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Report ID: 3509319
Reported User: lzapf2209
Report Submitted: Aug. 29, 2021 12:30 pm
# of reporters: 1
Reported Reason: Multi-accounting
Details: multi account with 1, check ip
LobbyPlayers are choosing namesRanked Game.Day 1Noodle: Party at my house tonightMopo: sheriff claim day 1bellsprout: ayyy omwAkumpo: tplo ON MEExotic Sheep: UUUUUU WHERE IS JAILORSasae: no, come to my house!Exotic Sheep: JAILOR !!!Exotic Sheep: WHERE ARE USasae: Its goona be funSamuel Parris: IM JAILORNight 1Chips: lookoutTank: okPowerwash: gl fellow mafiososEggs: GlChips: who are youChips: sam?bellsprout: there's only 1 mafioso thoTank: nobellsprout: :(bellsprout: so no gl to meTank: push himTransporter swapped Sasae with Tank.Mopo checked Jonathan Corwin.Noodle investigated Eggs.Day 2Mopo to Samuel Parris: mopo the sheriffN1: 13 - seems innoPages: spiesbellsprout: spiessssMopo: mopo the sheriffN1: 13 - seems innoExotic Sheep: UUUUH SPIES you fuckers POSTNoodle: Noodle the invsN1: 14 (vig, vet, maf, amb)Chips: jailor said they are not samuel parrisGiles E Corey: Giles Corey the Sheriffn1: Interrogating 1 (Inno/GF)Sasae: transdEggs: TkPowerwash: spiiieeeeesExotic Sheep: EGGS claims henSasae: i cc tkChips: get 3Noodle: WHYSamuel Parris: Samuel Spy n1)Mafia:5,1 Bug: Exotic:nthChips: 3 isn't jailorExotic Sheep: Why are we getting 3Exotic Sheep: I am fefintiely NOT getting 3Noodle: Imagine cc tkExotic Sheep to Samuel Parris: Show me ur pp and I will save uSasae: up 3 imoSamuel Parris: 1/5 is neSamuel Parris to Exotic Sheep: how u gonna save meNoodle: Isn't 3 jailor?Samuel Parris: im spyChips: get 3 up they are not jailorSamuel Parris: Jailor -TI -TI -TP -TK -TS -RT1 -RT2 -RT3 -Pages: if 3 is fake then jailor can exe thatSamuel Parris: Samuel Spy n1)Mafia:5,1 Bug: Exotic:nth Jailor - TI - me TI - TP - TK - TS - RT1 - RT2 - RT3 -Chips: 3 claimed jailorMopo: 5 is exeExotic Sheep to Samuel Parris: I will give my life for uNoodle: Real jailor can exeChips: i was jailed why are you voting meExotic Sheep: DO NOT VOTETH THE JAILORNoodle: start vfrSasae: he claimed jailor and didnt go on tp/loSamuel Parris: I LITERALLY GIVE U NE/WITCHA ND THIS IS HOW U REPAY ME????Exotic Sheep: DO NOT. VOTETH. THE JAILOR.bellsprout: he says hes not jailorChips: I WAS JAILED WHY ARE YOU VOTING MEExotic Sheep: 3 IS MY JAILOR.Noodle: Start vfrSamuel Parris: WERE U ATTACKED in jail?Eggs: 4 isnt jailor he is spy claimChips: i was jailed n1Exotic Sheep: BC WE DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE 1Noodle: DO NOT VOTE 3DefenseChips: i am lookout i was jailed n1Samuel Parris to Chips: were u attacked in jail?Chips: jailor said he wasn't 3Chips: and to push himSamuel Parris to Chips: im spyChips: so what do you want me to doExotic Sheep to Samuel Parris: Hmm no pp.JudgementSamuel Parris: inno and get 5Mopo: inno this 5 is exeNoodle: Then real jailor can exe 3 simple as thatSamuel Parris: if he was not attacked in jailExotic Sheep: 3 IS CLEARLY spy.Sasae to bellsprout: role?Giles E Corey: exe 3Samuel Parris: IM SPY COPNFIRMEDEggs: Were you attacked in jail?Giles E Corey: 3 CLAIMES JAILORSamuel Parris: 5 is witchbellsprout to Sasae: what are you?Exotic Sheep: 3 is my spy dont you FUCKING dareGiles E Corey: and posts lateMopo: exe 5 ignore 5Noodle voted innocent.Powerwash voted innocent.Mopo voted innocent.Eggs