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Report ID: 3263902
Reported User: GAYBARAN
Report Submitted: Jan. 02, 2021 6:46 am
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Cheating
Details: Day 3
Lobbyvincefrombe: my name wil be cyberse xAWESOMEME9875: supAWESOMEME9875: omg, not many peopleHeckaty: playing roblox 8 hours in a rowamwin: hiHeckaty: that's harshHeckaty: Oh hey pokemegPlayers are choosing namesDay 1Toast: HELLO HELLOToast: capsJax Teller: D1 GA claimJohn Willard: JAILOR HERE TP LO ON MEamwin to Samuel Parris: im your gaAbigail Hobbs: surv d1amwin: im gavur: TRANSPORTERAS ON MECity Lights: 1 is dusaSamuel Parris to amwin: yayJax Teller: Neutral BenignJax Teller: :)Night 1Abigail Hobbs: ofc i had to be the shit roleFroggy: froggy the medium N1 no deadDeodat Lawson: yeah doubt that is jailorCity Lights: lolJohn Willard: alrightCity Lights: yeahSarah Wildes: HiSamuel Parris: Forger is pretty goodAbigail Hobbs: aite i claimed survAbigail Hobbs: yeah at like d4Abigail Hobbs: lolCity Lights: lolDeodat Lawson: i will be inv that doesnt postCovenLeader made babanin ami target John Willard.Day 2babanin ami has been killed.babanin ami was attacked by the Mafia.John Willard to City Lights: u better claim or u will be exedJax Teller: GA claim D2Jax Teller: ^^sikeratar: wowToast: coolsikeratar: thxvur: I SAID TRANSPORTERS ON METoast: 13 confirmed thenSarah Wildes: niceamwin: ga claim here tooCity Lights to John Willard: I still think u r dusaToast: ohCity Lights: who was jailed?Toast: one of GAs is confirmedJohn Willard to City Lights: dont test meToast: not meSamuel Parris to amwin: protect me tonightCity Lights: to confirm jailor?sikeratar: only one kill thoJax Teller to sikeratar: if u get poisoned or anything LMK so I can purge youToast: poisoned:?Jax Teller: I am the confirmed GASamuel Parris: 6 will confirm tonightToast: okamwin to Samuel Parris: okCity Lights: 1 might be dusa...who claims jailed?vur: So jailor is jester?sikeratar to Jax Teller: ı will manToast: 6 protect tonight thenDeodat Lawson: who was jailed?City Lights: maybeGuardian: 1 isnt dusaGuardian: Guardian the LO N1: John Willard (vb babanin ami)vur: 1 is jesterCity Lights: no one claims jailedToast: 1 who did u jailDefenseJohn Willard: i jailed 13John Willard: 12*John Willard: john the jailor n1 froggy claims mediumDeodat Lawson to Sally: Investigator N1 Sally (Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, Necromancer, or Trapper)Judgementsikeratar: ok ı dont even know why he is upToast: 12 confirm?City Lights: 12, confirm?Sally to Deodat Lawson: trueSarah Wildes: 12?sikeratar: 12 ?Froggy: froggy the medium N1 no dead jailedSamuel Parris: hmmmToast: okToast: innoCity Lights: kksikeratar: innoSarah Wildes: hmmmDeodat Lawson: hmFroggy: i was jailedSarah Wildes: idkCity Lights voted innocent.Toast voted innocent.Abigail Hobbs abstained.vur voted innocent.Deodat Lawson voted innocent.Froggy voted innocent.Sarah Wildes voted innocent.amwin voted innocent.sikeratar voted innocent.Guardian voted innocent.Jax Teller voted innocent.Sally voted innocent.Samuel Parris abstained.Deodat Lawson: 12 is sus for not claiming jailed eaerlierToast: yhSamuel Parris: almost guiltied lol, sorry 1Deodat Lawson to John Willard: Investigator N1 Sally (Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, Necromancer, or Trapper)vur: 1 and 12 both evilNight 2City Lights: City Lights - BG N1) Vest N2) John WilliardAbigail Hobbs: kill someone quietbabanin