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Report Details
Report ID: 3268516
Reported User: GAYBARAN
Report Submitted: Jan. 02, 2021 8:08 am
# of reporters: 12
Reported Reason: Cheating
Details: Day 1
LobbyYARRAAAAA: kadirYARRAAAAA: nasılsınGAYBARAN: kadirkadir0011: iyikadir0011: senZeeenith: eYARRAAAAA: ben de iyiyimPlayers are choosing namesToast has left the game.G O D has left the game.Day 1Ice Cream: ya türkler sikti ıyunuAbel: how yall doingIce Cream: isminizi sikiyimIce Cream: salaklarIce Cream: yaLiterally God: decentacab: ohKadiri Siktim: ananı siktim kadirIce Cream: aptallarMal Kadir: ne var isimde kardeşimIce Cream: ismini mal kadirIce Cream: yapmıiKadiri Siktim: speak eng plsIce Cream: aptal oçacab: omfgacab: maf kil them plsNight 1Literally God: you english?Dark: 2 coven?James Bayley: yesJames Bayley: but noLiterally God: goodjohan liebert: yeaLiterally God: just kill somebody randomCovenLeader made Mal Kadir target Mal Kadir.Day 2Mal Kadir has been killed.Mal Kadir was attacked by the Mafia.Kadiri Siktim has left the game.Toast has been killed.Mal Kadir has left the game.G O D has been killed.Ice Cream: sorry for speaking turkishIce Cream: but they ruined my gameShrimp: report those guys speaking turkish i pulled out translate and it wasnt prettyIce Cream: cant do anythingShrimp: contextacab: huhIce Cream: they badmouthed my nameIce Cream: Sryacab: ohIce Cream: 6 and 15Ice Cream: report these guysShrimp: for harassment?Ice Cream: yupShrimp: aightLiterally God: so back to the game, anything?acab: nupShrimp: no nothingAbel: Abel the Spy Bugs: n1- acab [nothing] Maf Visits: n1- Mal Kadir Coven Visits: n1- Mal Kadir, Kadiri Kadiracab: ohacab: okLiterally God: aightAbel: idk if i should do that, but might as wellAbel: lmaoNight 2Literally God: kill 1 tonightLiterally God: theyre spyCovenLeader made Shrimp target mrs spencer reid.Day 3acab to Abel: oh wowmrs spencer reid has been killed.mrs spencer reid was attacked by a Werewolf.acab to Abel: u were visited by a lot of peopleAbel to acab: im a special guy ;)Abel to acab: ty thoIce Cream to Dark: claiIce Cream to Dark: claimIce Cream to Shrimp: claimacab to Abel: N2 - trapping Abel (triggered by escort, forger, tracker, mafioso)James Bayley has been killed.James Bayley was attacked by the Trapper.Ice Cream to English: claiDark to Ice Cream: sherifShrimp to Ice Cream: sheriffIce Cream to johan liebert: claimEnglish to Abel: what?johan liebert to Ice Cream: kadir benim aqAbel to English: dont worry bout itKadiri Siktim has been killed.Ice Cream to Literally God: claimEnglish to Abel: .........Literally God to Ice Cream: BGEnglish: Doc pls heal me I am poisonedAbel: bro escort whyd ya rb meacab: N2 - trapping Abel (triggered by escort, forger, tracker, mafioso)Ice Cream: 12 and 3 claims sheriff in whisps 8 claims bgIce Cream: 12 or 3 is WWShrimp: i know its a sus claim with ww in game butIce Cream: post ur willsIce Cream: quickDark: 12 innoAbel: well, we have a night without oneDark: Dark de sherif N1-johanan liebert Inno N2-Ice Cream Innoacab: TP LO ON MEShrimp: N1: Ice Cream: Seems inno N2: Literally god: Seems innoIce Cream: dark liesIce Cream: dark didnt come to meIce Cream: get 12Abel: tp on acab; trapper is really goodIce Cream: 12 upIce Cream: up 12Ice Cream: liesDefenseDark: i got much to say :/ Dark de sherif N1-johanan liebert Inno N2-Ice Cream InnoJudgementjohan liebert: inno ı think 3 is wwShrimp: noIce Cream: you cant see me as inno cuz im forgerShrimp: im notacab: oAbel: lolIce Cream: Get thisShrimp: BRUHIce Cream: probably WWDark: gl wwShrimp voted guilty.johan liebert voted innocent.acab voted guilty.Ice Cream voted guilty.Abel abstained.Literally God voted guilty.Seintello voted innocent.English voted guilty.Dark: shrimp is wwDark has been lynched.acab: LOLIce Cream: get shrimp tmrwShrimp: i was also controlled by CL this night so i thonk i checked someone elseShrimp: im not deadassAbel: niceNight 3Day 4English has been killed.English was attacked by the Poisoner.johan liebert has been killed.johan liebert was attacked by the Mafia.Shrimp: i was rbed now i have no leads tyIce Cream: Get 3, Confirmed WWAbel: now shrimp is poisoned, right?acab: r we gonna ignore the fact that 11 claimed forgerShrimp: get 11Shrimp: no im notIce Cream: im vetAbel: Abel the Spy Bugs: n1- acab [nothing] n2- [rb'd] [trap saved me] n3- Literally God Maf Visits: n1- Mal Kadir