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Gaming Cryptocurrency Cereneum

BlankMediaGames is proud to announce a partnership with a new gaming focused crypto-currency called Cereneum. Every Premium Town of Salem user will be able to claim 50 Cereneum tokens (valued at around $5 at the time of this post) at the claim page here.

The Cereneum team reached out to us a few weeks ago as they are trying to get gaming companies involved with their gaming focused crypto-currency. As part of the partnership they have committed to giving hundreds of thousands of Cereneum away to our Premium users as part of their marketing. They were very helpful and working together we were able to get a claim contract setup over the weekend. Each Premium ToS account is assigned a private key in our database that is used to claim your 50 Cereneum from the contract. This all runs on the Ethereum blockchain and we have no control over it, we just provide the private key needed for your claim and setup a page on our website to provide a tutorial on how to get your Cereneum. Newer accounts may need to wait to claim as accounts are being added to the claim pool everyday.


What is Cereneum?

Cereneum is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum that gives users interest payments for “staking” their Cereneum with the contract. This all runs in a trustless way on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 tokens such as Cereneum can be traded between Ethereum wallets and used for online payments.

If there is an interest from the Town of Salem community for using Cereneum tokens for payments we will setup a system to convert Cereneum into Town Points after we are finished with our Unity port.



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