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Re: VFM 49: Day 2

Flake wrote:To people who think mine and chemist's interaction is orchestrated

In what world does Mafia come up with

"hey chem, you make a fake slip by including someone who dies you out on it, i'll deepwolf and call you outed scum because i'll say i think you make the slip on someone specifically rather than you knowing the possibility that it could be a slip but not being bothered to remove the slip after the flip of the someone who dies, but then i'll realise it's actually you just knowing the possibility it could be a slip pre-flip and do a completee 180 on you"

like can you all use your brains for a bit









honestly, I don’t think you would have needed to discuss it previously
There’s nothing that makes it unlikely to have been simple, unplanned distancing.
You’re making an unnecessary fuss about it
Rickdaily12 wrote:Ugh I'm so tired. I work earlier tomorrow too, so I'll post some catchup, but I'm not going to be on for too long tonight.

by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 7:31 pm
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Re: VFM 49: Day 2

Dash2 wrote:Chemist no town ever acts this way and you know that

Tbh I don’t think I’m buying your read on chemist rn. I don’t think the explanation was forced
can you elaborate on the read?
Flake wrote:look can my town pool stop being bad and just lynch the obv scum in ejjinami


eLaBoRaTe pLeAsE
Flake wrote:goomba's reads don't make sense coming from mafia

GrumpyGoomba wrote:Okay I have finally caught up with the thread. Did a cop check on me succeed? If not then don't claim. See people think that I am the sk. If I was the sk then :-
1. I would be immune to mafia kills, that would make it so that cop can find me. Why would I want that to happen to me actively?
2. I would be immune to vig/cop. That would make it so that I am literally announcing to the mafia that I am not immune to them by wanting a cop check on me, making it so that maf can eliminate me anytime they want.

How could what I am doing be even remotely beneficial to me if i were the SK?

As for me being mafia, I don't really know people would come to that conclusion. Who would I even be in a scum team with?

dO yOu hAvE aNyThInG eLsE tO sAy?
GrumpyGoomba wrote:/Vote cupcake

again, I really doubt grumpy is MvM with cupcake
there's literally no reason for them to buss, since Dash was the only one who said anything about lynching them today.
Grumpy would have to be incredibly paranoid to buss cupcake immediately, FOR THE 2’ND TIME.
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 7:24 pm
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Topic: VFM 49: SK win #rekt
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Re: VFM 49: Day 2

ok, I really don’t like the conversation between Rick and Flake. It feels like rick is overreacting and I don’t like the way he immediately got a SR on both Flake and Chemist after they pushed him.
I don’t think the anger is fake, but it definitely shouldn’t have been enough to warrant an immediate SR on the ones who pushed him. And unless I’m misreading sth, I don’t see where his confidence in the read came from.
It’s possible that he made the read because of Flake genuinely enraging him, but it feels like sth that should come more likely from scum than town, even if only because townies should have more reasons to care about making sure they push scum. Elaborate on the read, please.

and flake’s responses make no sense. Some of them feel like he’s writing them in a way that’s supposed to make his targets angry and lose self-control, which is definitely more likely to come from someone who’s attempting to manipulate others into acting badly, in order to get some “easy MLes”.
Flake wrote:show me evidence

“show me screens from a private conversation, or else you're scum”
Flake wrote:show me evidence
Flake wrote:
Rickdaily12 wrote:discussion here is straight up lamist
zero points speculating this without kill credits and with the switches to consider

It's not lamist, it's just me making points from my PoV, is that not acceptable??

obviously provocative and obviously written in a way that's supposed to make flake look good and Rick look worse for pushing him
Flake wrote:
Rickdaily12 wrote:
Flake wrote:show me evidence

if you dont know this
you have zero fucking business meta reading me and speculating what conversations ejj and i shouldnt be having
on this you can straight up piss off


am I missing something or am i literally being vilified for speculating something that is potentially helpful to the game?

and I feel it’s really unlikely for flake not to understand what rick was talking about. Unless I somehow managed to misunderstand it in a weird way, he seems to have just twisted rick’s words in a way that would make him look scummier, which I really don’t like.
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 7:12 pm
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Re: VFM 49: Day 2

Flake wrote:From your PoV you should basically know I'm town at this point

Chemist1422 wrote:Qva is super pure but fair point I guess

I forgot about the slip from Dash early so factoring that in I guess you two are in the top row, though the bolded is really putting me off

I don’t like the intense buddying between chemist and flake

the last post might have been town indicative from Chemist though
:/ is it possible for scum to have forgotten sth like that? especially for mafia?
Chemist1422 wrote:I'm pretty sure Dash is town just from the amount of people that are agreeing with what they say, feels like there are mafia trying to pocket Dash there

I'm kinda tempted to say he didn't lie about it, because of the way he "read dash anew based on the interactions", in his last wall.

...He might have faked it if he was planning to fake a town-slip since before the day started, but I still think it might be town-indicative.
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 6:41 pm
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Topic: VFM 49: SK win #rekt
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Re: VFM 49: Day 2

Flake wrote:also tfios has always been likely not mafia so that really would not make any sense

why is tfios not mafia?
Dash2 wrote:Jesus christ you know it's bad when Zucker starts making more sense than Flake. I need a sanity check

pfffffffft xD
Flake wrote:
Chemist1422 wrote:{Chemist, Zucker, Qva}
{Dash, tfios, Flake}
{Uzay, ejji}
{Rick, cupcake}
{Goomba, Proto}

You're better than having Qva > Me & Dash

From your PoV you should basically know I'm town at this point, and Dash is blatant town from his early game slip

The rest is acceptable from you but still bad

If it was bad, why didn’t you push chem for it before?
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 6:25 pm
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Topic: VFM 49: SK win #rekt
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Re: VFM 49: Day 2

Rickdaily12 wrote:I need to quickly pop in and let everyone know that I'm going to be unavailable for a few hours. Lost a distant family relative and I'm going to be occupied with family for a bit.

I'm okay, others are not. Will be back soon.

take care :<

Chemist1422 wrote:I don't think tfios is mafia, as they had nothing to gain from not just committing to a Crimson lynch.

I think Rick's answer to my question of there being a deepwolf is really interesting and very potentially spewy depending on his alignment, and since tfios/Crimson/Zucker/Goomba are all unlikely mafia/flipped town I think he could be wolf with another deepwolf here, most probably Flake or ejji.

Elaborate on those 2 reads.

Flake wrote:also

rick saying "you realise you always do this" with regards to ejji scum reading rick seems incredibly fake considering ejji and rick have never played in any games together

unless the games ejji hosts that rick was in they told rick that he thought he acted scummy??? but that doesn't much make sense if they're the host, it's literally telling rick he played bad and i don't think ejji does that at all

i don't see ejji telling rick he plays scummy in games they've read of him either like


rick just wouldn't say that ejji "always scum reads him" if they've literally not played any games together

further adding to the idea that it's orchestrated

How does us not playing together even matter? I remember writing that we talked about previous games and if you thought about it even a bit, you have realized that your theory is very unlikely to be true.

Rick replaced out of the game I hosted and joined the chat on discord, but we talked more about 2-nd purgatory later. Still, it doesn’t really matter. Why exactly would we even want to fake that?
Now that I think of it, I admit that the interactions might look a bit weird, but regardless of that your stance makes no sense.
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 6:17 pm
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Topic: VFM 49: SK win #rekt
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Flake wrote:@ejji why is Dash2 given in blue on VCA?

