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Report ID: 3607244
Reported User: zerojones
Report Submitted: Dec. 30, 2021 6:52 am
# of reporters: 4
Reported Reason: Multi-accounting
Details: MA account: xssaar
LobbyRavako: yeRavako: ]Popleemmyrox44: game just endedRavako: ./summonpeopleFlutiesFriend: HELLOFlutiesFriend: Wait...where is SeagullsMiniCrisps: I arriveFlutiesFriend: SEAGULLS :)ToxicHexus: you pissed on the turds garyMiniCrisps: :Drawr345: i am best tt... jsFlutiesFriend: I am MarcelloMiniCrisps: I remember you yeeeRavako: 2 2wqas bad jailorMiniCrisps: Checked the usernames before I leftrawr345: lol yes they were!Ravako: eh?MiniCrisps: I was a wonderful birdy jailor >:(ToxicHexus: discord groupToxicHexus: ooooorawr345: seagull bad jailor hahaToxicHexus: imma tattlefridabee123: Cya deb!MiniCrisps: Sad vibesFlutiesFriend: Oh I'm taking a break from discordToxicHexus: i told satanFlutiesFriend: Discord too toxicrawr345: minicrisps =seagull?MiniCrisps: YeFlutiesFriend: YaFlutiesFriend: SEAGULLSRavako: noooooooToxicHexus: why marcello?Ravako: KILL IT WITH A STONEMiniCrisps: NOOOrawr345: ohhhh thank u for being bad so i could be good TT :DMiniCrisps: NOT AGAINFlutiesFriend: Toxic December has been the worst month for meFlutiesFriend: This yearMiniCrisps: I did nothing wrong this is slanderToxicHexus: seaguls aint real they a government conspiracyFlutiesFriend: In fact this entire year was shittyToxicHexus: how?MiniCrisps: Who told you that-Ravako: dECEMPER MEANS ECVERYONE IS TOXICMiniCrisps: DecemperRavako: 5 more peoplToxicHexus: what happened?rawr345: decemper :DMiniCrisps: LolFlutiesFriend: I can't tell you in this lobby, basically fucking Hybrid entrapped me and shit went downToxicHexus: COMRADERavako: desimperDraculasPalace: COMRADEFlutiesFriend: And I had episodesDraculasPalace: FRIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArawr345: COMRAIDToxicHexus: hybrid a creep nglDraculasPalace: this lobby is stackedFlutiesFriend: Hybrid got me labeled a p***FlutiesFriend: And I fucking hate himRavako: ok-FlutiesFriend: Even though Hybrid sexually harassed a buch of women onlinefridabee123: OH HEYYYYYYYYYYYRavako: 3 morwFlutiesFriend: But whateverToxicHexus: he said he was 18 in my disc and i told him he was 15MiniCrisps: Oh jeeFlutiesFriend: Yeah Hybrid lies about his age idk whyfridabee123: DRACRavako: BYTTENToxicHexus: all the guys in that group sexually harass womenDraculasPalace: FROM A CRABS PERSPECTIVE FISH FLYToxicHexus: and lie about their agesMiniCrisps: I gotta skedaddle after this gameToxicHexus: its creepyRavako: what about exiaty Hqrawr345: so true dracFlutiesFriend: But basically him lying about his age let to some drama and that's when shit hit the fanFlutiesFriend: So yeah takin a break and trying to be a better person Toxfridabee123: Yall plssssss keep drama to the disc dmsToxicHexus: frid what do you mean?Ravako: people piss me off sometimesSatellas: hiToxicHexus: isnt this dms?rawr345: trolololololFlutiesFriend: Wait...frida's here?ToxicHexus: i thought i was in an arbiesFlutiesFriend: I miss FirdaMiniCrisps: WaitFlutiesFriend: fridaRavako: IF YOU ARE A BEE FLOWERS LOOK LIKE CERAL BOWLSMiniCrisps: WAIT THIS ISNT THE WAFFLE HOUSE?rawr345: no, its IkeaToxicHexus: i heard trip tried to date fridaRavako: Endlessb troube ;-;rawr345: you get lost... forget the day of the weekToxicHexus: she probably gettin ptsdxoskylaox: deb got offToxicHexus: sorry fridafridabee123: Ive never talked to tripxoskylaox: ..FlutiesFriend: Is that Satella?FlutiesFriend: ughrawr345: ptsd, the newest disc std!D1Energy: OkRavako: Gta find e,m SCP'sFlutiesFriend: SkylaFlutiesFriend: SKYALToxicHexus: satella doesnt exist thats a government conspiracyFlutiesFriend: SKYLA!!!!FlutiesFriend: wellxoskylaox: hi marcelloFlutiesFriend: Skyla why did you ignore meToxicHexus: sattella is a government drone sent to spy on usFlutiesFriend: ?xoskylaox: i did?FlutiesFriend: Satella is susFlutiesFriend: Yes SkylaFlutiesFriend: Made me feel badFlutiesFriend: hurt me feelingsToxicHexus: hang satella n1xoskylaox: when was this??xoskylaox: im sorryFlutiesFriend: JUST NOWSatellas: Marcello the investigator: d1: satella (sus)FlutiesFriend: Its okay...xoskylaox: oh i was on my phone...ToxicHexus: sky always ignores my hellosFlutiesFriend: NO SATELLAMiniCrisps: Wait how do you repick host againFlutiesFriend: slash repickToxicHexus: do /repickD1Energy: Staella youre crazyRavako: ./repick HELLMiniCrisps: Thanks, forgotrawr345: o.g 2 more ppl plzzzzz... no mor3 degrassi high 12yo drama pleeeeeasexoskylaox: most times in lobby im not super active unless im in the conversationxoskylaox: lol.ToxicHexus: SATELLA YORE OUT OF CONTROLLRavako: I am the hostFlutiesFriend: Satella susToxicHexus: repick he is hostFlutiesFriend: LYNCH SATELLARavako: My power is all powerfulMiniCrisps: Satella is sus but Satellas is okD1Energy: OkD1Energy: Will doToxicHexus: i saw satella ventRavako: i am THE HOST|FlutiesFriend: SATELLA IS IMPOSTERRavako: They was cleaning the ventsrawr345: prob just cleaning d3m ventsFlutiesFriend: LIESRavako: Its a new taskJViLilly: satella isnt a threat he dies n1 every gameToxicHexus: hi fake dryFlutiesFriend: oh greatMiniCrisps: LolFlutiesFriend: Fake DryyouupRavako: LitteralyJViLilly: if he lives then hes mafRavako: Its a taskRavako: Innersloth added it :)ToxicHexus: hows the fake me accrawr345: 1 more peopel... omgMiniCrisps: RatsToxicHexus: long time no see friendoMiniCrisps: D1 ruined itFlutiesFriend: There's a fake YOU!!!!rawr345: 2 more person!Ravako: ENGLESSFlutiesFriend: Wait I have a question Toxic.ToxicHexus: yeah?FlutiesFriend: Toxic have you considered that "Iamnewplayer" is just a randorawr345: no hablo inglesToxicHexus: he isFlutiesFriend: Like dead assRavako: 3 more-ToxicHexus: i said thisToxicHexus: many timesFlutiesFriend: oh...FlutiesFriend: SorryMiniCrisps: We are losing powerFlutiesFriend: OMG IM HOST NOWToxicHexus: dry thought he was meMiniCrisps: OhFlutiesFriend: ...ToxicHexus: and made a whole hate discord over itMiniCrisps: What a twistFlutiesFriend: Discord toxic asfRavako: nooooMiniCrisps: FoolRavako: My powerMiniCrisps: You are in my domain nowToxicHexus: dry harasssed iamnwplayer in a game tooFlutiesFriend: SEAGULLS IS POWERFUL NOWMiniCrisps: FEAR MEFlutiesFriend: Wait...where is Satellas?ToxicHexus: he diedMiniCrisps: I SHALL STEAL ALL THE FRENCH FRIESFlutiesFriend: RipMiniCrisps: I consumed themFlutiesFriend: NO I EAT FRENCH FRIENSMiniCrisps: YOU EAT FRENCH FRIENDS?MiniCrisps: JEEZ MANFlutiesFriend: LOLFlutiesFriend: Well yeah I kinda doMiniCrisps: I WAS JUST STEALING FOOD YOU OUT HERE STEALING LIVES-FlutiesFriend: So no surprise thereFlutiesFriend: WELLFlutiesFriend: They taste goodxoskylaox: DEB DID YOU GET OUT OF BED TO COME BACK ON BC I SAID I WAS STILL ONFlutiesFriend: So....Iamnewplayer: Woah woah hold on when has dry harassed me, when I first made this account I killed him 4 times in a rowMiniCrisps: That's fairToxicHexus: i am a potatoDebBoi: IM STILL IN BEDxoskylaox: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I FEEEEEEEEEEEEL BAD :(D1Energy: OkToxicHexus: D:xoskylaox: OH okay i dont feel badDebBoi: on my laptopIamnewplayer: Then I stopped cus I felt guiltyMiniCrisps: I need to leave I thought this would go by a lot quicker lolxoskylaox: love that!ToxicHexus: dry did shit on you pretty hard thoIamnewplayer: I mean all I had to say was im new is susToxicHexus: cus he thought you were mexoskylaox: if this doesnt start in 5 minsDebBoi: im getting off when you get offxoskylaox: im getting off okayemmaleert: never played this theme oooIamnewplayer: In what a discord or smthxoskylaox: okayToxicHexus: deb the gentlman getting off after the ladyxoskylaox: 2:10xoskylaox: deb has many ladiesDebBoi: i need to walk her home, yaknow?xoskylaox: dont you deb?Iamnewplayer: Prop was salt from our um.. initial confrontationxoskylaox: AW that was smooth xdDebBoi: yeah I have a few simpsFlutiesFriend: Can we not start with that discord drama plsToxicHexus: new when dry thought you were me he full ass harassed me on discordemmaleert: how long have yall been waiting to start thoxoskylaox: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeToxicHexus: it was funnyDebBoi: but nothing compares to skyIamnewplayer: Mb famxoskylaox: ohToxicHexus: he was soo madDebBoi: LMAOSatellas: down here the floor is salt, the wall is salt, the air is saltIamnewplayer: Yep that makes sensexoskylaox: HASatellas: when youre down here you just breathe in the saltMiniCrisps: Is the salt salt?xoskylaox: aww deb is too sweetIamnewplayer: I mean as I said I stopped cus I felt pretty badJViLilly: where are you satella ? a salt shaker?DebBoi: xoxoemmaleert: when i played a few years ago you could start the game without all the roles ;/xoskylaox: oxoxemmaleert: it was also free lmaoToxicHexus: eh dont feel badxoskylaox: yes thats trueToxicHexus: drys a trollMiniCrisps: You can start it early if your using custom I thinkDebBoi: yeah host used to be able to startemmaleert: ohhhhFlutiesFriend: What happenedIamnewplayer: So are dry and I on neutral terms toxic or do they still hate my very beingemmaleert: we should start ealrky lolDebBoi: can't anymore so host is useless in lobbiesToxicHexus: if he cant handle a little poke he shouldnt be trollingMiniCrisps: Feels badxoskylaox: host is therexoskylaox: so be picked onMiniCrisps: :(DebBoi: too many people would start the game at like 3 people and farm winsMiniCrisps: Y'all so mean to meToxicHexus: dry still thinks you are meFlutiesFriend: You know my dog shitted 20 minutes ago and I still haven't gotten it upIamnewplayer: Oooh funToxicHexus: he harassed our friend jayne cus he thought she was you thoxoskylaox: 3 minsToxicHexus: called her a drifter and a spy or somethingDebBoi: 3 mins for 3 peopleToxicHexus: she so niceFlutiesFriend: Dry has no business trolling after what he did to harleyIamnewplayer: Alright send this as proof, I am not toxicToxicHexus: didnt deserve itJViLilly: jayne was in some drama today smhToxicHexus: what did dry do to harley>xoskylaox: someone bring in an alt?FlutiesFriend: Dry helped Zero troll harleyIamnewplayer: Yes Im drys altToxicHexus: whoa what drama was jayne inDebBoi: sky grab zoeys account'JViLilly: ill dm you toxicxoskylaox: i cantToxicHexus: zero is obsessed with harley nglxoskylaox: i dont know her paswordFlutiesFriend: Zero told harley she was gonna raipe her corpseDebBoi: oh she made itDebBoi: i assumed you made it for herToxicHexus: zero said a LOT of things i have no respect for herxoskylaox: i told her wat to doIamnewplayer: So toxic dry still hates me rightemmaleert: ok i cant do this guys im sorry lol im tired of waitingMiniCrisps: My friggin bird bit me today feels badxoskylaox: i dont invade on personal spaceToxicHexus: yes newToxicHexus: he doesMiniCrisps: All goot emmaxoskylaox: passwords are not my business xdFlutiesFriend: WellMiniCrisps: good*Iamnewplayer: Ok ill keep that in mindMiniCrisps: I really needta head out :,)MiniCrisps: Night y'all «3DebBoi: nightIamnewplayer: Imma afk until this starts byeFlutiesFriend: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFlutiesFriend: SEAGULLS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoToxicHexus: marcello what all did dry do to harley?ToxicHexus: he was fake sad about itFlutiesFriend: According to Harley, he got into a lot of arguments with herxoskylaox: OOPS WHEN I LOOSE HOPE 2 PEOPLE JOINFlutiesFriend: And Zero took that into offense or whateverSatellas: why nobody playing town tractorFlutiesFriend: So she made the kai account saying a lot of awful things to herDebBoi: sky you need to keep believingFlutiesFriend: And Dry was acting like he had no idea who it wasDebBoi: even when its hardxoskylaox: alwaysToxicHexus: dry knows all her altsFlutiesFriend: Him and zero were in kahootsToxicHexus: hes full of it lolFlutiesFriend: Well Harley exposed zero's alts or so she saysToxicHexus: dry is a snake no one listens tjoFlutiesFriend: Dry apparently wanted to talk to harley about it all, but she blocked himToxicHexus: id block him too hes a creepxoskylaox: when you wanna input some things but dont~Skykiller02: gl to you guys in finding more peopleFlutiesFriend: I messaged him and told him he should at least apologize for his part in it all and admit that what happened to Harley was fucked upxoskylaox: eeklkkkkkkDebBoi: input what things lmaoToxicHexus: what skyxoskylaox: convo ^^^^^FlutiesFriend: He was like noDebBoi: kekxoskylaox: i shall notToxicHexus: dry doesnt think he ever does wrongToxicHexus: hes immatureSatellas: hence why he always hangs meToxicHexus: and if you poke fun at him he goes nutsFlutiesFriend: At some point you gotta grow up, and that may sound ironic coming from me of all peopleToxicHexus: when he braggs about being a trollJViLilly: dry cant take a joke.xoskylaox: OO i think i shold get off now ~ToxicHexus: no he cantxoskylaox: before i say somethingFlutiesFriend: SKYLA DONT SNITCHDebBoi: like actually?xoskylaox: IM NOTJeremybrown2: sorry i leftxoskylaox: but likeToxicHexus: what skyxoskylaox: ARENT ZERO AND DRY A THINGFlutiesFriend: Sky just say itJeremybrown2: i went to buy a scrollToxicHexus: yesToxicHexus: they areDebBoi: no not actuallyxoskylaox: andDebBoi: according to zero herselfToxicHexus: they are "eDatting"xoskylaox: DRY GOT COMPLETLY PISSED AT METoxicHexus: they just deny itxoskylaox: because i used the im newxoskylaox: name he usesToxicHexus: LOLxoskylaox: and zero actually thought i was himToxicHexus: yeah he gets mad at thatxoskylaox: and he bugged out on meToxicHexus: thats why he got livid about iamnewplayerDebBoi: yeah I had another girl get mad at me for being "Green" and thought I was targetting herSatellas: hey erkFlutiesFriend: I thought the "e-dating" was just like for fun I didn't know for sure until zero told me she trolled harleyFlutiesFriend: because harleyJViLilly: apparently they were talking about having an inapropriate phone convo in a lobby earlier todaySatellas: you trying to play catanFlutiesFriend: "hurt someone she care about"Satellas: @erkxoskylaox: zero gets jealous very easilyxoskylaox: when i was dating solarxoskylaox: it was like a mission of hersFlutiesFriend: omg zero thinks everytime somebody harasses her on ToS it's me.xoskylaox: to try and make solar like her.FlutiesFriend: Jayne does it too sometimesDebBoi: yeahJViLilly: why would you edate someone youve never met thats just weird to meDebBoi: they both doxoskylaox: he lived in my statexoskylaox: it was differentFlutiesFriend: idk Lilly I just let them edateSatellas: isnt that just called long distance thenxoskylaox: i suppose yes thats what we called itDebBoi: its not long distance when you can see each other tbhxoskylaox: he was like 2 hours awayxoskylaox: MEANWHILEJeremybrown2: long distance realtionships i heard are toughxoskylaox: ZERO IS IN A DIFF COUNTRYxoskylaox: LOlDebBoi: lmaoIamnewplayer: Ok im back and I see nothing changedDebBoi: i didn't know I lived closer lmaoSatellas: tbh tho a friend of mine found his wife on wow, he was in canada she in costa ricaSatellas: they raided togetherJeremybrown2: who is zero tbhxoskylaox: deb youo do live closerSatellas: eventually she moved to canada with himIamnewplayer: Wait dry is commited in a relationship.. fuckDebBoi: yeah an hour and a halfxoskylaox: yesIamnewplayer: Dry was the one for mexoskylaox: ferrrrry rideeeeIamnewplayer: Wait what country does dry live in?xoskylaox: aww thats a cute storyFlutiesFriend: Dry is in Australiaxoskylaox: i feel like love is love thought tbhxoskylaox: though*FlutiesFriend: Zero is Dutch I thinkJeremybrown2: love can be tough or easyToxicHexus: bro zero is jealous when other women get attentionToxicHexus: its not even funnyxoskylaox: emotional connections are much stronger then physical onesDebBoi: internet droppedxoskylaox: wb?DebBoi: also yeah facts ^xoskylaox: okayIamnewplayer: Thats like only an 8 hour flight from where I live im sure I can make it workDebBoi: test?Iamnewplayer: Dont tell them about this totally real confessionSatellas: where are 5 peopleSatellas: is there not even a tt game going onIamnewplayer: Gone.. reduced to ashesJeremybrown2: tt games are slowSatellas: tt games are not anything because there are none right nwSatellas: now*Iamnewplayer: Ok im going to bed byeDebBoi: "which girl are you simping for" my friend just dmed mexoskylaox: i agree me tooIamnewplayer: Sry but its fucking late in my time zoneSatellas: ima go play catanxoskylaox: lmao debxoskylaox: catan with erk??xoskylaox: e-exoskylaox: goodnightDebBoi: looks like this is deadDebBoi: good night skyxoskylaox: goodnigth ariDebBoi: like actually this time lmaoToxicHexus: night guysToxicHexus: so what did you want to ask?ToxicHexus: ohDryyouup: Tox bb its so good to see uToxicHexus: ill ask you laterToxicHexus: bb?ToxicHexus: tfDryyouup: What i cant call u bb?ToxicHexus: creepDryyouup: Anything new?ToxicHexus: nopeFlutiesFriend: WellFlutiesFriend: This is just awkwardToxicHexus: yeahToxicHexus: brbFlutiesFriend: KFlutiesFriend: WellDryyouup: Who the fuck is flutiesfeiend hahaDryyouup: Tox leftzerojones: BRUH NO ONE HEREDryyouup: U just missed herFlutiesFriend: Wow you joined when she leftzerojones: who was here anywaFlutiesFriend: LillyFlutiesFriend: ToxicDryyouup: Oh is this marcello?ToxicHexus: lilly?FlutiesFriend: This even more awkwardzerojones: lilly toxicToxicHexus: isnt she in bed?FlutiesFriend: I think soToxicHexus: she been asleep a whilezerojones: so lilly toxic and marcellozerojones: makes no senseFlutiesFriend: IamnewplayerFlutiesFriend: fridaFlutiesFriend: um....Dryyouup: Iamnewplayer is frida?zerojones: wtfFlutiesFriend: NOzerojones: iamnewplayer?????FlutiesFriend: lolToxicHexus: iamnewplayer is marcelloDryyouup: Its u marcello isnt it?zerojones: frida gossiping abt me is disappointingFlutiesFriend: What noFlutiesFriend: Toxic wtfzerojones: what the fuckzerojones: what did i do to herToxicHexus: no one gossipped about anyoneToxicHexus: tfzerojones: sure mate sureFlutiesFriend: We kinda didFlutiesFriend: ToxicToxicHexus: ?Dryyouup: Lol marcello now i know its uToxicHexus: who didDryyouup: Hahazerojones: toxic u fucking lying bitchzerojones: u sent greg to usFlutiesFriend: Dry you think Iamnewplayer?FlutiesFriend: lolzerojones: 10/10ToxicHexus: marcello full of shitFlutiesFriend: Dry yeah we def gossiped about youDryyouup: ToxicHexus: ill speak to you laterDryyouup: Or askzerojones: u have no fucking life if u send a fucking stalker to u sToxicHexus: we were talking baout HIS personal issuesFlutiesFriend: I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRNGzerojones: u were talking abt drys personal issues which he doesnt even have?ToxicHexus: nothing related to you moronsDryyouup: Zero lets just sit in lobbypiratekid9: what the fuck is happeningDryyouup: And wait for it to startzerojones: can we go to the other lobby im feeling like i need itzerojones: dont u needa go soon>?? :(Dryyouup: Oh shit i dopiratekid9: ...Dryyouup: FUCKzerojones: what timeDryyouup: Its 3:30zerojones: DRY DID U FORGETDryyouup: ShitDryyouup: Zero umm i needa go nowDryyouup: FUCKzerojones: GOzerojones: its fineDryyouup: EnjoyToxicHexus: marcello and i were talking about marcellos problemsTheredtag: coccozerojones: silly kid «3FlutiesFriend: I do have problemsFlutiesFriend: ripToxicHexus: im not puting his personal shit on blastDraculasPalace: stacked lobbyToxicHexus: comradeDraculasPalace: COMRADEToxicHexus: bout timezerojones: YOMOOOODraculasPalace: I WAS IN ONE GAME BUT WAS GOING TO BEDDraculasPalace: then my old man came in my room and told me to smokeDraculasPalace: so here i amzerojones: U HAVE PARENTSDraculasPalace: i tried making the JEROZONES accountToxicHexus: yomo how is mom and dad uncle brother sister?DraculasPalace: MY DAD IS MY BEST FRIENDDraculasPalace: theyre DOING GREAT cousinDraculasPalace: i cant make alts without a pcDraculasPalace: i onky have swifty uni dracs and YomoTheBigMasterFlexToxicHexus: want me to make you one?ToxicHexus: or are they still doin the need to subscribe thing?zerojones: toxic ur lyingFlutiesFriend: WellToxicHexus: marcello do you have an idea of who is faking you again?ToxicHexus: think it may be confectionary again?FlutiesFriend: It's notFlutiesFriend: He found a new targetzerojones: is greg confecToxicHexus: whos his new target?zerojones: greg is britishFlutiesFriend: I have no clueFlutiesFriend: Wait...FlutiesFriend: I keep hearing this Greg personFlutiesFriend: Who is heToxicHexus: im gregzerojones: look reports on gregorykiplerToxicHexus: im jkFlutiesFriend: TFFlutiesFriend: oh shitzerojones: its an acc that calls me a p wordFlutiesFriend: TOXIC!!!zerojones: and a slut whore whateverzerojones: wants me to kill myslefToxicHexus: oh thats fatzerojones: stalked me in a skribbl gameFlutiesFriend: Woah...a p***?zerojones: nah matezerojones: fat loves meToxicHexus: thats fat lolzerojones: he talks in non capital letterszerojones: fat just reinvited me to his serverzerojones: i doubtFlutiesFriend: I have no idea who Greg is or who BMA12 iszerojones: he loves me im the best thrower there is according to himzerojones: bma12 is a trollzerojones: but greg hereToxicHexus: fat trolls equallyzerojones: look at his reportsToxicHexus: he doesnt careFlutiesFriend: FAT SAID IM HIS FAVORITEToxicHexus: fat calls me his favFlutiesFriend: Wellzerojones: he got a PRIVATE skribbl linkToxicHexus: he lieszerojones: PRIVATE linkToxicHexus: where was it posted?zerojones: and stalked me on skribblFlutiesFriend: Zero send me private link if you canzerojones: gaming serverzerojones: so we got a mole therezerojones: lookzerojones: i dont like toxic or harley but this bs has to stopToxicHexus: ive posted scribble links in other servers some that have fat to get more playersToxicHexus: and liskoToxicHexus: you hate by yourself zeroFlutiesFriend: WaitFlutiesFriend: JUST HOLD ONFlutiesFriend: Jeezzerojones: did u post it yesterdayFlutiesFriend: Can ya'll have a civilized convo without throwing shade or blows at each otherzerojones: bruh toxiczerojones: u cant admit to anything can uToxicHexus: im not in gaming serverToxicHexus: i aint been in itToxicHexus: sozerojones: smhToxicHexus: im not in the serverToxicHexus: you arezerojones: alriggtToxicHexus: i left that like a week agoFlutiesFriend: No accusing each otherFlutiesFriend: If ya'll gon talk it out then talk civilizedzerojones: toxic posted everywhere that im a certain someone ]zerojones: aint no coming back from thatToxicHexus: no i didnt :)zerojones: ill ignore her for nowzerojones: i know u posted it in fish server mateToxicHexus: i posted in mafcats and cfzerojones: i know u posted it in mafiacatsToxicHexus: no one in cfzerojones: adn u knowFlutiesFriend: Posted what?zerojones: it got spreadzerojones: EVERYONE IS IN UR SERVERzerojones: bruh dont think my friends will lie to me for the sake of u lmfaoFlutiesFriend: I feel so clueless but it might be worth itzerojones: i aint dating dry and i need the rumours to stop its hurting my simp lifeToxicHexus: i have aedan milk yomo jayne dragonToxicHexus: onlyFlutiesFriend: Dragon...zerojones: uhuh surezerojones: and erziToxicHexus: she aint been on in monthsFlutiesFriend: Erzi?zerojones: and probably ur buddy zVToxicHexus: noToxicHexus: dragonToxicHexus: zV is in my serverToxicHexus: yeahFlutiesFriend: Dragon was on like 2 weeks agoToxicHexus: just addedFlutiesFriend: Lance...ToxicHexus: he a funny thing that oneToxicHexus: makes me giggeFlutiesFriend: I would ask to come back to your server Toxic, but Lance is in there and I still hate himFlutiesFriend: AnywaysToxicHexus: lance keeps people out?ToxicHexus: ill keep him inzerojones: dragon is shitzerojones: LOL LILLY REMOVE DMEToxicHexus: dragon did