio, RockFire, ObiWan, TrueGent, Arcthurus, Swordsworth, moonbird and Santa07.

How do I become a moderator?
You cannot just ask. When a spot opens, the lead moderator or another current moderator will make a thread for applications, and the moderators will decide who deserves it the most. However, you may host a game by joining one of the hosting queues.

Are there any rules to playing FM?
Please read the game rules before joining your first game of FM. If you're thinking of hosting there are also rules for hosts.

What can I discuss in FM discussion?
Anything! Role ideas, game ideas, past games (make sure you don't talk about ongoing games), anything FM related really. Try to keep memes/jokes to the meme and joke thread.

Roles and game types

Are all the roles the same as ToS?
Of course not! Because this is through the forums changes have been made to quite a few roles to make it easier and fairer. Also, a few completely new roles, such as the bomber and phantom, have been added!

Where is a list of the roles?
Here! New or modified roles may not appear there until they are tested, so refer to your game's OP if they're trying a new/modified role.

Why are some games titled like 'Episode V' and some other's titled 'Game 5F'?
Episodes are the more official games. By winning an episode, you gain a forum title, and a pretty purple name which you get to keep until the next episode. The other games do not award titles, but are just there for fun and also testing new roles and mechanics.

What are the different game types?
There are many different game types that are hosted on this site. The following list breaks down the game types played on this site.
- Standard Games - 'Basic' games broken down into three game modes - SP (Streamlined Play - a competitive game mode), CL (Classic - which follows a meta similar to that during the earlier days of FM), and HC (Host's choice - games that don't explicitly fit into the other two categories, also known as MC or Moderator's choice). These games are usually semi-open, although closed HC games have been hosted. These games are usually 20-player games however the player count can range from 14-21.
- Vanilla Forum Mafia (VFM) - Games that involve a basic role-list with limited power-roles. These games are almost always open with no randomness involved in the role-list.
- Special Forum Mafia (SFM) - Games that involve strange or unexpected mechanics, and can often be described as bastard (see other FAQs). These games are often closed and can have role-lists with almost any player count.
- Tiny Forum Mafia (TFM) - Games that are smaller than your usual Standard Games (ie <14 players), and may involve mechanics found in SFMs. Newcomer Forum Mafia (NFM) is designed especially to new players of the game. This type of game has now been merged with SFM games.
- Community Forum Mafia (CFM) - A game type that has now been discontinued. These games allowed non-FM mods to host games when the current queue system was not in use. These games were often SFM-like games.
- Giant Forum Mafia (GFM) - A game type featuring very large player counts and multiple sub games which eventually merge into one game when a certain point is reached. Originally a massive, 60-player game that was hosted during 2015. Another one with 40 players was hosted in 2018. There are no major plans for another one and the game type has been effectively discontinued.

More detail on game-types can be found here.

What is the difference between an 'open' and 'closed' game?
An open game is where the role-list and the roles in play are known. A closed game is where the role-list and the roles in play are hidden from the players. Most standard games are semi-open, where the role-list and roles in play are known, however the moderator randomises the roles before the game (similar to how it works in ToS). There have also been semi-closed games where some aspects are known to the players, but others aren't.

What is a 'bastard' game?
'Bastard' is the name given to a game which may involve mechanics that are usually imbalanced and could be viewed as potentially unfair. While the definition of bastard varies from player to player, some examples of bastard mechanics include moderators lying to players on role-cards or alignment-conversion mechanics. The Balance Team's definition of 'bastard' can be found at the bottom of this post.

Where can I view past games?
An archive of all past games can be found here.


How do I join a game?
To join a game of Forum Mafia, you need to check out the signups forum. Any new games that need players will be posted there. Games fill up quite fast, so be quick! If there are no new games available, you may be able to join an existing game as a replacement.

Will there be any notification that a new game is coming?
Usually, mods will post an announcement here and in the Discord if a new game is coming soon.

How many people can join a game?
Game sizes can vary from as low as 5-player SFMs, up to 30-player SFMs. Standard games often have around a 20-player size. There's even been a 60-player game held before (GFM)!

How do I join as a replacement?
Sometimes, players will replace out of games for varying reasons (or may be force-replaced by the moderator). In this case, the moderator of the game will need a replacement. Keep an eye on a game's signups thread, as moderators will post there when they need a replacement. When this happens, you should generally shoot them a PM saying you would like to take that spot. Older games used a backup queue.


