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Report ID: 4003135
Reported User: LatteMachiatoVanilla
Report Submitted: Jan. 26, 2024 9:12 pm
# of reporters: 4
Reported Reason: Cheating
Details: Day 1
Day 1
Lobbydemonspawn01: if you wanna talk\demonspawn01: you can talk to my glockdemonspawn01: only thing i speak is BANG BANG BANGdemonspawn01: no trip bitch you wearing crocsKillerPanda4353: ._.demonspawn01: young hank trill bitch i killed tupacJakobH: stfudemonspawn01: make me bitchJakobH: open wide thenKillerPanda4353: jacob with a kKillerPanda4353: k forKillerPanda4353: killdemonspawn01: My mandemonspawn01: come near me with your dickdemonspawn01: itll get blown offPlayers are choosing namesalguien: que palabras grandes para alguien que tiene un pequeno...Jay: english plsalguien: noDay 1alguien: ay miren!alguien: soy 1!Pancake: d1 pancake claimIkana: can someone kill me I hate this rolepp: stfualguien: es como si estan pidiendo para...alguien: queMommys Prince: 14 is mafMommys Prince: 1000Night 1Pancake: hiGojo Satoru: yoPancake: gl out thereGojo Satoru: you tooJohn: glCovenLeader made Moth target Dominus.pp investigated Mommys Prince.Day 2Ikana has been killed.Ikana was attacked by the Mafia.Ikana was attacked by a SerialKiller.Mommys Prince to pp: you have small dick energy radiating off of youDaddys Princess to Mommys Prince: are you allergic to nuts?pp to Mommys Prince: id hope so as a awomanJay: Spy N1 - 3,5,9,10 & 2 were visitedMommys Prince to pp: lmaopp: n1 8 medi jani retri necro trapperPancake: thats a lot of mafMommys Prince: im mediumRose: Psychic - N1: E: 10, 3, or 14.Moth: i was controlled by clalguien: que ridiculo sietealguien: que ridiculoalguien: es casil como si tu estas mintiendo!Jay: omg englishPancake: oye 1 habla en inglesMommys Prince: 1 yo no hablo espanolGojo Satoru: si siGhosty: dude talk in english not spanishJay: djfguhdfuiu fgufhrueuhf ajedalguien: 11 como voy a hablar un lenguaje que yo se muy poco deKarasuno: Keep talking spanishGhosty: por favorDaddys Princess: Tu pantalones del fuegoMommys Prince to Daddys Princess: maybe if theyre your nutsDefensealguien: ay miren...que gracioso.alguien: tu sabesDaddys Princess to Mommys Prince: yes or no?alguien: esto seria mas gracioso si yo fuera jailor algo asi XDalguien: o mayorJudgementJohn: gracioso = MAFIOSOJay: guiltyalguien: eso me va a dar risa para siempreMommys Prince to Daddys Princess: depends yeGhosty: adiosPancake: hahaha 10John: adios amigosGojo Satoru: adios amigoalguien: adios amigos!Mommys Prince: he said thank youPancake: hasta la vista, babyalguien: y 9 ese anime es bueno peroRose to Daddys Princess: u saying ur pants on fire or something?Mommys Prince: hes mayor?Ghosty: que Onda?Ghosty voted guilty.Rose abstained.Gojo Satoru voted guilty.Pancake voted guilty.Jay voted guilty.Daddys Princess abstained.John voted guilty.gviuvitvgtyuyhmo abstained.Karasuno voted guilty.Moth voted guilty.Mommys Prince voted guilty.Dominus abstained.pp voted guilty.alguien: ayy ese personaje es tan...gary stualguien: es tan mary sueDaddys Princess to Mommys Prince: so no putting peanut butter on your cock and sucking it off?alguien: adios amigos!alguien: te odio!alguien: digo amoalguien: no sealguien has been lynched.Karasuno: Called that man a mary sue in spanishKarasuno: that's hilariousMommys Prince