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Report ID: 3307387
Reported User: Cubical
Report Submitted: Feb. 22, 2021 1:34 pm
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
Details: Reporting for no reason? All I was doing was silent tactic, its worked before for me
LobbyPlayers are choosing namesRanked Game.Chance: ChanceChance: :)TheMedusaCascade: Fucking bs investigators amd esc fucking everything up ugh i hate it hereGrandmaster: I never lose.Day 1Chance: WITCH ON ME IM VIGILANTEGrandmaster: OKmrs stern: happy i didn't get hypnoChuck Bartowski: TP LO ESC SPY ON ME. I AM JAILOR.John Casey: WITCH ON 4Cotton Mather: D1 medium claim, feel free to kill meWilliam Hobbs: Interesting stratGrandmaster: WITCH ON 4John Casey: I HAVE COOKIESNight 1Chuck Bartowski: ROLETanjiro: escChuck Bartowski: 3Tanjiro: alright lmaoChuck Bartowski: hm that was fastChuck Bartowski: lolJames Russel: disguise meGrandmaster: Nice mafia rm.Chuck Bartowski: ROLE 3 2 1 for lifeTanjiro: i do the same thing as jailorJames Russel: disguise me disguiserJames Russel: disguise me as 9Grandmaster: Please disguise mafiosoTanjiro: that was funny asf lmaoJames Russel: dissguise meJohn Hathorne: sorry bois but im going to be silentJohn Hathorne: the entire gameGrandmaster: DISGUISETanjiro: waitJohn Hathorne: METransporter swapped John Casey with Sheng.Witch made James Russel target William Hobbs.nio investigated Carbon.Day 2Chuck Bartowski: SPIES OUTTanjiro: attacked in jail last nightJames Russel to Chance: thanks i got witchedUseless: Useless the Sheriff: N1: Chuck (Inno)Grandmaster: HahahhaChuck Bartowski: okSheng to James Russel: hello blackmailerCarbon: n1: Tanjiro(14) in jailChuck Bartowski: 5 upSheng to James Russel: i am witchJohn Casey: Sheriff wtfTheMedusaCascade to Chuck Bartowski: im your trans and i transed 1 amd 15Chuck Bartowski: I dont careJames Russel to Sheng: 4 7 11 are mafsnio to Chuck Bartowski: nio the invest n1; Carbon - sher, exe, wwJohn Casey: I was transedGrandmaster: TI OUT NOWnio to Chuck Bartowski: if hes not claiming hes exeSheng to James Russel: tyJohn Casey: Just sayinGrandmaster: WE HAVE JUST ONE TI?Cotton Mather: Still medium hereCotton Mather: Feel free to kill me for any reasonChuck Bartowski: Ok lets vfr 10Chance: no spies?nio to Chuck Bartowski: i mean he isnt claiming sheriffUseless: It can't just be meChuck Bartowski: Forget rhe sheriffJohn Casey: VFR 10Chuck Bartowski: VFR 10James Russel: 13 visited 15Grandmaster: FRVCarbon: Im sheriff tooCarbon: sheriff n1: Tanjiro(14) in jailDefenseCarbon: Ugh, im sheriffCarbon: sheriff n1: Tanjiro(14) in jailTheMedusaCascade to James Russel: correct i didJudgementChuck Bartowski: Fuck inno thisTanjiro: why are we upping the ONE ti claimmrs stern: hobbs bm'd ?James Russel: this is mafia i thinkJohn Casey: INNO FOR NOW VFR 2nio: inno for nowChuck Bartowski: InnoTanjiro: inno thisJames Russel: i cc tiGrandmaster: 90% townieTanjiro: no ccsChuck Bartowski: Vfr 2mrs stern: hobbs is bm'dJohn Casey: 2 roleJohn Casey: BMER GAME BTWnio: 9 i wispered you?John Casey: WHISPERS SUSJohn Hathorne abstained.Chuck Bartowski voted innocent.mrs stern voted innocent.Sheng voted innocent.Grandmaster voted innocent.William Hobbs abstained.Useless voted innocent.Chance abstained.James Russel voted guilty.nio voted innocent.TheMedusaCascade voted innocent.Tanjiro voted innocent.Cotton Mather voted innocent.John Casey voted innocent.nio: nio the invest n1; Carbon - sher, exe, wwJames Russel: oh waitCarbon: 6 role?TheMedusaCascade: The whisper was to the jailor dumbassJames Russel: misclickDefensenio: mafs are