When will I receive my role-card?
Once the signups are filled, the moderator needs to roll the role-list and role-cards will be sent out after that. This might take a while, so be patient. Mods used to send out a confirmation PM before role-cards are received but today confirmation either comes with your role-card, or happens during day 1.

What do I do if I've got a problem or I don't understand something?
The best thing to do is to PM the game moderator and they should sort it out.

How do I use my night ability?
Night actions are performed by PMing the game moderator. Subject it 'Night Action' or it might not be accepted by some mods.

How do I whisper?
Again, by PMing the game moderator. Check the OP to see the whispering rules for the game you are in. Make sure you subject it correctly. Whispering is generally only found in CL games, so make sure you check the game's OP to see if it's allowed and the restrictions on it.

What happens if I'm inactive?
If you are inactive for the amount of hours the host has specified (usually 24 hours), the game moderator will send you a prod. You need to reply to that within the hosts specified amount of hours (usually 12 hours) to avoid getting replaced. If you get two prods in a game you will be automatically replaced. These times vary from moderator to moderator.

How do I talk to my other members if I'm the mafia?
Each Moderator has their own Mafia chat group. You will be added to that group once you have confirmed your spot in the game. You may talk freely with your mafia members there at night. If you don't have access to the mafia chat once the game starts, make sure you contact the moderator about it. Some games will use a Quicktopic or Discord for mafia chat, in which case you will be PMed a link to the chat.

How long does each phase go for?
Generally, the day lasts 120 hours and the night 48, however this will change from game to game. In most games, the day will end early if a majority is met, however many VFM games and some other recent games use plurality voting, where lynches are determined by who has the most votes, and majority is ignored.

How do lynches work?
All you have to do to vote someone is type /vote [Player]. To cancel your vote you can /unvote. There is no trial phase, once a majority is met the person is lynched (in most circumstances).

What happens if something that hasn't been properly explained happens?
Different mods used to handle different circumstances in different ways. Fortunately, they've since made a universal ruling on different circumstances and its all explained what they do when a controversial occurrence happens in this thread.


How do I host my own game?
Games can be hosted by joining one of the queues in the signups forum. You must meet the host requirements (i.e. having played at least 1 full game of FM, not including TFMs and NFMs, have three months of FM experience on this site, and be free of any recent warnings, force-replacements, or blacklists) specified in this thread..

Okay, I think I want to host something and I've met the host criteria - but how do I join one of the queues?
Stop! Before you join a queue, you'll have to come up with a game!

So how do I come up with a game?
Before you join a queue, you must come up with a game! Have a look at the game types and decide which one you would like to host. If you're looking for a simpler game to host, try NFM or VFM. SFMs are the most complex game types and often require the most effort, and also take time to fully generate and balance a game idea. Games should follow the general rules of the queue, have a look at past games if you're not sure what's expected. Once you've done this, send a PM to Metrion, TrueGent, Schultz128 and Alzar with your setup, and the balance team will look over it and tell you if it's suitable for hosting. If not, you'll be given feedback on why your game didn't make the cut.

Okay, I've come up with a game and it's been approved by the balance team, can I join the queue now?
Yep - forward the setup and approval to the relevant moderator of the queue, and they'll add your name to the bottom.

What is a "Moderator Slot"?
These are slots specifically reserved for FM moderators to host a game.

Extra information for new players

What game should I join first?
Generally, it's recommended to join a NFM game first. Of course, this isn't compulsory, just heavily recommended.

How do I become a good FM player?
Reading the guides in FM Discussion/the FM Main Hub will give you the latest tips and strategies needed for Forum Mafia. Playing in a NFM will also be good for you as the experienced players will be able to give you lots of tips to playing well.

Where do I go to find FAQs?
Did you even read all this?

More to be added, please suggest your own.
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Re: Forum Mafia FAQs

Postby chitownmvp01 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:24 pm

Great Job Santa! :D

I highly recommend that new players should definitely read this!

Should this be stickied too?

Also, since you mentioned LoF, here is the full explanation on that:
Spoiler: Image

Thanks Achro!: Spoiler:
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Re: Forum Mafia FAQs

Postby stellaluna » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:01 pm

chitownmvp01 wrote:Also, since you mentioned LoF, here is the full explanation on that:

rest in rip ;__;
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