to Daddys Princess: THAT IS A FUCKING YESMommys Prince: OHJay: omgMommys Prince: he was skPancake: good scumread townNight 2alguien: te hice un favorMoth: please kill 4. holy fucking shit. 4 or 8. i cannot handle these whispersMoth: pleasePancake: im pirated ripMoth: holy fuckPancake: sidesteppingMommys Prince: 5Karasuno: what are they whisperingMoth: please kill 4 or 8 . . .Karasuno: LMFAOalguien: pero...porque no te estas saliendoIkana: I was trying to type everything you saidalguien: ay noMommys Prince: can i have your willKarasuno: 12 unironically though kill 14Ikana: Ikana the Psychic n1-1, 14, 7 [E]Karasuno: we need invest gonealguien: todo lo que YO dije?gviuvitvgtyuyhmo: okalguien: porque?Moth: "so no putting peanut butter on your cocka dn sucking it off"Moth: kill 4Moth: pleaseKarasuno: Nah 3Karasuno: you gonna have to waitMommys Prince: im 6Day 3alguien: pero okpp has been killed.pp was attacked by the Mafia.alguien: te hice un favor ayi 5!alguien: tu dijiste que tu odias siendo lo que esalguien: pero porque te quedas? no es tiempo para ir?Ikana: Hey yeah I can't understand you but I try to ype some of it in google translate so I canJohn: 8 will?Dominus: 7 is fake spy I was blackmailedJay: Spy N1 - 3,5,9,10 & 2 were visited N2 - bugged 15. 7,3,6 & 14 were visitedMommys Prince: Medium N1- Sitting all alone N2- alguien: te hice un favor Ikana: I was trying to type everything you said Ikana: Ikana the PsychiMommys Prince: c n1-1, 14, 7 [E]alguien: sucker imagine not being bilingualDominus: Jay: Spy N1 - 3,5,9,10 & 2 were visitedDaddys Princess: Si 13 pantalones del fuego muy gorditaKarasuno: So full maf according to 7Mommys Prince: EVEN IN DEATH HE SPEAKS SPANISHGojo Satoru: wtf..Daddys Princess: So a disguiserDominus: i wasnt even on his listJay: im spy?Ikana: Yeah I know :( I want to be because a lot of my close friends are MexicanDominus: noMoth: 6, you need to separate coven visits and mafia visits . . .Rose: Psychic - N1: E: 10, 3, or 14. N2: G: 7 or 6.Jay: i was visited by the mafia last night so idkalguien: u aint even talking with a mexican here small fyiJohn: 6 is the goodJohn: i trust 6Dominus: that was 7 post d1 idiotJohn: slow votealguien: i'm not like other hispanics...i'm guatemalanDominus: I was bmMommys Prince: 7 was on 5s evil willpp: i am portugueseIkana: Oh I didn't think you were mexican no worriesDefenseJay: im literally a spy wtfalguien: ehJay: Spy N1 - 3,5,9,10 & 2 were visited N2 - bugged 15. 7,3,6 & 14 were visitedJay: i keep getting lynched tfJudgementJohn: THIS WAS SUPER SLOW VOTED = MAF OR COValguien: based off like literally how i act what other country would u think im fromDominus: I was bm n1Jay: okDaddys Princess: I..John: 7 bmerPancake: also i was piratedMoth voted guilty.Daddys Princess abstained.Pancake voted guilty.Karasuno voted guilty.Rose abstained.John voted guilty.gviuvitvgtyuyhmo voted guilty.Mommys Prince abstained.Ghosty abstained.Gojo Satoru abstained.Dominus voted guilty.Jay: ffsIkana: Well I know there's a lot of spanish speaking languages not just MexicoJay has been lynched.alguien: bienvenido!alguien: hola!Pancake: so 6 lied?alguien: quieres tacos?Dominus: no I was bmedDaddys Princess to Mommys Prince: im gonna make you nut in more ways than onealguien: XD estoy bromeando, pero te mirabas tan fakeDominus: look at me spamming