nothingToxicHexus: leave her aloneToxicHexus: she actually has a lifezerojones: hahahahahhahahahahahahazerojones: wtfzerojones: did lilly remove me forToxicHexus: oh and shins in my serverToxicHexus: thats all whos in my serverToxicHexus: so if its bein spread by wildfire id look at whos in mcToxicHexus: lance is chill af marcelloFlutiesFriend: Well the name calling and the gossping about each other can we like dead it right nowToxicHexus: i dont get why you hate himToxicHexus: marcello you the one gossipingToxicHexus: and spreading rumorsFlutiesFriend: Ugh you tooFlutiesFriend: And lillyFlutiesFriend: and fridaToxicHexus: no we aintzerojones: lance was a creep who posted pornFlutiesFriend: We all were at one pointToxicHexus: you areFlutiesFriend: So lets dead itToxicHexus: lance is a trollFlutiesFriend: Well I'm gon abe the bigger person and end the gossipingFlutiesFriend: Now do any of you eat pankcakes?zerojones: ok and im not a troll?ToxicHexus: yall have done and said worsezerojones: fatpackage isFlutiesFriend: TOXIC DO YOU EAT PANCAKESToxicHexus: fats said and done worsezerojones: im not worse than fatpackagezerojones: im one step below herToxicHexus: fats a dudezerojones: yeah so?zerojones: im nbzerojones: what does gender gotta do with thisToxicHexus: hears them on vcToxicHexus: ive vc fatzerojones: u heard fat on vc?FlutiesFriend: So nobody eats PancakesToxicHexus: yeahToxicHexus: i eat wafflesFlutiesFriend: AEDAN YOUE AT PANCAKES?zerojones: sure u didzerojones: i eat pancakesFlutiesFriend: Waffles with syrupAedan888: only with maple syrupToxicHexus: heared him same as i heared aedanzerojones: anyway marcello i will send u the ss nowToxicHexus: right aedanFlutiesFriend: Zero you eat pancakes with honey or syrup?zerojones: neitherFlutiesFriend: ....ToxicHexus: i vc you all the time right aedanFlutiesFriend: WTFzerojones: i eat it with bacon or sugar or nutellaAedan888: yes i vc with yomo and toxic all the timeFlutiesFriend: Ugh I would ask Toxic to dm me, but nvmzerojones: we dont eveen have maple syrupFlutiesFriend: WHY NOTToxicHexus: me aedan yomo and fat all vc together some dayszerojones: dutchland babyzerojones: anyway toxic i saw ss of u all gossipping soFlutiesFriend: WellToxicHexus: sure ya didzerojones: i wanted to add deb to hbszerojones: but not sure nowToxicHexus: marcello likes to ss and crop shitt to look badzerojones: he did ask me if i was dating dry lolzerojones: cute shitzerojones: i did kick skylaFlutiesFriend: TOXIC I SS THE WHOLE THING FOR A REASONFlutiesFriend: Although...FlutiesFriend: I can send a screan recording?ToxicHexus: marcello you ss it to start probemszerojones: "and if you poke him hell start problems" - toxic not gossipingToxicHexus: whats the ivy crew doin to zero?ToxicHexus: ive said that to dryzerojones: im being harassedToxicHexus: thats not gossipingzerojones: by gregFlutiesFriend: I really wanna explain to you my new leaf turnover Toxic but that's a long convo soToxicHexus: ive told dry that hes to sensitiveFlutiesFriend: Toxiczerojones: ur too sensitiveFlutiesFriend: You eat cornbreadzerojones: dont talkl abt dryToxicHexus: lolFlutiesFriend: Toic you eat cornbreedFlutiesFriend: CORNBREEDzerojones: i don teat breadToxicHexus: cornbread is grosszerojones: marclellozerojones: whos gregToxicHexus: marcello iszerojones: if i found out greg is in gaming serverFlutiesFriend: Idk and I don't wanna knowToxicHexus: dont you get it?zerojones: i will harass the shit out of himzerojones: NO GREG IS IN GAMING SERVER.zerojones: ITS ONE OF US.ToxicHexus: one of YOUFlutiesFriend: I'm not in any gamming serverzerojones: yesToxicHexus: dont lump me in on YOUR dramaFlutiesFriend: I can show you all f the servers im in on all 3 of my accountszerojones: one of us meaning me and yomo and that other personFlutiesFriend: OhFlutiesFriend: Well shitToxicHexus: only server we share is mczerojones: birthcontrol05 is a spyToxicHexus: thats just a randozerojones: u hired gregToxicHexus: they are just a random accToxicHexus: maybeToxicHexus: the floaterzerojones: marcello is the only one who called me a pToxicHexus: is aedanzerojones: and ivy shitFlutiesFriend: QUESTION: Who is Greg, and who is TypicaloneAedan888: :OToxicHexus: he is in every serverzerojones: TYPICALONE IS HIS ALT.FlutiesFriend: Typicalone knows all about usToxicHexus: i saw him ventzerojones: AND CHILDTOUCHER01.Aedan888: I was just fixing the ventilation system!zerojones: MARCELLO U KNOW TYPICALONE.FlutiesFriend: NO I DONTzerojones: THATS HIS UFCKING ALT.ToxicHexus: thats marcellozerojones: THATS GREGORY.zerojones: aedan r u gregory yes or noFlutiesFriend: I DIDNT KNOWToxicHexus: no thats marcelloAedan888: what do you thinkToxicHexus: i called them marcellozerojones: i dont know what to thinkAedan888: zero are you gregoryzerojones: AM I GREGORY??????FlutiesFriend: TOXIC WHY DO YOU THINK IM GREGORYzerojones: do u think IM GREGORYAedan888: Wow youre not saying noToxicHexus: typical one said hi to me sayiing hi marcelloAedan888: I guess youre gregoryAedan888: It's confirmed guysAedan888: zero is gregoryzerojones: bruh u ignored my questionToxicHexus: its zerozerojones: fuck on mateAedan888: Zero not saying she's not gergoryFlutiesFriend: OKay Im changin my nameAedan888: ZERO IS GREGORY!ToxicHexus: shes fake harassing herselfToxicHexus: for dramazerojones: see aedan what did u do, the looney thinks its me nowzerojones: thank you aedanzerojones: reallyFlutiesFriend: IDEK WHY IM SALTY MARCELLO NOT EVEN MY REAL NAMEAedan888: "the looney"FlutiesFriend: Wtfzerojones: as if u didnt do enoughFlutiesFriend: ok brbAedan888: Ok gregToxicHexus: sure gregzerojones: i think i mispelled thatzerojones: doesnt betterzerojones: matter`8zerojones: im tired i slept like 3 hourszerojones: thanks aedanzerojones: now all of dsiscord will think im gregToxicHexus: gregs tiredzerojones: wtf mateAedan888: werent u literally calling me greg earlierToxicHexus: go to bed gregzerojones: U HAVE REASONS TO BE GREGAedan888: shut up gregzerojones: i asked u if u were gregToxicHexus: aedan shes totally gregzerojones: fine aedan were doneToxicHexus: right?Aedan888: gotta be cuz she didnt say she wasntToxicHexus: zero maybe you should go to bedFlutiesFriend: Okay who is Greg. Like we knows he's an alt, but who do he acts like the mostFlutiesFriend: WTFAedan888: who even was thatAedan888: who just leftFlutiesFriend: BIrthcontrol you fucking bitchAedan888: birthcontrol who are yazerojones: maybe you should fucking stop talking u sick personFlutiesFriend: WHO ARE YOUzerojones: u need helpToxicHexus: thats me birthcontrolToxicHexus: makin sure i dont get pregnantFlutiesFriend: ohGodOfEverythingLvl99: toToxicHexus: chillzerojones: im worriedFlutiesFriend: SorryFlutiesFriend: So are we all cool nowToxicHexus: also greg is clearly confectionaryFlutiesFriend: LOLFlutiesFriend: I have Confectionery friendedGodOfEverythingLvl99: peanut 1mikebob321: ew toxic hexusFlutiesFriend: lolToxicHexus: hi mikezerojones: greg is british but hes send by someoneToxicHexus: mike my lovezerojones: mikebob long time no seeToxicHexus: i miss your bushesFlutiesFriend: Toxic you still have that recording of fake Marcello?zerojones: mikebob wheres adamToxicHexus: yesmikebob321: i usually play all any since tt is deadFlutiesFriend: Send it to mezerojones: wheres milk smhAedan888: oh mikebobAedan888: helloToxicHexus: how?FlutiesFriend: Also Toxic can you get a recording of greg?FlutiesFriend: Oh shit idkFlutiesFriend: Aedanzerojones: GREG HAS DISCORDToxicHexus: i dont know who greg ismikebob321: who adam?ToxicHexus: lolGodOfEverythingLvl99: ?zerojones: but we dont know itAedan888: what marcelloGodOfEverythingLvl99: fToxicHexus: ive legit not talked to gregmikebob321: hi aedanFlutiesFriend: Well somebody get a voice recording of gregAedan888: hiAedan888: how r uFlutiesFriend: Toxic send it to meGodOfEverythingLvl99: hriufubdhjv,rgekujdab;fvk i am baordmikebob321: good you?FlutiesFriend: Hi Aedanzerojones: toxic ur the only one who can be greg or sent himAedan888: Im goodToxicHexus: this is honestly my first time hearing about gregzerojones: he hates me and harleyToxicHexus: and?zerojones: u hate ma and harleyToxicHexus: i dont even hate harleyToxicHexus: i dont hate youFlutiesFriend: zero theres a lot of people that hate you and harleyFlutiesFriend: lolzerojones: the only other person who hates me and harley is aedanmikebob321: harley is a monkeyzerojones: nahToxicHexus: i legit hate no onezerojones: most people hate me or her but not bothAedan888: i never said i hate anybodyAedan888: except adam probablyzerojones: its someone int he gaming serverFlutiesFriend: So Toxic you gon send me recording of fake marcellomikebob321: whos adam?zerojones: ok dislike thenzerojones: ur bf mikeFlutiesFriend: WAITmikebob321: i'm not gay sorryFlutiesFriend: Isnt Greg, HabitsToxicHexus: marcello i would have to add on discSiritheace: reagan leavezerojones: im gonna close homeboys forever and leave im done with this shitFlutiesFriend: Oh nvmToxicHexus: zeroAedan888: i never said i dislike anyone eitherzerojones: raegan is a hsh altGodOfEverythingLvl99: can we start?zerojones: im ignoring toxicFlutiesFriend: Well send it to aedan and aedan send it to meFlutiesFriend: Unless you want to add meFlutiesFriend: I tried itmikebob321: i wanna know who this adam guy is :(FlutiesFriend: AEDANAedan888: whatToxicHexus: you need to just stop fighting everyonezerojones: WE DONT HAVE HIM ON FK DISCORD MARCELLOFlutiesFriend: DONT HAVE WHO???zerojones: GREGToxicHexus: you pissing a lot of people offzerojones: OR WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABT.zerojones: no habits2001 i snot gregFlutiesFriend: OHH WELL WHY DIDNT DIDNT YOU SAY THATzerojones: GREG IS SENT BY SOMEONE NAMED DRYYOUUPzerojones: BUT with a moving pfpzerojones: but its not our dryFlutiesFriend: WTFzerojones: ITS NOT DRYmikebob321: wait you guys don't like dry?zerojones: i love dryFlutiesFriend: DRY SENDING PPLzerojones: and if u say anything abt himFlutiesFriend: WAIT...WHICH DRYToxicHexus: lol dude you do realize you pissed of the trip trio right?FlutiesFriend: THERE ARE 3 DRY'Szerojones: OUR DRY DID NOT SEND HIMToxicHexus: dry is a snakemikebob321: welpzerojones: trip trio lives harleyzerojones: shut up toxicToxicHexus: he laughs about itzerojones: ur a snakeFlutiesFriend: WHICH DRYToxicHexus: lolzerojones: u deserved that hate gc 10/19zerojones: 10mikebob321: i am gonna head peace yall back to all any i go :Dzerojones: WE ONLY HAVE ONE DRYAedan888: bye mikeDisksksksk: 10 years laterFlutiesFriend: NO THERE ARE 3 DRYSFlutiesFriend: 3tetragramzslob: im hozerojones: WHOS DRY 2 AND 3.FlutiesFriend: NOT 1 BUT 3zerojones: BRUHAedan888: hate gcs are not goodToxicHexus: if he said dry sent him its most likely confectionary and he was asked by ivy to harass youDisksksksk: Whats happeningDisksksksk: Whos deyzerojones: why harass fucking harleyDisksksksk: WHOS DEYAedan888: was that yomoFlutiesFriend: ZERO I CAN ASK YOU THE SAME THINGDisksksksk: WHOS DRYzerojones: WHOS DRY 1 AND 2ToxicHexus: they didnt harass harley you didzerojones: AND 3.zerojones: THEY DID FUCKING STOP LYING.FlutiesFriend: 1 IS DRYYOUUPzerojones: THEY SAID THEY HATE ME AND HARLEY.Aedan888: everyone deep breathsToxicHexus: their is only one dryFlutiesFriend: 2 Is Dryouupzerojones: CHECK THE DAMN REPORTS U BITCH.zerojones: gregorykiplerFlutiesFriend: AND ANOTHER IS DRYzerojones: harasses me and harleyToxicHexus: what reports?zerojones: gregorykiplerFlutiesFriend: 3 DRYS WHICH DRY SENT GREGGYzerojones: harasses me and halrey calls us both slutsToxicHexus: maybe you should report them to the modszerojones: i reported him for hshToxicHexus: theyll alt check himzerojones: mods dont do shitzerojones: and u told me mods hate me soFlutiesFriend: wellzerojones: can someone transcript this whole lobbyToxicHexus: mods dont hate youzerojones: sure they