voted innocent.Samuel Parris voted innocent.bellsprout voted innocent.Akumpo abstained.Giles Corey abstained.Exotic Sheep voted innocent.Giles E Corey voted innocent.Sasae voted innocent.Tank voted innocent.Jonathan Corwin voted innocent.Pages voted innocent.Samuel Parris: fast on 5Sasae to bellsprout: role nowbellsprout to Sasae: u firstExotic Sheep: 3 what are u doinSamuel Parris: VOTEGiles E Corey: exe 3Sasae to Pages: roleNight 2Samuel Parris: U ARESamuel Parris: SO FUCKING RETArdExotic Sheep: Yeah 5 said he investigated 1...Eggs: Yeah 5 is exeExotic Sheep: What a fucking dumboSamuel Parris: if 1 was not attacked in jailTank: dont claim my roleSamuel Parris: that meansSamuel Parris: lmaoSamuel Parris: u low eloExotic Sheep: Kill someone else than 1bellsprout: well he didnt know 1 was jailed lolExotic Sheep: He could be a witchSamuel Parris: Samuel Spy n1)Mafia:5,1 Bug: Exotic:nth Jailor - TI - me TI - TP - TK - TS - RT1 - RT2 - RT3 -Eggs: At least hes exe not witchEggs: Hes exe, it was immunePowerwash: lets kill loExotic Sheep: KIILL someone elsePowerwash: i think its betterExotic Sheep: KILL someone else fuckersTransporter swapped Giles Corey with Akumpo.Witch made Exotic Sheep target Samuel Parris.Mopo checked Noodle.Tank decided to execute Samuel Parris.Noodle investigated Sasae.Day 3Mopo has been killed.Mopo was attacked by the Mafia.Samuel Parris: jailor is retardSasae to Powerwash: role?Noodle has been killed.Noodle attacked by a Veteran.Powerwash to Sasae: tp mr frenPowerwash to Sasae: you?Samuel Parris: ggSamuel Parris has been killed.Noodle: -_-Noodle: Why would you claim jailor?Sasae: 3 threw nglGiles E Corey: Giles Corey the Sheriffn1: Interrogating 14 (Inno/GF)n2: Interrogating 15 (Inno/GF)Giles Corey: why didnt exe 5 Jailor ?Exotic Sheep: THIS JAILOR is officially the town traitor FUCK YOU JAILORSamuel Parris: coz im high eloEggs: Fuck I think 6 was witched back into mebellsprout: wow dumb 3Chips: N2 Samuel Parris-jailedNoodle: NoPowerwash: oh well we are fuckedNoodle: That's a terrible playExotic Sheep: Dumb bitch jailorSamuel Parris: stfuGiles Corey: Up 5Noodle: -_-bellsprout: its 6v6bellsprout: ripGiles Corey: 5 changed his willNoodle: "high elo"Exotic Sheep: I am a doctor, I vote with mafia now.Giles E Corey: no I didntPages: 3 clearly claimed SpyExotic Sheep: Mafias tell me whom to vote.Sasae: yea up 5Chips to Exotic Sheep: hey there ambusherSamuel Parris: i have no doubt my stats are way better than ursSamuel Parris: i cna put my hand in fire for thisExotic Sheep to Chips: HeyGiles E Corey: up 15Noodle: DoubtGiles E Corey: theyre mafiaSamuel Parris: check meEggs: Its 6-6Samuel Parris: after the gameChips to Exotic Sheep: who are mafExotic Sheep to Powerwash: 1 is witch, he witchd me, I told you so...Noodle: okSamuel Parris: whats ur usernameSasae: all town on 5Noodle: OmarGuyPowerwash to Exotic Sheep: niceNoodle: What's yours?Chips to Exotic Sheep: i sent you to sam last nightGiles E Corey: 15 IS FAKEGiles E Corey: GODExotic Sheep to Chips: 2 7 10 14Samuel Parris: u have 53% winrateSasae: coll we know all the towniesExotic Sheep: I dont vote 5Samuel Parris: i have 60%Giles Corey: Giles E Corey: Giles Corey the Sheriffn1: Interrogating 1 (Inno/GF)Sasae: i will shoot the restExotic Sheep: I am siding evils.Giles Corey: Giles E Corey: Giles Corey the Sheriffn1: Interrogating 14 (Inno/GF)n2: Interrogating 