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Report ID: 3608848
Reported User: valelol123
Report Submitted: Jan. 18, 2022 2:33 am
# of reporters: 6
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: Responsible Moderator: Flavorable; DM: Flavorable#7827 for inquiries.Responsible Moderator: Elencia; DM: Flavorable#7827 for inquiries.Responsible Moderator: AppleMusicHagg1s; DM: Flavorable#7827 for inquiries.
Lobbyricharddickers: hellotechnikazm: hicosmiccollision: who did /repickricharddickers: good mornig friendsricharddickers: how arew you this eveningfizzypopsicles: badThelegendaryblaster: FIGHT THE WORLDSkybarrier: shut up richardfizzypopsicles: drunkPlayers are choosing namesTakik: Bkatit: AJunior: bdwjbwjwjbRichard: 1Takik: 3Richard: 2Day 1PekkitaXdlol: who is jailorThe Jester: not meRichard: not meRussel: not meLordCum has revealed themselves as the Mayor.The Mafioso: tplo on meRichard: whoaThe Mafioso: jailorJonathan Corwin: bruhLordCum: eat my cumThe Mafioso: hereCotton Eye Joe: Oop-Night 1Cotton Eye Joe: Hey guysCotton Eye Joe: Mayor sillyThe Mafioso: role?Sarah Good: bgCotton Eye Joe: Gonna take a big risk and kill him outrightThe Mafioso: coolDuselDwarf: well i guess im dead then lolWitch made Cotton Eye Joe target PekkitaXdlol.Richard checked The Jester.Day 2LordCum: eat my cummBleepo to Cotton Eye Joe: i'm witchTakik: 6 roleRichard: hehehehaThe Jester: noTakik: 6 whats ur roleBleepo to Cotton Eye Joe: what are you claiming, i'll put your role down in my invest will to match itRichard to Takik: sheriffThe Jester: Can we lynch the mayor for being a redditorThe Mafioso: sureBleepo: no spy..? who was visited by mafTakik: 6 exe probThe Jester: actrually no worse a 4 channerRussel: tis?Russel: any info?Cotton Eye Joe to Bleepo: I'm gonna claim bgBleepo: any tis..?Takik: N1(6)Vigilante/Veteran/Mafioso/AmbusherBleepo to Cotton Eye Joe: gotcha. let the other maf know im witchTakik: claimed sherrifLordCum: eat my cummRussel: 6 claim?DefenseRussel to Richard: role?LordCum: .....LordCum: eat my cumJudgementRichard to Russel: sheriff, 10 must be consigLordCum: .............The Jester: you already said it pls just go awayLordCum: ill put my di ck in your earLordCum: .............Takik voted guilty.Richard voted guilty.katit voted guilty.PekkitaXdlol voted guilty.The Mafioso voted guilty.Junior voted guilty.Sarah Good voted innocent.Jonathan Corwin voted innocent.Cotton Eye Joe voted guilty.The Jester abstained.DuselDwarf voted guilty.ann hopkins voted innocent.Bleepo voted guilty.Russel voted innocent.LordCum: eat my cummLordCum has been lynched.PekkitaXdlol: go take a showerRichard: yesTakik: stupid dumpThe Mafioso: yeahJunior: good ideaNight 2The Mafioso: roleThe Mafioso: 3The Mafioso: 2Jonathan Corwin: lo n1: 6 n2: 1 n3:The Mafioso: fuckDuselDwarf: well that solves that lolThe Mafioso: waitJonathan Corwin: bruhCotton Eye Joe: Target ideas?Jonathan Corwin: i was going to watch the mayorDuselDwarf: ??Cotton Eye Joe: 7 is witch btewCotton Eye Joe: Gonna help usJonathan Corwin: this town is so fucking dumbWitch made DuselDwarf target Russel.The Mafioso decided to execute Jonathan Corwin.Richard checked Takik.Day 3Russel has been killed.Russel was attacked by the Mafia.Bleepo to DuselDwarf: well fuck i witched 2 maf in a row. i'm witch, what are you claiming i'll put it in my invest will to matchJonathan Corwin has been killed.Takik: N1(6)Vigilante/Veteran/Mafioso/Ambusher N2(11)Bodyguard/GodfatherRichard: nice going jailorJonathan Corwin: jailor is such a retardBleepo: greatDuselDwarf to Bleepo: vigCotton Eye Joe: CEJ the Bodyguard N1: 7 N2: 12 (rbed)PekkitaXdlol: who is jailorThe Mafioso: yeah he was watching 1 n2Bleepo to DuselDwarf: alrightRussel: that seems like some shit from 11Bleepo: i dont think jailor came outThe Mafioso: i said tplo day 1 and he wasnt on meThe Mafioso: jailor didThe Mafioso: scroll upBleepo: oh okayThe Jester: you said jailorPekkitaXdlol: then who is jailorThe Mafioso: meJunior to Cotton Eye Joe: role?PekkitaXdlol: okJonathan Corwin has left the game.Cotton Eye Joe to Junior: bgNight 3The Mafioso: welllSarah Good: kill 2The Mafioso: hiSarah Good: hes jailorSarah Good: i inv himCotton Eye Joe: HiiiRussel: rip townCotton Eye Joe: CEJ the Bodyguard N1: 7 N2: 12 (rbed)DuselDwarf: but doc on him?Russel: we're so doomedSarah Good: idkThe Mafioso: huhhThe Mafioso: ig not many ppl saw my tplo requestCotton Eye Joe: Yeah sorryWitch made katit target Junior.Richard checked Sarah Good.Day 4PekkitaXdlol has been killed.PekkitaXdlol was attacked by the Mafia.Bleepo to katit: i have no idea how i witched 3 different maf 3 nights in a row but what's your role i'll put it in my invest will tom atchPekkitaXdlol: It's hard to write fast on mobileRichard: Sheriff n1: 8, inno/GF n2: 10, inno/GF n3: 9, SUSRichard: up 9Richard: or actuallyRichard: 9 claimSarah Good: bgBleepo to katit: your claim i meanRichard: any ccTakik: N1(6)Vigilante/Veteran/Mafioso/Ambusher N2(11)Bodyguard/Godfather N3(3)Doctor/DisguiserThe Mafioso: 4th tp claim ive heard this gameCotton Eye Joe: I'm bg lolCotton Eye Joe: CEJ the Bodyguard N1: 7 N2: 12 (rbed) N3: jailedThe Mafioso: The Mafioso the Jailor:n1: Cotton Mather (bg)n2: Jonathan Corwin (lo, lies)n3: Cotton Eye Joe (bg)Richard: can there be 2Richard: i say up 9Sarah Good: jailor jailed me n2Sarah Good: n1ann hopkins: 11 claimed bg tooSarah Good: im bgkatit has left the game.DefenseSarah Good: shit townSarah Good: kill meThe Mafioso to Sarah Good: shit sorryJudgementBleepo: gladlySarah Good: eat my cumBleepo: yes sirSarah Good: retardsRichard: exe turned jest????ann hopkins: get 11Sarah Good: cummm in your mouthhJunior voted guilty.Bleepo voted guilty.DuselDwarf voted guilty.ann hopkins voted innocent.Richard voted innocent.The Mafioso voted guilty.Takik voted innocent.The Jester voted guilty.Cotton Eye Joe voted guilty.Sarah Good: stupid m,fSarah Good has been lynched.Sarah Good: 9 11 123Sarah Good: 9 11 13Richard: I KNEW ITNight 4Cotton Eye Joe: sorry 9, had to let u go to winThe Mafioso: well heySarah Good: 4 11 13Junior: helloooooDuselDwarf: right? yikesJunior: i am consort good sirCotton Eye Joe: Hoping I don't get rbed againPekkitaXdlol: where did you got my ip fromThe Mafioso: i kinda fucked up hard this game didnt iThe Mafioso: oopThe Mafioso: not much i can do abt that hahaJunior: nah youre doing pretty goodSarah Good: eat my cumDuselDwarf: shouldnt we get jailor?Junior: i suck at this game dudeLordCum: eat my cummPekkitaXdlol: zzzRichard checked ann hopkins.Day 5ann hopkins has been killed.ann hopkins was attacked by the Mafia.PekkitaXdlol: you both seem to really need s showerLordCum: i got on eatmycum . comSarah Good: imma rap ukatit has been killed.LordCum: ill shower you when im done with youRichard: waitPekkitaXdlol: c'mon, doit I'm not a fraid you little piece of shitRichard: his will said that 8 is witchLordCum: youre going to be very dirtyRichard: idk what hypno does thoBleepo: it miight be a bit but 8 whats your roleSarah Good: imma make u cryTakik: N1(6)Vigilante/Veteran/Mafioso/Ambusher N2(11)Bodyguard/Godfather N3(3)Doctor/Disguiser N4(5)Lookout/Forger/WitchBleepo: might be a bait*The Mafioso: well uhhhJunior: jailorRichard: yeahLordCum: im going to cumm on youJunior: i meant escortThe Mafioso: 5's the consort butRichard: no 8Bleepo: is 8 hereRichard: not 5Junior: both random maf is dead lolThe Mafioso: sorry man :(The Jester: im vigiLordCum: and youre going to eat itTakik: 5 cant consSarah Good: imma put my dick in your noseThe Mafioso: OHTakik: 5 witch probBleepo: i doubt vigi claim..Richard: wait yeah didnt someone else claim jailorLordCum: im going to stick my worm in your ear and coom on youBleepo: jailor is 2The Jester: also maf wouldnt reveal witch lolPekkitaXdlol: I'll go jump off of a cliff, that's better than having to read your cringy messagesRichard: so