dontToxicHexus: mods know about youFlutiesFriend: Zero idk howFlutiesFriend: tell me howzerojones: sure they doToxicHexus: you and fatzerojones: they know what?zerojones: that im godToxicHexus: that yall trollzerojones: which i amzerojones: nah i dontFlutiesFriend: Fat doesn't like HarbleyToxicHexus: you get reportedzerojones: i dont even own any alts atmToxicHexus: a lotzerojones: i dotnToxicHexus: wellzerojones: i have 1 or 2 gt reports which were invalidToxicHexus: i dont know what to tell yatetragramzslob: im happyzerojones: i got a bunch of fake hsh thanks to yomo hahaToxicHexus: yomo and fat never report mezerojones: gregory isnt banned yetzerojones: cool for uFlutiesFriend: Dryyouup,Dryouup,Dry are the 3 Dry's so which one sent fucking Gregory and who had gregs discord????!!!!zerojones: go suck my dickzerojones: i dont know dryouupzerojones: who the fuck is thisFlutiesFriend: IDKzerojones: bruh its clear who it iszerojones: its dalezerojones: hes britishToxicHexus: ive never seen any of those besides dryFlutiesFriend: WHOS DALEzerojones: idfkToxicHexus: whos dale?zerojones: some dudeFlutiesFriend: WHICH DRY TOXICToxicHexus: zeroToxicHexus: do you realize zToxicHexus: vToxicHexus: hasToxicHexus: aToxicHexus: youtubeToxicHexus: he does these thingszerojones: zv has a youtube ofFlutiesFriend: GREYSON IS CONFECTIONERYToxicHexus: and postsToxicHexus: toFlutiesFriend: LOLzerojones: HAHHAHAHAHAmikebob321: i am back to out the tt :Dzerojones: GG.Aedan888: WtfToxicHexus: i said it was confectionarymikebob321: ?zerojones: zv doesnt careToxicHexus: yall dont listenzerojones: i dont caretetragramzslob: noobzerojones: i said it was confec last night bitchToxicHexus: that means you were asked to be troled by ivyFlutiesFriend: WHICH DRY THOUGHHHH!!!!!!zerojones: why would ivy of all people send cofnec to hate on harleymikebob321: everyone troll toxic hexuszerojones: THERES ONLY ONE FUCKING DRYToxicHexus: then why ask me who it is?zerojones: loo kzerojones: marcelloAedan888: you said there was a second dryzerojones: fucking read that last reportAedan888: with a moving pfpAedan888: which wasnt our drytetragramzslob: slutToxicHexus: ivy sends confectionary to hate everyoneFlutiesFriend: I AM SO CONFUSEDToxicHexus: its just what they dozerojones: 3594226zerojones: thisToxicHexus: yall take them to seriouszerojones: okay and u didntzerojones: when they all harassed uToxicHexus: no i dontzerojones: when i defended u to all of themzerojones: u were fine with all of tizerojones: sure mateToxicHexus: i dont take them serious other people didzerojones: so u tell me marcello over there called me a p for nothingzerojones: i went through all that shit for nothingzerojones: alrightyToxicHexus: marcello why you call her a p?zerojones: marcello i forgive u btwFlutiesFriend: I CALLED YOU A WHAT??????zerojones: u said flutie asked u totetragramzslob: SLUTFlutiesFriend: ASKED ME TO DO WHATToxicHexus: flutie and ivy and trip are trollszerojones: marcellor read the reporttetragramzslob: BITCHToxicHexus: they dont carezerojones: TETRAGRAM IS GREG.zerojones: TETRA IS GREG.Aedan888: no shittetragramzslob: who tf is gregToxicHexus: greg is confectionaryMsSquidIsFab: i think greg is a hottietetragramzslob: im master elozerojones: i hate everyone here deeplyToxicHexus: confectionary is a sexy briish dudeAedan888: :PToxicHexus: i thought aedan was your frinedToxicHexus: top 3zerojones: whos the thirdToxicHexus: dryzerojones: whos the firstToxicHexus: dryzerojones: dry is number 1mikebob321: people have friends in 2021?FlutiesFriend: TOXIC FLUTIE SAID YOU WERE A "p" AND THEN I GOT INTO IT WITH ZERO AND WELL I GAVE THE "I SUPPOSERT P" ROLE IToxicHexus: dry dry and aedanFlutiesFriend: TO ZEROzerojones: BRUH I WAS FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD P.zerojones: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA .ToxicHexus: flutie sexted tripzerojones: its funny hindsightzerojones: u sexted tripToxicHexus: and he was suposed to be 17ToxicHexus: i sexted NO ONEToxicHexus: thats bullzerojones: aedan is my consig altho i sacked him temporarily and tried to hire a new one. but im busy on this story abt aedan as gfmikebob321: wowtetragramzslob: drama as hellFlutiesFriend: Well not everyone believes I'm 20 by the way I sound so yeahFlutiesFriend: WAITzerojones: he is a bad gf tho hes too busy looking for the trident of poseidonFlutiesFriend: Isn't Trip 18?mikebob321: toxic sexting random people online real shocker there :/ToxicHexus: confectionary said you were 16 marcellozerojones: hahahahahaha mikebob i love uToxicHexus: mike i only sext youmikebob321: nozerojones: mike pls confirm ur minormikebob321: you are jail baitToxicHexus: trip is 20zerojones: trip is 16mikebob321: i am 26FlutiesFriend: IF THAT WAS THE CASE THEN I SHOULDNT HAVE GOTTEN LABELED A "P" BY KATEToxicHexus: trip is 20ToxicHexus: kate is in love with tripzerojones: kate is a bitchtetragramzslob: trip is 13FlutiesFriend: KATE TALKED ABOUT CLEANING UP MY BODYzerojones: we all hate kateToxicHexus: trip is now 2zerojones: YEAH SHE FUCKING DID.ToxicHexus: kates also 19zerojones: SHE WANTED TO CLEAN UP UR FK BODY.ToxicHexus: soFlutiesFriend: Kate is probably pregnantzerojones: marcello remember when u showed us ur shit.FlutiesFriend: I DIDNT SHOW MY SHITzerojones: U DIDzerojones: AEDAN CONFIRM. \Aedan888: you guys are gonna scare the randos in this lobbyFlutiesFriend: PROOF?Aedan888: marcello dont show ur shit on camerazerojones: PROOF, PROOF????zerojones: I DIDNT TAKE PROOF.zerojones: im laughing so hardFlutiesFriend: EXACTLY NO PROOF I DID IT XDDisksksksk: What is going onzerojones: aedan whatever dry said abt me is not truezerojones: marcello once showed his shit on vcFlutiesFriend: PROOF?Aedan888: wdym whatever dry saidzerojones: and us 4 are the most dramatic four musketeers evermikebob321: guyszerojones: anyway birthcontrol05 is a spymikebob321: hal got banned again :OAedan888: what 4 people are u referring tozerojones: whatever dry saidzerojones: is cap[ToxicHexus: zero you know confect said marcello a minor cus you suposidly have his d picDisksksksk: Alright im leaving screw thisUsername56927: Same u guys are wierdzerojones: it was amn internet piczerojones: i knew that ;)Aedan888: marcello didnt send his real dick if you reverse search it it's all over the internetzerojones: hahhahahahahazerojones: WTRDmikebob321: toxic causing more drama :/ToxicHexus: i dont like d picszerojones: WTF.zerojones: yeah mike ur rightzerojones: birthontrol05 is a spyyyyzerojones: dry was almost late for work againmikebob321: everyone likes a good d piczerojones: hi marcToxicHexus: no its what i was toldFlutiesFriend: hellocetingsgl: hiFlutiesFriend: I NEVER SENT MY DP EVERToxicHexus: and no one likes d picsmikebob321: you just havent seen good onesmikebob321: all about angle and lighteningToxicHexus: i send pancakes nudesmikebob321: lighting*ToxicHexus: its the most youll get from meFlutiesFriend: I never sent nudes to anybodyFlutiesFriend: hehehemikebob321: toxic wishes she got d picsFlutiesFriend: I'm 18FlutiesFriend: lolFlutiesFriend: mike...zerojones: toxic likes trip dick picsFlutiesFriend: whyToxicHexus: i get d pics daily :cmikebob321: bit no one likes her enough for thatToxicHexus: i never seen trips dickToxicHexus: soFlutiesFriend: I just google black penis and copy and paste imagemikebob321: you wish you did thoFlutiesFriend: Zero has a random black guy's penis in her phone rn?FlutiesFriend: lolToxicHexus: trips a guy thozerojones: yeah i dozerojones: multipleToxicHexus: i dont like guyszerojones: why did birthconrtol05 the spy leavemikebob321: toxic is a wannabe lesbian?zerojones: that was 10000000% a spyToxicHexus: he wasnt a spyToxicHexus: he a randozerojones: trust meFlutiesFriend: People say I'm GayFlutiesFriend: lolFlutiesFriend: I'm biToxicHexus: mike im a trapzerojones: i know a spy when i see oneaDisksksksk: Oh fuck this bullshit u guys need to sort your shit togetherFlutiesFriend: LOLzerojones: ur pansexualDisksksksk: Fuck you allFlutiesFriend: I am not Pamzerojones: PAMToxicHexus: disk you lieAedan888: pamsexualzerojones: i need to fucking stay in this lobby and makle sure someone makes a mistaek so i can get a reportFlutiesFriend: I MISS PAMzerojones: or i will ss everything tbhzerojones: ill do thatzerojones: brbFlutiesFriend: I am biFlutiesFriend: Hey ToxicFlutiesFriend: you eat honey?ToxicHexus: noToxicHexus: im alergicToxicHexus: aedan i heard you gregToxicHexus: you monsterAedan888: yes im surely gregAedan888: even tho i was asleep the whole timeToxicHexus: knew itiToxicHexus: when were they on?Aedan888: greg is my sleepwalking alter egoFlutiesFriend: That's impossoble cuz Aedan is my altAedan888: No clue but I woke up and this stuff was hereFlutiesFriend: So greg is not aedanFlutiesFriend: lolAedan888: mini dmed me about greg at 915 PM so I guess thats when greg was onToxicHexus: dude i wasnt even awakezerojones: okayzerojones: tookzerojones: 30 sszerojones: at leasrToxicHexus: 915 french hour?Aedan888: yes european timeToxicHexus: brbmikebob321: toxic is dating aedan?zerojones: aedan u cant blame mezerojones: for thinking its uToxicHexus: yes aedan is my loverzerojones: u have access to gaming server, u have motiveToxicHexus: im 12zerojones: grossAedan888: mike what hahhahahaToxicHexus: hes 12zerojones: reportToxicHexus: weth 12bohzerojones: grosszerojones: disgusting jokesmikebob321: aedan i just set you up a date :)ToxicHexus: we both 12Aedan888: zero what is reportable about two 12 year oldsmikebob321: your welcomeAedan888: yomo is my only lovezerojones: its disgustingmikebob321: yomomikebob321: lolToxicHexus: yomo is our dadzerojones: hes ur cousinmikebob321: the guy that cant even throwmikebob321: lolzerojones: u cant throwmikebob321: wanna bet?mikebob321: :Dzerojones: toxic stop talking our timezonesAedan888: yomo is good at throwingmikebob321: nopemikebob321: hezerojones: ive been awake for 4 horusmikebob321: lost the throwing bet to mezerojones: for nothingToxicHexus: yomo is my cousin daddyzerojones: only drama dramaToxicHexus: brbzerojones: only good thing was dryFlutiesFriend: aedan is my---FlutiesFriend: ToxicAedan888: aedan is my toxicFlutiesFriend: Why'd seh leavezerojones: good riddance BITCHFlutiesFriend: LMAOzerojones: gone with the windzerojones: stupid lunaticzerojones: hope she stays goneFlutiesFriend: I have been waiting since 1 AMzerojones: bruhFlutiesFriend: it's 2:27 AMzerojones: i cant believezerojones: they all talked shit abt usAedan888: admin is a good :relievedzerojones: as if greg isnt enough my own "friends" talk shit abt mezerojones: hahhaahha aedan ur so childish grow upAedan888: ok greghikmetusta1905: how much time does it take to startzerojones: well weve been here for 5 hourszerojones: sohikmetusta1905: damnnzerojones: aedan if u think i would say such stuff to myself ur mentalzerojones: but iw ouldnt put it past uToxicHexus: yeah aedan i was def asleep when greg was onzerojones: maybe dry was rightAedan888: alrightToxicHexus: zero dry is a snakePugVivisection: ahzerojones: YOU ARE A SNAKEFlutiesFriend: Damn she came back with an insultAedan888: zero u called me greg u hypocritezerojones: YOURE A LYING BACKSTABBING BITCH.zerojones: u are gregzerojones: im notToxicHexus: dry is separating you from your friendsAedan888: you didnt even deny being greg when i just asked u earlierzerojones: ur fucking greg and ur denying itToxicHexus: and making you paranoidzerojones: u denied it firstzerojones: i asked u if u were gregAedan888: i denied being greg first?Aedan888: so what????ToxicHexus: greg is clearly confectionaryzerojones: u ignoreddamisnotonfire: does this lobby fill up?zerojones: U ARE THE ONLY ONE WITH REAOSN TO BE GREG.Aedan888: You asked me if i was gregAedan888: i asked you if you were greg in responsezerojones: i asked uzerojones: if uw ere gregAedan888: and i asked u