15 (Inno/GF)Noodle: Elo?Sasae: we got thisbellsprout: its 6v6Exotic Sheep: 11 is VETERANSasae: tp make some playsbellsprout: too dangerousSamuel Parris: im 3222Samuel Parris: eloExotic Sheep to Sasae: is vet, dont fall for itJonathan Corwin has revealed themselves as the Mayor.Noodle: And claim jailor!?!?!Samuel Parris: elo means nthNoodle: wtf was that play?DefenseSamuel Parris: anywayGiles E Corey: WTHExotic Sheep to Chips: 11 is vet, dont fall for itGiles E Corey: yall throwingSamuel Parris: i do that 90% of the timeGiles E Corey: reporting yallExotic Sheep to Giles E Corey: Are you jester now?Noodle: That is justJudgementGiles Corey: Gj Mayor.Noodle: badSasae: we know all the evils, up 10 tmrPages: I mean 6v6 and you weren't being votedExotic Sheep: I am innoing.Giles Corey: JAILOR JAIL MAYORbellsprout: we needed that revealSamuel Parris: stats talk for themselfGiles Corey: GUILTybellsprout to Giles E Corey: pls kill mayor if u canExotic Sheep: I am siding mafia.Giles Corey: JAIL MAYORGiles E Corey: KILL 15Noodle: Cause afterwards town is going to know you're fake jailor and go for youExotic Sheep to Giles E Corey: Are you jester??Pages voted guilty.Giles Corey voted guilty.Powerwash abstained.Tank voted innocent.bellsprout abstained.Jonathan Corwin voted innocent.Exotic Sheep voted innocent.Eggs voted guilty.Chips voted guilty.Akumpo abstained.Sasae voted guilty.Giles E Corey: JAILOR EXECUTE 15Exotic Sheep: You see?Samuel Parris: yes but what happened hereSamuel Parris: was thatGiles Corey: Giles E Corey: Giles Corey the Sheriffn1: Interrogating 14 (Inno/GF)n2: Interrogating 15 (Inno/GF)Sasae: or up 10 nowExotic Sheep: You fucksPowerwash: jailor cant exePages: wowSasae: whatGiles Corey: idiotsNight 3Samuel Parris: jailor was idiot af and exed me only because i fake calimed jailorExotic Sheep: 1 is witch 5 is exeChips: why did you jail me and not mayorMopo: yo investEggs: NiceSamuel Parris: this is an exception what happened this gameMopo: why didnt u up the exeSamuel Parris: when i even founded witch/neMopo: noob?Tank: i fo4got to switchNoodle: There is no reason for a ti to claim jailor?Powerwash: 8 never claimed, maybe tpbellsprout: who is 5's target?Chips: you're so stupidEggs: Clearly 15 lolPowerwash: 15 probChips: 3 was obvious townbellsprout: oh my badbellsprout: their names are confusing afEggs: YeahTank: he claimed jailorSamuel Parris: there is no reason for real jailor to claim jailor d1Eggs: FunnyTransporter swapped Tank with Giles Corey.Day 4Pages: why would he inno thatSamuel Parris: unless he is good af at leading/scum reading and so onPages has been killed.Pages was attacked by the Mafia.Exotic Sheep to Chips: Do you know something new bbyNoodle: That's just meta that some jailors do, but not in this game.Samuel Parris: which most of the time is not the caseChips to Exotic Sheep: i was jailed againExotic Sheep to Chips: Hahahahahahehuehua what a dumb fuckGiles E Corey: UP 11Chips: why was i jailedGiles E Corey: n3: Interrogating 11 (SUS)Sasae: 1, 5 10 conf evilChips: and not mayorExotic Sheep to Giles E Corey: Bro are you jester?????Samuel Parris: also omafbellsprout to Powerwash: lets fast vote 13Jonathan Corwin: 5 is jester dont hang him. all town on 12 todaySasae: sure thing 5bellsprout to Chips: lets fast vote 13Giles E Corey to Exotic Sheep: yehSamuel Parris: u have 236 games and u are 1600 