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Report ID: 3260453
Reported User: FemboiLover
Report Submitted: Dec. 30, 2020 5:06 am
# of reporters: 1
Reported Reason: Inappropriate IGN
Details: Lolicon is a form of child porn
Lobbydkaustin70: xerosisdkaustin70: sorry about that arso gamePrideiskey: peepoclapMrStretch: #Lynch7cult, #Lynch7Xerosis: WhaPrideiskey: hope im not 7Nosk: nah i actually prefer to lynch 1-15Players are choosing namesEngineer Gaming: Light the jesterEngineer Gaming: hello againDay 1Lolicon: AnywaysLolicon has revealed themselves as the Mayor.i hate weebs: 7 is a pedoUncle joe: Surv claim d1Leonardo: wowLight the Jester: oh shitCheese: Very coolLight the Jester: a loliconi got nothing to Zaphod: im your ga love whats your roleEngineer Gaming to Lolicon: I got your back homieLight the Jester: as mayorLight the Jester: imma suicideLeonardo: 3 wil not like thatGlaistig Uaine: it's just like new yorkNight 1joe: okZaphod: soCheese: You got a GA eh?joe: if i random dc its cus bad wifiZaphod: 15 is my gaZaphod: according to himCheese: Yupjoe: imma claim vet*Vampires have bit Zaphod(Vampire).Day 2joe has left the game.Zaphod has been killed.Zaphod was attacked by a Vampire.Lolicon: Time to hang 3Cheese: Rbdi hate weebs: 7 is reported for promoting child pornEaton Buttes: Eaton Buttes the spy N1: (b) Lollcon (mv) Light the jester (cv)Leonardo: here comes troubleLola: Lola the Psychic N1 Zaphod, Leonardo, or James Russel is evil!Light the Jester: n1 5 susi hate weebs: hang 7 for being a pedoLolicon: Were hanging 3i got nothing: n1n1n1n1 i dont get it i realy have nothing hahahaCheese: Light anything happen?Engineer Gaming: hang 3Glaistig Uaine: lolEngineer Gaming: Engineer Gaming the DOC N1 - 3i hate weebs: pedoi got nothing: my love diedEngineer Gaming: 3 stfuLight the Jester: n1 5 susEngineer Gaming: 6 thats falseEaton Buttes: 6 is immuneDefensei hate weebs: Lolicon is a form of child pornEngineer Gaming to Lolicon: sorry but I can't heal youi hate weebs: i might be an asshole, but thats past a lineJudgementi hate weebs: fuck 7Uncle joe: PooEngineer Gaming: sorry 7 but you revealedUncle joe: No willLight the Jester: n1 5 susLight the Jester: innoEngineer Gaming: I can't heal you because of thatLight the Jester: get 5Glaistig Uaine: bad game designEngineer Gaming: 6 IS FALSE SHERIFFLola voted guilty.i got nothing abstained.Lolicon voted guilty.Cheese voted guilty.James Russel abstained.Uncle joe voted guilty.Glaistig Uaine voted guilty.Engineer Gaming voted guilty.Cotton Mather voted guilty.Leonardo voted guilty.Eaton Buttes abstained.Light the Jester voted innocent.i hate weebs: fuck you pedoEngineer Gaming: 6 is false sheriffi hate weebs has been lynched.Engineer Gaming: hang him tommorowLolicon: I hate real kidsCheese: ...Lolicon: yeah hang 6Glaistig Uaine: next game i'm waiting several minutes before starting a gameZaphod: My guardian angel didnt protect me.Glaistig Uaine: nice oneEngineer Gaming: I cant heal mayor if revealedLola: any extra doc on me, other tp on mayorGlaistig Uaine: disg got mega fuckedLolicon: sorry for thrower mafNight 2i hate weebs: 7 was gonna hang me no matter what my role wasDay 3joe has been killed.Lolicon: Im sorry for your thrower mafCheese: RBd again fuck off consortLight the Jester: Light the sherrif n1 5 sus n2 10 susGlaistig Uaine: lolCotton Mather: I rbed 14 and mafia didn't kill anyoneLola: N2 Engineer Gaming, or Leonardo is good!Glaistig Uaine: maf is already goneGlaistig Uaine: cottonEngineer Gaming: mayor I can't heal you because