Oh, right, I forgot to explain it
It's because of the slip. He can't be green cuz he's not confirmed town, but I wanted to color his name in some way, because he's most probably not mafia and it's impossible to catch SK through interactions anyway. I might have picked a wrong color though, didn't consider that :/
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:40 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

and fuck, I REALLY gtg
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:15 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Chemist1422 wrote:Ejji if you think Zucker’s being bad here just wait

Or just like foe him

That’s probably better

honestly, I'd prob read all of his posts after foeing anyway
but thx
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:15 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Spoiler: Summary:
Zuck: claim cit
Uzay: regret joining this game, the cit claim is dumb.
Dash: agree with uzay
Rick: agree
Uzay: asked eragon why are they posing music, when it’s NAI now.
Dash: what’s the point of pushing a shitpost?
Qvap: excited to play with Zucker and Grumpy
Uzay: curious. /vote Qvap (joke-team with Zucker and Grumpy)
Qvap: omgus /vote uzay. Uzay’s question was innocen, dash overreacted. Joke about 0ver making unwinnable setups.
Ejj: the game shouldn’t have started because of SK.
Crim: stop, I’m already angleshooting
Qvap: same
Ejj: uzay is townie. Qvap’s post about unwinnable setups is townie
Crim: disagree with ejj about uzay being townie
Qwap: Why not (townie)? I like uzay’s reaction to dash’s questioning.
Ejj: grump, do you prefer town or scum? My TR on uzay was mostly because of tone
Qvap: /unvote uzay. I think he’s town

VC (end of page 3/post 74) (unofficial)
Qvapil (2) UzayAltay, Dash2
host (1) GrumpyGoomba
Dash2 (1) Eragon1329
Zucker (1) Crimson97
GrumpyGoomba (1) Ejjinami

Not voting: Chemist1422, tfiosforevah, cupcakeaj2, Rickdaily12, Zucker, Flake, Phone0lx, ProtoZigg, Qvapil

My notes:

Spoiler: Summary:
Rick: Crimson’s entrance is townie. Paranoid of eragon and ejj. I want to avoid killing the SK, cuz they want mafia dead as well.
Flake: town again, fuck. Zucker is seth and he’s trying to gain towncreed (failed). Qvap town for his entrance. Uzay is pretending that he believes the claim.
Tfio: as always, I’m def a cit.
Uzay: this is VFM, why is everyone claiming cit?
Grumpy: 3 bloody claims, why do you yall do this…
Dash: /vote tfios, wolfy entrance
Uzay: ejj is tonally normal, but might have wanted to pocket me.
Grumpy: makes sense
Flake: tfios’s entries are always wolfy. Nai… whyyy is uzay townie?
Dash: no (won’t elaborate on the read on Uzay)
Uzay: 0-1 players are scum trying to pocket me. Ejj not SvS with dash, dash not SvS with Qvap
Flake: /vote dash for his refusal
Uzay: ejj should have said TL on me instead of TR
Grumpy: Don’t like dash’s response
Uzay: Eragon is readable as maf/not maf
Dash: the request to elaborate was stupid because I already said all I had to say
Uzay: fake is scum, cuz he was ok with Zucker’s cit claim
Flake: Dash TRs someone based on meta, yet doesn’t want to elaborate on meta :thinking:
Dash: flake is purposefully being bad
Zucker: Dash voted only because he wanted to vote someone. Tfios always claims D1 and they’re usually cit. Hmm, so dash TR uzay because everyone did it
Uzay: /unvote flake, like his reaction, though I disagree
Zucker: Dash’s read on Uzay is no-effort, his refusal is bad, /vote dash
Flake: /unvote
Qvap: I thought dash was trying to go with the flow, by SRing dash, but his last read on dash is great
Zucker: Confident in scum!dash. They’re just trying to fit in and not help town
Qvap: flake is worse in that manner
Zucker: flake at least explains, dash should be lynched. Flake is still scummy
Chem: Zuck is meta-town

VC (end of page 8/post 174) (unofficial)

Dash2 (2) Eragon1329, Zucker
host (1) GrumpyGoomba
Zucker (1) Crimson97
GrumpyGoomba (1) Ejjinami
tfiosforevah (1) Dash2

Not voting: Chemist1422, tfiosforevah, cupcakeaj2, Rickdaily12, Phone0lx, ProtoZigg, Qvapil, UzayAltay, Flake

My notes:

Spoiler: Summary:
Qvap: idk about meta, which is why I’m against voting dash
Flake: Dash is just ignorant, it’s fair to call him out. Nai though
Qvap: still don’t think he was bad though
Dash: Zuck is doing nothing except for shading me /vote zucker
Chemist: You just haven’t played with him before
Dash: yeah, I realized midway /unvote zuck. Or no, fuck that, zucker explain.
Uzay: Zucker vs Dash isn’t SvS
Dash: Grumpy didn’t do much until flake pushed me. Zucker supposedly skipped a lot and only read my posts as catchup and skipped the response to flake. At least 1 is prob scum. Flake is hypocritical
Phone: Flake’s vote on Dash is bad. Tfio is scum most of the time, not cit btw.
Dash: phone is town
Chemist: agree
Dash: we should kill the SK
Rick: I like uzay’s posts, but not the progression on flake. Let’s talk about SK
Flake: I’m not a hypocrite
Dash: Flake is pushing a dead argument, move on. @rick, your thoughts on the push on me
Grumpy: I haven’t done anything helpful yet, I’ll get better later
Rick: dash wasn’t in any danger of being wagoned. Flake’s push and dash’s responses were normal. Gomba is noise, but isn’t opportunistic. Zuck is opportunistic, his push on dash is bad even as for seth. Grumba, you should post.
Dash: town should kill SK asap
Rick: Phone is more confident than normal, which is weird, but I agree with him a lot. Chemist is passive. I like flake’s defense of tfios.
Phone: how am I confident, lol? Dash’s and chemist’s TRs on me are weird, because I didn’t write a lot. Fake’s explanations are townie
Rick: I remember phone flailing more as town
Dash: My TR on phone is because of the natural entrance
Chem: same
Dash: chem is just sheeping me
Phone: Flake said he might do sth like that as scum, bon bon, he’s town. Chem should stop sheeping
Rick: flake’s sef-meta is nai, phone rewarding him for that is gross.
Phone: self-meta is not scummy, it’s townie.
Dash: phone’s reason for TRing flake is weak
Rick: meta is nai. TLing flake, but phone’s reasons for doing that are gross
Chem: I’m not sheeping
Zuck: tfios always claims cit d1. And I didn’t read the game, only isoed Dash
Dash: why did you skip?
Zuck: chem Has been off and unhelpful. I always skip and iso the most scummy peep.
Dash: I don’t see why flake is townie (@rick). I’m blocking Zuck
Zuck: it’s gamethrowing
Rick: Flake it town bc of meta and pure progression. Zuck is ignoring my question
Qvap: we should lynch SK . Chem seems less helpful, but it might be due to RL. Let’s not talk about alts
Rick: Qvap’s post about lynching SK screams townie to me
Dash: have been TRing Qva for a while
Zuck: same. TR: Qva, Uzay. At least 1 scum in: flake, Dash, Chem
Rick: @chem, why is Zuck town again?
Rick: we should kill SK
Dash: rick misread the RCs. The mafia want to use the cop and vig, so they won’t switch
Rick: Qva is still town. And mafia always turn cop and doc off after SK dies
Ejj: we should kill SK
Dash: mafia can just use cop to find the PRs
Ejj: I don’t like grumpy’s shitposts, Flake&Zuck are not SvS, Uzay was town for being chill. Tfios isn’t SK for the tone of the cit claim, grumpy’s posts are lamist. Scared scum for not voting dash. I don’t like Uzay’s reaction to flake’s push. Zuck and dash not SvS.
Qvap: mafia don’t have a cop
Dash: they do, FUCK, I’M RETARDED
Ejj: zucker’s read on Dash is fake.
Flake: Dash it spewed town
Ejj: Qvap is hella townie.
Flake: Dash doesn’t fake a townslip like that
Dash: rick was right about SK
Tfio: take my claim as real or not, but the tone being bad is NAI.
Dash: /vote tfios (the post makes no sense from town-pov)
Ejj: I feel Zucker’s push on dash might have been pressure, the confidence is suicidal (not scummy)

VC (end of page 15/post 349) (unofficial)

Dash2 (2) Eragon1329, Zucker
Zucker (1) Crimson97
host (1) GrumpyGoomba
GrumpyGoomba (1) Ejjinami
Tfiosforevah (1) Dash2

Not voting: Chemist1422, tfiosforevah, cupcakeaj2, Rickdaily12, Phone0lx, ProtoZigg, Qvapil, UzayAltay, Flake

My notes:
It’s very unlikely for Flake and Zuck to be scum together based on the way Flake revealed Zuck’s main and criticized him for pretending not to be seth.
Zucker wrote:
Flake wrote:can you stop pretending to not be seth it's annoying

How did you know though? :/

It’s strongly not MvM imo.
The way tfio has claimed makes her unlikely to be SK, I think.

