New Gamemode: The Killing Game (inspired by Danganronpa)

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New Gamemode: The Killing Game (inspired by Danganronpa)

Postby awa2001 » Wed Feb 12, 2020 12:25 pm

-Everyone starts out as a Sheriff, Investigator, or Lookout.

-One person is randomly chosen to be a Serial Killer. They must kill someone that night.

-Town has 3 days to find and lynch the SK. If they lynch the wrong person, the SK wins immediately and everybody else loses.

-If the Town successfully lynches the SK, a new SK is randomly chosen.

-This process repeats until: (1) only 3 townies are left (they all win), (2) the SK doesn’t kill anyone the night he is chosen (everyone but him wins), or (3) an SK dupes everyone and wins alone.

-If you die, you lose. This adds a special element of paranoia: The best/smartest players in a game could easily become targets, but can also earn everyone's trust just to dupe them later on.


-The Investigator would be OP in this gamemode since they could instantly determine roles, so I think it could be reasonably changed to this: of the 4 roles in this gamemode (SHE, INV, LO, SK), reveal 3 that that person could potentially be. Each investigation can yield any 3 results, but one will always be their actual role. (Ex: Investigating the SK for two nights might yield SHE, LO or SK one night, and INV, LO or SK another night. Then you know they must be either LO or SK.)

-Sheriff might also need a nerf, maybe only being able to investigate once every other night.

-Gameplay would end up being insanely long, but I’m sure discussions/nights could be shortened, like in the now-deceased Rapid Fire mode.

-"Circle Meta" where everyone investigates/watches the person directly next to them, making it very hard to get away with it as SK. I can see a few ways this could be countered. One is by adding an element of randomness into the game, such as randomly roleblocking some townies each night, though I admit RNG should be avoided whenever possible. Another way is to give the SK some sort of new "accomplice" role, that can mess with the Town and be a distraction. Although, this admittedly isn't an accurate portrayal of Danganronpa. Either way, it's clear "Circle meta" is the one big problem that this gamemode would somehow have to address.

Let me know what you think! Town of Salem always struck a Danganronpa nerve in me, I think it would be awesome if the two could be combined somehow. (Oh, and I hope I'm not the one millionth person to propose this.)
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Re: New Gamemode: The Killing Game (inspired by Danganronpa)

Postby orangeandblack5 » Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:27 pm

If you want a DR/Mafia mashup then go play the Danganronpa Mash on MU tbqh
SwampRabbit wrote:So basically, your idea is that no town should ever be able to confirm themselves as town.

No offense but that is the dumbest idea I think I have heard.

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