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SFM Queue

Postby TrueGent » Sat Aug 27, 2016 10:37 am

Special Forum Mafia Queue

This queue is for SFM games, and is overseen by TrueGent. Please direct all questions to them.

SFM games are defined as

  • Any amount of players (within reason)
  • Any format; open, closed, etc.

Any game which may feature different/outlandish mechanics, roles, concepts or otherwise would not fit into any other category would be hosted through this queue.

Example Games

How to apply for hosting

If you are permitted to host under these rules, follow this post and send a message to the Balance Team containing your setup and any relevant information. The Balance Team will then look over it and either accept or deny it. You will be notified when either happens. Denies will be given with explicit reasoning. Once you are accepted, you must then forward your approval to the moderator of this queue. They will then add you to it.

Note: You may have a co-host. This must be brought to the moderator when you apply and not after. If a game is failing, all responsibility falls on the person who applied originally.

After acceptance you will be placed on the queue below. At this point if your game has more than 25 players than you are required to have 1/3 pre-in or enough to lower the number needed to 20. Pre-ining is done by posting your game on this thread and collecting names of those wanting to join via pm. You will be called upon a few days before it is your time to host. If you needed pre-ins and do not have them, your game will be skipped over, and potentially taken off the queue. If you do not post your signups for 3 days after you were scheduled, you will be skipped over. If your signups do not fill within 2 weeks, your game will be evaluated whether it will be skipped over or not.

Reminder to send absolutely everything detailing your game; this is especially important for SFMs.

The Queue

Current Game(s) being hosted

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