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Report ID: 3260435
Reported User: FemboiLover
Report Submitted: Dec. 30, 2020 4:41 am
# of reporters: 1
Reported Reason: Inappropriate IGN
Details: his name is lolicon...
LobbyLukeydragan: ...noeLrotciV: potato?Fanouriskiller: tomatonoeLrotciV: carrotAsaru: Pineapple?noeLrotciV: grapesAnimalstu: penisFanouriskiller: watermellonnoeLrotciV: there is a impostor between the foodFanouriskiller: assshekels69: yonoeLrotciV: yoPlayers are choosing namesMedusa: Did I put my bra on too tight again?Lolicon: Oh hi eeveeEevee: oh look the child lovertrout: idkDay 1Lolicon: I acully hate kidstrout: surv claim d1Serotonin: Good luck and have fun all!!gladys is idiot: gladys fucking berejiklianHusk: I'M ROLEBLOCKING 2Medusa: So idk what my eye color is, someone help?Rabid Dog: oh nogladys is idiot: absolute foolSerotonin: «3Rabid Dog: surv D1Lolicon: so fuck off 3Lolicon: 4*Night 1The Crazy Fox: claiming RetributionistHusk: mafiosoPygmy comunist: dil?Husk: do not attack this nightLolicon: put 4 into mreLolicon: me*Husk: i'mma do a little trickThe Crazy Fox: that only works with RetriGhost: okThe Crazy Fox: Hypno*Husk: relaxLolicon: no into meCovenLeader made Eevee target Lolicon.Day 2weeb has been killed.weeb was attacked by Medusa.Haybale Block has been killed.Haybale Block was attacked by Medusa.Medusa to Husk: Well hi friend, I see you RB'd lil ol AzirDaro: Spy N1-B(4) Your target was controlled by a witch MV 2 CV 4Lolicon: 5.... did you do this?Eevee: ⠀was witched⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀trout: surv claim d2Husk to Medusa: i did.Azir: rb'dgladys is idiot: what the fuckHaybale Block: lolicon was medusaDaro: 4 was controlledThe Crazy Fox: witch didn't control into Medusa?Serotonin: 5....Rabid Dog: if you find the square root of 9 and add 5 thats me.Daro: Spy N1-B(4) Your target was controlled by a witch MV 2 CV 4weeb: I knowgladys is idiot: spy visits: MV - 2, 9. CV - 4 and 7weeb: I sadly was the arsogladys is idiot: so the other spy is fake.Daro: 10 is fakeHaybale Block: i was a spy!Rabid Dog: D2 survLolicon: or your fakegladys is idiot: noDaro: i posted firstHusk: i do think 10 is fake tbhMedusa: So, I think the Yellow bra is drawing too much attention, maybe I should try a blue one?The Crazy Fox: Get 1 imoLolicon: Blue sounds goodweeb: if med is here tell em I was arso as well as who Medusa isDefenseweeb has left the game.gladys is idiot: spy visits: MV - 2, 9. CV - 4 and 7JudgementThe Crazy Fox: INNODaro: HE didnt bug anyoneHusk: fakeThe Crazy Fox: I was poisonedLolicon: guiltyDaro: He didnt buggThe Crazy Fox: I WAS POISONEDRabid Dog: i shall abstain n i jjst want to surviveDaro: GUILTYThe Crazy Fox: I WAS POISONED, INNO THISMedusa: 4 and 7 confirm thisAzir: guiltyDaro: he didnt bugtrout: innogladys is idiot: woweeHusk: guiltyMedusa: InnoThe Crazy Fox: I WAS POISONED INNOSerotonin: 2 and 9 claim?trout voted innocent.Azir voted guilty.Ghost abstained.Serotonin voted innocent.Lolicon voted guilty.Medusa voted innocent.Rabid Dog abstained.Eevee voted guilty.The Crazy Fox voted innocent.Pygmy comunist voted guilty.Daro voted guilty.Husk voted guilty.gladys is idiot: you bewdygladys is idiot: was exegladys is idiot: now jestgladys is idiot has been lynched.Lolicon: huhSerotonin: huhHusk: ohLolicon: coolThe Crazy Fox: how did jest guess my