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Retributionist Glitch

PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2022 3:43 pm
by CVXgophrafe
I was in a game where a hm and coven leader(with Necronomicon) attacked me.
As a retri I used a dead crusader on myself that night.
The crusader protected me giving me six messages
You were attacked but someone protected you
You feel a mystical force dominating you, you were witched
Your target was attacked last night
You attacked someone visiting you target
You were attacked but someone protected you
The next night I could still use the crusader.
Also the other random coven was poisoner so no necro

Re: Retributionist Glitch

PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2022 6:33 pm
by syjfwbaobfwl
The only bug I see there is being able to use crusader next night, which is a known bug