backzerojones: in discordzerojones: u didnt replyAedan888: wherezerojones: IN DISCORDzerojones: u fucking ignored itAedan888: where in discordzerojones: IN INVESTIGATION TAB.ToxicHexus: aedan ignores everyoneAedan888: im not in that tabAedan888: :PAedan888: hey i don't ignore everyoneeToxicHexus: aedans a kid he doesnt get this serious about thingszerojones: u were in that tabFlutiesFriend: Aedan is my kidzerojones: bruhzerojones: ill add u backFlutiesFriend: His mom left meToxicHexus: i highly doubt hed make an alt to harass youFlutiesFriend: ToxicToxicHexus: marcello thoAedan888: thank u adminFlutiesFriend: whatToxicHexus: what marcelloFlutiesFriend: nothingToxicHexus: im aedans momzerojones: lolzerojones: its u then toxicToxicHexus: marcello knocked me up when i was 3zerojones: and stop talking fucking shit about dryFlutiesFriend: Yazerojones: grossFlutiesFriend: WAITToxicHexus: zero im not gregzerojones: reported for making inapproriate jokeszerojones: ur gregzerojones: oh no not this fuckAedan888: hi rinzzerojones: aedan u can seeToxicHexus: i dont care about you enough to make an alt to harass youRinzlerX: hello hellozerojones: i asked uzerojones: u didnt reply ]Aedan888: u kicked me from the tabzerojones: so i assumed it was a yesToxicHexus: hi rinzzerojones: U REPLIED IN CAT SERVERzerojones: SO.RinzlerX: howdy toxAedan888: how is ignoring a question a yeszerojones: im p[utting rinzler on ignorezerojones: ignoring is always confirmationzerojones: KAREL FLIKKER OPToxicHexus: zzero none of us are gregzerojones: stomme kutAedan888: but you didnt answer my question when i asked if you were gregToxicHexus: its confectionaryAedan888: you didnt say you werentzerojones: toxic hou je bek ik heb geen izn in jouToxicHexus: i dont speek dutchAedan888: so i guess u confirm ur gregRinzlerX: is zero okay?zerojones: u confirm ur greg firstToxicHexus: no shes notRinzlerX: shameToxicHexus: someones harassng herzerojones: shut the fuck up abt me u psycho bitchzerojones: u started all of thiszerojones: this is all ur faultRinzlerX: who?ToxicHexus: i didnt start ANYTHINGzerojones: urs rinzlerzerojones: u started EVERYTHINGRinzlerX: what did I do?ToxicHexus: you made an alt and pissed people offToxicHexus: got found outzerojones: U MADE IT SO THAT EVERYONE HATED ME FOR DEFENDINGME.ToxicHexus: and are now being mad at everyonezerojones: u stabbed me in the back with alphazerojones: u screwed over dryzerojones: u harassed us over nothingToxicHexus: drys a creepToxicHexus: i harassed no oneRinzlerX: Idk what you are talking about lolzerojones: you got mad bc ur in love with a 19 year old boy from indiaFlutiesFriend: fucked Toxic had a baby by herToxicHexus: you think i keep making alts to harass youzerojones: then u suddenly fucking harass the shit out of homeboys an dmeFlutiesFriend: Who does?zerojones: for nor easonzerojones: ive been civilRinzlerX: Im confused afFlutiesFriend: zero I would hardly call your actions recently civil lmfaoToxicHexus: zero that was MONTHS ago and i told you i lied i didnt love stealthAedan888: rinzlerAedan888: its a lot of drama XDzerojones: and then as klap op de vuurpijl u fucking out me to everyone on discordzerojones: MARCELLOFlutiesFriend: lolToxicHexus: you WERE outed on toszerojones: I WAS CIVIL.ToxicHexus: alreadyToxicHexus: by 15 peoplezerojones: UNTIL FUCKING TOXIC SAID HBS WAS A TROLL GROUP.ToxicHexus: you told people who you wereToxicHexus: and they ratted you outzerojones: U JUST TOOK IT FURTHER BC U COULDNT LET THE CHANCE TO MAKE ME MISERABLE SLIDE.zerojones: ADMIT IT U FUCKING PATHOLOGICAL LYING BITCH,FlutiesFriend: Yes cuz telling somebody you'd "raipe her corpse" is civil lmaozerojones: marcelloFlutiesFriend: Okay I'l stopzerojones: u werent there this happened weeks agozerojones: shut the fuck upFlutiesFriend: OkToxicHexus: zero you told me you were going to "doxx my nudes"zerojones: if u dont know hwat ur talking abtFlutiesFriend: I said I'll stopzerojones: take her side lolzerojones: u can all take the side of a mental patientFlutiesFriend: I said I WAS GONNA STOPAedan888: hey rinzler did u ever play yoshi's islandToxicHexus: im not a mental patientzerojones: idc anymoreToxicHexus: butzerojones: u are ur fucking sickToxicHexus: sureRinzlerX: I love yoshi's islandAedan888: OMGAedan888: wait reallyzerojones: ur all sickRinzlerX: im an old school gamerAedan888: ITS ONE OF MY FAVE GAMESToxicHexus: zero you need to get off tosRinzlerX: SNES is probably my favorite consoleToxicHexus: you are to invested in a online gamezerojones: im taking ss of this wretched lobbyzerojones: snes is goatedAedan888: I got the ds version for christmas when i was 4zerojones: i love n64 more thoAedan888: then later got the older version on the gameboy advanceAedan888: the art is so cuteeezerojones: toxic u suck and i dont want to see u ever againzerojones: ofc dry goes to work and this shit happensToxicHexus: then stop playingAedan888: and the boss fights are goatedToxicHexus: and leave mafiacatsToxicHexus: cusAedan888: especially the one where you fight that black bird thing on the moonAedan888: and the one where you attack the frogs mouthToxicHexus: you gonna see me theirAedan888: from insideRinzlerX: Donkey Kong Country 2 is my fav. Yoshi's Island is up there though, you can tell the devs put a lot of love and detail into that gameToxicHexus: and stop making alts and fake harassing yourselfToxicHexus: its wierdToxicHexus: aedan you play luigis mansion?ToxicHexus: the ghost one?Aedan888: i havent played luigis mansionAedan888: or most donkey kongszerojones: also greg happened when dry went to bed which was 4:30 so subtracr 7 hours and u have ur euro timeAedan888: except the donkey kong vs mario and his mini-me'szerojones: ;EAVE MAFIACATS HAHAHAHHAHAHAzerojones: u leaveRinzlerX: Luigi's Mansion was amazinToxicHexus: my euro time?zerojones: my euro timezerojones: not ursToxicHexus: then its a british personzerojones: dk64 is best thozerojones: its an american or a eurohikmetusta1905: how much time does it take to startToxicHexus: aedan you play mario games?Aedan888: YessToxicHexus: it wont start this hourAedan888: Ive played most of the main onesToxicHexus: mario cart?Aedan888: ya i have mario kart on the wiiAedan888: Goated gameAedan888: blue shells are the bane of my existenceFlutiesFriend: ...ToxicHexus: you got nintendo switch?FlutiesFriend: I threw it awayFlutiesFriend: why?Aedan888: ive a switch liteAedan888: only played animal crossing and mario odysseyFlutiesFriend: I wanna talk to ToxicToxicHexus: i have a lite and the newest oneToxicHexus: whatFlutiesFriend: I wanna talk to AedanFlutiesFriend: I wanna eat cookiesToxicHexus: what marcelloRinzlerX: animal crossing is life and loveAedan888: well u can do all 3 of these thingsFlutiesFriend: I wanna play video gamesFlutiesFriend: AEDAN HOW!!!!!zerojones: bruh stop talking i need to make ssAedan888: just say words in this lobby and eat cookiesAedan888: boom all 3 things done at onceToxicHexus: my daughter loves animal crossingAedan888: I liked the ds and wii versions a lotToxicHexus: its a wierd gameAedan888: didn't get into the switch one muchRinzlerX: who are your top villagers?Aedan888: i had that blue cat in the ds oneToxicHexus: i end up playing a lot of kids games to get my kids all the levels and perks and find all the items so they can free playzerojones: marcelloFlutiesFriend: LOL AEDAN DID YOU SEE JAYNE IN THE GCFlutiesFriend: Yes ZeroToxicHexus: marcello what gc?RinzlerX: is the blue cat rosie?zerojones: im glad i kicked skylazerojones: whos nextFlutiesFriend: I created a GC with me and Ivy's crewToxicHexus: ah i seeFlutiesFriend: And Jayne's in itzerojones: yeah i know marcelloAedan888: ya i jusrt checked the gcFlutiesFriend: lol zerozerojones: u invited meToxicHexus: and you streaming right?zerojones: then kicked meAedan888: the blue cat is Tomzerojones: hi ivy crewAedan888: and he was one of my favesFlutiesFriend: No ToxicRinzlerX: cuteToxicHexus: see zero i told you, you just pissed of ivy crewzerojones: idcRinzlerX: I would die for Mitzi, also a catToxicHexus: its why marcello called you onzerojones: i pissed them off months agozerojones: idczerojones: if jayne knows its being streamed and didnt tell mezerojones: nahh i dont believezerojones: she called aaron out for being a spyToxicHexus: uh huhToxicHexus: who is aaronzerojones: i like how i already got rid of 2 phoneys in the past 24 hourzerojones: none of ur business mateAedan888: aarons a guy who got kicked from hbs a day ago xdToxicHexus: aaronzerojones: yes supposedly for a very sus reasonToxicHexus: why does that name sound so familiarzerojones: meanwhile the real reason was he pissed me offzerojones: so he had to gozerojones: same reason dry got on when marcello posted his sszerojones: do u see me throw a fit over thatFlutiesFriend: LOL AEDAN AND ZERPzerojones: or marcelloAedan888: HuhAedan888: what marcello?FlutiesFriend: Nothing AedanToxicHexus: zerp? you mean zeph?zerojones: zerpzerojones: zerpzerojones: he meanz zeroAedan888: HI WANDFlutiesFriend: ZERPwanderingisles: HI AEDToxicHexus: hi ilsewanderingisles: zerpToxicHexus: wanderingToxicHexus: my childwanderingisles: :3ToxicHexus: my favoritewanderingisles: owoFlutiesFriend: OMFG ITS WANDERwanderingisles: soo am i a boy or girlFlutiesFriend: Wander is my friendzerojones: wanderingggg cugtieeeeeToxicHexus: a girlzerojones: cutieeezerojones: my belovedwanderingisles: JAYzerojones: HELLO JAYNEAedan888: hey jaynezerojones: JOIN THIS WRETCHED LOBBY.jaynerds45: HelloToxicHexus: hi jayjaynerds45: Hi megzerojones: JAYNEEEEFlutiesFriend: OMFG ITS JAYNEzerojones: my only friendToxicHexus: you know who greg isFlutiesFriend: WANDERzerojones: jayne knows its uToxicHexus: greg is wanderzerojones: wandering is a childzerojones: who likes mezerojones: as friendjaynerds45: WhatToxicHexus: wander likes everyoneToxicHexus: chillToxicHexus: hes a good boyjaynerds45: Phone is so hard to typeFlutiesFriend: Where is Wanderings?wanderingisles: :3ToxicHexus: wander is jaynes nephewjaynerds45: Niecejaynerds45: Lol yeahToxicHexus: shhhToxicHexus: noToxicHexus: hes a boyToxicHexus: i thinkjaynerds45: Ohwanderingisles: whats going onwanderingisles: i just bought starbucksjaynerds45: Ur a boy?ToxicHexus: hes a white girlToxicHexus: O:ToxicHexus: bet he got pumpkin spiceToxicHexus: MY DAUGHTERjaynerds45: Oh lol isles sound like a girl she stwanderingisles: I backToxicHexus: MY CHILDwanderingisles: MOMToxicHexus: so hows school?jaynerds45: U stopped messaging me sighwanderingisles: no wait i meanwanderingisles: DADToxicHexus: si i am dadwanderingisles: who stopped messaging jayne >:(ToxicHexus: mewanderingisles: ohkarelappel: dead gamewanderingisles: flutiesfriend who are uToxicHexus: your wierd uncleToxicHexus: call him mikeFlutiesFriend: WanderingFlutiesFriend: WANDERINGFlutiesFriend: I thought Wandering was my friend I was wrongwanderingisles: ..ToxicHexus: he doesnt know you sirwanderingisles: TELL ME WHO U RToxicHexus: stop touching MY sonFlutiesFriend: WANDERING AM SEXY CAKESFlutiesFriend: I AM SEXY CAKESwanderingisles: I only know babycakesToxicHexus: thats gregwanderingisles: not sexycakesFlutiesFriend: Babycakes is sexycakesFlutiesFriend: lolwanderingisles: nowanderingisles: I like babycakeswanderingisles: butwanderingisles: sexycakes isToxicHexus: he never met youwanderingisles: not sexyzerojones: i like gioToxicHexus: you are an uncle from our OTHER side of the familywanderingisles: but i thought babycakes had a name like michael or sthwanderingisles: markwanderingisles: not gregToxicHexus: its mikeToxicHexus: mikebobFlutiesFriend: Gio is coming backzerojones: whos gregFlutiesFriend: Wandering just call me marcellowanderingisles: Ohhh marcelloToxicHexus: thats uncle tripToxicHexus: call him uncle tripToxicHexus: okayToxicHexus: xDwanderingisles: toxic what do u order from starbucks :3FlutiesFriend: