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Report ID: 952
Reported User: Vastoro
Report Submitted: Mar. 26, 2016 7:34 pm
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
Details: very vulgar salty
LobbyKayjeth: Food royalty themenickbensyl: theme?Saphirra23: noKayjeth: Too lateKayjeth: It's food oryaltyKayjeth: royalty*nickbensyl: stahp leavingPlayers are choosing namesDay 1Bisexual Queen: I just finised a game with a draw because the vig and the mafioso both killed each other on the last nightFinnz: netflix and kill XD Roxas: GGMiriam: That sounds awesome.\old lady: who caresold lady: bisexual stfu plsRoxas: sounds goodMiriam: I had a solo Jest win earlierNight 1Lady Cupcake: HeyoBisexual Queen: HelloLady Cupcake: Tells me you'se role?John Proctor: i hate this roleBisexual Queen: I'm survivorLady Cupcake: Don't have toLady Cupcake: But I'd refer itLady Cupcake: prefer*King Lemon: lolBisexual Queen: SurvivorLady Cupcake: KkLady Cupcake: Vest 2-5?King Lemon: could be good thowifi has left the game.Bisexual Queen: ?Finnz: can we just talk like normal?Lady Cupcake: NvmBisexual Queen: What are you asking?King Lemon: noTransporter swapped Finnz with lol you died.Witch made Lady Cupcake target Rick Grimes.Lolith investigated Roxas.Day 2James Bayley has been killed.James Bayley was attacked by the Mafia.wifi has been killed.Bisexual Queen: Maf killed witchKing Lemon: noooo not wifi, now how am i to go on YouTubeLady Cupcake: Witched and roleblocked last nightFinnz: This game is crazy. John Proctor: no who cares about youtube lol you died: i was transportedJohn Proctor: i wanna go on pornhubBisexual Queen: MeRoxas: youtwbe still sucks right now with fair useMiriam: Twitch is where it's at.Roxas: yes youwbeBisexual Queen: ?old lady: let me winMiriam: Old Lady is either Exe or maf.old lady: im exeRoxas: god damnit I can't even repeate my own jokeold lady: lynch ROxasRoxas: I will let winLolith: roax is jest or disguiserJohn Proctor: #makeyoutubegreatagainNight 2old lady: hiLady Cupcake: Confirming roleLady Cupcake: Exe?old lady: yesJohn Proctor: lol gg old ladyLady Cupcake: Target?old lady: RoxasFinnz: ripLady Cupcake: Any idea what he is?old lady: :(old lady: lookoutold lady: hmmTransporter swapped Barry Banana with Rick Grimes.Lolith investigated Rick Grimes.Day 3lol you died has left the game.King Lemon has been killed.King Lemon visited a SerialKiller.King Lemon: hey i got an achievementLady Cupcake has been killed.Lady Cupcake was attacked by the Mafia.Roxas: WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS...YOU STAB THEMMiriam: Seems like LOL You Died was the SK, but they left, so... Still at square 1...old lady: so lol you died ur sk rightRoxas: apperntlyBisexual Queen: But they leftBisexual Queen: So ignore that factold lady: nvm he leftRick Grimes: finzzgamin?Roxas: god damnit still can't spellRick Grimes: look deathnoteBisexual Queen: Any other leads?old lady: so finnz gaming ?Netflix and Kill: Bisexual claims to be survivor then?John Proctor: im mafold lady: look at dead notwBisexual Queen: YesJohn Proctor: im mafJohn Proctor: im amfJohn Proctor: im mafBisexual Queen: ??old lady: stfu johnFinnz: What are you talking about? John Proctor: im mafold lady: ;lynch finnzJohn Proctor: im mafold lady: look at dead noteJohn Proctor: im mafJohn Proctor: im mafFinnz: rude rickBisexual Queen: John is jester, probablyJohn Proctor: im mafRoxas: SURE JOHNJohn Proctor: plz nooJohn Proctor: im maf not finnzRoxas: 100% best mafNight 3John Proctor: lolold lady: hello noobsFinnz: my bad matesFinnz: I wasn't familiar with death noteJohn Proctor: they will never find me outJames Bayley: I KILL YOUTransporter swapped lol you died with Netflix and Kill.Lolith investigated Rick Grimes.Day 4lol you died has been killed.Bisexual Queen: No maf kill?Roxas: I got rbedJohn Proctor: lol byeJohn Proctor: im mafJohn Proctor: im forgerBisexual Queen: *sighs*Finnz: thank goodness the SK is dead. Bisexual Queen: What is he doing?Lolith: yayBarry Banana: finnz got rbdRoxas: omg johnJohn Proctor: plz kill meLolith: sk