you're revealedEaton Buttes: N2: (b) no one (mv) no one (cv) no oneGlaistig Uaine: mafioso leftCheese: Cuz mafioso dced dumbassLola: i am psyLeonardo: so we up 6 today?Engineer Gaming: 6 IS FAKE SHERIFFEaton Buttes: there is no consortLolicon: ok hang 14Glaistig Uaine: yeah hang 6Light the Jester: lynch me plsGlaistig Uaine: indeed we will sir jesterousEngineer Gaming: HOW CAN I BE SUS IF I CAN'T HEAL MAYOR IF REVEALEDLeonardo: he is most likely JesterEngineer Gaming: jestLolicon: 5 its okLight the Jester: lynch meLolicon: lets get 14Cheese: TfGlaistig Uaine: hang 6Cheese: Mayor gamethrowing?Engineer Gaming: 14Lolicon: 6 is jesterGlaistig Uaine: 6 is confirmed evilCotton Mather: yes yes 14Leonardo: 6 obv evil hereGlaistig Uaine: 6 is not jesterCheese: Why me Ive been RBd twice in a rowEngineer Gaming: 6 is jesterDefenseLight the Jester: im killing mayorJudgementLolicon: rb 14 again please escortLeonardo: nah, only Mayor will inno this, everyone else guiltyEngineer Gaming: you cant kill mayor if he will innoGlaistig Uaine: this is fake jesterLight the Jester: oh noEngineer Gaming: dumbassGlaistig Uaine: all guiltyLola: just guilty the jesty, theres enough of us mayor can innoLight the Jester: anywaysCheese: The mafioso literally dcedLight the Jester: yes this is fake jesterCheese: Can you read pleaseEngineer Gaming: I inno with mayorLolicon: rb 14Glaistig Uaine: all guiltyi got nothing voted innocent.Uncle joe voted guilty.Glaistig Uaine voted guilty.Engineer Gaming voted innocent.Lolicon voted innocent.Eaton Buttes voted guilty.Cotton Mather voted innocent.Leonardo voted guilty.James Russel voted innocent.Lola voted guilty.Cheese voted innocent.Lola: omgLeonardo: so many mayorsLight the Jester: ah yesCotton Mather: I'll rb 14 againGlaistig Uaine: all innos except mayor hangLolicon: just hang 14DefenseCheese: Cheese the Invest N1 - RBd N2 - RBdCheese: Ah yes lynch somebody bc consort Rbd them twiceCheese: Ignore the fact that mafioso clearly dcedCheese: But yes get them bc they were RBdCheese: Tf?JudgementLolicon: I never said you were mafEaton Buttes: escort rbd you.Lola: there is ambusher and disg dedCheese: Its CAALight the Jester: i love democracyCheese: There can be 3 RMLolicon: you could be any evilLola: trui got nothing abstained.Lola abstained.James Russel voted innocent.Cotton Mather voted guilty.Engineer Gaming voted innocent.Leonardo voted innocent.Light the Jester voted guilty.Uncle joe voted guilty.Eaton Buttes voted guilty.Lolicon voted guilty.Glaistig Uaine voted guilty.Cheese: This mayor is braindead lynch someone bc they were RBdCheese has been lynched.Glaistig Uaine: should've hung 6Glaistig Uaine: he is not jesterLola: shoulda lynched the jestyEngineer Gaming: he was mafLight the Jester: yesLolicon: 6 is jesterLight the Jester: hang meEngineer Gaming: 14 was mafLight the Jester: uwuEngineer Gaming: 6 is jesterCheese: Wtf was that stupidityCotton Mather: I said I'm confirmed escortEngineer Gaming: ignore 6Glaistig Uaine: i don't know how you idiots don't realize thisLolicon: loli hate weebs: i didnt throw.....mayor was gonna lynch me no matter whatLolicon: fuck off 14Light the Jester: uwuLight the Jester: lynch meGlaistig Uaine: anybody who says they are jester is not jesterNight 3Cheese: You didnt throw chill I didnt say you did olCheese: lolCheese: Shitty lobby mayors a fucking dumbass thoZaphod: my ga didnt even protect mei hate weebs: just putting that out there lolZaphod: :'/Cheese: Might be fake tbh*Vampires have bit Glaistig Uaine(Vampire).Day 4Lolicon: ok any