lolwanderingisles: :(ToxicHexus: whats starbucks?ToxicHexus: im jkwanderingisles: its a fruitToxicHexus: i get a vanilla frapToxicHexus: waitToxicHexus: noToxicHexus: not the frapToxicHexus: vanilla shakeFlutiesFriend: ew vanillaToxicHexus: with caramel saucesToxicHexus: i like vanillawanderingisles: flutieRinzlerX: boopToxicHexus: vanilla cakeToxicHexus: vanilla creamwanderingisles: flutieeewanderingisles: answer meToxicHexus: vanilla girls with red hairToxicHexus: :Pwanderingisles: :3SinceCeleryUrGarden: how long have u gents been waitingwanderingisles: gentsRinzlerX: gentsToxicHexus: GENTS?ToxicHexus: how dare you sirRinzlerX: they think we are gentsToxicHexus: HOW DARE YOUToxicHexus: assumeToxicHexus: MYToxicHexus: genderToxicHexus: im a trapwanderingisles: toxic ur so cuteToxicHexus: thank youToxicHexus: veryzerojones: bruh u alwyas assume my gender mateToxicHexus: muchwanderingisles: zeros alive?wanderingisles: !ToxicHexus: wander how old are you this year my son?ToxicHexus: 5wanderingisles: SON?ToxicHexus: 5 and a half?AleksMonnet: BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ToxicHexus: daughterToxicHexus: im oldwanderingisles: how dare you sirToxicHexus: i have the alzhimersToxicHexus: forgive meRinzlerX: "trap" is pretty dangerous word to propagate jsAleksMonnet: COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!zerojones: i am alivewanderingisles: i have my chat filter onFlutiesFriend: OMFG I HAvE BEEN WAITING FOR AN HOUR AND A HAFL PLAYING THIS GAME I QUITwanderingisles: u cant hurt me alekToxicHexus: flummery flummery flummerywanderingisles: it says flummery flummery flummeryToxicHexus: thats what i saidAleksMonnet: BALLS AND COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wanderingisles: ohToxicHexus: flummery flummery flummerywanderingisles: huhwanderingisles: I cant tellToxicHexus: xDwanderingisles: :(ToxicHexus: wandering im sorrywanderingisles: whyyywanderingisles: ohwanderingisles: huhToxicHexus: for forgetting your genderToxicHexus: you zenomorphic blobwanderingisles: blobAleksMonnet: uhhhToxicHexus: genderlesswanderingisles: ur a blobAleksMonnet: uhhhhh m ballsToxicHexus: i am siAleksMonnet: uhhh my ballsToxicHexus: im a blobAleksMonnet: uuhhh my ballllsToxicHexus: aleksAleksMonnet: uhhh i galllsToxicHexus: send dudesAleksMonnet: uhhhhwanderingisles: a-alek how are uToxicHexus: im in a fight i need dudesToxicHexus: SEND ME DUDESAleksMonnet: I have some guys with akswanderingisles: NO DUDESzerojones: wandering what is ur genderAleksMonnet: where u atRinzlerX: I dont know any dudes tbhToxicHexus: wander has no genderAleksMonnet: I got some boy with akswanderingisles: zero ur alive!zerojones: i amwanderingisles: zero how are u >:3AleksMonnet: u live in detroit?AleksMonnet: i got boys in detroitAleksMonnet: I got boys in windsor tooToxicHexus: wander carfl she gonna call you gregswanderingisles: whats windsorToxicHexus: greg is windsorAleksMonnet: I got boys in torontoAleksMonnet: and lads in londonRinzlerX: boys are lameToxicHexus: toronto?ToxicHexus: what a coincidenceToxicHexus: i shat on ya mum in torontowanderingisles: shawn mendes is from torontowanderingisles: ohAleksMonnet: my mom is not from torontoToxicHexus: then whos mom was thatAleksMonnet: you realize if I leave then no game will ever start?AleksMonnet: sit yo ass down bitchboywanderingisles: ..RinzlerX: it's not going to start anywayswanderingisles: that sounds weird with the filterwanderingisles: I wish aed would come back >:(ToxicHexus: i will shite on ur mumToxicHexus: on tuesdayRinzlerX: be nice to momsToxicHexus: only tuesdayToxicHexus: im buisy every other daywanderingisles: taco tuesdayToxicHexus: siAleksMonnet: WERTSADFREEVBUCKSZEVRAFREDIRTEDANCEDENEETENTOMwanderingisles: owoToxicHexus: wander i heard you 23wanderingisles: what do u meanwanderingisles: owoToxicHexus: when did you become 23wanderingisles: what?!wanderingisles: Im 32ToxicHexus: O:AleksMonnet: }NOOO!!AleksMonnet: !AleksMonnet: NOOO!AleksMonnet: NOOToxicHexus: they mustve been dislexicAleksMonnet: BNOOO!!!zerojones: okAleksMonnet: NOOO!OO!OAleksMonnet: NO!RinzlerX: omg someone older than me :Dwanderingisles: just kidding :3ToxicHexus: lolToxicHexus: xDToxicHexus: im 40 now apparetlywanderingisles: ur 33zerojones: ur 50wanderingisles: Im smartzerojones: atleastAleksMonnet: 123456y7890-=-\]ToxicHexus: im 33?wanderingisles: ummmm if i remember correctlywanderingisles: but my memory is kindaToxicHexus: is that the age i gave you?wanderingisles: ummmmmwanderingisles: mybeToxicHexus: no no i give out fake ages like candywanderingisles: it could be 29 toowanderingisles: candy!ToxicHexus: its probably what i saidAleksMonnet: red is jedi kill on my homie joshua branks the free slaved gigabooRinzlerX: wandering, if you are really 32, I need you to help me run this daycareToxicHexus: wander is 12ToxicHexus: leave her them he aloneToxicHexus: thats my childAleksMonnet: based karelappwlwanderingisles: Daycare?wanderingisles: what daycareToxicHexus: me and rinze have a drive by daycareRinzlerX: truewanderingisles: whats a drive by daycarewanderingisles: they drive by and throw their kids outToxicHexus: its one of those ones we drive by and put people to sleepAleksMonnet: BOO I SAW HER NUDES ON A BRAND NEW IPHONE BLUW I THEN KNEWMY DOG WAS A FOOL AND ALL I DO IS DROOL AND MY LIFE IS LIKE STOOL']RinzlerX: its like taco bell, but you hand your kid through the window and we store them in a shoe box until you get backToxicHexus: yes we store them in a shoe boxToxicHexus: they are that small from malnutritionwanderingisles: thats amazingwanderingisles: when can i joinwanderingisles: not as a kidwanderingisles: as the staffToxicHexus: tonightRinzlerX: you can start todaywanderingisles: yayToxicHexus: we need a new box shakerRinzlerX: lolwanderingisles: but can i take some of them homeRinzlerX: nowanderingisles: I have some experiments i want to dowanderingisles: wait whatwanderingisles: rinzler u are meanAleksMonnet: karma karma karmaAleksMonnet: chameleonAleksMonnet: cahmleon\AleksMonnet: chameleiojnwanderingisles: ChameletAleksMonnet: karma markma karmaAleksMonnet: chamlluib]]AleksMonnet: chamlionAleksMonnet: chamomileRinzlerX: no child abuse in my daycareToxicHexus: we can take one home for lunch but you have to bring them backwanderingisles: rinzler i dont like u anymorewanderingisles: omg for lunch!!!!wanderingisles: Im gonna teach them mario kartToxicHexus: rinzer its called shaken baby drivedomewanderingisles: wowRinzlerX: I should mention all the children are between the ages of 18 to 25ToxicHexus: siwanderingisles: whaToxicHexus: 18 to 25RinzlerX: yesToxicHexus: we shake them dailyRinzlerX: we teach them adultingRinzlerX: like how to do taxesRinzlerX: and drive carsRinzlerX: and save moneyRinzlerX: investing, ectRinzlerX: cooking/cleaningwanderingisles: i liek shakin babiesAleksMonnet: what was it she did to breakm your heart betray yo heartAleksMonnet: and eevrythignAleksMonnet: kiss youwith akiss that wasnot uAleksMonnet: it wasnt you at lalzerojones: is this still hereToxicHexus: alek arnt you zVToxicHexus: ?zerojones: ivebeen here 2 hoursAleksMonnet: hiding behind painted lies did to know u are still living lie or twowanderingisles: zero i luv u dont goRinzlerX: all the stuff they dont teach you in school that you need to know how to survive in the world.. thats what my daycare teaches youAleksMonnet: pull avery rug from under you and leave you somewhere left to runzerojones: im herewanderingisles: «33333333333333AleksMonnet: you may sail the seven seas and find out love is a place you will never seeAleksMonnet: passing you by like a summers breezewanderingisles: batbabyRinzlerX: beautifulBatBaby01: helloToxicHexus: batwanderingisles: u are a smelly babyAleksMonnet: you feel as thought life has no other real reasons to beBatBaby01: hllo toxicwanderingisles: do u wanna join our daycareAleksMonnet: you can wait a million yearToxicHexus: how are ya?BatBaby01: saw u were in lobby knew youd b here lolAleksMonnet: and find that heaven to far away from youBatBaby01: im okie should b asleep doeBatBaby01: hope ur goodAleksMonnet: love is things that other people doAleksMonnet: what love?AleksMonnet: until it is homeUnusable: why is vh a possibl3 role?AleksMonnet: did she make a promise you the worldBatBaby01: cuz vamps in gameAleksMonnet: and did this girlToxicHexus: we been waitin a minuteAleksMonnet: just throw yo love away?AleksMonnet: leaving you like a lonely solaiteAleksMonnet: with just some despairBatBaby01: i mean its busier than the previous night lolAleksMonnet: for companyAleksMonnet: do you think you may find vengence so sweetRinzlerX: A wounded deer leaps highest, I've heard the hunter tell; Tis but the ecstacy of death, and then the brake is stillAleksMonnet: making it so yo hearts may never again beatBatBaby01: how long has he been going off for?ToxicHexus: aleksBatBaby01: yaToxicHexus: thats itToxicHexus: i have swoonedToxicHexus: your songs have wooed meAleksMonnet: squeezing the very last and dieing breathsToxicHexus: aleksAleksMonnet: from all the things u may be dreamedBatBaby01: dying*ToxicHexus: i shall marry you nowToxicHexus: you are no wanderings fatherwanderingisles: HuhToxicHexus: aleks is your fatherToxicHexus: were getting married nowToxicHexus: he wooed me with musicAleksMonnet: I am going to die for this bitchAleksMonnet: I am going to die for a bitchwanderingisles: NoooBatBaby01: look what u didwanderingisles: I donBatBaby01: smhToxicHexus: like a kingwanderingisles: Like himAleksMonnet: Put a xanax in my body for this bitchToxicHexus: watch him die for meRinzlerX: there are no bitches in my daycareAleksMonnet: I am going to die for this bitchAleksMonnet: I am going to die for a bitchRinzlerX: only kings, queens, and lordsToxicHexus: O:AleksMonnet: yeah i am burnt out with my time with this bitchToxicHexus: i must leave the daycare apparently i am a bitchAleksMonnet: How in the fuckAleksMonnet: did you get to become apart of my mindAleksMonnet: How in the fuckAleksMonnet: you made me have poor self imageRinzlerX: no tox, you are no bitch. you are either a king, queen, or lord (or any combo of the 3)AleksMonnet: It is the truth that I am emotionally connected to youBatBaby01: damn karel didnt even last a minuteToxicHexus: he diedAleksMonnet: there is very little I am capable of doingzerojones: im still hereAleksMonnet: my body is very stressedBatBaby01: ill brbAleksMonnet: I am in your hands this nightToxicHexus: aedan you alive?RinzlerX: Im sick and tired of this self depreciation, let us be royalsAleksMonnet: so dangle me from your roofzerojones: no hes dedazerojones: deadAleksMonnet: I take issue with your overly optimistic sentimentality that we shall be all kings queens and royalToxicHexus: greg said the c wordBatBaby01: oh we lost oneAleksMonnet: for it they there is no lower class of society there would be no need for royaltyzerojones: greg says the c word alwayszerojones: and the p wordAleksMonnet: so this neccasitates the need for a lower working class of people that must inherently or through a system of ideological standards be lessRinzlerX: Nobody said anything about classRinzlerX: Self imageAleksMonnet: valuable then us in order for us to claim royaltyToxicHexus: he wished death on peopleToxicHexus: tfToxicHexus: you think thats me?ToxicHexus: wowzerojones: nah he was sent by someoneAleksMonnet: uhhhzerojones: and sorry to say but i wouldnt put it past u lol i dont think very highly of uAleksMonnet: my testes are in painAleksMonnet: immence painzerojones: shut up alekszerojones: who the fuck r uAleksMonnet: I am youToxicHexus: thats the type of person you hang out with not meAleksMonnet: and you are meAleksMonnet: we are all the same personAleksMonnet: we are all the same beingzerojones: i dont hang out with people like thatToxicHexus: alek is gregToxicHexus: O:zerojones: i am that type of personAleksMonnet: Yes and greg is I for we are all from the same energyzerojones: but myf riends ar enotAleksMonnet: we are all a singularityAleksMonnet: stemming from the very first energy of the reality we live inAleksMonnet: we are part of the universal code that spoke us into existenceAleksMonnet: I am meAleksMonnet: and I am noneAleksMonnet: for I am uAleksMonnet: and U are meRinzlerX: all for one, and one for allAleksMonnet: individuality is a false perspective forming from our ego to be specialToxicHexus: the three mouseketeersAleksMonnet: this is the final truthzerojones: mouseRinzlerX: goofy is my fav mouseketeerzerojones: i like how i became most hated man on tosAleksMonnet: einstein proved that energy can not be created nor destroyedToxicHexus: zero no one hates youAleksMonnet: therefore we have always existed in some formzerojones: greg doesRinzlerX: I dont hate anyoneToxicHexus: they dont carezerojones: harley doeszerojones: oh they dozerojones: i have lets seeAleksMonnet: zerojonesToxicHexus: thats not all of tos lmaozerojones: 3 hate accs made in the past 2 daysAleksMonnet: you are gregAleksMonnet: you are harleyAleksMonnet: you hate yourself for they are youzerojones: im 5 inches deep inside u alekAleksMonnet: you are not seperate from youzerojones: i am uToxicHexus: ive never had a hate acc made on me outside of applesAleksMonnet: you are not sperate from themRinzlerX: no sexual harassment in my daycare, pleasezerojones: see im betterRinzlerX: settle downToxicHexus: im not trying to be hatedToxicHexus: you wereAleksMonnet: zerojones u allow for yo ego to take a hold of yo emotionsRinzlerX: As royals we must be properAleksMonnet: and so you can not comprehend you are simply hating an aspect of your own beingRinzlerX: Treat eachother with respectRinzlerX: and kindnesszerojones: ur not trying to be hated yet people dislike u everywhereAleksMonnet: there is no royalityAleksMonnet: there is no kindessAleksMonnet: these are moral construct not found in natureAleksMonnet: royality is dominanceAleksMonnet: and kindness is parasticToxicHexus: people dont dislike me everywhereRinzlerX: Hang around me too long and your heart will grow 3 sizesToxicHexus: rinze is disliked everywhereToxicHexus: right rinzezerojones: i know some people who like uzerojones: someAleksMonnet: I do not want a heart conditionToxicHexus: im not hated as much as you thinkRinzlerX: Am I disliked? IdkRinzlerX: I have too much self love for that to matter at allToxicHexus: rinzler i love youToxicHexus: «3RinzlerX: «3AleksMonnet: you all hate the same aspect of yourselves in a reality that has been created for you to escape our created realityToxicHexus: i could never hate anyoneAleksMonnet: you seek simulations of our own simulationAleksMonnet: when will you learn to simply be?ToxicHexus: people always think i hate others butToxicHexus: i really dontAleksMonnet: and be whole with the atomic energies surrounding youzerojones: bruh i know the people that talk shit abt uAleksMonnet: lmao but frRinzlerX: who?ToxicHexus: who?AleksMonnet: why is this community shitting on people over a gameAleksMonnet: thats sad afToxicHexus: im a troll and a catfishRinzlerX: hoo hoo?ToxicHexus: it upsets peopleToxicHexus: they can be upset if they want thats their perogativeToxicHexus: not gonna make me any less of a troll or catfishzerojones: nah they dislike u bc u lie and backstab and btray peopleToxicHexus: everyone liesToxicHexus: its the internetzerojones: not as much as u dozerojones: i dont lie in my friends facesToxicHexus: i owe no one loyaltyToxicHexus: and i dont backstab as much as people thinkzerojones: u backstabbed me lolBatBaby01: ooooToxicHexus: you asked me to :get close: to your exzerojones: i asked u to talk to him cuz he begged meToxicHexus: who shit talked you and told me what you said about me behind my backzerojones: i didnt ask u to stab me in the backzerojones: oh so u admit u did it out of spitezerojones: instead of the bs "im so holy i like to help everyone"ToxicHexus: i never said im holyzerojones: just admit u were pissed and upset and felt betrayedToxicHexus: lmaoToxicHexus: i wasnt butToxicHexus: i was annoyed he wouldnt stop dming mezerojones: alright then ur just a sicko robotToxicHexus: but i added him to mafia catszerojones: which was also a mistakeAleksMonnet: bro its a game why you mfers getting involved with IRL shitToxicHexus: so he could find friendszerojones: bc now he stalks milkAleksMonnet: lmao bruhBatBaby01: fr alekAleksMonnet: social rejects frRinzlerX: This daycare needs healingzerojones: speak of the devil he dmed meToxicHexus: if she doesnt want him to dm her she can BLOCK himToxicHexus: jsBatBaby01: this is giving me ptsd from highschool LMAOToxicHexus: fr batzerojones: yeah me toozerojones: i hate this placezerojones: but jiust like hs i cant leaveRinzlerX: How many of you have nightmares about school? just wonderingToxicHexus: zero you the one who keeps being mad over shit i barley rememberBatBaby01: meToxicHexus: like i forgot alpha exsitedToxicHexus: i forgot stealth existedBatBaby01: but im in school for law so its understanablezerojones: u didnt get backstabbed by ur "friend"ToxicHexus: law schooyou say ozerojones: u never apologized so i will never forgiveRinzlerX: I think nightmares about school are very very common and I think it says something about the school systemAleksMonnet: me when my bitches online bf is acting up on TOSzerojones: u didnt admit to being wrongToxicHexus: zero i dont care anymore and i did say sorryBatBaby01: not law school yet but maybe ill go to law school later. college is kicking my ass enoughAleksMonnet: mfw my online girl is really a boyToxicHexus: for sending him a ssBatBaby01: LMAOO ALEKToxicHexus: because i figured hed take it and leave me aloneRinzlerX: I wish you all the best with law school, batbaby, that's gotta be toughToxicHexus: and realize you ddnt love himBatBaby01: fun fact my husband and i met on fb from shitposting,, so i cant talk sh on e dating lololToxicHexus: and he could move onToxicHexus: butToxicHexus: oh wellAleksMonnet: Can I be his wifes bf?ToxicHexus: alek i too am a trapzerojones: toxiczerojones: what am i doingzerojones: nvmBatBaby01: idk lemme wake him upToxicHexus: dont care zeroBatBaby01: ill askRinzlerX: we dont use the word "trap" in my daycarezerojones: im talking to myselfToxicHexus: you argue with me DAILYAleksMonnet: zerojones how you gonna get cyberbullied close yo computertikvarakis: bro imma trap u rinzlerToxicHexus: over the stupidest shitzerojones: u annoy me irrationally idk why ]zerojones: u remind me of my momToxicHexus: then get off toszerojones: weirdBatBaby01: u guys remind me of highschool meAleksMonnet: damn u hate yo own mom?zerojones: i remind me of hs mezerojones: i dont hate my momAleksMonnet: yo mom who giveth to you life?zerojones: i dont hate toxic either not reallyBatBaby01: i aint been out of hs that long doe so doesnt say muchToxicHexus: sure and in a few days when you think im greg again youll hate me againzerojones: yestikvarakis: bro zerojones just get on a sigma male grindsetzerojones: bc im ambivalentToxicHexus: i dont care tho cus im not greg and i know im not gregRinzlerX: trans woman are attacked by men, then in court their defense is "they trapped me". That is how "trap" is used to actually hurt and killzerojones: one minute i hate u the next i love u and jump a hernia in ur back form happinesszerojones: sigma male grindsetAleksMonnet: who is greg?zerojones: what is thatBatBaby01: ya whos gregzerojones: greg is my harasserzerojones: he calls me a p and a sluttikvarakis: greg is a slutzerojones: im looking for godToxicHexus: greg is a fake acc from some group of trollszerojones: im going ona redemption pathzerojones: no way back nowToxicHexus: they make up lies about people to get them blacklstedBatBaby01: oh bestie just close the computer problem solved. no more gregBatBaby01: im kiddingtikvarakis: zerojones greg yo school bully?ToxicHexus: they tried the same to meToxicHexus: i dont careAleksMonnet: tell greg the final truth broAleksMonnet: tell him you are gregAleksMonnet: and he is harrassing himselfAleksMonnet: for it is the truthtikvarakis: ortikvarakis: hear me outToxicHexus: tell greg he is confectionarytikvarakis: go shut down on ur pcToxicHexus: cus he istikvarakis: works like a fucking charmBatBaby01: see tik sees what im thinkingToxicHexus: yeahToxicHexus: but why turn off ya pc when you can be madtikvarakis: why be mad when u can just ignoreToxicHexus: aedan afkdBatBaby01: not worth ur thoughttikvarakis: eventually they gonna be fucking boredAedan888: Bro I got logged out for inactivityAedan888: i dont think it even gave me the waeningBatBaby01: thats what they wantAedan888: must ve not heardBatBaby01: for u to get madBatBaby01: dont give them thatToxicHexus: why not be mad??tikvarakis: why not be mad when u can be madtikvarakis: any of u tryna play clash royale?ToxicHexus: whats that?RinzlerX: why mald when you can be chillin?tikvarakis: wdym whats thatBatBaby01: i havent touched that game since i was 16 lmaooRinzlerX: mald?RinzlerX: mald = mad baldingzerojones: okay redemption part 1 failed cuz i dont share servertikvarakis: last played like 4 years ago lolBatBaby01: ya 16 was 4 yrs ago 4 m3BatBaby01: me*tikvarakis: im prob overleveled as fuckToxicHexus: youre 20?BatBaby01: yuhToxicHexus: im 50ouToxicHexus: 50000tikvarakis: ah yestikvarakis: im fucking jesus himselfBatBaby01: im 20000ToxicHexus: im an old manBatBaby01: sorry missed a couple zeroszerojones: im zeroBatBaby01: thats what the 01 stands 4 in my user lolToxicHexus: jay afksdtikvarakis: im 264 years oldRinzlerX: Even though I have the crown, remember you are all royalty in my bookToxicHexus: im 376AleksMonnet: how u 20 and married in our modern day culture?tikvarakis: bro repick that buggerBatBaby01: im crazyAleksMonnet: how you have family values when they been abandoned from the world?tikvarakis: being edgy with his quotes and shitzerojones: toxic im sorry for what i said i know u dont care but i do and i dont wanna be this person i became againBatBaby01: and russian ppl get married at 18 lolToxicHexus: i have brain cancer :ctikvarakis: eh not rllyBatBaby01: so 20 isnt that madtikvarakis: 20 is a decent ageToxicHexus: zero i dont care youre autistic ive heard worsezerojones: whatzerojones: stop saying thatToxicHexus: and i dont want your apologyAleksMonnet: whats the divorce rate in russiazerojones: too badToxicHexus: dont need itzerojones: i did it for my soultikvarakis: i hate my fucking phoneAleksMonnet: cause in the west rn its like 70%BatBaby01: oh i live in canada rntikvarakis: i cant fucking keep it on meBatBaby01: but its highBatBaby01: cuz drinking is an issuetikvarakis: one min its off next min im writing an email to w342jhdxhujhxchBazrog: what a fun lobby...AleksMonnet: you know china is promoting marriage on chinese tik tokBatBaby01: but in general 50% of marriages end in divorceBatBaby01: ofc they are lmaooBatBaby01: poor baztikvarakis: hey guys im thinking of travelling to north korea, should i go?AleksMonnet: but in the west they designed the algorithm to show single parent hood and underage thotsToxicHexus: who got married?RinzlerX: people can get divorced if they are into thatBatBaby01: meRinzlerX: no problem hereAleksMonnet: china is militarizing there youth lmaoBatBaby01: bro tiktok here is wildBatBaby01: when im in america my fyp is even more messed upAleksMonnet: china is tryna kill western society and succeedingToxicHexus: i was 12 when pa pa sent me to mary "uncle greg:BatBaby01: so is russia lololToxicHexus: he was a funny unclezerojones: uncle gregzerojones: u mean kiplerToxicHexus: he touched bum bm :cy mBatBaby01: guys we're scaring the hos awayBatBaby01: this game will never start lmaoRinzlerX: no boomerism in my