Spoiler: Summary
Ejj: dash’s post is townie
Dash: Scum is within (tfio, Grumpy, Zucker + low posters)
Ejj: both Dash and zuck might be town
Uzay: TL dash because of the interactions with flake. Flake and seth are not SvS. My main issue with flake previously was claiming being anti-town, but I liked his answer. It was also supposed to be pressure.
Eragon: Ejj can bleed town if town, agree with rick about SK. Uzay was making a big deal out of flake’s reaction to tfi’s claim.
Flake: dash, phone =town, [tfi, Qva, Uzay, Zuck, ejj] TL, rick-50% scum
Eragon: why is rick scum?
Dash: why is rick so low?
Flake: don’t want to tell or rick will adapt
Chem: Effort is AI eragon. Dash can still be SK
Flake: I’m testing my read on rick, I want him to post more.
Cupcake: multiple negations- claim doc.
Dash: if that’s legit, I’m replacing out
Flake: chem has to post more.
Ejj: rick’s null-read on grumpy makes no sense and I don’t like him pushing an easy ML (Seth) as an alternative. I want to lynch grumpy today. And zucker is townie because otherwise he’d be suicidal.
Chem: busy with school
Ejj: phone’s posts look natural
Cup: zucker is an alt and he doesn’t want to explain himself
Ejj: is zuck actually confident in dahs being scum? Zuck and chem Are not SvS
Cup: let’s support horrible reads /vote uzay
Ejj: dash is town cuz of his slip. Eragon shouldn’t read me based on meta from MS.
Cup: I hate ejj, I wanted to TR dash first. I like uzay’s explanations as well (don’t ask why I voted him). Phone is townie for noticing stuff
Rick: Qvap it town cuz of purity, Chem is town cuz of his SK reasoning. I wish tfios didn’t approach every game like that. Zuck is bad cuz he didn’t even try to analyze dash. His posts are garbage. But he’s VI, but it’s not a reason to TR him. Uzay’s conversation with flake is weird.
Ejj: Cup’s read on Uzay is townie and not SvS. TR [Qvap, dash], [phone, uzay, zuck] TL, [Rick, grumpy] SL
Rick: I liked crims’s entrance. Flake has to explain his read on me. Agree with ejj that grumpy’s post quality is shit. Grump is null. I despise Zuker’s play, idk what to say about me pushing an easy ML. Seth pisses me off. I don’t like ejj not liking my lack of TR on zuck. Ejj always SRs me. Flake is avoiding engaging me.
Chem: %%%%% if SK is killed. We’re in a town-sided mountainous
Tfio: we should wait with killing SK until at least 1 maf is dead.
Zuck: disagree
Dash: tfio parroted what I said earlier. I want to lynch them if they keep posting useless stuff. Hope cup is not a doc.
Chem: I’m not ok with lynching tfio, they play at their own pace.
Dash: cupcake can’t be town. Tfios should replace out if they don’t have time to play
Zuck: I didn’t like cup’s vote either, but he’s always bad. Same with tfio. Dash is saying all of that to avoid the lynch. His previous question to rick about his wagon was bad. Scared scum
Dash: quote. If bad, I’ll ignore you for the rest of the game. Actually, tfio isn’t the best option /vote cup
Zuck: Dash is trying to distract the lynch

VC (end of page 20/post 499) (unofficial)

Dash2 (2) Eragon1329, Zucker
Zucker (1) Crimson97
host (1) GrumpyGoomba
GrumpyGoomba (1) Ejjinami
UzayAltay (1) cupcakeaj2
cupcakeaj2 (1) Dash2

Not voting: Chemist1422, tfiosforevah, Rickdaily12, Phone0lx, ProtoZigg, Qvapil, UzayAltay, Flake

My notes:
If I remember it correctly nearly 1 day has passed, yet no real wagons have formed. It’d say Dash’s push on cup was the first “serious” push of the game.

Spoiler: Summary:
Dash: Zuck can’t read, replace out
Chemist: OMGUS
Dash: phone is null
Zuck: Dash is pushing an easy ML. nothing he did is townie
Dash: chemist is not contributing
Dash: chem Is protecting dash
Dash: zuck’s tunnel is unhelpful
Crims: ejj is lying about short phases
Zuck: chem Seems SvS with Dash
Dash: Zuck not-mafia-slipped
Chem: Eragon is solid town for reads, Cupcake is bad. Zucker is meta town, Phone is townie.
Zuck: dash can’t give their reads, they’re scum
Dash: Uzay&cupcake are not SvS cuz of cupcake’s vote. Tfios’s parroting is not townie
Crimson: won’t vote dash- (serious) joke
Dash: I want to lynch cupcake
Crims: Flake should have null-read Rick
Tfio: Dash it townie, phone ok, Zucker is normal, Crimson is slight meta scum
Dash: mixed signals from tfios, null.
Grump: I was reaction-testing Dash. It backfired. I worded the post about inactivity in a bad way. I wanted to claim PR and waste a kill on me.
Dash: stop fcking claiming. Not buying the “reaction test”
Grumpy: I know I’m a pain. You’re gonna hate me when I flip town
Dash: grumpy seems forced
Qvap: SK, SK, SK
Uzay: wtf, cup’s claim
Qvap: Ejj is townie, tfio is meta less townie. Grumpy should talk, he should have stuff to say if town
Uzay: NK, NK, NK
Qvap: willing to vote grumpy. Too defeated to be town
Grump: Town [Rick > Uzay, chem, Dash, Qvap] scum [Zuck, Cup]
Grump: /vote cup, strongest SR
Qvap: Grump&Cup are not SvS

VC (page 24/post 576) (official)

Dash2 (2) Eragon1329, Zucker
Zucker (2) Crimson97, ProtoZigg
cupcakeaj2 (2) Dash2, GrumpyGoomba
GrumpyGoomba (1) Ejjinami
UzayAltay (1) cupcakeaj2

Not voting: Chemist1422, tfiosforevah, Rickdaily12, Phone0lx, Qvapil, UzayAltay, Flake

My notes:
Grumpy’s vote on cup should make them less likely to be MvM imo.
Their strongest SRs were cupcake and Zuck, and both reads have been explained p well, so Grumpy could have voted either without looking suspicious. There were others who didn’t like Zuck’s behavior, so it would have been incredibly easy for grumpy to push a ML imo