ami: mediumJohn Willard: so uhhFroggy: helloDeodat Lawson: 15 is trapperCity Lights: Sry thoAbigail Hobbs: kill 15Deodat Lawson: i told them im invbabanin ami: are you 12Froggy: i am froggyJohn Willard: kkSarah Wildes: im protecting youFroggy: yesbabanin ami: okAbigail Hobbs: oh maybe notDeodat Lawson: in hopes of getting a trap on meAbigail Hobbs: lolDeodat Lawson: lolSamuel Parris: 1 has trapJohn Willard: 4 claims investSamuel Parris: I'm guessingCity Lights: No one claimed jailed, got susFroggy: can you conforimbabanin ami: ı have a preCity Lights: KkGuardian: mkayAbigail Hobbs: kill 7 or 8babanin ami: he will confirm youCity Lights: Will stay on ubabanin ami: relaxCity Lights: Lo can confirmCovenLeader made Toast target Toast.Necromancer made babanin ami target Guardian.Day 3amwin to Samuel Parris: what is your role?Toast has been killed.Toast was attacked by a Vigilante.Toast has left the game.Samuel Parris to amwin: I am mafiosoamwin to Samuel Parris: okvur to John Willard: who was jailed this night?City Lights: I was jailed, but i am not mafia killing at leastJohn Willard to vur: cityAbigail Hobbs: surv d3 claimDeodat Lawson: oh another GACity Lights: I was attacked in jailamwin: im confirmed ga too nowCity Lights: Jailor can jail me again to confirmsikeratar: 12 medium confirmed btwvur: So 1 is jailorDeodat Lawson: ok 6 and 13 both GAsAbigail Hobbs: HOW 8?Sarah Wildes: how is 12 confirmed?Froggy: babanin ami: he will confirm youAbigail Hobbs: how is medium confirmedJohn Willard to City Lights: i think 11 is evil bc he abstained mesikeratar: ı got a dead friendvur: what's 4?sikeratar: xdvur: 4 claimDeodat Lawson: investDeodat Lawson: i claimedvur: okDeodat Lawson: to jailor alreadyvur: results?City Lights to John Willard: could be...will tell inves to checkDeodat Lawson: 3 what are youSarah Wildes: willSarah Wildes: 4 will?vur: i am TKCity Lights to Deodat Lawson: just whisperingJohn Willard: 4 posted to meDeodat Lawson to John Willard: i checked toast n2Deodat Lawson: 3 roleNight 3Sarah Wildes: docDeodat Lawson: what happenedSarah Wildes: Doc N1-7 N2-5City Lights: Did u hit immune?Samuel Parris: defense too highJohn Willard: why not on me?Sarah Wildes: im sus of 4Deodat Lawson: on who?City Lights: whose?Froggy: heyGuardian: idk if youre in trouble or not..Sarah Wildes: cause i didnt trustJohn Willard: 4 is goodbabanin ami: heyDeodat Lawson: 15 is trapperAbigail Hobbs: put it in death noteFroggy: do you you know who is hoDeodat Lawson: they shouldnt have defFroggy: whoJohn Willard: im sus of 11Guardian: hope notSarah Wildes: now i believebabanin ami: no ı only have one friendDay 4babanin ami: and he is vetSally has been killed.Sally was attacked by the Coven Leader.Sarah Wildes to John Willard: what did 11 claim?John Willard to Sarah Wildes: he abstained on jailorvur to John Willard: if anyone claims to be on me n2 execute themCity Lights: I was rbedAbigail Hobbs: surv d4 claim :)Sarah Wildes to John Willard: thats susDeodat Lawson to John Willard: Investigator N1 Sally (Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, Necromancer, or Trapper) N2 Toast (Vigilante, Veteran, Mafioso, Pirate, or AmCity Lights: Maf has consort....sikeratar: anyone seen somethingDeodat Lawson to John Willard: N3 Froggy (Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, Necromancer, or Trapper)sikeratar: ?Guardian: 14 thats unfortunate if you really arent mafia.John Willard to Deodat Lawson: kkvur: 13 said nothing right?John