hard pushing that after i just posted willnio: get roles from first votesnio: nio the invest n1; Carbon - sher, exe, wwJudgementJohn Casey: INNO VFR 15!!!!!!!Chuck Bartowski: INNO THIS INNOGrandmaster: Didnt come out very susJohn Casey: VFR 15nio: 7 youre susJames Russel: vfr 1Grandmaster: This didnt come out, witch(!)TheMedusaCascade: Vfr 15nio: 7 claimJohn Casey voted innocent.Useless voted innocent.Carbon voted innocent.William Hobbs voted innocent.TheMedusaCascade voted innocent.Chance abstained.Tanjiro voted innocent.Sheng abstained.mrs stern voted innocent.Grandmaster voted guilty.James Russel voted innocent.Cotton Mather abstained.Chuck Bartowski voted innocent.John Hathorne abstained.nio: 7 claim nowChuck Bartowski: VFR 3nio: 7 claimChuck Bartowski: 3 UPJohn Casey: FAST VOTJames Russel: i 3DefenseCotton Mather: you serious? Im pretty sure i've said exactly what I am at start, and at the start of this day.Cotton Mather: So yes, please hang meCotton Mather: tyuJudgementJames Russel: role?Chuck Bartowski: POST YOUR WILL.mrs stern: Why didn't the invest post earlier? and he said he invest the person who just claimed.James Russel: role and willChuck Bartowski: No will = deadnio: just innoCotton Mather: Ok byemrs stern: this is MEDChuck Bartowski: Byemrs stern: INNOJames Russel: byeGrandmaster: This claimed medTheMedusaCascade: Cause the second the invest posts he deadChuck Bartowski: GuiltyJames Russel: guiltyGrandmaster: Fake inv is exenio: exe 7 he didnt claimWilliam Hobbs voted guilty.Sheng voted guilty.Carbon voted guilty.John Casey voted guilty.nio voted innocent.Tanjiro voted innocent.James Russel voted guilty.John Hathorne abstained.TheMedusaCascade voted guilty.Grandmaster abstained.Useless voted innocent.mrs stern voted innocent.Chance voted guilty.Chuck Bartowski voted guilty.Cotton Mather: good job guys thank younio: this jailor makes me wanna shoot myself in the headCotton Mather has been lynched.Chuck Bartowski: Np!nio: fucking idiotTheMedusaCascade: Jailor said guilty lmaoGrandmaster: OMGJohn Casey: 15 ROLEGrandmaster: 0 iq townJohn Casey: NOWnio: exe 7 tonightSheng: VetGrandmaster: I told you inv is fakeCarbon to Chuck Bartowski: i check 8 todaySheng: Veteran: N1: No useGrandmaster: BIRD BRAINSChuck Bartowski: Claim on the stand. I dont care if u claimed earlisrnio: exe 7TheMedusaCascade: Jail 7mrs stern: no one listensJohn Casey: Trans meGrandmaster: CRY 2James Russel to Sheng: witch 9Night 2Chuck Bartowski: ROLEChuck Bartowski: 3William Hobbs: InvesJames Russel: plJohn Hathorne: lolWilliam Hobbs: I was blackmailedJames Russel: so 10 is checking 8William Hobbs: Inves Hobbs N1: 14 (Jailed)John Hathorne: silent tactic broJohn Hathorne: always worksJames Russel: 15 is wichJames Russel: dont attacak himJohn Hathorne: .-.William Hobbs: So yeahJames Russel: 15 is witchGrandmaster: SorryJohn Hathorne: silent tacticWilliam Hobbs: Not gonna be able to prove myself until tommJohn Hathorne: always worksTransporter swapped nio with Tanjiro.Witch made Chuck Bartowski target John Casey.Day 3mrs stern has been killed.mrs stern was attacked by the Mafia.mrs stern: i defended youmrs stern: i was rb'dTheMedusaCascade to Chuck Bartowski: transed 2 amd 14mrs stern: couldn't shootnio: WHY WAS 8 JAILED AND NOT 7 JAILORWilliam Hobbs: I was blackmailed yesterday.Tanjiro: i was transedCarbon: n2: William(8)-in jail.... Jailor i said uUseless: N2: John (Suspicious)John Casey: 11 UpJohn Casey: GET 11John Casey: TODAYGrandmaster: WHY ARE WE LETTJNG 2 LIVEnio: just kill 7 todayGrandmaster: 2 SAID THAT MED IS EXE SHERRIFJames Russel: no visits on