Spoiler: Summary:
Chem: Qvap’s interaction read is surface level. Didn’t like Grump’s AtE, but their wall is good.
Zuck: No one is listenting to me. Dash is still scum
Dash: Grump&cup are not both mafia
Grump: hopefully cop checks me
Eragon: Switch, switch, switch (dunno how SK works) /vote zuck, bad play, omgus. Qvap is townie
Flake: Phone=meta town, tfios claimed so is town, Zuck is strong town for not-mafia-slipping and being dumb, rick is null, cuz my scum-tell is wrong. Support a cake lynch, trash iso
Eragon: top town: Dash, Qvap, Grump. (for effort)
Flake: Agree on grumpy, could be good newb scum though
Eragon: They’re not frozen, scum would
Flake: not frozen = good scum
Eragon: slacking is NAI
Dash: Grump isn’t town, town doesn’t reveal their claim idea, their AtE is bad. The cop-check post is AtE. Rick is townie for setup spec. Flake’s read are all meta
Grumpy: Me revealing the claim idea is wifom and I really wanted cop to check me
Dash: 1-st response is bad
Proto: Grumpy could be newbtown, NAI
Flake: Meta is good. Rick talking about SK is NAI /vote cupcake
Dash: rick’s iso is townie, but might be good scum
Flake: leave him fn, see his progression. Lynch priority: [cup>crim>Proto]. Maybe crim over cup
Grumpy: scum keeping me alive is the reason for me abandoning the plan
Phone: Flake’s read on me is townie and well explained. Dahs, why has your read on me changed?
Dash: cuz you’re unproductive
Uzay: agree that Grump and cup aren’t SvS. Grumpy’s townclaim feels genuine. Why is flake SRing Zuck and not doing anything? Dash’s post about switches doesn’t seem genuine
Dash: I was explaining how it works, lol
Uzay: not genuine slip
Chem: ok with proto today
Dash: no proto lynch, proto should be prodded for lack of content
Chem: they should comment, or I’m ok with the lynch
Dash: there are better lynches
Uzay: dash’s post is fake
Grump: we shouldn’t go for proto, don’t know anything about them. Cupcake better
Chem: but not leaving till endgame
Uzay: I like flake’s lynchpool. Sk, SK, SK
Dash: SK, SK, SK
[conversation about SK -_-]
Tfio: ok. with either cup or crimson, don’t lynch proto cuz of Lack of activity.
Proto: shut up tfio /vote tfio
Flake: hi triangular
Grumpy: replace out proto
Dash: Proto should still be replaced for lack of content
Flake: tfio is likely town cuz he’s progressive and not scum with either cup or crimson due to his reads.
Qvap: I have a bunch of TRs, but no scum
Flke: PoE is good. And scum might be inactive or good
Ejj: my read on cupcake was bad, he’s frozen scum.
Dash: ejj, wagon cup with me
Flake: both cup and crim are bad. Cup’s read on uzay might be too reckless for scum.
Ejj: rick reverse-shaded tfio. I misunderstood rick’s post about Grumpy and Seth. It’s ok now. Seth is still town for his suicidal actions. Rick misunderstood my post. I might have a tendency to SR rick. /vote cup
Proto: you crying? /vote grum
Dash: I want Proto replaced
Proto: grow a backbone. Chem, Qva –locktown
Qvap: Cupcake seemed better as scum, they might be town
Proto: Cup is locksucm
Ejj: Zuck’s read on dash is fundamentally wrong
Proto: Phone is scummy, flake unreadable. Flake ignored me
Qvap: explain your reads Proto
Ejj: doubt the meta TR on cup, but I’ll look at it later
Proto: won’t explain. Cupcake, phone- scream scum. Don’t waste my time, you’re town.
Flake: one of Crim/cup will get lynched
Grump: why is phone scum, proto?
Qvap: help me with my reads prot
Proto: Qvap’s meta read on cup is BS. Grumpy cried. Phone is scum for not being challenging and logical. He’s buddying flake, crying for towncreed, lazy, posts are garbage. Flake is locktown
Proto: TOWN: [color=#0080FF]Dash2
, Flake, SCUMTEAM: Qva, Cupcake, Phone, Goomba <-cuz annoying
Qvap: Cupcake is still meta-not scum, crimson hasn’t done anything. I don’t want to lynch cup /vote crims
Proto: /vote cup disagree

VC (page 31/post 768) (unofficial)
cupcakeaj2 (5) Dash2, GrumpyGoomba, Flake, Ejjinami, ProtoZigg
Zucker (2) Crimson97, Eragon1329
Dash2 (1) Zucker
UzayAltay (1) cupcakeaj2
Crimson97 (1) Qvapil

Not voting: Chemist1422, tfiosforevah, Rickdaily12, Phone0lx, UzayAltay

My notes:
I feel flake shouldn’t be bussing cupcake here. I don’t think he’s the type to give up that early, especially not after people said they’re interested in voting crimson. Prob not MvM.

The wagon on crimson started slooooowly, without anyone intending to push it seriously.
Qvapil wrote:I quickly read through crimson and cupcake's isos. I still think cupcake feels different from our scum game together. Crimson hasn't really done anything. They don't have enough content for me to comfortably read them but I don't want to lynch cupcake rn. I'll place my vote here for lack of better alternatives and I hope I'll wake up early enough tomorrow to maybe switch.
/vote crimson

Qvap’s vote on crimson was the very first one and besides Zuck (who was voted by 2 conf townies) that was the only real “counterwagon”.

It’s p clear that the scums had no intention of defending cupcake imo. It’s a rather good argument for him being town, but I feel that regardless it’s very likely for at least 1 mafia to have been on his wagon back then.

Prob 1-2 mafia among: [Grumpy, Flake, Proto]
3 are very unlikely imo.
0-1 maf among: [Zuck, Cup, Qvap]
0-2 maf among: [Chem, tfio, Rick, Uzay]

Honestly, I still feel that Grumpy has nice scum equity.
The fact that they were SR when a wagon on Cup (and crimson) was forming, but no one seemed to want to vote Grumpy (to distract either lynch) is weird.
There were way more reasons for suspecting grumpy (lamist, bad jokes, being unhelpful, constant AtE) than crimson (inactivity) and some people did question/push Grumpy before, so a wagon not forming on grump probably implies that if Grump was town/SK, cup has to be town/SK as well.
It’s possibly town-indicative for cup regardless, and possibly mafia-indicative for Grump, but I’m not entirely sure if I can confidently read them based on that.

Spoiler: Summary:
Rick: Zucker&dash can both be town. Strugling to read Grumpy
Dash: I’d rather lynch for wolfy comments than no comments. Qvap’s logic is flawed
Zucker: Dash is scum so Cup is town and all who vote them are sus. Qva is town, chem isn’t townie. Proto is scum for TRing chem
Grump: why do u think cup will flip town?
Proto: Zuck’s arguments about town!cup are shit. Read on chem is ok though
Zucker: I don’t like Proto’s reaction, screams scum. He and Chem are mafia. Don’t think I’m wrong on Dash, but if town, needs to act townier. /vote proto I also don’t like the read on Qvap, give reasoning. Cup is town cuz they’re bad as town, they try as mafia
Grump: Still feel cup is scum, but the reasoning is plausible. Thoughts on Crimson?
Zuck: ok with crimson /vote crimson
Dash: [crimson’s posts] hmm, still think there isn’t much to go off. Can see wolf, but prefer cup
Zuck: cuz bad? Never lynch cuz bad
Dash: if I was voting for bad play, I’d be pushing u zuck
Grumpy: I don’t see why u find dash scummy, they’re townie
Flake: unlikely that seth replicated their meta so well
Chem: most null people are going for cup, so I prefer crim. Cup’s wagon is more wolf-driven
Flake: completely disagree
Chem: Grump and tfio are both pushing cup. People are ignoring crim. Tfio’s ony reasons for lynching cup are inactivity and them being the top wagon. Team: tfio/crim/grump
Flake: disagree on tfio, grumpy is too high for newb scum
Rick: not!SK slip/claim? Grumba might have wanted to everyone to think he isn’t SK. Tfios’s reads make no sense. Disagree with ejj’s stance on zuck, but ok.
Uzay: Crim is weird because all of their posts are nai. Some posts were genuine though. Sleepy and need to read at least 2 more players to vote. Flake’s lynch-pool is good.