Willard to Deodat Lawson: do 11 nextDeodat Lawson: 13 is GAsikeratar: yepDeodat Lawson to John Willard: okvur: yeahvur: truAbigail Hobbs: whats 10amwin to Samuel Parris: who are your co maffia? then I wont vote themvur: but there must be evils right?John Willard: 10 claims tpJax Teller: GA claim D4Deodat Lawson: ok whats 3Jax Teller: just reminding :)City Lights: lo, confirm?sikeratar: anyone been transported?Guardian: 3 claimed TKNight 4City Lights: what happened?Abigail Hobbs: jus dont kill 13 lol. this game is so SLOW omgSamuel Parris: stop telling me to hit immuneFroggy: heyDeodat Lawson: jailor said to check you mafiosoAbigail Hobbs: can we make this shit quickSamuel Parris: holy shit gfsikeratar: post will?sikeratar: want me tosikeratar: ?Sarah Wildes: im shooting 3Abigail Hobbs: seriouslySamuel Parris: I'm bgCity Lights: 7 has def?Samuel Parris: put bgJohn Willard: yeahbabanin ami: med ı think you are going to die tonightAbigail Hobbs: we need to lynch tomorrowSamuel Parris: in my thingsikeratar: wow veteran for consecutive 2 games n1 didnt set n2 didnt set n3 setGuardian: yep.John Willard: ur a slow oneSally: oh helloSamuel Parris: the bg investbabanin ami: ım kinda medium tooAbigail Hobbs: put in death note 7 has defenceDeodat Lawson: 8 and 12 are medGuardian: Im putting you as tp in my willSarah Wildes: it has to be doneGuardian: but wellCity Lights: kkSarah Wildes: okkGuardian: if i dieDeodat Lawson: 11 claimDeodat Lawson: for my willCovenLeader made Samuel Parris target Deodat Lawson.Necromancer made Toast target vur.Day 5amwin has been killed.amwin was attacked by the Mafia.Samuel Parris: Holy shitSamuel Parris: This gf is braindeadSamuel Parris: I'm so sorryJohn Willard has been killed.John Willard was attacked by a Werewolf.amwin: lolSamuel Parris: he literally would not listenSamuel Parris: to anythingSamuel Parris: and attacked youCity Lights has left the game.Samuel Parris has been killed.Samuel Parris was attacked by the Coven Leader.amwin: wtf clJax Teller to sikeratar: O.o so ur WW? oofamwin: why kill my targetAbigail Hobbs: surv claim d5. btw is mafia fkn dumb or what - killing a GA? i spit on uDeodat Lawson: Investigator N1 Sally (Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, Necromancer, or Trapper) N2 Toast (Vigilante, Veteran, Mafioso, Pirate, orDeodat Lawson: Ambusher) N3 Froggy (Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, Necromancer, or Trapper) N4 Samuel Parris (Vigilante, Veteran, Mafioso, PirDeodat Lawson: ate, or Ambusher)vur: So 4 is ww? Was jailed n2 and no ww kills.vur: So 4 is ww? Was jailed n2 and no ww kills....Samuel Parris: I was panicking over gf not responding to anythingSarah Wildes: 4 roleDeodat Lawson: 3 should hangAbigail Hobbs: if he was jailed n2sikeratar: wasnt jailed n2 thoAbigail Hobbs: he wouldve killed jailorDeodat Lawson: IM INVESTSamuel Parris: also they told me to kill 2 immunes lolAbigail Hobbs: so he isnt wwJax Teller: not if it wasnt a full moonSarah Wildes: yeah 4 is godsikeratar to Jax Teller: ww cant be killed at nightSarah Wildes: goodSarah Wildes: 13sikeratar to Jax Teller: and you saved meamwin has left the game.Sarah Wildes: is gaJohn Willard: is here a med?Sarah Wildes: 12?Abigail Hobbs: n2 ww can rampage at home so if jailor jailed him jailor wouldve diedvur: welpsikeratar to Jax Teller: wow veteran for consecutive 2 games n1 didnt set n2 didnt set n3 set n4 jailedDeodat Lawson: I checked who jailor asked me to check...babanin ami: 12 is