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Keep Posts Quality.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:55 am
by Nellyfox
The title says all, but I will explain in detail what I mean here.

Recently I and a few others moderators have been seeing posts in Suggestions (other boards too, but Suggestions is where most have been) that contribute nothing to discussion. The most common and familiar posts I'm referring to are those that are just "I agree." (sometimes having a huge quote tree, but that doesn't even matter).
I ask that you start keeping posts quality here. Contribute to the discussion, or don't post at all. Simply saying that you (dis)agree adds nothing...why do you (dis)agree, or what are your thoughts ?
Please note that we will start deleting posts like this because they are spam and add nothing. Doing it repeatedly will result in a warning for spam.
And before you tell us we can't warn for that, please check the forum rules:

Forum Rules wrote:7. We do not tolerate spam. Do not post small or useless posts that are not relevant to the topic being discussed.