elobellsprout to Eggs: lets fast vote 13Exotic Sheep: OkSamuel Parris: i got master in less than 200 gamesbellsprout to Giles E Corey: lets fast vote 13Giles E Corey: UP 11Exotic Sheep: I will vote with town againExotic Sheep: Up 5Jonathan Corwin: get 12, non voter on 5. all town on 12 no splits please.Noodle: Good for you?Samuel Parris: so dont tell me how to playbellsprout to Exotic Sheep: lets fast vote 13Sasae: 12 didnt vote up 12Exotic Sheep: I changed my mindExotic Sheep: OR LETS VOTE 13Giles E Corey: ALL TOWN ON 134Giles E Corey: 13 diesJonathan Corwin: all town on 12Eggs to bellsprout: ok but hes pushing a town anyway lolExotic Sheep: 13 GETS VOTEDNoodle: I fail to see how that prove claiming jailor role as town helps anyone.Samuel Parris: BecauseDefenseSamuel Parris: If i claim jailorJonathan Corwin: yeah zero elo townbellsprout to Exotic Sheep: whewSamuel Parris: I can easily leadExotic Sheep to Giles E Corey: Ima ambush youNoodle: If you claim jailorSamuel Parris: and protect real jailorSamuel Parris: but i do itSamuel Parris: even if im mafiaExotic Sheep to Chips: Bby, I will ambush 5, can you send someone there?Noodle: real jailor is going to exe you or townie is going to go for you.bellsprout to Giles E Corey: 15 is target right?Giles E Corey to Exotic Sheep: who's mafia?Chips to Exotic Sheep: okJudgementSamuel Parris: nah man trust meGiles E Corey to bellsprout: I'm jestSasae: i did my best, sorrySasae: slow votersSasae: smghPowerwash: ez guiltySamuel Parris: if u know how to do it u can avoid being exedSamuel Parris: what ahppened this gameSamuel Parris: is an exceptionbellsprout to Chips: 2 7 10 14 are maf. 5 is jesterExotic Sheep to Giles E Corey: 1 is witch, 2 7 10 14 are mafias, I will ambush you in case you get shot so you dont dieSamuel Parris: and i bet that jailor is low eloEggs to Giles E Corey: who is your actual target? 15? 11?Samuel Parris: with trash wrbellsprout voted guilty.Tank abstained.Chips voted guilty.Giles Corey voted innocent.Powerwash voted guilty.Exotic Sheep voted guilty.Akumpo abstained.Eggs voted guilty.Giles E Corey voted guilty.Sasae voted innocent.Noodle: That will happen againSamuel Parris: his only reason to exe meJonathan Corwin: 12 is afk town seems soSamuel Parris: yes it will but ill still do itJonathan Corwin has been lynched.Giles E Corey to Eggs: I'm jestJonathan Corwin has left the game.Samuel Parris: i think im exed like this in less than 5% gamesEggs to Giles E Corey: oh haha. Well then we should be able to give you winSamuel Parris: and i claim many times jailorGiles Corey: worst mayor and jailor game everSamuel Parris: overall its worth itNoodle: A play that will cost town the game most of the timeNight 4Pages has left the game.Powerwash: oh noSamuel Parris: here the one to blame is jailrPowerwash: imma be exedExotic Sheep: Killeth someone mafiosoSamuel Parris: because think about itSamuel Parris: why would i claim jailorbellsprout: anyone but 11 lolSamuel Parris: and after immediely spyNoodle: Jailor executed a fake jailorbellsprout: ggNoodle: simple as thatSamuel Parris: thats a dumb play to do if i was evil or exeTransporter swapped Giles Corey with Chips.Witch made Chips target Giles E Corey.Day 5Noodle: I've seen maf throwers and real maf do thatSamuel Parris: because i could not know d2 there is another spySamuel Parris: it was a suicide playtAkumpo