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[Forum Mafia] Game Rules

Postby Metrion » Sat Aug 08, 2015 9:11 am


Forum Mafia Rules

  1. All Town of Salem Forums general rules apply.
  2. A host's word is law, the only higher law being the moderator's who may punish disruptive players at their own discretion. We can't both fit every rule in here and keep it short enough so it's digestable; common sense rules are mostly skipped over. Ask a moderator if you are unsure about what specifically is and isn't against the rules if you aren't sure.
  3. Do not discuss ongoing games outside of the thread unless otherwise stated. Nor may players or hosts bring in any major outside influences to the game such as bribes, threats, plans, etc.
  4. If a player is not alive or participating in a game, they may not post on that game until it ends, unless otherwise stated.
  5. You may not out alternate accounts of players for any reason unless the user in question has already outed their main publically.
  6. You may not edit or fabricate another player’s quote for misleading purposes.
  7. Do not quote, screenshot, or otherwise post any messages received from the game moderator or anything related to the game outside of the thread.
  8. Do not gamethrow by working against your victory condition. Whether or not something is gamethrowing is left to the game moderator to decide.
  9. The use of resources or information unrelated to the game and outside of the Game Thread in order to gain an advantage is prohibited, such as but not limited to: user login time stamps, cryptography software and images with hidden text.
  10. The use of codes or encryption is prohibited. Signals are allowed (When I say "x" I mean "y happened") but any sort of hidden message that requires a cipher/rule to read, or otherwise hidden message is not allowed.
  11. Coloured text in the FM section to seem like a FM Moderator is prohibited. Making posts in coloured text in Game Threads is prohibited, unless specifically stated otherwise by the moderator in charge. A notable exception are hosts and non-player users helping with the game.
  12. Pretending to break any rule is treated as if you broke that rule.
  13. Advertising FM games for another site on the Town of Salem Forums FM section is prohibited without explicit permission.
  14. Do not use the report function on posts within a game thread. Instead, speak to an FM Mod (preferably the one overseeing the game) about any questionable posts. Please only use the report button if it's a serious forum rule violation in FM (i.e. porn/gore being posted).


Replacement/Joining Rules

  1. Players may be in a maximum of 3 games at once.
  2. If a player wishes to use an alternate account for a game, they must inform the game’s moderator of the alt's main account. A main account and it's alts are considered one player. (You cannot join as an alt to join a NFM game on an alt as a newbie if you would not regularly qualify.)
  3. You may only replace into your own slot on an alternate/main account if it is publicly known to be you.
  4. If a player is repeatedly joining multiple games and replacing out of one or both of them, the FM Mods will temporarily limit them to a maximum of one game at a time for their next two games.
    • If a player has been placed on a maximum of one game two or more times, the FM Mods may decided to either:
      • Further extend the one game limit.
      • Permanently restrict the player to 1 game at a time. This can be removed with good behavior.
  5. If you request replacement out of any game, you must wait a week before joining another game.

    • It is possible to repeal your week punishment by giving information to the FM Mod in charge of your game as to your excuse you replaced out.
    • If you are constantly having "emergencies," this will be looked at by the FM Mods. Further punishment for this may apply.
  6. When a player is forcibly removed from a game due to inactivity, they cannot join another game for 2 weeks.
    • Second offense is 3 weeks
    • Third offense is 4 weeks, with a talk with the player. This could result in a formal blacklist.
    • If you complete a game without being prodded once, and you lived to see D2 then you go down a notch. It is your job to inform the moderators of this.
    • If you have been forced replaced in the last 3 months then you cannot join the next Episode.


Episode Rules

  1. Episodes will be ran every 3 months after the last Episode ended.
  2. Episodes will reward flairs to the winners
  3. If the Moderator in charge does not believe you played to the best of your ability, you will not get a flair.
  4. All players with 3+ completed games, without replacing out, may join an Episode. However, they may join if they are in another game already. But they may not join any others once in the Episode. Check with an FM Mod if you're unsure if you qualify.
  5. Players with 10+ completed games, without replacing out, may join as if the Episode is a regular game.
  6. A player may not join an Episode if they won the previous one.
  7. A player may not join an Episode if they have replaced out, or kicked out of a game in a month.
  8. A player may not join an Episode if they have been force replaced due to inactivity in 3 months.
  9. A player may not join an Episode if they have received any official warnings in the past three months.
  10. A player may not join an Episode if they have received a temporary blacklist in the past six months.
  11. We reserve the right to remove this privilege, or deny it from you, if we feel you cannot handle it.
  12. All NFM games you play will only count as 1 game total for Episode qualifications.
    Example: You've played in 2 NFM games. That still only counts as 1 game played.


New Player Links

Are you a new player that needs help/has questions about FM? Click these links below and they will help you!
If your questions aren't answered below, feel free to contact any of the FM Moderators.

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