deadJohn Proctor: im mafBisexual Queen: Obvious jester is obviousJohn Proctor: dont worry about ww old lady: lynch roxasFinnz: What happened? John Proctor: im the bad gutyJohn Proctor: plz John Proctor: plzJohn Proctor: kill meJohn Proctor: yesJohn Proctor: yesJohn Proctor: yesFinnz: Why does john wanna die so much?John Proctor: yesJohn Proctor: yesFinnz: Vote john?John Proctor: yesJohn Proctor: tesJohn Proctor: yesJohn Proctor: yesJohn Proctor: yesBisexual Queen: Because he's jesterJohn Proctor: yesMiriam: Let's just get him out of the damn chat.John Proctor: yesDefenseJohn Proctor: im mafJohn Proctor: dont worry JudgementBisexual Queen: I abstain because he's probably jester, so I don't want to dieJohn Proctor: maf will prob b;lackmail me\John Proctor: loJohn Proctor: lolMiriam: Maf can't blackmail maf.John Proctor: maf will blackmailLolith to Finnz: hiRoxas: yah I abstNetflix and Kill abstained.Barry Banana abstained.old lady voted guilty.Rick Grimes abstained.Lolith voted guilty.Miriam voted innocent.Roxas abstained.Bisexual Queen abstained.Finnz voted guilty.John Proctor: lol byeFinnz to Lolith: hi? lolLolith to Finnz: dont kill meJohn Proctor has been lynched.Lolith to Finnz: yepBisexual Queen: 0_0 He was actually maf?Lolith: wowMiriam: Oh, OK.Finnz: wtfNetflix and Kill: mkNight 4Finnz: who kill?Bisexual Queen: *shrugs*old lady: i dont knowold lady: kill everyoneJames Bayley: IM BORDJohn Proctor: lolFinnz: lolJames Bayley: KILLTransporter swapped Finnz with Rick Grimes.Lolith investigated old lady.Day 5John Proctor: i created the best distratcionFinnz has been killed.Finnz was attacked by the Mafia.James Bayley: YAAAYFinnz: lmaoKing Lemon: watMiriam has remembered they were Vigilante.Bisexual Queen: ...Wait, what?Rick Grimes: transRick Grimes: leave me aloneRoxas: coolRoxas: gg transNetflix and Kill: Rick the trans seems to have saved your lifeRoxas: u did gudMiriam: So do we take his Last Will's word?Rick Grimes: im rbed and transed all the timeJames Bayley: IM STILL HERERick Grimes: so it is boringRoxas: *apploze*Rick Grimes: actuallyFinnz: last will #1Roxas: still can't spellFinnz: Bayley: IF YOU CAN HERE MENetflix and Kill: old lady 1stFinnz: i can see your stuff jamesRoxas: come at me m8Miriam: Why Queen?James Bayley: TYPENight 5Transporter swapped Netflix and Kill with old lady.Day 6James Bayley: SPELLING BNetflix and Kill has been killed.Netflix and Kill was attacked by a Vigilante.Rick Grimes has been killed.Rick Grimes died guarding someone.Rick Grimes: i saved you butRick Grimes: epic vigilanteRick Grimes: lolFinnz: i gave y'all the namesJames Bayley: LOLFinnz: cmon nowFinnz: lolold lady has been killed.old lady was attacked by the Mafia.old lady was attacked by a BodyGuard.James Bayley: LOLold lady: FinzFinnz: RIPold lady: ur reported for gamethrowingJames Bayley: LOLFinnz: wtf?Finnz: y'all killed meMiriam: GOOD WORK, TRANS. God darn son of a gun... Getting in my way when I was trying to kill Old Lady... BTW, I don't know Roxas. Like at all.old lady: im reporting your twitch tooFinnz: talk about game throwingFinnz: xD for what? Roxas: yeah me nitherJames Bayley: THATS ALL I CAN SAYold lady: look at your vote noobJames Bayley: LOLFinnz: huh?old lady: reportedold lady: pigFinnz: you mad? Finnz: chill out lolJames Bayley: LOL!Miriam: So then, those idiots out of the way, myself included. Mafia won here. GG town.Roxas: Now that i think abot that sentence I typed it looks like I said I don't know y selfMiriam: LolBisexual Queen: NiceJames Bayley: LOL!Miriam: So Roxas, you're Mafia, yeah? You and Bisexual QueenRoxas: nahNight 6James Bayley: LOLFinnz: this is greatLolith investigated Bisexual Queen.Day 7James Bayley: RIGHTLolith: hey finnnLolith has been killed.Lolith was attacked by the Mafia.Finnz: yo lol Lolith: lolithLolith: saphirra hereJames Bayley: LOLFinnz: LOL hypeLolith: i didnt out youLolith: i could haveMiriam has been killed.Miriam died from guilt over shooting a Town member.old lady: Finnz u want my big black di ldo ?James Bayley: LOL!Finnz: why you so mad over a game like this old