VC (end of page 35/post 874) (unofficial)

Crimson97 (5) Qvapil, Zucker, Dash2, UzayAltay, Flake
cupcakeaj2 (3) GrumpyGoomba, Ejjinami, ProtoZigg
Zucker (2) Crimson97, Eragon1329
UzayAltay (1) cupcakeaj2
Tfiosforevah (1) Chemist1422

Not voting: tfiosforevah, Rickdaily12, Phone0lx

My notes:
Honestly, Zucker being so detached and voting everyone around him while ignoring the main wagon looks p bad for him as well, especially if the wagons were TvT.
It feels like he didn’t give a shit about his vote and about the lynch. The only thing he seemed to care about was his “perfect scum-team”, which honestly, could have been a great excuse for not getting involved in pushing the likely MLes.
IF cupcake is mafia with zuck, I think Zuck might have been more likely to take the lynch a bit more seriously and at least try to push a real wagon…
I think

Uzay didn’t seem to want to jump onto crimson when he first made a read on him. (post 809). He seemed to be “passively analyzing his posts” and didn’t seem in a rush to push anyone. The lack of interest prob means that he wasn’t interested in cup getting lynched either.
Not MvM with cup? Possibly, though considering the situation the post feels townie to me regardless.
UzayAltay wrote:And i need to read at least 2 more player for commit a vote
And i dont have much time for that, i am about to forfeit to sleep.

^ same here, he doesn’t seem in a rush, despite the day ending. Very possibly not MvM with cup


Fun fact, there were a lot more people who talked about crimson with no voting intentions than those who voted him. No one was clearly “confident” in them being scum and no one seemed to have had any actual reasons for SRing them either, yet the wagon grew to an enormous size later.

Honestly, I still doubt scum were the ones who pushed the wagon first. IF they wanted to protect maf!cupcake, I think they would have been more likely to push someone like grumpy or zuck, whom they’d be able to scum-case, instead of someone who has been just “inactive”.
There was NO counterwagon and the only ones on Zuck’s “counterwagon(?)” were (now confirmed) townies.
Again, that prob hints to cup being either bussed or town and to the first voters being townies.

I really doubt there was no scum involvement in the wagon though.
Voted: [Qvap, Zuck, Dash, Uzay, Flake] (0-1 mafia)
Supported Crimson’s lynch but weren’t on wagon: [tfio, grumpy, chemist(?)]
(chemist was on the wagon later, but jumped on only after a big wagon formed. He seemed unwilling to vote before crimson arrived…)
I think there’s a fair chance there’s at least 1-2 scum among [tfio, grumpy, chemist]

Among them both tfio and grumpy had solid SRs on cupcake. Chem seemed to have had a TR, but it was based on interactions only. Idk what to make of it, but I thought I’d write it just in case, so that I don’t forget about it later.

Spoiler: Summary:
Rick: I hate proto’s slot. Both he and cup and jesters, want them lynched, but don’t have a read on them
Flake: Triang is always a jester
Rick: agree with dash that Grump might be SK, ok with lynching. Lynch order: Grump>proto=cup>crims. My read on crims isn’t that good anymore
Cup: shade on Dash. Idkif I should read my rc or not
Chem: can we PL cup
Dash: refuse to believe in cup gamethrowing.
Cup: ok
Dash: I want cup dead ASAP
Uzay: Flake is weird, but idk if scummy
Flake: cup is trying to make a fake-slip, bye scum
Cup: agreed
Flake: frozen. The fact that cup immediately understood the meaning of my post is funny
Dash: /vote crimson, fck that, I’m not ML-ing over stupidity
Cup: but you think I’m scum, what?
Dash: cup might have not read his RC, not taking the risk
Uzay: /vote crim, proto contributed, crimson is flying under the radar and posted less content than cup with more posts. Crimson is textbook FUTR, but I don’t mind lynching cupcake. Cup should always be lynched if he keeps it up
Chem: there’s always 1 town/SK in crim/cup cuz of the wagon progression. There are no other counterwagons and there should be if MvM
Flake: cup wrote about not reading his RC before the push on him, so it was a genuine not-maf slip? (cuz of maf-chat). Yeah, lynch crimson.
Chem: it’s not a slip cuz of discord
Flake: the game wouldn’t have started
Cup: /unvote
Cup: Zuck’s tunnel is bad
Chem: /vote tfio
Flake: explain
Chem: tfio’s read on cup is bad
Rick: Disagree with proto’s TR on phone, but it was pro-town. Proto’s read change on Qva is weird. Proto and zuck aren’t SvS. Crimson is normal. Grumpy is not mafia due to the cop bait. Tfio and crim are only MvM if the scums don’t care at all. Cup is as bad as zucker. I don’t believe he didn’t check his RC /vote Grumpy. Crims’s wagon looks purer than Cup’s
Dash: chem’s vote on tfio is shit
Flake: make sure that crim dies, gn
Chem: eragon is meta town
Rick: don’t want to lynch cup cuz crimson’s wagon is more pure
Chem: tfio is wolf for the post about cup/crim, grumpy’s AtE was bad. Proto is weird
Rick: why is ejj scummy flake
Dash: why is ejj scummy
eragon: ….shitposts
Rick: Flake or ejj might be deepwolves (but townie)
Crimson: I’m getting lynched for nothing
Dash: useless
Chem: crim might be frozen
Zuck: Scum: Crim/dash & chem, town: Uzay, Era, Qva. Eragon cuz he voted dash and had a townie read on chem
Crim: there’s no read on me, so I can’t answer it
Era: I never voted dash
Dash: zuck is bad
Crim: zucker’s SR on me came out of nowhere
Zuck: it’s because you and Dash are puppeting each other. SK/M
Dash: zuck doesn’t know what he’s doing
Rick: crim is flailing. The pushes on Dash and Zuck are bad
Crim: Qvap should vote someone else if they’re not SRing me. Zucker’s arguments are bad
Chem: I don’t like crim’s defense. Flailing, not solving
Rick: it’s impossible to understand zuck
Dash: Crims scumclaimed
Rick: crims isn’t persuasive
Crim: I wanted to address all points against me before solving. Chem is trying to not get MLed
Dash: crim’s reactions are obv forced
Chem: crim deflected
Crim: chem is twisting words
Dash: crim can’t be town
Chem: /vote crim
Crim: one of chem/dash is scum with zuck. The wagon is led by scum
Zuck: chem is still scum, bussing
Rick: try to solve @crim
Crim: chem was waiting for a not-scummy opportunity to vote me
Zuck: I caught 3 scum
Crim: chem dismissed my case, zuck is useless
Dash: crim’s posts are useless, except for the last one
Zuck: Rick is shading me, he feels like SvS with crim
Crim: scum is pushing me, chem wanted an excuse to vote
Chem: zuck, explain how am I scum with Crim/dash
Crim: chem is scum, Zuck is scum
Zuck: I’m ok with anyone on my scum-list. But not SK cuz I want to mess with them
Dash: Zuck is proven not-mafia, @crim
Era: it still doesn’t stop anyone
Dash: u saying zuck is SK?
Crim: Chem was looking for an excuse, Zuck is trash, you’re coordinating
Zuck: no, it’s u and chem, we can vote chem
Dash: crim is sucking up to me
Zuck: Dash SK slipped (shade)
Eragon: no
Chem: both zuck and crim are trying to paint me as mafia
Zuck: crim didn’t vote so he’s chem’s buddy
Chem: no
Crim: I was already voting him /vote chem
Dash: zuck is zuck. Crim is bad
Zuck: /vote chem
Chem: my posts make sense, I won’t towncase myself
Rick: crim mafi-slipped (joke?) Zucker has low chances of being mafia
Dash: crimson’s reads are crap. Chem is bad as well
Rick: I don’t want to lynch chem
Zuck: chem and crim are never a ML. They’re going for town-creed and want to lynch me later
Chem: I’m not caling u scum zuck, you’re dumb
Crim: forgot to defend against flake
Eragon: /vote crim
Zuck: /vote crim
Dash: I like neither chem nor crim
Era: /unvote

VC (end of page 44/post 1099) (unofficial)

Crimson97 (6) Qvapil, Dash2, UzayAltay, Flake, Chemist1422, Zuck
cupcakeaj2 (3) GrumpyGoomba, Ejjinami, ProtoZigg
Zucker (1) Crimson97
UzayAltay (1) cupcakeaj2
GrumpyGoomba (1) Rickdaily12

Not voting: tfiosforevah, Phone0lx, Eragon1329

My notes:
Intense push.
I don’t think I can say anything new here. Zuck seemed opportunistic with his votes, but idk if it’s AI.