has been killed.Akumpo was attacked by the Mafia.Chips to Exotic Sheep: i was transedChips to Exotic Sheep: with 15Samuel Parris: ive had crazygamesSamuel Parris: cliaming jailor as mafiaExotic Sheep to Chips: There is a TRANSChips to Exotic Sheep: cause i controlled myself to 5 and you attacked meSamuel Parris: sheeping jailor im confirmed LOGiles E Corey: 10 SUSSasae: well up me pleaseGiles E Corey: UP 10Samuel Parris: and letting me leadExotic Sheep: There is a transporter?????Samuel Parris: so many timesGiles E Corey: NObellsprout: we need to get rid of trans firstNoodle: With a bad playExotic Sheep: Yeah there isbellsprout: and then we'll give jester the winSamuel Parris: but ofc this strat does not suit the majority of peopleSamuel Parris: but for me it worksEggs: Theres actually a trans?Giles E Corey: I'm not trans I swearSamuel Parris: because i know how to avoidExotic Sheep: 15 is the trans I think and 9 is jailor, 11 is veteranSamuel Parris: being exedExotic Sheep: Yeah there is vetbellsprout: 15 is transGiles Corey: who is jailor ?Powerwash: who was your target 5?Samuel Parris: or lynchedGiles Corey: i m transPowerwash: 15?Exotic Sheep: Vote up 15Giles E Corey: 6Chips: lets up 15Noodle: What you just said really makes the play even worse and what would make me exe "fake jailor"Exotic Sheep: I almost killed my witch smhGiles E Corey: 6 was my targetDefenseSamuel Parris: like if im jailed n1Noodle: due to that play, jailor could assume that it's fake |X role| and execute it on grounds of a mafia trying to lead townGiles Corey: if 9 is jailorSamuel Parris: and i see from his typying styleSasae to Exotic Sheep: i pointed my finger at youSamuel Parris: he wanna exe me n2Giles Corey: i m gonna delete this gameSamuel Parris: ill put lots of pressure on him d2Exotic Sheep to Sasae: :O WhyJudgementbellsprout: sweetPowerwash: happy unninstalbellsprout: goodbyeExotic Sheep: Yes 9 is jailerTank: i am jailorSasae to Exotic Sheep: beacouse you are mean >:(Giles E Corey: As we always saySamuel Parris: and tlak with townies to report that if he is randomly gonnae xe meGiles Corey: GJ 9Exotic Sheep to Sasae: No :OGiles E Corey: Giles always evilTank: what did i doSamuel Parris: and also claim another roile than jailorGiles Corey: you are perfect playerPowerwash: he is just not a good one, but jailor nonethelessChips voted guilty.Giles E Corey voted guilty.Exotic Sheep voted guilty.Tank abstained.bellsprout voted guilty.Powerwash voted guilty.Eggs voted guilty.Sasae voted innocent.Sasae to Exotic Sheep: also i have no alerts, promise, you can kill me so i can leaveGiles Corey has left the game.Exotic Sheep to Sasae: You are lying to me :(Giles E Corey: that's why my middle name is evilGiles Corey has been lynched.Exotic Sheep to Sasae: Why are you lying to me :(Giles E Corey: giles always evilTank: i exed a jailor claim. i will exe a jailor claim everytimeSasae to Exotic Sheep: nope, sacread pinky swearSamuel Parris: Tank: i exed a jailor claim. i will exe a jailor claim everytimeSamuel Parris: see this is a poor mentalitySamuel Parris: and i bet he is low eloNoodle: GoodExotic Sheep to Sasae: Now ima cry :(Samuel Parris: wiuthout a doubtPowerwash: stupid idea any timeSasae to Exotic Sheep: dfontNight 5Samuel Parris: because in high elo people do this and its dumb to exeChips: oh yaySamuel Parris: just if some1 fake claims