How To Help Find Bugs

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How To Help Find Bugs

Postby Achilles » Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:54 pm

We have been getting reports about people crashing but without more info there isn't much we can do to solve the problems unless we happen to stumble across the same bug ourselves, but there is a way you can help!

Download the flash debugger at: ... loads.html

Scroll down some and you will see an option for internet explorer:
Download the Flash Player content debugger for Internet Explorer - ActiveX

or Firefox:
Download the Flash Player content debugger for Firefox - NPAPI

Once you have the debugger installed, when you play Town of Salem if there is some type of flash problem there will be an informative popup that says where in the code the problem happened. If you make a forum post with that information it will be 1000x easier for us to fix these bugs.

Mods please inform people about this information when they post crash reports.
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Re: How To Help Find Bugs

Postby iggyvolz » Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:41 pm

*ourselves lol

In Google Chrome you will want to download the appropriate version (Chromium based). You'll also have to override Chrome's normal Flash player by going to chrome://plugins and scrolling to Adobe Flash Player. There should be two listed (assuming you restarted Chrome since you installed debug Flash) - one should have "Flash Player" at some point in the Location field, and one should say "PepperFlash" at some point in the Location field. Click the "disable" link on PepperFlash and restart Chrome.

EDIT: As of September 2015, you cannot install Flash Debug Player on Chrome, you must use another browser.
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