Spoiler: Summary:
Rick: I’m TRing chem
Zuck: If I die, vote chem.
Dash: tinfoil, Chem&crim bussing SvS
Chem: will happily eat the SK kill tonight
Dash: bad post
Rick: /vote zuck he claimed SK
Crim: told you he’s scum /vote zuck
Rick: no, this is even worse /unvote
Tfio: /vote crim, I was first to SR them, their lack of content is still scummy
Rick: reeeee, do I hammer
Crim: no
Eragon: I feel tfios doesn’t understand what Zucker did, but is trying to fit in
Dash: hammer
Crim: /vote chem
Chem: crimson town-spewed me
Rick: /vote crim hammer

VC (HAMMER, page 47/post 1169)
Crimson97 (8) Qvapil, Dash2, UzayAltay, Flake, Chemist1422, Zuck, tfiosforevah, Rickdaily12
cupcakeaj2 (3) GrumpyGoomba, Ejjinami, ProtoZigg
UzayAltay (1) cupcakeaj2
Chemist1422 (1) Crimson97

Not voting: Phone0lx, Eragon1329

My notes:
All scum had to have been voting
I still think that if scum are on the wagon, they should be on its later parts.
Again, the wagon being lead by town and no one being interested in making another wagon before that happened prob means that cupcake is town… :/
Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the mafia were divided equally on the wagon
Meaning, 1-2 among: [(Qvap/Uzay/Flake/Zuck), tfios, rick]
1-2 among: [Grumpy, Proto, cupcake]

That’s prob where I’m at rn.

[Qvap, Dash]
[Uzay, zuck, flake]
[rick, cupcake]
[tfio, chemist]
[proto, grumpy]

I’d like to lynch among [tfio, chem, proto, grumpy] today
I’ll explain my reads in more detail (and catch up) when I come back home
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:13 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

I’ve been trying to make VCA (??? Or sth like that) and sorting people that way, but tbh it’s way harder and way more time-consuming than I thought it’d be.
I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S CORRECT. I THINK it should be, but honestly, I don’t have a lot of experience in doing that, so take everything I wrote there with a grain of salt.
And it’s obviously impossible to catch the SK that way, so well…
uh, tbh I might have chosen a wrong game to do it… :/

Don’t read the stuff in spoilers. I put the summary of the thread there and it’s just for my convenience. If there’s anyone who wants to use it for their own purposes, well, ok then, but if not, I’d rather you read just the stuff outside of the spoilers
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:13 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

UzayAltay wrote:/vote Crimson

İ couldn't be ale to read proto with this sleep
But i am Remembering hım contributing,
And Crimson contributing less than cupcake with more post, more experience is just showing FUTR to me (fly under the radar )

Wont be against cupcake Lynch, TBH İ would vote them without reading ISOs but after isos ,Crimson is just textbook FUTR here.
And i am thinking Cup should almost always lynched if He keep that attitude day 2 , And not lynched day 1.
And i need sleep :Salute:

Despite voting on a townie and changing the lynch from someone who has a fair chance to be scum, I feel the vote is townie.
The tone in the post is great and I absolutely love uzay being so resolute about lynching cup if he keeps it up. The reasoning makes sense as well, even though I really don’t agree

Chemist1422 wrote:
Rickdaily12 wrote:
Chemist1422 wrote:I think by gamestate there's always at least one villager/SK in Crimson/cupcake

I don't think they're the only people to get heat if they're both wolves


Is cupcake always this bad?

idk I've played with them once before and they read their RC

They were a wolf and fooled me

How confident are you in reading cup like that?
And can you elaborate?

Flake wrote:what
cupcakeaj2 wrote:Idea: Don't look at your rolecard until N1

he said this well before the push on him LOOL
so him saying he hasn't read his rolecard is probably a genuine non-mafia slip???

Honestly, if cup really hasn’t read his RC, he should get banned for it.
And I think 0ver should have confirmed if he has read it or not, because it’s not like asking for a confirmation PM would have revealed cup’s alignment and someone just avoiding everything and being unreadable since the start of the game is just fcking unfair. BOTH 0ver and ZSS should have known that. I genuinely expected 0ver to respond to my request

Flake wrote:
Chemist1422 wrote:
Flake wrote:cupcake never flips mafia probably due to that non-mafia slip

mafia would always know their role/alignment w/o needing to read their rc due to mafia chat

unless they created this slip before they were pushed?? but i doubt it

Mafia chat is on discord according to the OP so not a slip

i feel like he'd be prompted to join maf chat if he was maf, or game wouldn't start w/o all maf joining discord chat

one or the other

since you know it's been like 40 hours

the game has probably started immediately after sending out RCs
There couldn’t have been enough time for all mafia to join the chat NOR for the SK to submit his ability choice. It’s a mod-mistake

Rickdaily12 wrote:I also think that Cupcake is legit playing the VI card about as hard as Zucker and I want to kill him alone for that after his re-entry into the thread. He doesn't seem to care at all that people were basically threatening to lynch him if he doesn't get his act together, he's pretty much fwog but even worse.

Does anyone actually believe that cupcake never checked his role card, by the way? Aren't you required to do that before being force replaced?

It should be easy to open the PM without reading it, but tbh I still don’t believe it.

Chemist1422 wrote:
Flake wrote:
Chemist1422 wrote:Flake walk me through Eragon
I think he's playing the same way he did in VFM45

how so?

Wallposts read the same, combining mechanics talk and reads in a natural way

Honestly, I find it weird that chem. was able to get a TR on eragon as well :/
I don’t remember eragon doing anything besides meming tbh… and maybe talking about mechanics, but I genuinely doubt it’s AI

Besides, flake had eragon as null, so what was the point of the question?

Rickdaily12 wrote:??? This was a post about Qvapil. It had nothing to do with you.

I think Crimson is flailing a little, honestly. These pushbacks against Dash and especially Zucker haven't been the greatest.

Also, I'm running out of people to say Zucker isn't MvM with, so sure, Ejj, I guess on that basis, he's slowly starting to improve as Town to me.

funnily enough, he's been dropping more and more in my reads now…
I was incredibly confident in the read before, but his votes and the reasons why he keeps SRing people make exactly no sense
He makes arguments out of stuff that's either obviously NAI or Wifomy and seems to believe it way too much... also I don't actually like a lot of his recent pushes :/
I'm slowly starting to doubt that he really wouldn't have been able to think a bit more if he really tried...
I still think he should be more likely town than scum, but I’m not as confident in it anymore :/

Chemist1422 wrote:
Crimson97 wrote:I wanted to adress all the points against me before solving.

But why

You're trying to not look scummy instead of trying to look townie

what was the point of that post

Dash2 wrote:Zucker's literally been proven to not be mafia

Wait, when did it happen? :/
Zucker wrote:
Dash2 wrote:
Eragon1329 wrote:
Dash2 wrote:Zucker's literally been proven to not be mafia

so have you
does that stop people

Are you saying Zucker is the SK then

Oh my what an SK slip.
When did he say that?
He’s just saying that posting stuff like that is irrelevant.
Look at you go with that’s SK claim. LMAO.

That’s just shade
There’s NO SK slip. You couldn’t have seen one. You’re either making this up to mock him or just trying to keep up with the “intense push”.

Explain what the fuck you’re doing, please. If you’re town, stop this charade, it’s not funny, not accurate and you’ll only feel bad after the game ends for being an ass to people without having any good reasons.