new infoEngineer Gaming: EZLight the Jester: uwu lynch meGlaistig Uaine: i was attacked and healed last nightEngineer Gaming: 2 was attackedLeonardo: someone tried to RB meCotton Mather: Escort: n1: Cheese n2: Cheese n3: LeonardoCheese: Oh yeah there are vampsGlaistig Uaine: so 5 is confirmed docLolicon: ok so not 1Lolicon: 5 is goodLight the Jester: lynch meLolicon: 6 is jesteri hate weebs: mayor is just mad i call them a pedo and talk shit about anime every game lmaoEngineer Gaming: 8 role?Glaistig Uaine: 6 can't be jesterCotton Mather: me too confirmed escortCheese: lmaoLight the Jester: uwuEngineer Gaming: 8 didn't spokeEaton Buttes: hang 6 todayLola: N3 Light the Jester, James Russel, or Engineer Gaming is evil!Glaistig Uaine: it's like you've never played this game 7Lolicon: 10 11 12 and 15Engineer Gaming: 8 ROLELeonardo: 2, why not?Lolicon: claimEaton Buttes: he was immune night 1Engineer Gaming: 6 is exe to jesti got nothing to Lolicon: i am nothingLight the Jester: uwu lynch meCotton Mather to Leonardo: what is your role bro?Glaistig Uaine: 6 can't be jester because i've played this exact strat as arsonistEaton Buttes: he is not jestLeonardo to Cotton Mather: your other halfDefenseEngineer Gaming to Glaistig Uaine: ye 11 was silent all gameJudgementEngineer Gaming: 11 WAS SILENT ALL GAMEEaton Buttes: 6 cant be jester because he was attacked by maf night 1 and survived and no townies have diedEngineer Gaming: GUILTYEaton Buttes: he is still exeLight the Jester: uwuLight the Jester: lynch meGlaistig Uaine: actuallyEngineer Gaming: also 11 is afkLeonardo to Cotton Mather: I can be on you tonight to proove itGlaistig Uaine: he's not exe or jesterGlaistig Uaine: he's arso/ww/skEngineer Gaming voted guilty.Lola abstained.Leonardo voted guilty.Light the Jester voted innocent.Cotton Mather voted guilty.i got nothing voted guilty.Uncle joe voted guilty.Eaton Buttes voted guilty.Lolicon voted guilty.Glaistig Uaine voted guilty.James Russel: Thanks :)James Russel: Bye mayorCotton Mather to Leonardo: ok on meLolicon: why meJames Russel has been lynched.Lolicon: come oneLight the Jester: uwu lynch meGlaistig Uaine: loli hate weebs: lmfaoLeonardo: lolCheese: Cuz youre fucking annoying lolEngineer Gaming: so 6 is wwwEngineer Gaming: that refuses to playGlaistig Uaine: yeah 6 is werewerewolfCheese: Jesus christ theyre onto random lynchingLight the Jester: uwu licnh meZaphod: lmaoCotton Mather: how many jests are there wtf?Uncle joe: Kill 6James Russel: Hi mafiaGlaistig Uaine: only 1 jestNight 4i hate weebs: omg get that pedo!Cheese: Did we get an influx of ppl from classic or some shit?Zaphod: Hi manZaphod: Get that mayorJames Russel: Fancy seeing you all hereZaphod: lmaoCheese: Welcome to hell brotherJames Russel: Ofc mayor diesZaphod: HA HA HAJames Russel: I want maximum chaosi hate weebs: lolZaphod: Ofc*Vampires have bit Eaton Buttes(Vampire).Eaton Buttes was converted from being a Spy.Day 5Lolicon has been killed.Lolicon was attacked by a Jester.Lolicon: ignoring 3Cheese: 2s prob vampLolicon: not dealing with himEaton Buttes to Light the Jester: oh, it all makes sense nowCotton Mather to Leonardo: ok I confirmed youi hate weebs: because you're a pedo 7Leonardo: 2 please explain why 6 can't be Jester?Zaphod: Welcome to the land of dead, Mayor.Cheese: lolLight the Jester: lych uwuGlaistig Uaine: dudeLolicon: hi 13 14Leonardo: we up 6 regardlessEngineer Gaming: 2 is investGlaistig Uaine: it's like you've never played this gameLola: well i was roleblockedLolicon: sorry 3 threwEaton Buttes: he