john hathorne last nightSheng to James Russel: any idea if there are any other vigis?nio: we still have majGrandmaster: IS TOWN OK?James Russel: 5 is exeJohn Casey: WE GET 11.mrs stern: if you could seance i shot at nio last night and was rb'dJames Russel to Sheng: i dont think there are other vigisCarbon: IM SHERIFF, NOT EXE.Tanjiro: can we plsnio: 7 is confirmed evilGrandmaster: 2 SAID MED IS EXE/SHERIFDCarbon: 6 is exeTheMedusaCascade to Chuck Bartowski: hes right exe 2James Russel: 5 is exeJohn Casey: TOWN ON 11 SPLITERS MAFJames Russel: im exe?William Hobbs: 2 said Carbon is Exe/sheriffGrandmaster: 2 said med is exe sheriffWilliam Hobbs: Read the chatJohn Casey: TOWN ON 11John Casey: SLOWWJames Russel: up 5John Casey: ON 11TheMedusaCascade to Grandmaster: let jailor exe 2DefenseGrandmaster to TheMedusaCascade: ok rightGrandmaster to TheMedusaCascade: I just prefer safe hJudgementSheng: easiest guilty of my life lmfaoCarbon: yes and im sheriff exe/SHERIFF! Dumb playersJohn Casey: ALL GUILTY SPLITERS ARE MAF. JAILOR ON SPLITTERSnio: im reporting 9John Casey: LL GUILTYGrandmaster to TheMedusaCascade: lynches over 90% sure onesTheMedusaCascade to Grandmaster: i understandSheng: LLLLLLLLLGrandmaster: Guilty obviouslyCarbon: u are dumb townWilliam Hobbs: 2 said CARBON was Sher/Exe/WWSheng voted guilty.Useless voted guilty.TheMedusaCascade voted guilty.Grandmaster voted guilty.Chance voted guilty.Chuck Bartowski voted guilty.William Hobbs voted guilty.nio voted guilty.Tanjiro voted guilty.John Casey voted guilty.Carbon voted guilty.James Russel voted guilty.John Hathorne: lolTheMedusaCascade to Chuck Bartowski: exe 2 no matter what hes results are off and theres no way they couldve been framedCarbon: fuuck u 8 :)John Hathorne has been lynched.John Casey: LJames Russel: nice throw 11James Russel: reportedGrandmaster: I hope jailor exes 2John Casey: SPLITTERS EVILnio: me toonio: lmaoWilliam Hobbs: Bruh I was helping youJohn Hathorne: how did i throwJohn Hathorne: X_XJohn Casey: TRANS ON MEJohn Casey: AND LOnio: hes already reportedNight 3James Russel: report mafioso i refuse to play with this kind of mafiaSheng: vetSheng: bitchJames Russel: if im voted up i refuse to defend myselfGrandmaster: Ye he didnt even tryJames Russel: fuck you mafiosoSheng: tis quite unfortunate of a situationSheng: innitGrandmaster: I will go for retri claim, sorry.James Russel: fucking moronJohn Hathorne: imagineGrandmaster: Dont bm my targetChuck Bartowski: Sheng has changed their vote to nio.Grandmaster: PleaseJames Russel: dontJames Russel: attack himJames Russel: hes jilaorChuck Bartowski: EASIEST GUIKTY OF MY LIFE LÖLTransporter swapped John Casey with Chance.William Hobbs investigated John Casey.Carbon checked Grandmaster.nio investigated Grandmaster.Chuck Bartowski decided to execute Sheng.Day 4Sheng has left the game.John Casey: Yea yeaSheng has been killed.James Russel to Chance: whats wrong with this mafiaGrandmaster: OofGrandmaster: Did jailor come out?John Hathorne: I don't get how I was throwing?William Hobbs to Chuck Bartowski: N3: 4 (BG/GF/Arso)TheMedusaCascade to Chuck Bartowski: i transed 1 amd 4 and someone tried to rb meGrandmaster: I am somewhat retarded too apparentlyJohn Casey has been killed.John Casey died guarding someone.John Hathorne: Silent tactic has made me win multiple timesTheMedusaCascade to Chuck Bartowski: also why the fuck is 2 still aliveJohn Hathorne: So I don't get how I was throwingJohn Hathorne: Fucking idiot 6Grandmaster has been killed.Grandmaster was attacked by a BodyGuard.nio: OH 7 WAS EVIL??? fuck offUseless: N3: Grandmaster(Inno)Carbon: n3: Grandmaster(7)-inno/gf XDDTheMedusaCascade: 2 you still said med was sheriff/exeTheMedusaCascade: He wasnt wrong about thatnio: i said 10 was look at my chat logsWilliam Hobbs: He still didntWilliam Hobbs: He said 10 wasTheMedusaCascade: Oh my bnio: kJames Russel: wtfWilliam Hobbs: nio: nio the invest n1; Carbon - sher, exe, wwCarbon: YEP AND IM SHERIFF :)William Hobbs: 13 claimTheMedusaCascade: Jailor bmedCarbon: sheriff n1: Tanjiro(14)-in jail n2: William(8)-in jail n3: Grandmaster(7)-inno/gf 5 sherif tooTheMedusaCascade: Medusa the Transporter here! (abouta die n2 like i always do as trans) n1-1 and 15 n2-2 and 14 (and here is where I die) n3-(or noTheMedusaCascade: t) 1(since he asked) and 4 (attempted rb)James Russel: 13 is fineJames Russel: he visitedTanjiro: innoWilliam Hobbs: Ok 4 claimTanjiro: trans realJames Russel: cant be mafTheMedusaCascade: And im dead now tha ksGrandmaster: Town won.Grandmaster: Partly becouse of me.John Casey: 6 mafJames Russel: william roleWilliam Hobbs: Inves Hobbs N1: 14 (Jailed) N2: Jailed N3: 4 (BG/GF/Arso) TI: Inves TI: TP: BG TK: TS: Med RT: RT: RT:TheMedusaCascade: 4 no clai,TheMedusaCascade: Claimnio: will is evilWilliam Hobbs: 4 no claimNight 4James Russel: James the Lookout N1: Sheng- VB TheMedusaCascade N2: William Hobbs- Jailed N3: Chance- VB TheMedusaCascadeChance: well shitJames Russel: exe me sureGrandmaster: I am so sorry.Chance: im taking jailor down with meChuck Bartowski: oh so ur blackmailerJohn Hathorne: why aren't we dead yetJames Russel: nopeJohn Casey: You are not sorry.James Russel: but sureJames Russel: exe meJohn Hathorne: he isn'tJohn Hathorne: X_XChuck Bartowski: trans always whispered his resultsChance: there's no coming back from this one :/John Casey: You attacked jailor.Chuck Bartowski: u werent on me n1John Hathorne: nah he got witchedJohn Hathorne: wysJohn Casey: You handpicked him.Chuck Bartowski: ur bmer lmaoChuck Bartowski: byeJohn Hathorne: he got witchedJohn Casey: OhChuck Bartowski: LGrandmaster: Was he revealedTransporter swapped Tanjiro with William Hobbs.William Hobbs investigated Carbon.Carbon checked Chance.nio investigated Tanjiro.Chuck Bartowski decided to execute James Russel.Day 5James Russel: i dont metaGrandmaster: ?John Casey: Yea he wasJames Russel: 11 strangle yourself plsJames Russel has been killed.John Hathorne: nahGrandmaster: Sorry I am just blind thenGrandmaster: I was too busy spamming.John Casey: Check d1James Russel: fucking jump into a riverJohn Hathorne: I reported you for reporting for no reasonJames Russel: loserChuck Bartowski has been killed.Chuck Bartowski was attacked by the Mafia.John Hathorne: Like silent tactic has worked so many times for meJames Russel: not defending yourself at allJohn Hathorne: People sometimes think you got bmed.Grandmaster: Sorry for attacking jailor.James Russel: you could have said "I am blackmailed." mybeJames Russel: fucking dumbassnio: n4; william hobbs - esc, trans, cons, hypnoWilliam Hobbs: Inves Hobbs N1: 14 (Jailed) N2: Jailed N3: 4 (BG/GF/Arso) N4: 10 (Sher/exe/ww)Carbon: n4: Chance(4)-SUSJohn Hathorne: YOU CANT SPEAKUseless: N4: Chance (Suspicous)Tanjiro: I rb'd myself lmaoWilliam Hobbs: 4 claimTheMedusaCascade: 4 and 14 are silent and claimlessJames Russel: yes you cannio: will were you transed?Grandmaster: You can.James Russel: on standChance: Veterannio: n4; william hobbs - esc, trans, cons, hypnoCarbon: n4: Chance(4)-SUSJohn Hathorne: U CAN?Tanjiro: i have a claimGrandmaster: You say "I am blackmailed."Tanjiro: escortnio: will is hypnoJohn Hathorne: WTFWilliam Hobbs: OkJames Russel: you can say "I am blackmailed"William Hobbs: So 4 and 2James Russel: fucking moronTheMedusaCascade: I transed 4 and 14James Russel: shoot yourself in the eyeChance: so its 14William Hobbs: OhGrandmaster: Is there dot or not?Chuck Bartowski: jamesWilliam Hobbs: Oh yeah I forgot I was transd lmaoJohn Casey: Its actually —> I am blackmailed.William Hobbs: NvmChuck Bartowski: too toxicGrandmaster: I think there isJohn Casey: Dont forget the .nio: careful or we will give exe winJames Russel: i dont think its toxic 9Tanjiro: nah you're not gonna get outta this one lmaoWilliam Hobbs: 4 firstTheMedusaCascade: Wait whyd i say 4 sorry 8James Russel: gamethrowers deserve itTheMedusaCascade: 4 is susnio: we should hang 10 firstChance: I WAS TRANSED WITH 14William Hobbs: I WAS TRANSDTheMedusaCascade: No you werentTheMedusaCascade: Medusa the Transporter here! (abouta die n2 like i always do as trans) n1-1 and 15 n2-2 and 14 (and here is where I die) n3-(or noTheMedusaCascade: t) 1(since he asked) and 4 (attempted rb) n4-8 and 14Grandmaster: GGTheMedusaCascade: 8 wasDefenseChance to William Hobbs: TheMedusaCascade: I transed 4 and 14Tanjiro: Can i remind you that i was attacked n1Grandmaster: If only I went for 1 instead of jailor.Tanjiro: esc n1: jailed n2: mrs stern n3: themedusacascadeGrandmaster: Well we would likely lose anyway.Tanjiro: transed last nightTanjiro: ended up rbing myselfJudgementChance: TheMedusaCascade: I transed 4 and 14nio: yea attacked in jail innoChance: .Chance: TheMedusaCascade: I transed 4 and 14TheMedusaCascade: Wait inno can confirm i was rbed m3Chance: GUILTYChance: TheMedusaCascade: I transed 4 and 14Chance: .TheMedusaCascade: I fucked upnio: this is innoTheMedusaCascade: I transed 8TheMedusaCascade: Amd 14William Hobbs: Inno up 4Chance: guiltyTheMedusaCascade: Not 4John Hathorne: amdChance: TheMedusaCascade: I transed 4 and 14Chance: ..Chance: TheMedusaCascade: I transed 4 and 14Chance voted guilty.nio voted innocent.William Hobbs voted innocent.Carbon voted innocent.TheMedusaCascade voted innocent.Useless voted guilty.William Hobbs: N3: 4 (BG/GF/Arso)John Hathorne: CHuck baroookooskiTheMedusaCascade: Get 4William Hobbs: 4 claimDefenseChance: I CAN'T BE BG/GF AND SUSPICIOUSJohn Hathorne: lolChance: do you guys not see the fuckery?Carbon to TheMedusaCascade: u was rbd?John Hathorne: he has a pointGrandmaster: Powerful logic.JudgementWilliam Hobbs: THEN CLAIM DUMBASSChance: I DID CLAIMJames Russel: 11 i hope you drownGrandmaster: It wont save him tho.TheMedusaCascade to Carbon: texhnically no since im immune but he still tried n3nio: its 5 or 8 thennio: and 10 is exeChance: INNOnio: innoChance: get 8Tanjiro: yeah one is lyingJohn Hathorne: innoJohn Casey: WtfJohn Casey: They are innoeing??Carbon voted guilty.TheMedusaCascade voted innocent.William Hobbs abstained.nio voted innocent.Tanjiro voted innocent.Useless voted innocent.TheMedusaCascade: 8 was bmednio: get 5John Hathorne: :DJohn Casey: NO WAYGrandmaster: HAHAHJohn Hathorne: HAHAHHAHADefenseUseless: I'm the exe, 10 isn'tGrandmaster: We still lose tho?!James Russel: this was exe??Useless: my last opportunity to get 14 was nowJohn Hathorne: lolJames Russel: Useless: N2: John (Suspicious)James Russel: WTFJudgementTanjiro: ok look lets just one for one please i can rbCarbon: n4: Chance(4)-SUSCarbon: whaatnio: i believe that but we gotta linch nownio: sorryTanjiro: i can rb gfChuck Bartowski: its kinda funny how those morons expected me to execute the gf when witch was aliveTheMedusaCascade voted innocent.Chance voted guilty.Carbon voted guilty.Tanjiro