Can we talk? I’m getting a bit fed up with that tbh
If you’re town, I’m assuming you were skipping through posts and didn’t read some of them.
Can you re-read dash? Read his iso and make a case on him, please. Let’s start from that

Rickdaily12 wrote:I'd argue because there is so many people he is not MvM with that he's basically run out of possible teams to be Mafia with.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;-;
Rickdaily12 wrote:I'm TRing him and you're being mean to him. He didn't want a glass of wine.

Why did you have a TR on chem.?
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:07 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Rickdaily12 wrote:I'm also 100% straight up buying Dash's tinfoil of Goomba being Town SK and ok with lynching him based on that as well.

My lynch order today probably looks something like Goomba > Proto = cupcake > Crimson

Honestly my read on Crimson really isn't all that good anymore.

If I remember it correctly, this is the first time you mentioned wanting to lynch crimson.
Crimson wasn’t active anywhere near the time you wrote this post, so what made you change your read on them?

cupcakeaj2 wrote:
Dash2 wrote:
cupcakeaj2 wrote:Uh huh

Quality post

This is even more quality.

Okay let's commit reading.

To look at my rolecard or to not?

Another post I straight up hate.
I’m p sure the 1-st part is shade and I really fucking doubt the part about not reading his role-card is genuine. It feels like a shitty way to make the other townies think that “everything he said till now is NAI”.

Chemist1422 wrote:
cupcakeaj2 wrote:
Dash2 wrote:
cupcakeaj2 wrote:Uh huh

Quality post
This is even more quality.

Okay let's commit reading.

To look at my rolecard or to not?

Dash can we take back the no PLs thing

Does that mean you think cup is town?

cupcakeaj2 wrote:
Dash2 wrote:I refuse to fucking believe you didn't read your rolecard and openly admitted to gamethrowing

shhhhhh there's scum listening

And there's a lot to read, wow.


What did you mean by that?

UzayAltay wrote:#3168007#3169004: Weird entire posts, first one is a bit concerning. He isnt experienced like Crimson or Seth, but this isnt a meta like tfios as i know. TBH i want to classify this same with Crimson, but if Wè exclude read looking, they are different, but from read Wise it is same with Crimson , it give me Weird vibe, but cant exactly tell "this is scummy "

#3168026 , feels geniune.
#3168032 , tbh seems geniune on one hand, when but at the other hand seems off.

Last Post : (PS -also includes cooments about their vote on me )
Pro -v , include 2 reads (më +dash )
About their vote, it dont seem geniune to me, seems like a memevote but we Arent in memephase and He also didn't acted like in memephase much.

Uzay’s undecissivness is townie… I think

cupcakeaj2 wrote:
Flake wrote:cupcake trying to make a fake slip is funny

bye scum


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;-;
Flake wrote:
cupcakeaj2 wrote:
Flake wrote:cupcake trying to make a fake slip is funny

bye scum


fact that cupcake immediately understood what i meant by this is funny

if flake is bussing, he’s doing it hard…
prooob not SvS?
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:06 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

sigh, and I haven't even read the thread till now
I'm starting to genuinely hate this game
Flake wrote:ejji what are ur thoughts on cupcake

rn null :/

I genuinely hate his posts, but no matter how I look at it, the wagon progression makes him town...
I should prob be TRing him, but changing the read is so freaking difficult and I don't have much experience in reading people that way either...

uh, I THINK he might be town...

just wait a sec
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:05 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Flake wrote:oof ejji is here

hi :3
just for a few minutes though, I was working on a wall and it took most of my free time...
I'm already late
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:01 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Rickdaily12 wrote:This earns a ! from me. I totally forgot that the SK could become cop immune in this game, and didn't think of that when reading these. This actually makes way too much sense.

GrumpyGoomba wrote:It's the opposite about 1 actually, I WANTED the cop to check me so that I would be cleared. About 2, my dumbass just didn't read the cop part in the vig/cop immunity choice and that's why I made that stupid statement.

Responses in bold.

Okay, so now it's a !!!

Anyone else think that this was an attempt to get us to think that he was trying to slip not being SK with this?

1. Honestly, suspecting someone for trying to make others believe that they’re not SK, just after making a claim about a “not-SK slip”, would be p funny if it actually came from the real SK… I’m not actually sure how much I want to depend on that read, but I’m ok with believing rick isn’t the SK at least for a while.
2. I’d rather describe it as “lamist”. I agree that it prob wasn’t sincere though.
Rickdaily12 wrote:
tfiosforevah wrote:I’m okay with either a cupcake Lynch or a crimson lynch, proto zigg should never be lynched at this point in this case since their slot is unreadable at the moment due to inactivity , hopefully a more active player replaces in

As to crimson and cupcake, they have both been actively inactive, crimson moreso than cupcake, by posting barely anything helpful from a townie perspective. IMO, crimson is doing this more than cupcake, but cupcake appears to be the top wagon , so like I said I’m fine with either

So, just to clarify, you're against lynching inactive players, but only the ones who post helpful things from a townie perspective? Like, what?

They're inactive. They're not posting ANYTHING. I don't understand what differences you're trying to draw upon here.

I’d like tfio to respond to that if they haven’t already
Rickdaily12 wrote:I've seen people try to bang on the way people react to them and try to pass it off as TSTBS VI before. fwogcarf was probably the most recent example of this in Purgatory 2.
sigh, you’re just wrong. -_- Zuck is scummy for “posting too much”, Fwop, for posting too little
They can’t be read in the same way

and copping zuck is a terrible idea imo. I’m not as confident in my read on him as before, but I still think they should be rather easy to sort regardless of alignment.

Rickdaily12 wrote:But just because you see him as TSTBS, and just because you don't see what purposes his posts bring for scum, does not mean there isn't any chance of him being scum. Hell, Ejj, if I had Seth on my Mafia team, I'd tell him to pretty much ignore his role card and be exactly how he is, because I would totally see the way he approaches the game frustrating everyone to the point that they just VI read and ignore him.

True xd
And honestly, I wouldn’t… I’m p sure I’d be terrified of him doing it all the time, because IF he’s really scum, him not changing his behavior would prob mean that he’s unable to post well, which would surely backfire later….

Rickdaily12 wrote:Why can't you see him shrugging off SRs as Scum and being ignorant to everyone's complaints about him? He already gleefully does this as Town under threat of lynch.

As scum, his tunnel should be motivated by him “wanting to pretend to be town”. After people SRd him, he’d have known that he’s doing sth wrong and should try a different approach, which should have caused some sort of reaction. I don’t think he’s the type to care so little about his win-con to completely ignore it.

And if town, I’m ok with assuming that he’s “used to people reacting badly to him” and was just pushing his SR like a crazy idiot.

sigh -_- I feel like we might be a bit stuck here
I’m ok with just agreeing to disagree.


Honestly, Flake is prob not mafia even if only based on his eagerness to TR so many people at the same time
Could be SK if he chose maf-immunity
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:00 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Flake wrote:tfios (town lean):
funnily enough tfios i believe has never opened as scum claiming a town role, but she does it fairly frequently as town and has then flipped town every time

additionally, her scum entrances usually are more an awkward attempt at being happy-go-lucky and doesn't claim (e.g in VFM46, SFM56, VFM47), but as town she just doesn't give as much of a shit and claim sometimes because lol (VFM48, 17F)

i'm actually kind of scared by how accurate this read probably is LOL

I find it doubtful that you actually believe it
I agree with the read on Zeth though

GrumpyGoomba wrote:Well that is exactly what I wanted to say. Scum are gonna keep me alive instead of killing me at night to aim for a mislynch. Exactly the reason why I abandoned that plan.

Tbh that sounds like bullshit as well

Chemist1422 wrote:
Dash2 wrote:AtE = Attack through Empathy. Basically when you try to use emotion to gain towncred

It’s actually Appeal to Emotion but same idea

I’m okay with going for Proto today

Said before Proto said anything contributive
Prob not SvS

Zucker wrote:
Dash2 wrote:
Crimson97 wrote:
ejjinami wrote:Uzay is acting really townie rn btw

Not really.