was attacked night 1 and immuneLeonardo: 2 never posted a willGlaistig Uaine: people claiming jester are always not jesterGlaistig Uaine: no i'm not investi hate weebs: anyone who likes lolicon is a pedoGlaistig Uaine: i'm trapperGlaistig Uaine: alsoCotton Mather to Lola: what is your role?Glaistig Uaine: spy visited 7 last nightLight the Jester: i love democracyZaphod: His nick is lolicon but that doesnt make him pedoEngineer Gaming: did spy get any infoLola to Cotton Mather: hello? the psychic that has posted every dayGlaistig Uaine: clearly notLeonardo: 8 was it you on mayor last night?Lolicon: thank you 13Cheese has left the game.Glaistig Uaine: spy was visiting a mayorZaphod: like i can make my nick child killerEaton Buttes: yesZaphod: does that make me one?i hate weebs: lolicon is child pornEngineer Gaming: spy check chat logDefenseZaphod: Answe my question.Light the Jester: finalyLight the Jester: jesusLight the Jester: can u just lynch meLight the Jester: so i get 2i hate weebs: thats not something you joke aboutLolicon: I like 2d anime girls and im a pedoLight the Jester: ffsZaphod: He jokes about that tooJudgementLolicon: that what he thinksEaton Buttes: there are no maf visits or coven visits. there are only nk's left.Zaphod: At least thats what I thinkGlaistig Uaine: all guiltyEngineer Gaming to Glaistig Uaine: inno this I smell he can be actually a jestLeonardo: who confirmed 5 as Doc?Glaistig Uaine: innos will be persecuted tomorrowLolicon: I dont like real kidsZaphod: Lolis are also a meme subject, you knowGlaistig Uaine to Engineer Gaming: i have nearly 700 hours on this game trust meLola voted guilty.Eaton Buttes voted guilty.Engineer Gaming voted guilty.Uncle joe voted guilty.i got nothing voted innocent.Cotton Mather voted guilty.Leonardo voted guilty.Glaistig Uaine voted guilty.Zaphod: If he is really into lolis then fuck himZaphod: But I doubt thatLight the Jester: yikesJames Russel: Kinda sad I killed mayor now, this is not the dead chat I wanted :(Lolicon: Femboys now they are hotCotton Mather to Leonardo: who will you rbLight the Jester: cant do shit as vampLeonardo to Cotton Mather: I be on 15Light the Jester: see ya laterGlaistig Uaine: 15 dies tomorrowLight the Jester has been lynched.Cotton Mather to Leonardo: okLight the Jester: 2 immunei got nothing: die vamp dieLolicon: yeah 11 this is every dead chat for mei got nothing: hahahaZaphod: Did you guys bite me?Glaistig Uaine: it only took the town 80 years to notice he wasn't jestNight 5Light the Jester: yesZaphod: Thank you vampLolicon: hi 6Light the Jester: i bited uZaphod: Very appreciatedZaphod: Look at us nowZaphod: both deadi hate weebs: this guy tried to argue that lolicon isnt child porn so fuck him....he's a pedoLight the Jester: ahsuaushaEaton Buttes: This is way more exciting than being a boring spyLight the Jester: but it isEaton Buttes: thanks for releaving meDay 6Glaistig Uaine: i was rbed last nightCotton Mather: Escort: n1: Cheese n2: Cheese n3: Leonardo n4: Lola n5: Glaistig UaineGlaistig Uaine: but there are no evils capable of killing outright left anywayLolicon: hru 13Lola: 12, 5, 8Engineer Gaming: Im docLeonardo: so what did 10, 12 and 15 claim?i hate weebs: lolicon is child porn, if you like it you're a closedEngineer Gaming: 2 confirmed itUncle joe: Im still survGlaistig Uaine: 5 is confirmed doc yeahi got nothing: i dont know why thwy rbed the world all ready took every thing i had awayGlaistig Uaine: surv is suspect because of vampsUncle joe: I claimed d1-Engineer Gaming: surv is arso