then up 5DuselDwarf: yeah i cc vigRichard: 5 cliamed jailorRichard: omfgLordCum: ..... cringeNight 5Sarah Good: you can jump after i cum in your noseLordCum: eat my cummCotton Eye Joe: whos jailor lolDuselDwarf: 2LordCum: you should jump after im done with youCotton Eye Joe: goodWitch made The Jester target The Mafioso.Richard checked The Mafioso.Day 6PekkitaXdlol: I truly wish I was blind god dammitLordCum: your not gonna want to live when im done with youBleepo: fuck.The Mafioso: fuck guys im so sorryBleepo has been killed.Bleepo attacked by a Veteran.The Mafioso: i threw hardBleepo: things were going pretty goodJunior has been killed.Junior attacked by a Veteran.Sarah Good: eat my cumBleepo: as you wishThe Mafioso has been killed.The Mafioso was attacked by the Mafia.PekkitaXdlol: guys please help, these tho other assholes have been torturing me with their cringe messsgesThe Mafioso: LMAOOOOOBleepo: you're on your ownTakik: up 6Richard: whatTakik: im exe?PekkitaXdlol: please beepo helpLordCum: lol eat my cumm and shut the f uck upCotton Eye Joe: OhTakik: Don't you get it?Richard: nahRichard: im good thxBleepo: dude i managed to witch 3/4 maf in the first 3 days by pure coicnidenceTakik: 3v2Richard: still goodThe Jester: exe would you like to team with townBleepo: night 1 i witched GF, night 2 i witched mafioso, night 3 i witched hypnoTakik: nopeCotton Eye Joe to DuselDwarf: up 6The Jester: :d awwRichard: yeah actually thta would be throwingTakik: maf winningDefenseSarah Good: 3 imma kill uRichard: welpRichard: wp mafSarah Good: and shit down your neckThe Mafioso has left the game.Russel has left the game.Junior has left the game.Richard: and also yeah exe siding with town would be gamethrowing so good callJudgementPekkitaXdlol: betCotton Eye Joe: guiltyyyyyyyyyRichard: hahaSarah Good: homophobeTakik voted guilty.Cotton Eye Joe voted guilty.The Jester voted guilty.DuselDwarf voted guilty.LordCum: 3 you wont be able to read after i coom on your eyesRichard has been lynched.Takik: lel im exeCotton Eye Joe: ggsDuselDwarf: town even voted guilty lolRichard: ggRichard has left the game.Night 6DuselDwarf: ggsSarah Good: im gayLordCum: sameCotton Eye Joe: ggs all aroundBleepo: sameDuselDwarf: too bad for 4 leavingPekkitaXdlol: we lost because of you stupid piece of shitLordCum: i eat cummSarah Good: 3 is a homophove irlSarah Good: report 3Cotton Eye Joe: YeBleepo: reportingSarah Good: thxLordCum: reportedCotton Eye Joe: Didnt have faithDay 7Sarah Good: guys pls report 3 homophobic stuffPekkitaXdlol: what?DuselDwarf has been killed.DuselDwarf attacked by a Veteran.Sarah Good: 3 u sick fuckPekkitaXdlol: when was I homophobicSarah Good: all the timeTakik: hmmmmThe Jester: exe then how about not voting and letting us duelTakik: nopeCotton Eye Joe: please don't make us fight lolTakik: I dont like townCotton Eye Joe: ty 10The Jester: didnt you already winCotton Eye Joe: goated exeTakik: yep im winnedPekkitaXdlol: you only kept saying you were gonna cum in my face and other weird shitThe Jester: also solo exe win is coolTakik: bcs mafTakik: Maf let me winSarah Good: noDefenseThe Jester: but make maf earn winSarah Good: u said im a f4gLordCum: stop gasslighting us you dumb b itchThe Jester: make it funJudgementPekkitaXdlol: what the fuck is a f4gThe Jester: and you needed idiots to step up to where you areSarah Good: tell us you phobic c untCotton Eye Joe: if this wasnt an earned maf win idk what isThe Jester: so town helpedTakik voted guilty.Cotton Eye Joe voted guilty.The Jester: ggsThe Jester has been lynched.Cotton Eye Joe: ggsPekkitaXdlol: I literally don't know thsts why im askingDuselDwarf: gg yallSarah Good: its a homphobic slurGameOverMafia has won.Sarah Good: you need educationDuselDwarf: ggCotton Eye Joe: ggPekkitaXdlol: okSarah Good: bg 3 is homophobicPekkitaXdlol: bruhLordCum: 3 your coolLordCum: youreEnd of Report
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