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Report Details
Report ID: 42284
Reported User: Vastoro
Report Submitted: Apr. 30, 2016 4:31 pm
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
Details: Keeps saying to kill the gays.
LobbyPoisonedPoetry: Gl hfPlayers are choosing namesPoisoned the gay: supPoisoned the gay: im gay hostPoisoned the gay: fu ck meSilverthorn: Name thiefSilverthorn: SmhSchyloe: i willDay 1old lady to sgr: bit chMarkiplier: hiold lady: SUP GAYSold lady: WHO"S HOST?old lady: WHORandom Old Man: Children are awesome.old lady to select name: lick meMariah Carey: I don't want a lot for ChristmasThere is just one thing I needAnd I don't care about presentsUnderneath the Christmas tree2Read more: Mariahold lady to Mary Eastey: lick my a sssRandom Old Man: They are softold lady to Silverthorn: bi thc'Night 1select name: hey guysMary Eastey: heyselect name: im a very clean guy wink winkSikh Khunt: dont go yetTransporter swapped Random Old Man with old lady.Random Old Man investigated Random Old Man.Day 2sgr has been killed.sgr attacked by a Veteran.sixtynine has been killed.sixtynine visited a SerialKiller.Blue has been killed.Blue was attacked by the Mafia.Itachi: noob escort no willMarkiplier to old lady: are you vetJohn Hathorne: i killed blueItachi: he probably found skJohn Hathorne: it was meSilverthorn: Mhm. I will admit I was roleblocked though, so it's just a coincidenceJohn Hathorne: let justice be doneselect name: john?old lady to Markiplier: are u skyping ?Silverthorn: It could've been Blue, it could've been somebody elseselect name: maybe a jesterRandom Old Man: Children are awesome.old lady to Markiplier: come and checkRandom Old Man: They are so soft.Markiplier to old lady: i am not the real markiRandom Old Man: And theyre butts are awesome.Silverthorn: Don't random lynchMariah Carey: ^old lady: SILVERold lady: stfuold lady: HES MAFIOSORandom Old Man: What?old lady to Sikh Khunt: role or deadSilverthorn: Where's the proof?old lady to John Hathorne: roleold lady to Sasuke: lick my assold lady: FUCKING SKYPERSold lady: REPROTEDSilverthorn: Either way, if you insist...old lady: lick meNight 2select name: who we killinRandom Old Man investigated Markiplier.Day 3Schyloe has been killed.Schyloe was attacked by a SerialKiller.Sikh Khunt has been killed.Sikh Khunt attacked by a Veteran.Sasuke has been killed.Sasuke was attacked by the Mafia.Markiplier: i am not skiping i dont even have skipeMariah Carey: skype*Random Old Man: What is a skype?Silverthorn: How would the veteran know the two were skyping unless they were also in a skype call?old lady: who want my a ss?Random Old Man: I am to old to understand that stuff.Random Old Man: Not me.Random Old Man: I like children.Mariah Carey: pedo ;-;Random Old Man: Not old hags.Silverthorn: Anyway, the escort roleblocked Mary at their time of death and they died to skold lady: ur fa ggotSilverthorn: Either it's a coincidence or Mary is skold lady to Mary Eastey: kill silver he's mafiaJohn Hathorne: im not the jester i swearSilverthorn: ?Silverthorn: Why am I being voted?John Hathorne: im teh godfatherold lady to Mary Eastey: RLY?old lady to Mary Eastey: i know ur skJohn Hathorne: kill me pleaseselect name: jesterr obvsold lady to Mary Eastey: im defending youold lady to Mary Eastey: idiotNight 3Mary Eastey: why did you vote for me?Mary Eastey: that was dumbselect name: oh dear someones in jailselect name: i didntMary Eastey: john didselect name: yeah hes in jailRandom Old Man investigated Silverthorn.Mariah Carey decided to execute John Hathorne.Day 4select name: shiteselect name has been name was attacked by a SerialKiller.John Hathorne: finallyJohn Hathorne: took u retards long enoughJohn Hathorne has been killed.Mary Eastey has been killed.Mary Eastey attacked by a Veteran.Mary Eastey: this has to be the dumbest game i have played yet!!! what a bunch of lame playersItachi: Silvethorn visited select name. We got an sk here.Mariah Carey: looool john actually was godfatherold lady: so Silver is second SKMarkiplier: it is old lady i investigatedRandom Old Man: Silverthorn what role are you?old lady: me ?Silverthorn: BodyguardItachi: Silvethorn is skold lady: IM VETERAN BI TCHMarkiplier: yeaold lady: SILVER IS SKItachi: he visited select nameItachi: silver~Silverthorn: Ok, I've been caughtSilverthorn: I'll admit itRandom Old Man: Silver is lying.Random Old Man: Silver is either Docter, Sk or vampire.Silverthorn: I'm not lying anymore if I said that I'm skSilverthorn: YeahMarkiplier: why did youreport meMariah Carey: sooo jester?Silverthorn: There was no way I could've wormed my way out of that xdDefenseSilverthorn: still, old ladySilverthorn: I want to know how you know Markiplier and whoever else are skypingJudgementold lady: jailor get Markiplier he's lying im confirmed vet and he voting for me!old lady: they're calling meold lady: on skypeold lady: whole daySilverthorn: I made it obvious D2 thoughold lady voted guilty.Random Old Man voted guilty.Markiplier voted guilty.Itachi voted guilty.Mariah Carey voted guilty.Silverthorn: By admitting I was r'bedSilverthorn: Still, ggSilverthorn has been lynched.GameOverold lady: jailor execute MARKiplie he's skyping + lying like pigSilverthorn: GgSilverthorn: Game overSilverthorn: Old lady, how do you know?Silverthorn: WAit mnvmEnd of Report
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