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Report ID: 3658055
Reported User: Theeggbandit
Report Submitted: Mar. 29, 2022 12:46 am
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: Claimed Maf in jail n1 and asked to be exed. Left immediately after being exed n2
Jailor in dead chat said they claimed maf in jail and asked to be executed.
LobbyPlayers are choosing namesSweden: My killing list is ready. N1: ryus57, N2: SirStabsALot88, N3:biggle86Glas: FairSweden: PlayAugust: AW FUCKAlexa: definitelyAugust: I wish im vetAugust: i'll fuck your shitAlexa: sirstabsalot? more like sirdiesalotSweden: My killing list is ready. N1: ryus57, N2: SirStabsALot88, N3:biggle86Day 1Sweden: Arrr! Pirate here!Nate: d1 surv claimSound has left the game.August: well i'm absolutely fucked.King Tom: Oh okay sureKing Tom: GLHF allAlexa: 12 pirateAlexa: neatNate: cum over tonightGlas: SirStabbsSelfAlotNate: not vestingSweden: wowNate: gonna be nakedGlas: Guess Im dead n2Nate: come clap my fucking cheeksSweden: I am gonna pirate number 1Skeletor to fez: im gaAlexa: okayNight 1John Willard: I honestly want to know what the hell this mafia isKing Tom: mweheheheJohn Willard: kill meJohn Willard: our mafia leftGlas: Ah sounds a twat faced muppetKing Tom: I jailed you coz the pirate said he'd get youThe boy who livd: oh noJohn Willard: kill meJohn Willard: end my miseryKing Tom: Will do tom got itJohn Willard: wait its n1Transporter swapped The boy who livd with Juice wrld.*Vampires have bit Sweden(Vampire).Day 2Ms Debt has been killed.Ms Debt was attacked by Medusa.Ms Debt: SoMs Debt: I may or may not have found MedusaJohn Willard to The boy who livd: prob going to get killed by jailor tommorrow rip buddyThicc Thighs has been killed.Thicc Thighs was attacked by Medusa.Thicc Thighs: sameThicc Thighs: what were youMs Debt: 7 who did you visitSweden: Vamps may or may not found me...=/Thicc Thighs: 10.Ms Debt: This is important deetsSweden has been killed.Sweden was attacked by a Vampire.Ms Debt: Ms Debt - Transporter N1 - The Boy Who Livd > Juice WrldMs Debt: So 9 is DusaMs Debt: Since I moved 10 > 9 N1Thicc Thighs: I seeSound has been killed.fez: psy n1. 13. 15. 6. (evil)Alexa: vamps you gotta be kidding me. your braindead. like legit braindeadGlas: I guess the thicc thighs couldn't save any lies.August: WOW.August: OkAugust: I'm remembering piratefez: 6 is my gaSkeletor: im 2s GAAugust: There you god.Ms Debt: So let's tell MediumAugust: go*Alexa: 4 amne remembering pirateMs Debt: And fuck em upThe boy who livd: the boy who lived,come to diefez: 13 and 15 rollsMs Debt: Ya know?August: I'm amne remembering pirateGlas to fez: Am Doc ManSweden: there mediumNate: d2 surv claimGiles Corey: oh I'm mediumGiles Corey: sorryAlexa: do not mess with 4Nate: im vesting tn thoGiles Corey: I'll ask who medusa wasGiles Corey: isfez: 2 rolls we cant verifyThe boy who livd: oh transed btwJohn Willard: lolMs Debt: If I believeJohn Willard: vfrMs Debt: Hard enoughJuice wrld: Juice - vet n1 -Skeletor to fez: im your gaMs Debt: 7 Mediums will existThicc Thighs: lolThicc Thighs: at least one would be niceAlexa: 9 did you alert?John Willard: cya guys in hellJuice wrld: Juice - vet n1 - not alertNight 2Thicc Thighs: 13 you real?King Tom: WelpSweden: Spooky sounds...I am medium here!King Tom: GL next game then buddyThicc Thighs: lolThicc Thighs: DAMMITThicc Thighs: fake medJohn Willard: what if I am actually townSweden: sherlockThicc Thighs has left the game.Glas: 1 was afk in jail and is getting exed now huh?Sweden: holmesMs Debt: Never trust no namesMs Debt: They uglyKing Tom: Then u gamethrowing and that's thatThe boy who livd: probJohn Willard: lolMs Debt: SmhSweden: i guess fake medium might be vampGlas: Forge 11 as witch lmoaMs Debt: MaybeJohn Willard: ok*Vampires have bit Glas(Vampire).King Tom decided to execute John Willard.Day 3Glas has been killed.Glas was attacked by a Vampire.Glas: What were you 11?John Willard has left the game.King Tom: JailorKing Tom: So good snipeKing Tom: For MafKing Tom has been killed.The boy who livd has forged the will.King Tom was attacked by the Mafia.Glas: Ah, took a shot in the darkMs Debt: 11 who did you jail N2Ms Debt: ?John Willard has been killed.Glas: 1King Tom: You'll seeMs Debt: Oh phewMs Debt: I was afraid you jailed 12Ms Debt: 13*Giles Corey has left the game.Ms Debt: Since we bullied 13 for not being real MediumMs Debt: LMAOAugust has remembered they were Pirate.Glas: Our Hypno was afk and our mafioso left before the game started, report them pleaseThe boy who livd: VAMPS...fez: psy n1. 