poison wMedusa: Ooooftrout: huh thenThe Crazy Fox: wtfDaro: 7 isnt poisonedMedusa: perhaps in comms with friends? Or lucky?Husk: someone heal 7Daro: Spy N1-B(4) Your target was controlled by a witch MV 2 CV 4Night 2Lolicon: so 9 or 2Husk: we get to move nowgladys is idiot: med?Lolicon: are killersHusk: mafioThe Crazy Fox: jest will kill 1Lolicon: use 9 or 2The Crazy Fox: Get someone else mafiosoGhost: dont kill loli there madusaHusk: kill 7Lolicon: the didnt die to mafHusk: no waitPygmy comunist: kThe Crazy Fox: get 15Haybale Block: honestly medusa shouldnt be able to stone spyThe Crazy Fox: mafioso on 15The Crazy Fox: 8 is surv claimThe Crazy Fox: bad ideaCovenLeader made Eevee target Ghost.Day 3Daro has left the game.Daro has been killed.Daro was attacked by a Jester.Azir to Medusa: roletrout: surv claim d3Eevee: witched again or hypo, forgot about hypoMedusa to Azir: TrackerThe Crazy Fox: ok so jest and jani are cheatingThe Crazy Fox: 100%Medusa: Medusa the Tracker N1 - (13)Husk --> (2)Azir N2 - (4) Eevee --> NVtrout: yeahtrout: they areRabid Dog: D3 survAzir: Azir - Investigator N1 - 9 - Roleblocked N2 - 5 - BG, GF, Arso, Crus N3 -trout: they are throwing report themAzir: Arso game or 5 is lyingThe Crazy Fox: Report jani and jesterMedusa: 2 is lying thengladys is idiot: the fuck? I make shit up all the timegladys is idiot: none of my results were rightMedusa: 13 can confirm I messaged them after they RB'd youHusk: well n1 there was no mafia attack after rb him.gladys is idiot: as far as I can tellDefenseAzir: An arsonist dousing you makes you come up with those resultsAzir: Im saying it's possible you can be doused right nowAzir: Azir - Investigator N1 - 9 - Roleblocked N2 - 5 - BG, GF, Arso, Crus N3 -JudgementLolicon: idc just hang himMedusa: I am tracker, I followed N1 when they RB'd youThe Crazy Fox: im abstaining thisRabid Dog: abstainingSerotonin: I believe that ... :oHusk: guilty tbhMedusa: N2 I followed Eevee, they didn't leaveSerotonin: innoing thisLolicon: EITHER GUILTY OR INNOAzir: That's fine, Im saying there's probably an arsonistThe Crazy Fox abstained.Serotonin voted innocent.Rabid Dog abstained.Medusa voted guilty.trout voted guilty.Husk voted guilty.Ghost voted guilty.Lolicon voted guilty.Pygmy comunist voted guilty.Eevee abstained.Azir: Seems like a rather hasty lynch for a warningAzir has been lynched.The Crazy Fox: k so 5Husk: well fuckSerotonin: yeah...Medusa: I am tracker...Husk: we lost the investSerotonin: naahgladys is idiot: lol this town. I'm just a random jest who made shit upMedusa: No clue why the results come up like that roflNight 3The Crazy Fox: mafioso consort on 14Lolicon: what was 4 btw you should have sawgladys is idiot: and now they think I'm cheating lolAzir: These fucking idiots manHusk: why both?gladys is idiot: man it's crazyThe Crazy Fox: so medusa cant gazeThe Crazy Fox: and kill mafiosoHusk: makes sensegladys is idiot: I see spy visits, I put up other onesThe Crazy Fox: mafiosoHusk: mafiosoThe Crazy Fox: wydAzir: I tried to say 10 times "Arsonist dousing you makes you look like Arso, careful of Arso"Lolicon: nah use 4 into 13gladys is idiot: one of us is being lynched for sureHusk: with meThe Crazy Fox: mafioso on1 4Husk: comeoneAzir: Not even accusing the guygladys is idiot: and then yeahHusk: MAFIOSOThe Crazy Fox: mafiosoThe Crazy Fox: wydgladys is idiot: "I am