Host Requirements, Rules & Duties

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Host Requirements, Rules & Duties

Postby Metrion » Sat Aug 27, 2016 10:06 am

Host Requirements

1. You must have completed at least 1 full game of FM. (TFM's/NFM's do not count)
2. You must have 3 months experienced after starting your first game of FM.
3. You must have not received an official warning for 1 month.
4. You must have not been booted from a game for inactivity for 1 month.
5. If you've been blacklisted, you must wait 3 months after your blacklist has ended to host a game.
6. If you break one of these conditions whilst you have a game on a queue, they will either be moved down by one on their queues or moved to the bottom of the queue, up to the discretion of the queue mod. Mods may choose to use a different punishment, should they find these 2 to be unsatisfactory.

Host Rules

1. Be Respectful to players, Moderators, and other hosts alike.
2. Do not interfere with a game in progress run by another host if they have not given you permission to do so beforehand.
This includes editing anything in the thread, vote counts, locking the thread, etc.
3. Do not abuse your powers in any game you are a player in.
4. Do not use or abuse the limited features of the Moderator Control Panel that you have access too, they are only there as a limitation of the forum.
5. Don't give any player preferential treatment. This includes giving somebody a certain role, or changing rules in their favor.
6. Be careful not to say anything that gives away roles or other information in the game thread, or in a PM to a player. This may still happen occasionally, but please make sure it doesn't happen too often. This can ruin an entire game.
7. If you have a problem with a player or other Host(s), talk about it with the FM Mod helping your game.
8. You may not give warnings/blacklists to players, that is up to the FM Mod helping with your game.
9. You may not kick someone out of your game without explicit approval from the FM Mod helping with your game.
10. Your game must have all relevant information to the game in the OP. Including Timeline of Events & ISO's.
11. Your game must link the official rules. Any additions, must be stated in the OP.
12. You must state which FM Moderators ECO you will be using in the OP, only if there are scenarios in your game which it could be needed. Any additions/changes must be noted in the OP.

Host Duties

1. Stay active in your game. Your primary duty is to run your game as smoothly as possible.
2. You must answer all questions you can in the thread, and outside the thread.
3. You must update the OP as promptly as you can.
4. You must update the vote counts as promptly as you can.
5. You are responsible for starting your game on time, and handing out role cards.
6. You must lock your own thread when needed.
7. You must contact your FM Mod, should you need any help with your game.

The FM Mod may take away your game if they feel you are breaking too many rules, or are not adequately living up to your duties as a Host.
You may also lose Host privileges for a certain amount of time, or for good, depending on the situation.
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