13. 15. 6. (evil) n2. 8 or 11 (good)Alexa: well we've got a forger turned mafioso left.August: so that means 11 is real forgetAugust: YIKES.Nate: maf aint doing greatAlexa: 4 conf pirateSweden: ooofKing Tom: I reported 1 for throwing BTWSkeletor has left the game.Glas: And Sound pleaseKing Tom: He claimed maf to me N1King Tom: asking to dieGlas: Oh what a twatNate: im vesting again tonightKing Tom: N1 John Willard - claims MafiaN2 John Willard - wanted to be exedNate: btwKing Tom: My will y'all forged overfez: 8 and 11 what are uAlexa: 11 deadNate: lolfez: nvm 8 I seeAlexa: 11 was forgedThe boy who livd: there was a transfez: kkThe boy who livd: and didnt med say they would ask who medusa wasNight 3King Tom: WelpKing Tom: No med thenSweden: not at allSweden: never beenKing Tom: On one handKing Tom: Mafia doesnt know Jailor is deadKing Tom: On the other, town doesnt know Jailor is deadKing Tom: HAHADay 4fez has been killed.fez was attacked by the Mafia.Giles Corey has been killed.Glas: 13 probably was originally MediumSkeletor has been killed.King Tom: Not with that willMs Debt: ImpossibleMs Debt: Do you know why it's impossible?King Tom: That Vamp aimed for the pirate specificallyJuice wrld: 15 must been medusaMs Debt: Since Vampires killed N1/N2Alexa: Alexa the VH N1: 9 is clear of vamp activity. (vamp chat: empty) N2: 4 is clear of vamp activity. (vamp chat: empty) N3:8 os clearAlexa: of vamp activity.. all vamps gone. (vamp chat: empty)Glas: Ah nevermindAlexa: i am now vigifez has left the game.Nate: why isnt game overThe boy who livd: doubt that 14Alexa: ehAugust: there's a medusaAugust: lmaoAlexa: hang me if you wantAugust to Juice wrld: are you medusa?Alexa: dont care!The boy who livd: theres at least 1 more vampKing Tom: Oh rightAugust to Juice wrld: i won't out youAlexa: my jobs doneNate: medusaKing Tom: Maf couldnt attack n1Alexa: no there's notNate: remember im survJuice wrld to August: esThe boy who livd: and dusaKing Tom: Coz your mafioso was a leaverAlexa: they bit evils all gameAugust to Juice wrld: okGlas: YeahJuice wrld to August: yesThe boy who livd: unless 11 was dusaKing Tom: You have one last Forger turned Mafioso then?Alexa: 11 was probably dusaGlas: YepAlexa: wellKing Tom: 1 Medusa 1 MafiosoAlexa: 8 survJuice wrld: yesAlexa: im vigi nowAlexa: 10 is somethingAlexa: 4 is somethingNight 4King Tom: EhKing Tom: Sadly I dont think Town winsGlas: NO DONT ATTACK THE SURV YOU MORONGlas: WelpKing Tom: You shut us up there good with the choice shot on meKing Tom: WaitKing Tom: Your maf is attacking the survKing Tom: HAHAHAHAGlas: NvmDay 5Alexa: nice! killed the dusaAlexa has been killed.Alexa was attacked by the Mafia.Alexa was attacked by Medusa.Juice wrld: why meMs Debt: WellJuice wrld: 10 was silentMs Debt: Town lostKing Tom: You might not have 14Ms Debt: RippersJuice wrld has been killed.Juice wrld was attacked by a Vigilante.Glas: My mafioso almost shot the SurvivorAlexa: because you claimed vet and then didnt talk for the rest of the gameMs Debt: Not many townKing Tom: Oh good shot thoughGameOverMafia has won.Glas: YES MAFIA WINNate: ggThe boy who livd: :DSweden: Thanks for being a good sport august!Sweden: Appreciate it!August: ofcSweden: I appreciate you!Alexa: also i noticed that on d2 when i asked if you alerted, you hastily scribbled "no aleet" in your will XDAugust: Ayo?August: WordJuice wrld: u let mf winAlexa: so thats whyNate: 4 u win too?Glas: Against all odds of sound leaving d1 and 1 claiming maf in jailAugust: NoAugust: LNate: dangEnd of Report
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