Isolate Whisper Messages

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Isolate Whisper Messages

Postby cob709 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:23 am

Unfortunately, a lot of players have strategies based on secret information exchange via whispers. Basically, most people chat through whispers, and it usually clogs up the chat with useless information.

Some complaints include, "I can't read the chat", "the chat moved too fast", etc.

The can be annoying, as townies will gamethrow purely because the jailor(or literally any other role) is whispering a lot and asking for roles in private. Of course, this is not considered spam because only a maximum of 4 messages are sent. But when conversations start, 4 messages suddenly becomes 12. Also, large conversations between multiple players (sheriff to investigator, spy, etc.) will start clogging up a chat. This overall causes the chat to move quicker.

Other players don't have the ability to read fast, so they aren't able to participate. This problem can be reduced if notifications of a whisper are isolated in a different part of a chat, such as a toggle or perhaps another chat tab. Another way to fix this, is to entirely remove whisper notifications, or remove the whisper system(though, this is not a favorable solution).
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