daycareToxicHexus: the hoes aint loyalBatBaby01: who u calling a boomerToxicHexus: uBatBaby01: ouchAleksMonnet: I only can get hoes rn cause I still gaming at 4 am lolBatBaby01: MEBatBaby01: but its 5 nowBatBaby01: lets hope nobody wakes up or im deadzerojones: wheres marcelloToxicHexus: i dont think a game is startingRinzlerX: no hoes in my daycare, only queensToxicHexus: that was the hoesBatBaby01: me neitherBatBaby01: shall we call it a nightzerojones: i want a transcript of this god awful lobbyBatBaby01: god nozerojones: been here 165 minzerojones: fwaiting for a gameToxicHexus: zero you dont NEED oneBatBaby01: thats dedicationzerojones: i want oneToxicHexus: and it wont be theirToxicHexus: s past 20 minutesToxicHexus: lobby refresheszerojones: surewanderingisles: waw yall still herezerojones: anyway i have ssBatBaby01: yup lmsowanderingisles: zero :3ToxicHexus: wawwanderingisles: toxic!!!!!!ToxicHexus: zero you ned to go to bedRinzlerX: Why don't we do something productive? Like who wants to learn programming or sewing? I have other hobbies I can teach toowanderingisles: ummmmwanderingisles: can someone teach me fashionToxicHexus: teach me how to duggiezerojones: bruh its 11 amzerojones: i woke up hours agoRinzlerX: I fucking love fashionwanderingisles: :00BatBaby01: wellRinzlerX: fashion is the closet thing to magicToxicHexus: im gonna go die nowBatBaby01: i should go sleepToxicHexus: BYE BITCHESBatBaby01: sorry folksToxicHexus: «3wanderingisles: ..BatBaby01: see u laterRinzlerX: drop outswanderingisles: nooooRinzlerX: lolwanderingisles: sobswanderingisles: AEDAedan888: oh this is still deadAedan888: helloAedan888: i got afk kicked agianwanderingisles: lolwanderingisles: im gonan nap maybeRinzlerX: but fashionwanderingisles: fashion!wanderingisles: but how do u have good fashion senseRinzlerX: observe Lady GagaRinzlerX: A true queen of fashionwanderingisles: ohAleksMonnet: I am fashionablewanderingisles: *wears meat*RinzlerX: fashion pushes the boundriesAleksMonnet: mfw I puts on lady gaga cum and vaginal flood and blood perfumewanderingisles: rinzler is so cute :3RinzlerX: thankszerojones: byeeeee wanderingAleksMonnet: What is my gender?zerojones: LMFAORinzlerX: great questionRinzlerX: how do you feel about your gender?AleksMonnet: if male badAleksMonnet: if female badRinzlerX: those are biological sexesRinzlerX: gender is like (woman, man, non-binary, ect)zerojones: THE FUCKING SPY IS BACKzerojones: ive been here 3 hoursRinzlerX: niceAleksMonnet: I am ballsAleksMonnet: I am a ballAleksMonnet: I am ballsRinzlerX: hello balls, I am RinzyRinzlerX: I'm a space goddess from a distant galaxyRinzlerX: AedanAedan888: heyRinzlerX: You are the master of your realityAedan888: EpicAedan888: are you the master of your realityRinzlerX: YepAedan888: basedxRinzlerX: hello bazrogBazrog: me?RinzlerX: yepAleksMonnet: I gotta question for you thoRinzlerX: for who?Bazrog: why me?RinzlerX: Because you have arrived, welcome BazrogAleksMonnet: say a person is deformed or socially ridiculed how that mfer in charge of there reality whenAleksMonnet: they outside realityAleksMonnet: is so against themRinzlerX: The point is if you are the master of your own reality, other peoples words can't get you downRinzlerX: society's standards do not know true beautyAleksMonnet: then how are you in control when you cant confrol for factors ooutside your perspectiveRinzlerX: You can control what you can controlAleksMonnet: and society's standards are still in place regardless for if you had the life goal of marriage and children but you born ugly how you gonnaAleksMonnet: accomplish that when reality has dictated you a hand you aint wantAedan888: well then, aleks, you are fuckedRinzlerX: Not reallyRinzlerX: You don't have to accept society's standardszerojones: CAN WE STARTTTTTRinzlerX: Society standards are limitting, they prevent you from self actualizingAedan888: but what if marruage and children are your own standard :PAleksMonnet: But it aint about accepting societies standards but society accepting youRinzlerX: I don't need society to accept meRinzlerX: It's more important to be true to yourself, make up your own mind about thingsRinzlerX: Don't let society tell you what to think and how to feel about yourselfAleksMonnet: but how does that bring you closer to achieving dreams when you are barred by other peoples thoughts and actions onto youAleksMonnet: we can say just be yourself and be the best you can be but the reality is some people still wont achieve there goals based on limitingAleksMonnet: factors they never had any control overRinzlerX: In what way are you barred? physically or psychologically?AleksMonnet: for some peope its either and for some its bothRinzlerX: if there are actual physical things preventing you from doing something you want to do, that is out of your control.zerojones: WHY IS THI SLOBBY NEVER STARTINGRinzlerX: Like I wanted to fly as a kid, but I can't obviously.RinzlerX: But don't let people convince you that you can't do things that are actually in your control. That is the pointzerojones: lolzerojones: my bestieRinzlerX: For everthing you can't control, there's a hundred things you can controlzerojones: rinzler r u fucking highRinzlerX: actually noKuba0228: I'd say its the other wayzerojones: how do u know]AleksMonnet: Yeah I agree there but I been around and noticed alot of the timeRinzlerX: When I get high I talk extensively about eelszerojones: im not highzerojones: oh r u the eel personAleksMonnet: the things that aint in our control is what we are judged on the mostRinzlerX: Yes, I am the eel personzerojones: ohAleksMonnet: aka physical appearance like height and face and mental disorders like depression and autismzerojones: stop talking abt my autismRinzlerX: all people are beautifulKuba0228: all people are peopleKuba0228: and thatKuba0228: is a STATEMENTzerojones: okzerojones: coolKuba0228: i knowzerojones: imjust hearingzerojones: um i mean stayingAleksMonnet: but how does that help people in situations of disadvantage?RinzlerX: what kind of disadvantage?RinzlerX: like height and face, ect?zerojones: im tall and hotRinzlerX: me too zerozerojones: googKuba0228: I wouldnt call these disadvantages but thats simply cause i dont like standards and all things "normal"zerojones: goodRinzlerX: beauty is super subjectiveKuba0228: it really do beRinzlerX: so it hardly matterszerojones: rinzler why u hate meAleksMonnet: the thing is though its really not when you look into itRinzlerX: I dont hate you, zeroKuba0228: but zero is just above 36.6 temperatureKuba0228: they said they hotzerojones: i have a base temp of 36AleksMonnet: like its just a fact they majority of people have specific preferences for what is considered attractive/beautifulKuba0228: so you not hotKuba0228: yeah thats how people areAleksMonnet: and not falling into that is a societal disadvantageAleksMonnet: and we can say to abandon society and be yourself but thats not really a solutionRinzlerX: Everyone has different ideas of what beauty is, so for every person there are people who will think they are attractiveRinzlerX: I think for many people personality matters more anywayszerojones: rinzler how old r uRinzlerX: a lot of people dont care about appearancesRinzlerX: old enough to run this daycareKuba0228: falling into standards is barely possible now but i wouldnt say that the solution is completely abandoning society as a wholeKuba0228: I cant really see a scenario where that affects your life that drasticly but that might be meRinzlerX: who said anything about abanding society? lolKuba0228: AleksRinzlerX: abandoning*RinzlerX: o I missed thatAleksMonnet: abandoning the ideals of society*AleksMonnet: and I highly doubt the majority of people dont care about appreance lmao I see the commodity of appearance every dayAleksMonnet: what is makeup for and fashion if not an outlet for bettering your appearanceAleksMonnet: or for man lifts and cars if not for external validationRinzlerX: society is made of a lot of different people who believe a lot of different things. there is a place for everyone in societyRinzlerX: makeup and fashion is for creative expressionRinzlerX: I love makeup and fashion very much, but not for "attracting"zerojones: r u a WOMANRinzlerX: Im nbAleksMonnet: mfw a women on the internetzerojones: oh sameAleksMonnet: mfw I am that womenAleksMonnet: mfw I am a manKuba0228: and you are more than 1 womenpaigemonty10: is this mode filling?zerojones: hm?Kuba0228: wellAleksMonnet: I am dualistic beingKuba0228: is it bigger then the last time you joined monty?paigemonty10: um idkKuba0228: lets say that it diiidAleksMonnet: my godAleksMonnet: ive been hereAleksMonnet: for 2 hoursRinzlerX: Aleks I thought about it a bit more. I think no matter what you do there will always be someone who disapprovesRinzlerX: So in that sense, it doesn't matter what people thinkzerojones: ive been herezerojones: 212 minRinzlerX: The best you can do is be as true to yourself as possible and don't let other people put you downAleksMonnet: ima be honest im tired afRinzlerX: go sleepyAleksMonnet: i been here fo 2 hoursAleksMonnet: and it be 6 amKuba0228: oh boiKuba0228: okay u go sleep nowzerojones: okRinzlerX: finally mattlgeier is heremattlgeier: hey my loving fans!RinzlerX: Ive been waiting like 5 hoursKuba0228: I think Imma hop off of ToS nowKuba0228: gotta clean the houseKuba0228: but I wish yall luckmattlgeier: if someone leaves ill leave tbh this could take agesKuba0228: wellmattlgeier: so kubamattlgeier: your call.RinzlerX: Its not going to happen for a long long time lolKuba0228: I can be afk but im not gonna play if soRinzlerX: TT is usually dead at this timeKuba0228: its a bit more alive in coven TTKuba0228: but its a lot more competetive thereKuba0228: i feel likeRinzlerX: o god lolRinzlerX: used to be hyper toxic competitive here until the reg squad stopped showing upRinzlerX: Im actually shocked there's even 6 people in hereStarKiller397: this is my first time playing in like a yearRinzlerX: woah thats a long timeStarKiller397: yessirRinzlerX: agoRinzlerX: I need to take a break that longStarKiller397: lolRinzlerX: Idk why I play this lolStarKiller397: im bored ashKuba0228: got an afk alertKuba0228: will be kicked soonStarKiller397: alright ima have to dipzerojones: hiAedan888: igCatchMeIfYouCant: HiPlayers are choosing namesTRAITOR Game.Day 1Traitor: Samuel Sewall.Night 1John Cathorne: Heyrwalter: Lo N1-John Cathorne: role?John Cathorne: OkJohn Cathorne: Be on meJohn Cathorne: i'm john cathornewalter: Mijnwalter: Alright broSamuel Sewall: kill 3Day 2William Phips has been killed.William Phips was attacked by the Mafia.Samuel Sewall: sheriff n1-4 jailedwalter: Entire town afk?John Cathorne: 'm not afkCotton Mather has left the game.Night 2John Cathorne: role?Edward Bishop: bg4John Cathorne: SusJohn Cathorne decided to execute Edward Bishop.Samuel Sewall checked James Bayley.Day 3Edward Bishop has been killed.William Phips has left the game.Cotton Mather has been killed.John Cathorne: 10 wouldnt claimJohn Cathorne: Til last seocndwalter: Everyone is afk lolEdward Bishop has left the game.Samuel Parris: bot lobbywalter: This is boring and lamewalter: Byewalter has left the game.zerojones: lllllolNight 3James Bayley has left the game.Day 4John Willard has left the game.Samuel Sewall has left the game.Samuel Sewall has been killed.Samuel Sewall was attacked by a Vigilante.Thomas Danforth has left the game.Thomas Danforth has been killed.Thomas Danforth was attacked by the has been killed.James Bayley has been killed.John Proctor: okDefenseJudgementzerojones abstained.John Cathorne abstained.William Hobbs abstained.John Proctor voted guilty.Deodat Lawson abstained.James Russel abstained.Samuel Parris has been lynched.GameOverTown has won.End of Report
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