medJohn Willard: kkJax Teller to sikeratar: i didnt save u N1. I only used protection n1. i still have the secondsikeratar: 12 is mediumAbigail Hobbs: game hella slowDeodat Lawson: 3 is fakesikeratar: 12 is confirmed mediumDefensevur: i shot someone tonight but he was healedvur: vetFroggy to Jax Teller: cheater boys friend is mafiavur: alerted n2 and n4Samuel Parris: lol now gf leftSamuel Parris: after being an idiot all gamevur: probably Pmvur: or somethingJudgementAbigail Hobbs: no full will and u never claied attack at start of daY?sikeratar: vet cant shoot thoSarah Wildes: cant besikeratar: just trappingJax Teller to sikeratar: i thought u were WW cuz u jailor died to WW and u were jailed last nightvur: whatDeodat Lawson: there is no room for vetvur: NO ROOM WHATGuardian abstained.Froggy voted guilty.Sarah Wildes voted guilty.Jax Teller abstained.Abigail Hobbs voted guilty.Deodat Lawson voted guilty.sikeratar voted guilty.vur: its all anysikeratar to Jax Teller: yep makes sense tho not blaming youvur: but okvur has been lynched.Jax Teller: Vet is UNIQUE. only 1 per gameDeodat Lawson: there is CL, mafia and 2 meds and GAs left...sikeratar to Jax Teller: would think the sameJax Teller to sikeratar: should i protect tonight? or waitJohn Willard: LET ME TALK TO MEDNight 5Guardian: I have a feeling 8 is our WW.vur: there is no medAbigail Hobbs: that fucking gf was trash, i wanna report him so bad lolDeodat Lawson: this GF IS THE WORSTJohn Willard: med?babanin ami: 12 mdFroggy: i am mediumDeodat Lawson: they killed the mafioso's GASarah Wildes: control himJohn Willard: med 8 is wwAbigail Hobbs: he shouldve jus listened to 11Deodat Lawson: wtfSamuel Parris: heySarah Wildes: into someoneSamuel Parris: gf is 14John Willard: put in your willFroggy: med is 12Abigail Hobbs: trash ass gf bruh frSamuel Parris: they leftSamuel Parris: he wasSamuel Parris: so trashDeodat Lawson: we cant kill nowSarah Wildes: into 4John Willard: 8 IS WW PUT IN YOUR WILLAbigail Hobbs: yeAbigail Hobbs: we lynch someone tomorrowAbigail Hobbs: like frSamuel Parris: 7 and 8 immuneSarah Wildes: ok goodAbigail Hobbs: too slow this gameCovenLeader made sikeratar target Deodat Lawson.Necromancer made Samuel Parris target Froggy.Day 6John Willard: HE CLAIMED VET AND I DIED TO WWFroggy has been killed.Froggy was attacked by the Mafia.John Willard: 12...Samuel Parris: nooosikeratar: wowJohn Willard: why 12sikeratar has been killed.sikeratar was attacked by the Trapper.sikeratar: ı shouldvve been hanged thoJohn Willard: welp 8 is dead soJohn Willard: yeaCity Lights has been killed.Froggy: sorry i triedJohn Willard: my fault i was slow on the postingFroggy: i died before i could saveSally: I kill you with trapDeodat Lawson: GJ trapper!!Deodat Lawson: N4 Sarah Wildes (Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, Necromancer, or Trapper)Abigail Hobbs: :( medium. sad. surv claim d6. guess its jus cl left for evilsJax Teller: IM A SURVIVOR NOW :( i shoulda used my fuckin 2nd protect. I failed you im sorry.sikeratar has left the game.vur has left the game.babanin ami has left the game.Samuel Parris: maf had a tough timeSarah Wildes to Jax Teller: who was target?Deodat Lawson: 10 what are youSamuel Parris: GF and mafiosoJax Teller to Sarah Wildes: 8Abigail Hobbs: 10Froggy: that they didAbigail Hobbs: what is 7Jax Teller: 8 was my targetSarah Wildes to Jax Teller: can you help us?Samuel Parris: the gf kept commanding me to attack idiotic targetsGuardian: Im LOAbigail