voted guilty.nio voted guilty.William Hobbs voted guilty.Useless: ggwpUseless: good luck!Useless has been lynched.William Hobbs: Escort RB 4. We can go one by oneChance: dudeJames Russel: 5 why did you call out our mafioso as susChance: RB 8nio: 10 last evilJames Russel: instead of your targetChance: 8 has falst resultsnio: or 8William Hobbs: FineTheMedusaCascade: 8 WAS BMEDTanjiro: what do i evenChance: fale*Carbon: XDDD 2TheMedusaCascade: RB 4Chance: false*TheMedusaCascade: 8 WAS BMEDWilliam Hobbs: I was BMdNight 5James Russel: why did you call out 2 of our mafia as susJames Russel: exeUseless: I would be lynched ages ago if I didJames Russel: you lost nowJames Russel: lmaoUseless: Yeah I'm awareJohn Hathorne: loGrandmaster: Indeed useless exe.James Russel: I doubt your target can lynch themselvesJohn Hathorne: lolJames Russel: I wouldn't count on itJames Russel: reallyTransporter swapped TheMedusaCascade with nio.William Hobbs investigated Chance.Carbon checked Tanjiro.nio investigated Carbon.Day 6James Russel: dumb exeJohn Hathorne: huhChance: yeah yeah suck my dicknio: its 8Tanjiro: rbd 4nio: no?Chance: its 8John Hathorne: its not 8?Useless: They were attacked in jail, they'd most definetly turn on meTheMedusaCascade: 8 was fucking bmedJohn Hathorne: LOLTheMedusaCascade: Get 4Chance: i can't be bg/gf and suspiciousChance: WITCH WAS ALIVE \TheMedusaCascade: Too bad you rbednio: how can you know he was bmedCarbon: up 4William Hobbs: 4 was vig/vet/mafioso tonightTheMedusaCascade: He was bmed like d2William Hobbs: Dont know how that happenedCarbon: n4: Chance(4)-SUS n5: Tanjiro(14)-inno/gfTanjiro: yeah how could we conf he was bm'dChance: William Hobbs: N3: 4 (BG/GF/Arso)William Hobbs: and I was BM'd day 1Tanjiro: actuallyChance: .William Hobbs: I signaledChance: William Hobbs: N3: 4 (BG/GF/Arso)Chance: .William Hobbs: Day 1Chance: William Hobbs: N3: 4 (BG/GF/Arso)TheMedusaCascade: It doesnt matter 14 4 was rbed eith no killTanjiro: signaling means notingChance: It's literally 8...John Hathorne: ggDefenseChance: Look at this shitChance: William Hobbs: N3: 4 (BG/GF/Arso)Chance: .Chance: William Hobbs: N3: 4 (BG/GF/Arso)John Casey: FinallyJohn Hathorne: GGS!Grandmaster: WtfJohn Hathorne: Maf lChance: readJohn Hathorne: LLLChance: he has 2 different results on meJudgementTheMedusaCascade: 4 was still rbed with no kill you cant talk yourself out of thatCarbon: if inno esc go to 8. Guilty thisWilliam Hobbs: Inves Hobbs N1: 14 (Jailed) N2: Jailed N3: 4 (BG/GF/Arso) N4: 10 (Sher/exe/ww) N5 4 (Vig/Vet/Mafioso)Tanjiro: I rb'd you, no deaths. we can get 8 tommorow if innonio: 10 who did you check last night?TheMedusaCascade: 4 was still rbed with no killJames Russel: you could ahve said they were witchJohn Hathorne: ggs!!!!!Carbon voted guilty.William Hobbs voted guilty.TheMedusaCascade voted guilty.nio voted guilty.Tanjiro voted guilty.Chance: i triedJames Russel: 11 you're trash lmaoWilliam Hobbs has left the game.John Hathorne: iknio: lmao 10 found 4 yesterdayJohn Hathorne: I amChance has been lynched.nio: didnt even realise thatTheMedusaCascade: Why did 8 leave?Chance: 8 lostJames Russel: please hang yourself with a ropeJohn Hathorne: howJohn Casey: 8 left the last secondJohn Hathorne: ?John Casey: SadGameOverTown has won.nio: ggUseless: ggwpJames Russel: 11 you deserve to drownTanjiro: ggChuck Bartowski: ggJohn Casey: GgJames Russel: fucking loserJohn Casey: 2 ur an idiot just sayinTheMedusaCascade: Bruh 8 and 4 were outting themselvee lmaonio: not as much as jailor just sayinEnd of Report
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