claimLolicon: So a 13 year who likes lolis is a pedo?Uncle joe: Survivor N1- vest N2- vest N3- no vest N4- ne vest N5- vestLeonardo: 15 never claimedGlaistig Uaine: yeah surv is too risky in a game this slowLeonardo: up to get claimDefensei hate weebs: thought i was ignored lolLolicon: Answer the quesitongi got nothing: go ahead and kill me you wont bbleave me no matter what i sayZaphod: im good 7, hruJudgementGlaistig Uaine: ok dudeLeonardo: you said nothing, didn't even tryi got nothing: but know this vamps you will dieLolicon: Im betteri hate weebs: bitch you ain't 13 and lolicon is 13 year old drawings....its drawing of younger kids, you pedoi got nothing: no matter what'Leonardo: at least post your illi got nothing: if im dead or notCotton Mather voted guilty.Uncle joe abstained.Glaistig Uaine voted guilty.Leonardo voted guilty.Eaton Buttes voted guilty.Engineer Gaming voted guilty.Lola voted guilty.i got nothing: my love im comingi got nothing: i was ga btwLola: i have a headachei got nothing has been lynched.Lolicon: You dodged the questionZaphod: If you are really into lolis then it is actually sad but I dont think it is as serious as being a pedoEngineer Gaming: GA?Engineer Gaming: NANI?!James Russel: Welcome to dead chat 15Leonardo: lolzLola: wtfGlaistig Uaine: fascinatingLolicon: welcome 15Leonardo: GA never protectedEngineer Gaming: wait whatZaphod: HELLO MY GUARDIAN ANGELEngineer Gaming: nvmLeonardo: wtf?i got nothing: 13Night 6i got nothing: im so happy to see youZaphod: Look at us. My killer and my ga are both here. dead.Zaphod: 6 made 15 failLight the Jester: noooLight the Jester: 2 is immunei hate weebs: i answered your're getting off to drawings of 5 year're a pedoLight the Jester: dont bite himi got nothing: where is he i will kill him againLight the Jester: nooooLolicon: Any one want drinks? I got burbon*Vampires have bit Glaistig Uaine(Vampire).Day 7Zaphod: 3, you really deserve a mutei hate weebs: 13 with bourbon? lol okEngineer Gaming: Bitch do you think you will kill 2 on my watchZaphod: We have already passed that topicLolicon: Never said I was 13Glaistig Uaine: attacked and healed last nightLola: 8,2i hate weebs: yes you did.....pedoGlaistig Uaine: cotton why are you rbing a confirmed trapperi hate weebs has left the game.Engineer Gaming: lola willZaphod: 7 are you really into lolis?Engineer Gaming: FULL willLola: 8, 2Lola: goodLeonardo: wait, 9 is Escort, who RBd 2 last nightLolicon: Not reallyZaphod: Or is your nick just a jokeZaphod: Oh, okayCotton Mather to Leonardo: who were you inLeonardo: 5 is DOc, who saved 2Eaton Buttes: well i got no infoi got nothing: at least 7s name isnt todlerconGlaistig Uaine: well 8 is spyLeonardo: 12 was RBdLola: Lola the Psychic N1 Zaphod, Leonardo, or James Russel is evil! N2 Engineer Gaming, or Leonardo is good! N3 Light the Jester, JamesLola: Russel, or Engineer Gaming is evil! N4 ROLEBLOCKED N5 Uncle Joe, Engineer Gaming, or Eaton Buttes! N6 Eaton Buttes or 2Cotton Mather: I rbed 2Lolicon: hahah nice one 15Eaton Buttes: all mafs are deadGlaistig Uaine: cotton is confirmed escortCotton Mather: Escort: n1: Cheese n2: Cheese n3: Leonardo n4: Lola n5: Glaistig Uaine n6: Glaistig UaineLola: i was typingEaton Buttes: no covenUncle joe: Survivor N1- vest N2- vest N3- no vest N4- ne vest N5- vest N6- no vest + rbdLeonardo: if 8 is Spy, then 10 was the one attackedLolicon: I was into them in middle schoolZaphod: t o d l e r c o nGlaistig Uaine: well i was apparently attacked last nightLeonardo: up 10Engineer Gaming: 12 is fake survLolicon: Yeah 13 that is a thingDefenseZaphod: i knowLeonardo to Engineer Gaming: I RBd 12 last nightLeonardo to Engineer Gaming: he couldn't attackLola: as you guys pointed out, this is all anyZaphod: dont ask me how...Lola: there is room for anythingi got nothing: god my friend tolled me to look that and i swere i diedLola: and i am psychicJudgementGlaistig Uaine: and in all any, faking psychic is so easy it's almost unbelievableLola: lynch me if you wantLeonardo: there is no one else to attack but you or 8Lolicon: I have this great brown sugar whisky that is really goodLola: but glCotton Mather to Leonardo: I'm on me 2 againGlaistig Uaine: recently there has been an influx of psy fakesLeonardo to Cotton Mather: I be on 8 tonighti got nothing: ooo give it hererUncle joe: Imma abstainUncle joe abstained.Leonardo voted guilty.Cotton Mather voted guilty.Eaton Buttes voted guilty.Glaistig Uaine voted guilty.Engineer Gaming voted guilty.Lola: sorryLola: im not fakeLola: glEngineer Gaming to Leonardo: its 8 if I dieLola has been lynched.Lolicon: My grandma got it and had me try itZaphod: Welcome to the land of the dead.Glaistig Uaine: 1 has no claimEaton Buttes: who else hasnt claimed?Leonardo to Engineer Gaming: I will RB 8Uncle joe: OofLolicon: Welcome 10Cotton Mather: I has claimed broZaphod: We are dead and happy.Glaistig Uaine: so it's either 1 or 12Cotton Mather: 1Cotton Mather: is confirmedLeonardo to Engineer Gaming: if I die, it's 9Glaistig Uaine: what exactly is 1?Night 7Lola: thats annoyingZaphod: Not believing psy is a thing these daysLolicon: Its mostly cause now people are doing exe psy playsEaton Buttes: lets hope this worksDay 8Lolicon: Instead of sherrifEaton Buttes: rb'dGlaistig Uaine: cotton are you this idiotic?Cotton Mather: so let's hang 2Zaphod: not believing surv. okay. not believing psy. hmm.Leonardo: I was on 8Engineer Gaming: 2 is confirmed trapperGlaistig Uaine: ahCotton Mather: maybe arsoEngineer Gaming: he was attackedGlaistig Uaine: 1 is escort?Lola: im new to ToS in general, and started with classic, then lovers. in lovers psy is like a confirmed role. so im not use to the sus so muchCotton Mather: I was on 2 againi got nothing: why dose the consig keep getting the same peopleEngineer Gaming: 1 is escortGlaistig Uaine: so 12 is the arsoEaton Buttes: im proven spyUncle joe: Wait what is 1Glaistig Uaine: ok so everyone except 12 is provenEngineer Gaming: lynch 12Leonardo: 12 was RBd when 2 was attackedEngineer Gaming: fake survLolicon: yeah 10 youll get use to itEngineer Gaming: HE CLAIMED SURV BUT SURV IS DEADLeonardo: there can be moreEngineer Gaming: IK ITS ALL ANY BUT F ITGlaistig Uaine: cottonUncle joe: Their can be multipleLolicon: CAA is a chaos mess most of the timeGlaistig Uaine: 12 is confirmed evilDefenseZaphod: 10, if you are new to ToS maybe CAA is not your cup of teaUncle joe: Survivor N1- vest N2- vest N3- no vest N4- ne vest N5- vest N6- no vest + rbd N7- last vestLolicon: But its fun that wayi got nothing: i dont like you T ser\Uncle joe: Im just an extra voteCotton Mather to Glaistig Uaine: what is your role bro claim plsJudgementLeonardo to Cotton Mather: be honest, you still Escort? if you vamp, just bite meEngineer Gaming: surv has 3 or 4 vestsi got nothing: nothing pursonl kidLola: ive noticed. but lovers is gone. and i have no where else to goGlaistig Uaine to Cotton Mather: are you retarded i've been confirmed trapper for yearsEngineer Gaming: because you clearly say you had 4 vestsCotton Mather to Leonardo: I'm still escortUncle joe: They have 