lady? James Bayley: LOL1 LOL2 LOL3Finnz: are you 12? putting spaces in words like dildo lol Roxas: are u guys mafBarry Banana: nopeold lady: so u want this..James Bayley: 3Roxas: ohFinnz: want what? lol Roxas: lynch me any wayMiriam: If they were, they would've won. There's still a chance of winning.old lady: ok gimme a sec i''ll be back with my swordBisexual Queen: Why?Lolith: you will learn the roles as you play more. you just have to pay attention to chat and what everyone claims to be. Bisexual Queen: Jester?Finnz: yea for sureRoxas: so I can kill either maf and let town win or reverseJames Bayley: DEAD TALKFinnz: finnz, there should be a small floating box above the names for you. click it Roxas: Also my death note is gdNight 7Finnz: which box? Lolith: other sideFinnz: I got a couple lol James Bayley: WIFI GONEFinnz: the full screen one?Miriam: I shoulda remembered I was a consort, but I just had to be a goody two shoes. :/old lady: Finnz u old like my dog.. u msut smell badDay 8James Bayley: WHATFinnz: lol whatever you say ladyLolith: other sice of screen. you minimized a text boxBisexual Queen: So Escort?Barry Banana: yupJames Bayley: NOBOTYJohn Proctor: maf loses?Roxas: ahhhhhhhBisexual Queen: Roxas, what's your role?Roxas: jestRoxas: just lynch meJohn Proctor: lolRoxas: plzLolith: yes. but if she stays alive, then you win as mafiaBisexual Queen: Can we agree to do that to give her the win?Roxas: sureBisexual Queen: And both vote guiltyBarry Banana: sureJames Bayley: LOL1 LOL2 LOL3Bisexual Queen: She gets to choose who to killLolith: GOOD LUCKDefenseJames Bayley: YAYMiriam: They won't both vote guilty, though...Finnz: wait who am I killing agina to be safe and don't kill wrong personLolith: so long as one person doesnt vote and the other votes guilty, then mafia winsBisexual Queen: You choose who to killBisexual Queen: We both vote guiltyRoxas: ahold lady: fu FINNZJames Bayley: GILTBisexual Queen: It's up to youBarry Banana voted guilty.Bisexual Queen voted guilty.Lolith: old lady shut itold lady: jsut lick my hairy pu ssyFinnz: we won lady Finnz: lolJames Bayley: YAYRoxas has been lynched.Finnz: children using spaces lolJohn Proctor: kill barryJames Bayley: LOLJohn Proctor: kill barryFinnz: LOLJohn Proctor: kill barryFinnz: THAT WILLJohn Proctor: killlbarryLolith: you may nnot win Finnz. the Jester is going to kill someone.John Proctor: kill barryNight 8Miriam: Kill Barry, town wins. Kill Bisexual, mafia wins. Choose, Roxas. And choose wisely.Rick Grimes: Roxasold lady: KILL ME BI TCHJohn Proctor: kill barryJames Bayley: KILLold lady: KILL ME BI TCHRick Grimes: mafia said you are gayRick Grimes: kill mafiaold lady: KILL ME BI TCHJohn Proctor: kill barryold lady: KILL ME BI TCHJohn Proctor: kil barryold lady: KILL ME BVI TCHJohn Proctor: kill barryLolith: if the Jester kills the remaining mafia then town winsold lady: KILL ME BIT CHFinnz: kill barryJames Bayley: NO WAYold lady: KILL ME BITCHold lady: BI TCHMiriam: Don't let Old Lady win, she's annoying.Rick Grimes: KILL BISEXUALRick Grimes: he said you are bi tchLolith: old lady i reported youold lady: yesFinnz: ignore old lady Finnz: lolold lady: i dont deserve to winRoxas: for the record I like playing maf more buttttttttold lady: u can lick my p ussyMiriam: No you do not.Day 9James Bayley: B WORDLolith: you can finnz with /ignore old ladyRick Grimes: jesterold lady: ahahahaNetflix and Kill: ffsRick Grimes: you are zeroLolith: MAFIA WINS!Barry Banana has been killed.Barry Banana was attacked by a Jester.old lady: HAHAHAHAARoxas: what evesFinnz: GGRoxas: I win no matte wat soJohn Proctor: yesssJohn Proctor: yesssxMiriam: Oh crap. What a twist...GameOverMafia has won.John Proctor: that]nks'Finnz: I like maf anywatFinnz: GGBarry Banana: should've canceld vote at last minute lolBisexual Queen: Thanks, Roxas. It's hard to win with a gamethrowing MafiosoRoxas: they are funJames Bayley: MAFIARoxas: yeah I get thatFinnz: it was fun imoJames Bayley: OH YAYJames Bayley: NOOOJames Bayley: THIS SUCSEnd of Report
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