cheating with janitor"CovenLeader made Medusa target Medusa.Retributionist made Azir target Lolicon.Day 4The Crazy Fox: mafioso just cost u the gsamegladys is idiot: foolsThe Crazy Fox: usThe Crazy Fox has been killed.The Crazy Fox attacked by a Veteran.The Crazy Fox: fuck this mafiosogladys is idiot: I let the thing random as wellGhost: i got shot by vet damnThe Crazy Fox: I made the ultimate read on the jesterMedusa has been killed.Medusa was attacked by the Coven Leader.gladys is idiot: yeah I didn't think it was too hardThe Crazy Fox: i wonder how 1 feelsGhost has been killed.Ghost attacked by a Veteran.gladys is idiot: I made up fake as fuck looking resultsThe Crazy Fox: i tried to keep jester for late gameThe Crazy Fox: but he got hung anywayAzir: Hey 5 so like I tried to say 20 times, if an Arsonist douses you, investigator results will say you are an arsonistLolicon: I was rbedRabid Dog: D4 survtrout: surv claim d4Husk: i mean that would be obvious.Eevee: Retri Eevee 14 likes anime kids N1. jerking off N2. jerking off N3. 2 on 14, bg, gf, arso or crusgladys is idiot: then panicked when I'd got the "poisoned" in the CVAzir: I was literally just trying to warn you.Lolicon: wowMedusa: I wasn't aware of that Azir, I apologizeLolicon: fuck off and die 4Husk: well two guessesThe Crazy Fox: im just happy I read the jest on 1Husk: 14 or 5 are arsoEevee: i say up 14Azir: that's alright, there's a first time to learn everythingSerotonin: 5 is dedThe Crazy Fox has left the game.Lolicon: im not arsoHusk: so 14Lolicon: im dusatrout: yeah 14Husk: EVEN WROSEMedusa: Never had that happen before and thought it was perhaps an attempt frameSerotonin: pffgladys is idiot: it's a pretty basic playDefenseMedusa: But now I know, again, sorryLolicon: really 4 you need to chill its just a name and a fetishLolicon: fucking clam downgladys is idiot: I'm amazed a few of the guys who play a lot more in here didn't see itJudgementAzir: don't be sorry, it's cool. No problem with being newRabid Dog: survivor abstainingtrout: lol 14 like to jerk it to anime kidsLolicon: Yeahg ANIMEAzir: I'm more dissapointed that the town sheeped into lynching meLolicon: Not REALEevee: he does, he just admitted to itAzir: as if no one else knew thattrout: yeah lolRabid Dog abstained.Serotonin voted guilty.trout voted guilty.Husk voted guilty.Pygmy comunist voted guilty.Eevee voted guilty.Lolicon: cl kill 4 pleaseMedusa: I'ma be honest, I don't play alot and play it now and then for fun... never played ranked or anythingLolicon has been lynched.Medusa: I mainly play all anyLolicon: go 4 is annoyingAzir: Well I hope you continue to enjoy it c:Medusa: So it was new to meHusk: cl should visit 6Eevee: damn weirdoNight 4gladys is idiot: nah man we're all here to play for funAzir has left the game.gladys is idiot: just pissed off people are calling out cheating with no basissLolicon: I would like to have fun but 4 targets me every gameLolicon: yeah 10 idk why people thought you 2 were cheatingCovenLeader made trout target Eevee.Retributionist made Medusa target Rabid Dog.Day 5Medusa: Maybe they really dislike Loli's ?Lolicon: I dont like real kidsgladys is idiot: like I let the haunt random ahahahatrout: surv claim d5Eevee: N4. 