Crimson and Uzay aren't the same alignment if he flips scum

That’s wrong.
Your not in the same Alignment.
Lol dash do you think I’m fuckin stupid or something?
Your obviously going to kill me after Crimson is lynched then claim is Uzay when I already stated previously it was you.

What do you think was actually wrong with that post?

Chemist1422 wrote:
Flake wrote:
Chemist1422 wrote:By gamestate I'd go crimson over cupcake just because most of the lownull people are going after cupcake over crimson

Cupcake wagon seems more wolf-driven

Also the soft part of my headphones fell off so I'm gonna spend the next 20 minutes trying to fix that bye


i completely disagree

Goomba and tfios are both low nulls and pushing on cupcake

I don't like them on the wagon, I don't like people like them ignoring crimson

Tfio said she’s ok with either Cup or Crims, so tbh I don’t understand chemist’s reasoning here.
I don’t like his progression on crimson anyway. He seems to have been SRing him only because of SvS interactions with tfios (based on tfios’s reads), so I find it funny that he didn’t push tfios instead.

Chemist1422 wrote:
tfiosforevah wrote:I’m okay with either a cupcake Lynch or a crimson lynch, proto zigg should never be lynched at this point in this case since their slot is unreadable at the moment due to inactivity , hopefully a more active player replaces in

As to crimson and cupcake, they have both been actively inactive, crimson moreso than cupcake, by posting barely anything helpful from a townie perspective. IMO, crimson is doing this more than cupcake, but cupcake appears to be the top wagon , so like I said I’m fine with either

Like look at this

Tfios's only reason for considering cupcake is inactivity and them being top wagon

This is shade
And tfio said the exact same thing about crimson and cup, so why exactly did you think their read on cup was worse than on crimson?
The stance makes absolutely no sense to me.

Flake wrote:goomba wim seems way too high to be coming from a new scum player imo

Have they not played scum before?
And what do you mean by “high”?
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 9:00 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Fuck, I’m really unsure if I’ll be able to play normally here ):
I’m usually unable to read and respond to more than 10 pages a day and there are already 20 new ones now…
by ejjinami
Fri May 17, 2019 8:59 am
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

ProtoZigg wrote:
Qvapil wrote:Proto any chance you're actually going to explain your reads?

no need too
they explain themselves

Cupcake screams scum
Phone screams scum

by ejjinami
Tue May 14, 2019 2:17 pm
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Flake wrote:ejji have you played in any games with rick?

no, I haven't. I know his playstyle only from the games I've hosted/read
by ejjinami
Tue May 14, 2019 2:15 pm
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Qvapil wrote:
ejjinami wrote:
cupcakeaj2 wrote:Let's support more suspicious and horrible reads

To random vote or to not random vote?

/vote Uzay

cupcakeaj2 wrote:I like Uzay as well, doing a lot of explained reads and whatever you call this, it's not planning but meh:
UzayAltay wrote:snip

Yeah, I voted him. Don't ask.

And upon re-read, the read on uzay makes no sense. Honestly, I don’t even remember why I liked it in the first place, he just seems frozen. Voting a TR, when he has nearly no reads makes no sense from town’s pov.
I’m starting to feel he might just be scum, has no idea what to do and voted uzay because he (understandably) doesn’t give a crap about acting on his reads.

Thing is I played scum with cupcake on vfm48 and they didn't act this way at all. Their reads were legit, they didn't post much and were widely townread until late game. Nothing like how they're acting now. I'm hesitant.

I'll look through that when I finish catching up. Them being able to play well as scum once, doesn't mean that they'll be able to do it all the time, so tbh I'm a bit skeptical...
I'll look through his games when I finish catching up though, you never know
by ejjinami
Tue May 14, 2019 2:13 pm
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Zucker wrote:That vote was scum, right after I said that’s tfios and Cupcake are bad choices.
I also don’t like you either Chemist so if scum, I mean Dash gets lynched today then I’m Hard ISOing and Pushing you next.
I really don’t like your attitude this game compared to others.

Dash doesn’t seem like the type to get stressed and overreact just because of 1 person pushing him.
You must have realized that you’re the only one who ever wanted to lynch him, right?
I won’t write much, because I’m sure people have already yelled at you for that, but the way you read him is fundamentally wrong.
Crimson97 wrote:
ejjinami wrote:Catching up xd
Oh god, I’m really not good with fast-paced games

This is not fast paced and you should know since i've seen you in MU.

You mean, MS…. -_-
I’ve played on MU once and I was using an alt, so there’s no way you could have seen me there, lol
by ejjinami
Tue May 14, 2019 2:06 pm
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Dash2 wrote:ejj wagon cupcake with me :Doge:

/vote cupcake
by ejjinami
Tue May 14, 2019 1:47 pm
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

Rickdaily12 wrote:
ejjinami wrote:[Qvap, dash]

[phone, uzay, zucker]
[eragon, cupcake]
[crimson, chemist, tfios, Flake, ProtoZigg]



You do realize you always do this, right?

honestly…. yeah xd
I thought that might be the case back when hosting the first purgatory… The 2’nd one kinda confirmed it...
There’s a chance our play styles might tend to clash normally and I THINK I might have a tendency to SR you regardless of alignment, but I have no idea how to read you otherwise...
If you're town, sorry for that :/ idk if I can do anything about that and tbh I'm not entirely convinced that I should...
You’ll prob just have to deal with it at least till I actually figure out if I should be pushing you or not
by ejjinami
Tue May 14, 2019 1:46 pm
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Re: VFM 49: Day 1

ejjinami wrote:
Rickdaily12 wrote:Just quickly skimming back into the thread again, Goomba just seems like a bit of noise. Doesn't seem too opportunistic for me right now, or at least, I didn't see him taking any strong stance unless I'm skimming too hard. Normally this would be more annoying, but again, the game is still pretty fresh and I can forgive that sort of thing right now. I think Zucker has been a bit more opportunistic in comparison to Goomba as it stands.
I absolutely disagree… I really don’t like that read
All of grumpy’s posts being fluff and them reading the thread, but only responding to stuff unrelated to scum-hunting should be scum-indicative, their posts are tonally bad and I see no reason to forgive that, regardless of how much time has passed.
And how the heck can Grumpy be opportunistic if he doesn’t push anyone at all?

Your stance makes no sense. I strongly disagree with the read and I really don’t like you pushing an alternative “easy ML” in the same post for no exact reason. Actually, it feels like you wrote about Grumpy not being opportunistic just so that you could start talking about Zucker. It makes little sense otherwise
Idk if I’m overthinking it, but oh god, I really, really, REALLY dislike that post.

I’m getting more and more tempted to lynch grumpy today…
Rickdaily12 wrote:The "Rick just wants the easy ML" bit also feels really extreme for what was going on here as well, and I'm not liking that jump either.

And you’re misreading my post. I didn’t say that you were aiming for an easy ML just because of SRing Zuck, the read I posted previously was mostly based on interactions and on the way you defended Grumpy.

You started the post by writing that Grumpy did nothing helpful, but then seemed to defend him by saying that “they weren’t opportunistic(?)”, which made no sense to me.
Of course they wouldn’t be opportunistic if the only thing they did was shitpost, lol.
No pushes = no opportunistic pushes

And later you suddenly changed the subject by noticing that ”Seth is way more opportunistic than Grumpy” and SRing him, which I still disagree with, but wouldn’t have SR if not for the weird read on grumpy.

It pinged me as SvS with Grumpy and you being unwilling to distance from him so early. The way you started criticizing seth and comparing him to Grumpy also felt as if you just chose a scapegoat (easy ML) to push instead.
I wasn’t actually confident in reading you based on tone, or any individual read. Tbh I didn’t know if I should read it at all if grumpy flipped town in any part of the game… :/

But I guess that doesn’t matter anymore anyway :/ I might have misunderstood your intentions a bit when reading it previously…
by ejjinami
Tue May 14, 2019 1:42 pm
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