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Report ID: 877987
Reported User: Kkylie
Report Submitted: Aug. 18, 2017 10:31 am
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
Details: posting racist shit, harassing everyone, playing bad
LobbyPlayers are choosing namesRanked Game.yashy: hi migaMiga: hibe has left the game.Day 1kkylie to Miga: you die tomorrowyashy: hiWilliam Hobbs: ggNight 1Yagami: roleYagami: nowCotton Mather: bgCotton Mather: the realest bgYagami: not arso or gfCotton Mather: noCotton Mather: :)Yagami: kkYagami: save me I am 3Cotton Mather: kWitch made Ann Putnam target king.Day 2be has been killed.Ann Putnam: WİTCHED WİTCHED WİTCHED WİTCHED WİTCHED Cotton Mather: ann putnam gfkkylie: i was attacked and healedCotton Mather: calling it nowWilliam Hobbs: kCotton Mather: awwYagami: rbedkkylie: I WAS ATTACKED AND HEALEDAnn Putnam: cotton role ?kkylie: AND I KNOW WHO THE ATTACKER WASCotton Mather: ann role?kkylie: it was 8Ann Putnam: you claimed ı am gfkkylie: vote up 8Miga to kkylie: you will die tomorrow tookkylie: VOTE UP 8Cotton Mather: fk u kyliefifteen ping: how u knowkkylie: SHE JUST WHISPEREDkkylie: SAYING I'M DEADAnn Putnam: THEREAnn Putnam: İS NOAnn Putnam: EXEMiga: kkylie is lyingkkylie: PLEASEAnn Putnam: THERE İS WİTCHkkylie: I AM GOING TO DIEkkylie: LOOKkkylie: I WILL SCREEN SHOTDefenseMiga: she whisper the first nightMiga: go backMiga: see chatMiga: she is exeJudgementkkylie: i whsipered hiAnn Putnam: THEREAnn Putnam: İSkkylie: and she attacked meAnn Putnam: WİTCHCotton Mather: who's the doc btw?kkylie: GUILTYAnn Putnam: THERE İS NO EXEkkylie: NO ROLEkkylie: I AM DOCTORCotton Mather: can you confirm the heal?kkylie: I HEALED MYSELFMiga: ia survMaddinprof: InnoCotton Mather: oh surv claimkkylie: LIESAnn Putnam: OKDanara Sian abstained.Maddinprof voted innocent.Cotton Mather abstained.Pear voted guilty.yashy abstained.V abstained.kkylie voted guilty.William Hobbs voted guilty.Yagami voted innocent.fifteen ping abstained.What did the tri abstained.Ann Putnam abstained.king abstained.Miga: get her next pleasekkylie to Miga: AHAHAHAHAHMiga: bullykkylie to Miga: EAT SHITMiga has been lynched.kkylie: PLEASE JAIL MEkkylie: OR LO ON MEkkylie: OR BG PLEASEkkylie: I WILL BE ATTACKED AGAINMaddinprof: If the Spam Exe works its always a bad signkkylie: PLEASEkkylie: TP ON MECotton Mather: kkylie scumNight 2Ann Putnam: HELLO DEADS Yagami: role now!!William Hobbs: hiking: i think she is the witchYagami: nowyashy: vigYagami: okey good byeWilliam Hobbs: anyone there>Ann Putnam: helloAnn Putnam: hlelo?William Hobbs: ?Ann Putnam: halo?king: i got nothing saying immuneMiga: hi I am reporting kkylieAnn Putnam: whyyashy: gbWitch made fifteen ping target kkylie.Day 3Cotton Mather has been killed.Cotton Mather was attacked by the Mafia.kkylie: HAHA COTTON, I WAS GOING TO HEAL YOU BUT YOU CALLED ME SCUMYagami: rbedkkylie: thats what you get bitchYagami: stop comingYagami: escortkkylie: yagmikkylie: shut hte fuck upyashy: vote kkyliekkylie: or we will lynch youkkylie: fuc you yashykkylie: i'm provenyashy: shut the fuck up bitchMiga: why people are not going back to see the chat from day 1Miga: please!yashy: vote 11Miga: voteMiga: yesDefensekkylie: NO WHYkkylie: OKCotton Mather: pre sure thsi is witchkkylie: LET MAFIA WINkkylie: YOU JUST KILLED BOTH YOUR TPSkkylie: IM DOCkkylie: I'M PROVENkkylie: I HEALED MYSELF N1JudgementAnn Putnam: HE CAN BE RT GUYSPear: is she jester?kkylie: GET YASHYkkylie: WHEN I DIEkkylie: GET YASHYDanara Sian: why self heal day 1?kkylie: REMEBMER HE KILLED THE LAST TPMaddinprof: Not sure if Jester or horribly badkkylie: BECAUSEWhat did the tri: im guiltykkylie: MIGA THREATEDNED MEDanara Sian abstained.Maddinprof abstained.Pear abstained.yashy voted guilty.V abstained.William Hobbs voted guilty.Yagami abstained.fifteen ping abstained.What did the tri voted guilty.Ann Putnam voted innocent.king abstained.kkylie: OKkkylie: JAIL AND EXE YASHYkkylie has been lynched.yashy: i am vigMaddinprof: just stop listening to the fucking spamming idiotMiga: welcome mothrfkrPear: ohPear: wowAnn Putnam: idiotNight 3Yagami: role nowAnn Putnam: bgking: r u hereWilliam Hobbs: mediumAnn Putnam: who is jailor ?Cotton Mather: uhhCotton Mather: not sureCotton Mather: jailor told me to protect 3Cotton Mather: that's all knowWilliam Hobbs: honestly im not even paying attention famkkylie: we could have healed each otherAnn Putnam: what jailor said to you ?kkylie: but noCotton Mather: you're not confirmedCotton Mather: moronkkylie: how am i not confirmedkkylie: i'm