n2- rb'd n3- johan liAbel: ebert Coven Visits: n1- Mal Kadir, Kadiri Kadir n2- rb'd n3- ShrimpIce Cream: lolIce Cream: i got psuhed 12Ice Cream: cuzIce Cream: they cant visit meShrimp: maf is more dangerousIce Cream: if theyIce Cream: they will dieIce Cream: get 3acab: ok fine i believe thatAbel: well, we still have a ww around these partsacab: whateverIce Cream: ww is more dangerousShrimp: theres too many mafia get 11acab: get 3Ice Cream: get 3Abel to acab: if you can, id put the trap on yourself if possibleDark has left the game.acab to Abel: i dont think i can :/Shrimp: town on 11DefenseShrimp: im kind of your only hopeShrimp: to take out mafia membersShrimp: but go off i guessJudgementacab: true idk lolIce Cream: so town will hang a townAbel: theres onbly 1 mafLiterally God: ww is the most deadly role here, lynch themIce Cream: to win?Abel: according to me at leastShrimp: innoShrimp: noLiterally God: guiltyIce Cream: GUILTYAbel: Maf Visits: n1- Mal Kadir n2- rb'd n3- johan liebertIce Cream: cant let em dieLiterally God: we need to guiltyacab voted guilty.Ice Cream voted guilty.Abel voted guilty.Seintello voted guilty.Literally God voted guilty.Shrimp: there cant be onle 1 mafShrimp: if 11 is forgShrimp has been lynched.Shrimp: duhJames Bayley: kacab: forger does existAbel: maybe they were forger, cause mafiso diedIce Cream: i just claimed forger for hang CLAbel: lmaoIce Cream: I have 2 alertsNight 4Shrimp: sureeeShrimp: im outShrimp has left the game.Day 5acab: what is 4Ice Cream: Maf hit immuneAbel: maf visited 4, i think theyre pestLiterally God: idkacab: yeah 4 is pest coolAbel: Maf Visits: n1- Mal Kadir n2- rb'd n3- johan liebert n4- SeintelloLiterally God: so we vote out pest todayIce Cream: 8 is last maIce Cream: fAbel: also no coven visits, so coven might be goneIce Cream: i cant give the wiin to mafacab: yep ezIce Cream: its better if pest wwinIce Cream: get 8acab: no we have the numbersLiterally God: Literally God the BG N1 - English N2 - Dark N3 - acab N4 - acabacab: 3 townacab: 3 TOWNAbel: lolSeintello: pls 8Abel: yeah, get 4 then 8DefenseSeintello: plsSeintello: plssssIce Cream to acab: your trap on 1JudgementLiterally God: no.acab to Ice Cream: perhapsAbel: sorry man :(Seintello: pls 1Seintello: pls innoIce Cream: inno thisacab: lolIce Cream: i believed thatIce Cream: lmfaoIce Cream voted innocent.acab voted guilty.Literally God voted guilty.Abel voted innocent.acab: wtf ???acab: its 3 town 1 pest 1 mafSeintello: thnxxxxxJames Bayley: kjogsdjflsjkjkakkjfajsfkjaIce Cream: get mafacab: we hang pestDefenseEnglish: *FACEPALM*Seintello: inno pls 1Seintello: innojohan liebert has left the game.mrs spencer reid: 11 is so annoyingSeintello: plsSeintello: ı am pest plsssJudgementSeintello: plsAbel: i inno'd once already, i cant vote again...Literally God: guilty, pest will kill all of usacab: what is going onacab: guilty ffsSeintello: 1 plsSeintello: kil mafiaLiterally God: this guy is pestacab: unless one of u are lying about ur roleSeintello: plsssmrs spencer reid: 11 IS ACTUALLY ANNOYINGAbel: just having some fun 13acab voted guilty.Ice Cream voted innocent.Abel abstained.Literally God voted guilty.Seintello has left the game.Seintello has been lynched.Ice Cream has left the game.Abel: so hang 11 tomorrow?Abel: nvmacab: ohLiterally God: they leftNight 5Day 6acab has been killed.acab was attacked by the Mafia.acab: Abel wins thisIce Cream has been killed.English: Town lost :(Abel: >:(Literally God: cool, drawacab: there is a trap on Abelacab: so drawAbel: i saw my pal get merc'd last nightacab: 11 very much threw by leavingLiterally God: huh, wonder who did itmrs spencer reid: YeahLiterally God: coolmrs spencer reid: 11 was mad that they were shitAbel: welpAbel: how you doingAbel: hows your dayLiterally God: alrightLiterally God: eh its decentNight 6English: wait so what is 1 againmrs spencer reid: IdkJames Bayley: ggEnglish: I was not concentrating this rounDay 7James Bayley: flkFASMNDBSABHFBASDİLiterally God has been killed.Literally God was attacked by the Trapper.James Bayley: fmasfasnjfjasfjsajfaEnglish: nvm not drawLiterally God: I couldnrt wunLiterally God: he had a trapEnglish: Just make it a drawGameOverTown has won.Abel: gg!acab: ggLiterally God: ggAbel: well done trapperacab: tyLiterally God: TARNATION TRAPPERAbel: saved my butt twiceacab: hahahaEnd of Report
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