Gamemode Idea: Traitor Mania

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Gamemode Idea: Traitor Mania

Postby Laryrory » Thu Sep 22, 2022 3:13 pm

In this gamemode, up to 4 players will join a different faction. One player will join the Mafia, one will join the Coven, one will join the Town, and one will join a random applicable Neutral. (Serial Killer, Werewolf, Arsonist, Juggernaut, Plaguebearer/Pestilence), similarly to Town Traitor. If a Neutral Killing is chosen to join a faction, then that Neutral Killing can’t have its own traitor.

If there aren’t any players of a faction then no player can join that faction. If there are no non-traitor Neutral Killings, there may not be a NK traitor.

There will be no vampires, because I believe vampires do not fit in this gamemode.

This can be played in a set role list, or in an all any setting.

Survivor and Guardian Angel may not be traitors. Survivor winning while dead just because they’re a traitor can be weird, and as for Guardian Angel, it would be weird for it to be traitor for one faction while protecting a target in another faction.

Amnesiacs, however, can be traitors. When a traitor Amnesiac remembers a role, they become the faction they joined’s version of that role. For example, if a coven Amnesiac remembers Jailor, they become a coven Jailor, regardless of that Jailor’s actual alignment.

Normal Amnesiacs will become normal versions of the role they are remembering, regardless of the player’s faction. If a normal Amnesiac remembers a Mafia Medium, they will become a town Medium.

Executioners, Jesters, and Pirates cannot be traitors.
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