deadWitch made V target Pear.Yagami decided to execute William Hobbs.Day 4kkylie: dumbassCotton Mather: you are nowCotton Mather: how does saying you healed yourselfAnn Putnam to What did the tri: role ?Cotton Mather: confirm yourself?Maddinprof has been killed.Maddinprof was attacked by a Vigilante.kkylie: becausekkylie: i was attackedkkylie: and healedCotton Mather: i can claim taht tooCotton Mather: ???kkylie: okWilliam Hobbs has been killed.kkylie: if you claimed bg i would have healed youkkylie: i clicked on youkkylie: but you were rudekkylie: so i unclickedCotton Mather: kkkylie: so you only have yourself to blamekkylie: dumb assfifteen ping: pear vb 1 mafyashy: well ifuckedWhat did the tri to Ann Putnam: your role firstMaddinprof: this Doc really is something elsekkylie: dumbass vigYagami: wp jailor vigiyashy: i will dieYagami: you are awesomePear: ?kkylie: not only did he kill tpYagami: 2 town ınvestPear: wats vbkkylie: but also another townkkylie: fucking idiotYagami: do somethingfifteen ping: visited byPear: framer?fifteen ping: how are u not deadAnn Putnam to What did the tri: ı asked for yours ?Pear: idkfifteen ping: maf visited uMaddinprof: they should put a IQ test into the registration...and an age test as well...playing this with retards is just fucking frustratingkkylie: rightfifteen ping: arso u?yashy: l l k k k jv What did the tri to Ann Putnam: how i know u r not mafiaPear: nokkylie: and a race testNight 4kkylie: no white dumb fucksMaddinprof: im talking about you kkylieYagami: roleYagami: nowAnn Putnam: thereAnn Putnam: is 2. medAnn Putnam: btwking: vetkkylie: white people are fucking slow as fMaddinprof: we lost anywayYagami: willYagami: plsking: king the vetAlerts left: 2William Hobbs: yeskkylie: every game should only allow 2Yagami: willking: tha is my willkkylie: so that we don't lose automaticallyWilliam Hobbs: i was medAnn Putnam: me tooWitch made V target What did the tri.Day 5kkylie: no shitkkylie: -_-kkylie: dumb ass vigyashy has been killed.yashy died from guilt over shooting a Town member.yashy: kkylie shut the fuck upWhat did the tri has been killed.What did the tri was attacked by the Mafia.kkylie: this years dumb ass award goes to yashyWhat did the tri: doc yashy: bitchkkylie: congratulationsWhat did the tri: why u rando mlynchkkylie: how does it feel to be dumb as a pile of rocks that i shit onAnn Putnam: ANY TS CLAİMAnn Putnam: ?kkylie: dumbassfifteen ping: pear acting very suspPear: how?Yagami has left the game.Ann Putnam: I AM MEDİUMAnn Putnam: BTWfifteen ping: visited by maf not deadPear: quiet?fifteen ping: didnt claim healed or wutPear: idk howPear: can framers kill?fifteen ping: no framerAnn Putnam: GETPear: ohAnn Putnam: 5Ann Putnam: FOR VFRfifteen ping: in the past all 1 maf visits onlyAnn Putnam: GET 5 FOR VFRPear: im vetDefensePear: guys im vetPear: vet1. no alert2. no alert3. no alert4. alertJudgementAnn Putnam: RT DEAD Ann Putnam: ANDAnn Putnam: I AM ANYfifteen ping: vet not immune to mafAnn Putnam: RT DEAD I AM ANYAnn Putnam: GUİLTYPear: idk how im not dedfifteen ping: die arsoDanara Sian voted guilty.V abstained.fifteen ping voted guilty.Ann Putnam voted guilty.king voted guilty.Pear: plz vote innoPear: okPear has been lynched.fifteen ping: now maf wins, u're welcomeDanara Sian to V: lets teamAnn Putnam: KİLL ME Ann Putnam: İ JESTERAnn Putnam: İFfifteen ping: im spyfifteen ping: but town lostNight 5Ann Putnam: ggAnn Putnam: btwAnn Putnam: who is jailorWhat did the tri: who r uWhat did the tri: number?Ann Putnam: ann putnamWitch made king target Ann Putnam.Day 6Pear: omgAnn Putnam has been killed.Ann Putnam was attacked by the Mafia.Pear: f townPear: and mafAnn Putnam: ggPear: fifteen is mafYagami has been killed.Ann Putnam: reportAnn Putnam: yagamiDanara Sian to V: lets teamking: who is the witch Pear: yfifteen ping: town lostDanara Sian to V: lets vote fifteen pingDanara Sian: I am the Witchking: 15 vote with us and u win fifteen ping: just lynch meDanara Sian: I will team with mafiaking: okking: vote 13king: VDanara Sian: Wait, is V afk?king: voteking: yaDanara Sian: I will control him to kill 13king: hasnt done anythingking: okNight 6V has left the game.Witch made V target fifteen ping.Day 7fifteen ping has been killed.fifteen ping was attacked by the Mafia.V has been killed.GameOverMafia has won.Danara Sian: Oh, nice, first time winning as Witch; and I think teaming with mafia is a good thing to win as Witchking: ggDanara Sian: Grats, kingking: thxDanara Sian: ywEnd of Report
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