jailorChips: i love being jailed 3 timesSamuel Parris: u need to follow his behaviourExotic Sheep: 11 is veteran.Chips: i dont blame you for exeing 3Powerwash: oh okChips: i would have tooSamuel Parris: and see if its actually voting townies/evilsEggs: You think any chance vet leaves to spite jester? We could choose not to attackSamuel Parris: and see a patternEggs: Or just kill jailor. Either waybellsprout: hmSamuel Parris: or talk with him in whispersbellsprout: i think he'll staySamuel Parris: and see whats he aboutDay 6Samuel Parris: tank u are low eloSamuel Parris: afTank has been killed.Tank was attacked by the Mafia.Tank: kSamuel Parris: ill keep claiming jailorGiles E Corey: up me pleaseEggs: YepExotic Sheep: yezSasae: so... hows your day guys :DPowerwash: surebellsprout: dangSamuel Parris: i would have understand if i kept saying im jailor d2 and push towniesTank: and if im jailor ill keep exing ubellsprout: so jailor never claimed transedSamuel Parris: but d2 i literally claimed spybellsprout: got used as trans's meat shieldEggs: LolSasae: ill only vote you if you hount me, i wanna die in styleExotic Sheep to Sasae: Did u lie to me :(Tank: coolSasae to Exotic Sheep: nopeSasae to Exotic Sheep: n2, n3 and n4 alertsSamuel Parris: man idc i won sao many games like this some exceptions of reard pepople like uSamuel Parris: wont influnece meExotic Sheep to Sasae: You are so lying to me rn :(Tank: kSamuel Parris: to stop doing thisSasae to Exotic Sheep: im not D:DefenseGiles E Corey: I TOLD YOU GUYSGiles E Corey: WHY NOT UP 11bellsprout to Giles E Corey: anyone but 1 is ok. preferrably 11Giles E Corey: BRUHTank: you arent goodJudgementSasae: obv arso, gg ezGiles E Corey: 11 IS MAFIA I SWEARSamuel Parris: chekc my stats after the gameSamuel Parris: im way superior than u 100%Sasae: sure thing juggbellsprout: we're all dousedTank: no thanks i dont check shitbagsGiles E Corey: btw who's GF, in case vet innosExotic Sheep voted guilty.Sasae voted guilty.Powerwash voted guilty.Chips voted innocent.Eggs voted guilty.bellsprout voted guilty.Giles E Corey: guess vet diesSamuel Parris: meanwhile i have no doubtSamuel Parris: ur winrate is less than 50Samuel Parris: with that poor mentalitySamuel Parris: Tank: i exed a jailor claim. i will exe a jailor claim everytimeGiles E Corey has been lynched.Sasae: thanks bud «3Eggs: You can kill me if you dont want to kill vet for any reasonbellsprout: or mebellsprout: I volunteerSasae: oh no he is jester who could have guessedbellsprout: as tributeSasae: no i volunteerTank: my winrate is 58Night 6Samuel Parris: im 60Samuel Parris: and i bet u are not 58bellsprout: i guess no one cares about perfect game LOLTank: go look afterGiles E Corey: 60 elo?Samuel Parris: 60 winrateTank: i just checkedSamuel Parris: whats ur suername tankGiles E Corey: lol noDay 7Tank: lzapf2209Giles E Corey: 3 seems that 60 means 60 eloSasae has been killed.Sasae was attacked by the Mafia.Sasae was attacked by a Jester.Giles E Corey: YOU MADE A HORRIBLE PLAYSamuel Parris: azapf2209 )) ?Sasae: 3 kinda threw nglTank: lzapf2209GameOverMafia has won.Samuel Parris: :)))Powerwash: gg perfectSasae: ggGiles E Corey: ggEggs: Gg thanks for being a good sport vetSasae: npSasae: love yall «3Samuel Parris: sup nun :))Tank: ?Samuel Parris: im dissapointed nglEnd of Report
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