5 on 3Rabid Dog: shrv D5Medusa: So, who do we know we've got left?Eevee: he didnt do anything and its the night no one diedRabid Dog: Survivor N1 No vest N2 No vest N3 No vest N4 Vesttrout: trout the surv n1. vest tonight! n2. vest tonight! - atacked n3. no vest tonight n4. vest tonight!Lolicon: 15 is clMedusa: Any mafia left?trout: i was atackedLolicon: wanted him to kill 4 but he kept saying noHusk: someone down to vfr 15?Eevee: idcLolicon: wouldnt eveen tell me what they weretrout: sure why notSerotonin: either 8 or 15Husk: he didn't claim a thing the whole gameMedusa: So 1 CL, possible Arso, Unknown MafDefenseLolicon: Def arsoPygmy comunist: im retri i had nothing to sayMedusa: Also, 14.... Rude stealing my role :Kappa:JudgementLolicon: the results for me are wrongEevee: and you done fucked upHusk: fake, there can be only 1Rabid Dog: surv abstainingtrout: a retri claim this late? hell nahSerotonin: you didn't cc, so you must be necroLolicon: lol sorry 5trout: yep necroHusk: or maybe cl?Serotonin: or, the other one is necro...Medusa: One day I'll get the role, name and skin to all align xDtrout voted guilty.Rabid Dog abstained.Serotonin voted guilty.Eevee voted guilty.Husk voted guilty.Lolicon: 9 is 4 maf?Pygmy comunist has been lynched.Husk: woooEevee: i got the child jerker killed manEevee: have faith in meLolicon: 15 why would didnt you kill 4 for me?trout: good job dude!Husk: we havePygmy comunist: no one asks my role then hangs mePygmy comunist: I TRIEDNight 5gladys is idiot: surely no arsoLolicon: no you didntgladys is idiot: that was just a random throwaway from someone yeah?Lolicon: no there is arsoPygmy comunist: lolicon your threw you admited to being medusaLolicon: I was dead no matter whatgladys is idiot: fuck everyonre real quick to throw out throwing claimLolicon: they thought I was arsoDay 6Husk: there is the arsoHusk has been killed.Husk was ignited by an Arsonist.trout to Serotonin: role?Husk: tried to save mafiaEevee: probably 8Lolicon: thank fuck 4 is dead now ignoring themSerotonin to trout: are you arso? oh god, you areRabid Dog: yep its 8trout to Serotonin: lol yepEevee: get bent weirdoHusk: probstrout to Serotonin: role?Serotonin to trout: I fucking knew it, should've trusted that mafia willPygmy comunist: lolicon is a worthless teamateEevee has been killed.Eevee was attacked by the Mafia.Eevee was ignited by an Arsonist.trout to Serotonin: haha yeah, ur vet?Husk: LOLHusk: xDSerotonin to trout: I'm vet, but I genuinely have no alerts leftEevee: should of hanged the survs ahead of timeMedusa: Oof, they went hard on you 4trout to Serotonin: ok thenEevee: report 14 for liking kidsSerotonin to trout: it's always them surv claimstrout to Serotonin: ur getting doused thenRabid Dog has been killed.Rabid Dog was ignited by an Arsonist.Husk: i mean, in Brazil is pretty commonLolicon has left the game.Serotonin to trout: aw shiettrout to Serotonin: yeah, i would have lynched me d2Eevee: meh he can be a bitch all he wantsHusk: did you know 4?Serotonin to trout: yk, I kinda like survs... surv lives matter tooEevee: nopeHusk: The age of consent in brazil is 14 years?trout: lol 3 was wwMedusa: NopeSerotonin: wellHusk: weird right?trout: welllMedusa: I solo queue.trout: im bakertrout: the baker n10. Biscuits n1. rolls n2. bread n3. muffins n4. cookies n5. pastries n6. cinnamon rolls n7 cake n8. CMedusa: And isn't japan 13 for AoC?Eevee: oh look the other surv was fakeSerotonin: it's always them surv claimstrout: u want cake?Serotonin: never trust thoseEevee: should of hanged em allHusk: idk 5Serotonin: yestrout: sureRabid Dog has left the game.Serotonin: before I die, I'd like a caketrout: ill bring it over tonightSerotonin: thx :)trout: npHusk: i don't think 8 will get throughHusk: 6 is a veteranSerotonin: I have no alerts, so, go crazySerotonin: don't point your finger at meSerotonin: young mantrout: sorrytrout: im sorrySerotonin: it's fineSerotonin: you'll bring me cake :)Night 6Medusa: Question is... does Arso win or Vet?Husk: idkMedusa: Arso shouldn't risk visiting in case 1 alert left...Day 7Serotonin: am I doused? O.otrout: wait.trout: r u arso? or vet?Serotonin: I'm vetSerotonin: told utrout: then why did it say i was dousedSerotonin: WHATSerotonin: ??Medusa: WAITtrout: yeahtrout: uhhMedusa: It's not a Vet!Husk: WAIT?Serotonin: wtf?Medusa: Hypno!Serotonin: how does that happen?Husk: nahEevee: see thats dumbHusk: hypno is non existenttrout: hmmHusk: as a mafia memberSerotonin: uuuuuuuhEevee: it doesnt tell you when you got pissed on by arsotrout: shoudl we end this in a draw or nah?Medusa: Cause otherwise the Arso's win together.Husk: i saw my whole team being wiped outHusk: by that vetMedusa: Ahh, damnSerotonin: it will end in a draw either way?Serotonin: right?Husk: anyways merry xmastrout: if we dont do anythjing yesMedusa: happy holidaysNight 7Husk: a bit lateEevee: youre 5 days lateHusk: i knowHusk: and happynew year earlyEevee: new years exeEevee: eveEevee: ficlEevee: fuck!Husk: rcrc kriofnwui fozHusk: s torkHusk: st ronkMedusa: Not NYE yet ...least here...Husk: strokeDay 8Medusa: That's tomorrowHusk: it is today basicallygladys is idiot: oofHusk: day 30Serotonin: omgtrout: yeahSerotonin: did you de-douse yourself?gladys is idiot: this is not the shit you want when you won day 2 as a jestertrout: if i diont ignite tonight we will have a drawtrout: nopegladys is idiot: fucking hurry upSerotonin: oh, you doused us both?Husk: i still remember wiping mafia as pestHusk: it was funtrout: so wait, r u really vet thyenHusk: took down all the 4 of themSerotonin: I said I am xdtrout: hmm okGhost has left the game.Husk: i mean consort was dumb to try to rb meSerotonin: so... we will meet a firey end?Husk: ambusher and mafioso on same targettrout: i dont knowHusk: and janitor tried to cleantrout: what will happenMedusa: Jest still wins even if draw right?trout: lets see i guessHusk: yesMedusa: Like how a Pirate does?Husk: yEsSerotonin: o.oNight 8Medusa: So, least jest wins xDHusk: funny to think that the CL skinHusk: it flotasHusk: floats*Husk: i'm having tiny tstroksHusk: hlepMedusa: You're drained is whyMedusa: nothing but a ... husk...Medusa: xDDay 9Husk: bsacalySerotonin: O.oPygmy comunist has left the game.Serotonin: oh, he didHusk: finally deadSerotonin has been killed.Serotonin was ignited by an Arsonist.Serotonin: wtf was that gameHusk: anywaysHusk: 6Serotonin: yes?Medusa: They had to play out timeHusk: you wiped mafia outHusk: aloneMedusa: in case of ALertsSerotonin: I know >:)Husk: congratsgladys is idiot: ggSerotonin: my will is amazingHusk: it isSerotonin: I once got 4 maf as arsoGameOverArsonist has won.Husk: anyways ggtrout: im really sorryMedusa: ggSerotonin: in 1 nightSerotonin: no probs!Serotonin: ggtrout: i feel bad about thatMedusa: 2 arso's, ripEnd of Report
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