yesterdayNight 3Karasuno: This town's so braindead I love itPancake: what did u findMommys Prince: 14 willalguien: yo crei que tu enrealidad eras fakeMommys Prince: for n2Moth: "im gonna make you nut in more ways than one" said 4 to 8 . . .Pancake: what r 2 and 3alguien: XDDDDJay: lynch 6Mommys Prince: this is 8Karasuno: aye let me be bmerJay: hes dumbKarasuno: entertainmentpp: framer vmap jets H for 10pp: hm*Karasuno: kill 8Moth: please kill 4 or 8gviuvitvgtyuyhmo: well, you could just choose to not readPancake: u there?alguien: estoy tan...yo no se que decirte, 8Karasuno: 12Karasuno: kill 8CovenLeader made Mommys Prince target Moth.Day 4alguien: crees que yo voy a parar?pp: cant spell ripalguien: XD nopp: oh ripalguien: ayy!! miren!Pancake has been killed.Pancake was attacked by the Mafia.Pancake has left the game.alguien: quien quiere tacos?alguien: QUIEn quiere tacoss???Gojo Satoru has left the game.alguien: tacos tacosMommys Prince: was there any other mediums?pp: noMommys Prince: FUCKalguien: estoy bromeando XDMommys Prince has been killed.Mommys Prince was attacked by the Coven Leader.Mommys Prince: i was the only onealguien: ay ay ay 8alguien: lenguajeMommys Prince: yo no hablo espanol putaGhosty: i was attackedGhosty: Ghosty - DoctorN1: 14N2: 7N3: myselfalguien: entonces porque sabes esa palabra?Mommys Prince: 7 you need to seperate maf and coven visitsJohn: N3 - 13 SUSPKarasuno: 4 role?alguien: quien te lastimo?Dominus: go ahead vote meMommys Prince: 1Mommys Prince: putaDominus: I lied Right?John: town on 13Karasuno: Sure let's give jest winalguien: siKarasuno: no 10Karasuno: on 6Rose: Psychic - N1: E: 10, 3, or 14. N2: G: 7 or 6. N3: E: 2, 15, or 9.Dominus: find out and seeRose: let me cookalguien: esa palabra, porque la sabes? quien te dijo eso?Mommys Prince: Tu hablo inglesMommys Prince: putaJohn: town on 6Karasuno: Vote 6 everyonealguien: enserio?DefenseMommys Prince: 1 what is 2+2alguien: ay yo no tengo tiempo para tus buradasDominus: im just gonna say i dont know what happenedalguien: burradas y todos los saben, 4JudgementJohn: you liedJohn: thats what happenedDominus: I was bmed n1 and spy didnt have me visitedJohn: you wernt bmed buddyDominus: so idwMommys Prince: so you can understand english but you cant type itMommys Prince: type with meMoth abstained.Karasuno voted guilty.Ghosty voted guilty.Daddys Princess voted guilty.Rose abstained.gviuvitvgtyuyhmo voted guilty.John voted guilty.Mommys Prince: goalguien: are you dumb?Dominus has been lynched.Mommys Prince: mother fuckeralguien: look i wanna be respectful and all but literally everyone knows the symbol for 2 and +John: tfJohn: who claims spy as docalguien: spanish is a latin based language just like englishJay: i hope u get ebola dominusMommys Prince: bro i was getting so pissed offNight 4Moth: he was bm'ed. i was controlled by cl. so yes. they were absolutely blackmailed.alguien: and those 2 symbols are usedMoth: and they didnt claim spyalguien: so respectfully, shut upMommys Prince: hoiJohn: lolKarasuno: Fuckpp: no uJohn: dont matterKarasuno: Pirate on meMommys Prince: i love you babyJay: why did u lynch me dominusalguien: who are you 14Mommys Prince: i wanna fuck you like the dirty little slut you are for meDominus: 10 is a brain dead moneky who needs to self deletepp: im trying to figure that outpp: tyDaddys Princess: Suck mommys clit like a good boyMommys Prince: also 10 is prolly mafiaJay: dieMommys Prince: i will mommyDay 5alguien has left the game.Rose has been killed.Rose was attacked by the Mafia.Gojo Satoru has been killed.Dominus: Learn to read 7 ive explained why over and overMommys Prince: i had zero clue what 1 was saying that entire timeKarasuno: I respect you pirate, whoever you are. We fought hard and well last night. But my dick is longerJohn: according to ww 4 is immuneRose: damnDaddys Princess: Pirate N1- no one N2- 11 rapier and lost N3- .. i chose 7.. thought 6 was the one voted up.. im dumb. Blackmailed N4- 15 scimitar Daddys Princess: and lostKarasuno: So 2 hangsDominus: I was bmwd and your list on n1 didnt show me vistedKarasuno: leave 4 aloneGhosty: bruhDaddys Princess: Try again 10John: hang 4 so we can get perfect winJohn: you goofMommys Prince: bruhKarasuno: 10 be quietDominus: that makes me believe you were fakeKarasuno: hang 2Daddys Princess: FIGHT ME 10Ghosty: okay clearly evil are pushing meJohn: no one has died to pirateRose has left the game.Mommys Prince: 7 you didnt even have the mafia and coven separatedMommys Prince: also town 100% lostJohn: why risk a mafia deathand waste timeMoth: up 4 nowJay: how the heck would i even have time to separate thatDefenseDaddys Princess: Let me pirate non maf pleaseJay: does it matter?Mommys Prince: simpleMommys Prince: MVMommys Prince: cvDaddys Princess: Who isnt maf pleaseDaddys Princess: I bef of youJudgementJohn: 2 is the last non maf, its jover for youKarasuno: Inno this my idioitc teammates what are yall doingJohn: guiltyKarasuno: Inno thisMommys Prince: its easy it makes it easier to readMommys Prince: and makes you look LESS FAKEJohn: 15 are you mafia or are you neutralDaddys Princess: INNO PLEASEMoth: we needed to up someone so we had more timeJay: thats ur problemMoth: and 4 had most votesgviuvitvgtyuyhmo voted guilty.Karasuno voted innocent.Moth voted innocent.Ghosty voted guilty.John voted guilty.Karasuno: 4 I do not associate with these people man they're corny as hellMommys Prince: bro that entire time you looked fake as fuck\Daddys Princess: Damn was gonna kill 10Daddys Princess has been lynched.Moth: bro. . . lmfao 10 and 12 yall are idiotsJay: okKarasuno: YeahJay: broKarasuno: they're actually functionally stupidJohn: yall pirate loversMommys Prince: whats poppinKarasuno: No we wanted the game to endKarasuno: you fucksNight 5Moth: ohhhh 15 youre friends with them?pp: ppJohn: 2 already self healedJohn: you knowDaddys Princess: Brand new wheels just hopped inJohn: so its overKarasuno: We could've hang 2 and ended the gameMoth: dont visit at all?!Moth: dont visitMoth: stay homeMoth: what are you doingMommys Prince: dont mind me just watchinDaddys Princess: Hope 2 is arsogviuvitvgtyuyhmo: lmao noMoth: STAY HOMEMoth: wow throw the gameMoth: good luckgviuvitvgtyuyhmo: you cowardMommys Prince: sameMoth: noDay 6Ghosty has been killed.Ghosty was attacked by the Mafia.pp: ripMommys Prince: RIPMommys Prince: RMommys Prince: aMommys Prince: PMommys Prince: epp has left the game.GameOverMafia has won.John: MUAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHMommys Prince: GET YOUR PENIS OUT OF MEgviuvitvgtyuyhmo: wow, I threw so hardEnd of Report
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