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Traitors in Salem Will Be Releasing September 14th 2022!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2022 5:29 pm
by shapesifter13
BlankMediaGames is happy to announce our new free-to-play social deduction game Traitors in Salem will be releasing September 14th, 2022.

Town of Salem is one of the first, and most popular social deduction video games. Now, we are releasing our second game into the social deduction genre.

Here's the release time for each region:
US East-Coast: 5 pm (EDT)
US Central: 4 pm (CDT)
US West-Coast: 2 pm (PDT)
Europe: 10 pm (CEST)

In terms of gameplay, each player gets one of 31 possible unique roles at the start of the game. Players can interact with NPCs to start different quests that can contribute to the towns victory, or gives special personal perks. Roles have abilities to do things like reveal yourself to the town as innocent, track down a killer from a dead body, and even shoot the suspicious. Other role abilities include things like burning away dead bodies, convert Town members over to the side of Evil, and blocking all Town members from using abilities. The Town members (good guys) will try and use abilities to find out information to use at the Trial to hang Traitors. Traitors will use stealth and cunning to avoid detection and kill of Town members. Once one faction remains, the winner is declared.

Some notable features of Traitors in Salem are:
  • Share your Role Deck - Save, load, and share pre-built decks with your friends
  • Banning Roles - On top of choosing roles to be in the game, you can ban roles to ensure they don't appear. This opens up tons of special crazy modes to create
  • Quests - Talk to dedicated NPCs to obtain quests in preparation of banishing the Necronomicon, or get special perks
  • Choose your Adventure - The game can be customized. Choose from options such as ability cooldowns, vision range, discussion time and more
  • Game-Wide Voice chat - Voice Chat is integrated (built-in) to Traitors in Salem. Global Voice Chat is available during the lobby, discussion, and trial phases of the game
  • Proximity Voice - On top of the normal Global Voice Chat, there is also Proximity Voice Chat for chatting with those near you during gameplay
  • English and Chinese Language Support - Change your selected language to set your language and allow for English or Chinese games
  • Chaos Modes - Capture the Flag add for an extra layer of fun, outside of the base game play allowed within a normal game mode

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