Hobbs: 13 is confirmedJax Teller to Sarah Wildes: sureGuardian: claimed d2Deodat Lawson: 7 post willGuardian: Guardian the LO N1: John Willard (vb babanin ami) N2: John Willard (vb Sarah) N3: John Willard (nv) N4: John Willard (nv) N5: SaraAbigail Hobbs: 10 wont claimGuardian: h (nv)Sarah Wildes to Jax Teller: vote 5Samuel Parris: at least he didnt make me hit jailorAbigail Hobbs: its nvAbigail Hobbs: for everyoneAbigail Hobbs: lolJax Teller to Sarah Wildes: kk. as long u promise not to kill meDefenseSarah Wildes to Jax Teller: thanksAbigail Hobbs: dude wtfAbigail Hobbs: Surv«3 N1| Vest N2| No vest N3| No vest N4| Vest N5| VestAbigail Hobbs: im legit survAbigail Hobbs: but okehDeodat Lawson to Jax Teller: bruh why you voting the surv claim? 10 is covenJudgementSarah Wildes: Guilty this.Jax Teller to Sarah Wildes: yall wont kill me right? ill vote however u tell me as long as i stay aliveAbigail Hobbs: yall have a clGuardian: Dont push then.Abigail Hobbs: but okSarah Wildes to Jax Teller: nopeAbigail Hobbs: i didnt pushAbigail Hobbs: i was asking rolesAbigail Hobbs: smhSarah Wildes to Jax Teller: we kill 4 tonightGuardian voted guilty.Jax Teller voted guilty.Sarah Wildes voted guilty.Deodat Lawson voted innocent.Sarah Wildes to Jax Teller: and ggAbigail Hobbs: 10 and 7 obvi working together lolAbigail Hobbs: ggAbigail Hobbs: cl gon get yaAbigail Hobbs has been lynched.Sarah Wildes: easyJax Teller to Sarah Wildes: kkAbigail Hobbs: blehhhSamuel Parris: maf just threw btwFroggy: anyone wat to say anythingJax Teller to Deodat Lawson: why notNight 6Froggy: Samuel Parris: maf just threw btwAbigail Hobbs: who u senancingAbigail Hobbs: smhJax Teller: OH HERROGuardian: safest bet is for you to kill emSarah Wildes: dont visit 4Abigail Hobbs: he should not be killing himGuardian: Im notAbigail Hobbs: hes literally not threatSarah Wildes: he will get rampagedFroggy: Samuel Parris: maf just threw btwAbigail Hobbs: ughfhdikfhwsoriufaz|WSarah Wildes: 13 is ga?Sarah Wildes: confirmed?Samuel Parris: omfgGuardian: YeahSarah Wildes: kkSamuel Parris: we got 2 braindead mafAbigail Hobbs: gf failed usNecromancer made sikeratar target Deodat Lawson.Day 7Samuel Parris: gf and this dudeAbigail Hobbs: lmaooooSamuel Parris: gf ragequit tooDeodat Lawson: get fuced survJax Teller has been killed.Jax Teller was attacked by the Mafia.Guardian to Sarah Wildes: or not.Abigail Hobbs: 4 wtf broAbigail Hobbs: why did u kill a survAbigail Hobbs: lolDeodat Lawson: theres 2 coven leftSarah Wildes to Guardian: he wasDeodat Lawson: we lost anywayAbigail Hobbs: u shouldve killed the covenAbigail Hobbs: and sided with survSarah Wildes to Guardian: maf killed himGuardian to Sarah Wildes: oh wtf 4 is a real cuntAbigail Hobbs: its aiteSamuel Parris: okay report gamethrower lolGuardian to Sarah Wildes: damn rough.Abigail Hobbs: gf fucked usSamuel Parris: "we lost anyway"Deodat Lawson has been killed.Deodat Lawson was attacked by a Werewolf.Sarah Wildes to Guardian: dirty maf playDeodat Lawson: it was CL and necro... surv sided coven they already said in whispersAbigail Hobbs: i reported 14 loolJax Teller: GA can still protect from the graveAbigail Hobbs: ohhhhGameOverCoven has won.Samuel Parris: yea 14Guardian: gg, sorry survSarah Wildes: Why did you kill surv?Deodat Lawson: surv said they were siding covenSarah Wildes: mafia?Deodat Lawson: we couldnt have won anywyaGuardian: coven had majority anywayEnd of Report
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