4Eaton Buttes: what is 9?Cotton Mather voted guilty.Eaton Buttes voted guilty.Leonardo voted guilty.Glaistig Uaine voted guilty.Engineer Gaming abstained.James Russel: This is a loooong game sighUncle joe: ImagineCotton Mather to Leonardo: I'm on me 2 againUncle joe has been lynched.Zaphod: Coven ranked practice never gets playedLeonardo to Cotton Mather: I be on 8Uncle joe: This town is gayZaphod: so we are doomed hereEngineer Gaming to Leonardo: so 8 or 9 is evilGlaistig Uaine: soGlaistig Uaine: 1 or 9 is vampireEngineer Gaming: 8 or 9James Russel: Big oof JoeLeonardo to Engineer Gaming: 9 is Escort on 2Glaistig Uaine: that is fascinatingNight 8Uncle joe has left the game.i got nothing: 13 imma friend you after thisZaphod: Okay mani got nothing: if you wanna play againEaton Buttes: escort will keep rbing meEaton Buttes: guess this is the endZaphod: I am playing with one my friends as of we speakLolicon: You guys have friends?Eaton Buttes: wish me lucki got nothing: o okmi got nothing: noDay 9Zaphod: I have someZaphod: Lost someGlaistig Uaine: you know, i actually think that vamps bit 8 at the last possible secondZaphod: typical stuffCotton Mather to Leonardo: did you bittenLolicon: I only have my jailmateLeonardo to Cotton Mather: nopei got nothing: im what peopla call gamer it stand for a dude who has no friendsLolicon: ;)Eaton Buttes: im still spyGlaistig Uaine: especially given the amount of rbs happeningZaphod: And your lolisLolicon: ^James Russel: Jailmate?Cotton Mather: hang 2 plsEaton Buttes: i was rbd last nightLeonardo: 2 are you still being RBd?James Russel: Dont you mean jailbait?Cotton Mather: 1Glaistig Uaine: yes i'm still being rbedCotton Mather: let's hang everyoneJames Russel: Just kiddingLeonardo: ok, I was on 8 last 2 nightsCotton Mather: and in the end we will winLolicon: Funny I have a body pillow and its of Ishtar from fateZaphod: Not all of us are kidding...Cotton Mather: I trust you you are escortEaton Buttes: well im useless anywaysLeonardo: up 8 todayDefenseEaton Buttes: Eaton Buttes the spy N1: (b) "mayor" (mv) Light the jester (cv) N2: (b) no one (mv) no one (cv) no one N3: no visits N4: (b) "mayoEaton Buttes: r" N5: (b) no one (mv) no one --- N6 N7: nothing N8: nothingLola: its probs 2Lolicon: its 2Leonardo to Cotton Mather: you be on 2, I be on 5JudgementEaton Buttes: it has to be 2Eaton Buttes: or 5Glaistig Uaine: yeah no dudeCotton Mather to Leonardo: ok I'm on 2Glaistig Uaine: you're the last candidateEngineer Gaming: Im confirmed docEngineer Gaming: you dumbassGlaistig Uaine: i was attacked very recently and still healed by 5Leonardo voted guilty.Cotton Mather voted guilty.Engineer Gaming voted guilty.Glaistig Uaine voted guilty.Eaton Buttes: well be like that thenEaton Buttes: assholesLolicon: if town wins thats a big kick to 3Leonardo: after 2 was attacked, there was no one elseEaton Buttes has been lynched.Engineer Gaming: GGZaphod: oh did he leftLeonardo: GG I pressumeLolicon: yupZaphod: i didnt see thatEngineer Gaming: HE WAS VAMPEngineer Gaming: he was vampireGlaistig Uaine: ggEngineer Gaming: ggGameOverTown has won.Zaphod: gg, FINALLYCotton Mather: niceLolicon: ggwpCotton Mather: ggLight the Jester: i just hit immuneJames Russel: WowLeonardo: 2 Escorts :D nicei got nothing: vgCotton Mather: well played 1Light the Jester: night after nightLight the Jester: how im supposedLola: ggLight the Jester: to killlLight the Jester: all immuneEaton Buttes: escort kept rbing me for no reasonEnd of Report
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