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Report ID: 3260379
Reported User: doopitydiggitydoo
Report Submitted: Dec. 30, 2020 3:06 am
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Inappropriate IGN
Details: None given.
LobbyPlayers are choosing namesRanked Game.Alina: that fucking lagnegro: this shi better not crashTommyInnit: Ikr!Alina: and crashedtranny clause: dis shi betta crash~AlwaysVoteGuilty: HANG THEM ALLAlina: made me lose 30 eloBaby Pyro: is ot still laggingnegro: wowIana: same alinaDay 1Giles Corey: hellotranny: supSadge: jailor here tp loSadge: tyAlwaysVoteGuilty: Town? Mafia? Ne? HANG EVERYONE AND EVERYTHINGTommyInnit: I’ve lost 60 so far from lag todayAlina: lost 30 fucking elo because if fucking crashedtranny clause: okay i believe itnegro: jailor jail meBaby Pyro: riptranny: i lost 120 eloTommyInnit: Same 8tranny: lolNight 1Bomb: im sheriff i thinkSadge: wassupSuck my clock: Transtranny: niceSadge: roleSuck my clock: YoSadge: tytranny clause: ig im medium idk maneSadge: confirm d2tranny: illbe doc or bgSadge: not metranny: doc is no investigatortranny: if*Bomb: kk i will check 8 n1Enul: tkTransporter swapped TommyInnit with Crash.Witch made tranny target Crash.Crash investigated Alina.TommyInnit investigated Enul.Day 2Iana to Bangry: role?Crash has been killed.Crash was attacked by the Mafia.Bangry to Iana: claim to me first before you ask for roleIana to Bangry: investBangry to Iana: i have my will in the bar once your whisperBomb: Bomb the sheriff N1- Alina (Seems inno)tranny clause: crash dnt leaveTommyInnit: TommyInnit Investigator N1 Enul (Vig, Vet, Maf, Ambusher.) (Transported.)Bangry to Iana: Bangry - Trans N1; TommyInnit & CrashAlwaysVoteGuilty: I cc 10Enul: tkTommyInnit: I want a role from 5AlwaysVoteGuilty: HANG EVERYONE Lookout N1 Alina-vb CrashIana to Bangry: hmmmAlwaysVoteGuilty: 10 DID NOT VISIT 8Baby Pyro: N1: Bomb (Sheriff or Executioner)Bangry: Bangry - Trans N1; TommyInnit & CrashEnul: witch is still alive, ill only claim tkBangry: its fineGiles Corey: Lo why are you not on the jailorBangry: they were transedAlwaysVoteGuilty: Becausetranny: lo smoked crackSuck my clock: Trans N1-jailedBangry: probably EXE PLAYAlwaysVoteGuilty: 10 DID NOT VISIT 8TommyInnit: OMG ILY 1Bomb: 2 is my exe?Baby Pyro to tranny: witch hereTommyInnit: 1 YOU SAVED MY LIFEBangry: yesGiles Corey: i think 2 is exeTommyInnit: TommyInnit Investigator N1 Enul (Vig, Vet, Maf, Ambusher.) (Transported.)TommyInnit: Btwtranny to Baby Pyro: for real?AlwaysVoteGuilty: GILES IS MAFIAAlwaysVoteGuilty: 10 DID NOT VISIT 8Giles Corey: Lo should be on the jailorBangry: dont splitAlwaysVoteGuilty: GILES IS MAFIABaby Pyro to tranny: youre gfDefenseAlwaysVoteGuilty: HANG EVERYONE Lookout N1 Alina-vb CrashAlwaysVoteGuilty: INNO HANG 10Judgementtranny clause: y not on jailor tho thats the ?Sadge: not on me when i asked exe play GUILTYnegro: exeAlwaysVoteGuilty: Anyone else wanna claim they visited 9TommyInnit: TommyInnit Investigator N1 Enul (Vig, Vet, Maf, Ambusher.) (Transported.)AlwaysVoteGuilty: GUILTY EVERY GUILTY AGAINST METommyInnit: Jail 5Sadge: if inno very dumbBomb: i didnt visit 9 wtftranny clause: okBangry: 1 for 1tranny clause: 1 for 1Sadge: guilty thisSadge voted guilty.tranny clause voted guilty.Baby Pyro voted guilty.tranny abstained.Suck my clock voted guilty.Bangry abstained.Iana abstained.Alina voted innocent.TommyInnit voted guilty.negro voted guilty.Giles Corey abstained.Enul voted guilty.Bomb voted guilty.Baby Pyro to tranny: who are other mafiasAlwaysVoteGuilty: EVERY MAFIA GUILTIED ME PLUS THE EXEAlwaysVoteGuilty: IDIOTSAlwaysVoteGuilty has been lynched.tranny to Baby Pyro: 3, 5, 9, 10Bangry: exe 10 thenEnul: so sadge is jailortranny clause: stayGiles Corey: exe 10TommyInnit: 5 claim NOWtranny: he alreadu cleaimedTommyInnit: TommyInnit Investigator N1 Enul (Vig, Vet, Maf, Ambusher.) (Transported.)Enul: sadge exe 10Bangry: kinda weird not on jailorSadge: yupTommyInnit: Wxe 5Alina: idk y yall guiltiedNight 2tranny: 15 is witchBomb: suptranny: i was witchedtranny clause: yesCrash: Med?Bomb: strange throwBomb: by lookoutEnul: risky playSadge: knife or cleaver?Bomb: neitherAlwaysVoteGuilty: what is 8 anywayCrash: Okay, no medBomb: bombCrash: Inves: N1: 8-Inves/Consig/MayorBomb: pleaseSadge: both thenSadge: actua;;y yehSadge: 3Crash: I was transedAlwaysVoteGuilty: maybe mayorSadge: 2Sadge: 1Crash: MaybeBomb: boom!Sadge: BOOMTransporter swapped Giles Corey with Sadge.Transporter swapped Bangry with tranny clause.Witch made Giles Corey target Baby Pyro.TommyInnit investigated tranny.Sadge decided to execute Bomb.Day 3TommyInnit has been killed.TommyInnit was attacked by the Mafia.Iana to Alina: claim?Bomb: strange that witch wasnt on jailorBomb: really strangeEnul: witch didnt do their jobEnul: gg wpBomb: yeah we had a chanceTommyInnit: N1 AND N2Enul: I CLAIMEDBomb: i would be hung todayEnul has been killed.Enul was attacked by a Vigilante.TommyInnit: GF AND MAFIOSOEnul: huhAlina to Iana: mayor. claim?Iana to Alina: investTommyInnit: 3 WAS GF RIGHT?Bomb has been killed.TommyInnit: OH AMBUSHER AND GFEnul has left the game.Bomb: im mafiosoBomb: lolTommyInnit: StillTommyInnit: I found ambusher n1 and gf n2TommyInnit: Very luckynegro: OMFGnegro: yessBangry: gj town. i want 3 and 11 claimstranny: niceGiles Corey: Very goodtranny: tpSadge: transdtranny clause: yessnegro: negro the vigi N1- reloading N2- EnulGiles Corey: gj vigiBomb: idk why the hell that when im mafnegro: tyBomb: witch never gets jailortranny: Doctor N1- sadge N2- sadge N3-Bomb: xDBangry: uh oktranny clause: yeAlwaysVoteGuilty: transporter lolSuck my clock: Trans N1-jailed N2-12,14. Enul prepares ambushBangry: 14 and 15?negro: im confirmed vigitranny clause: i was transedtranny clause: btwBomb: 2 transGiles Corey to Sadge: i claim bgBomb: rrightBomb: ripSadge to Giles Corey: okTommyInnit: Is there a hypno?Bangry: also 13 post will plsAlwaysVoteGuilty: witch could've also been jailedBomb: is there a med?AlwaysVoteGuilty: wait nvmBomb: i was jailedIana: Investigator - N1: 1(esc, cons, hypno, trans) - N2: 8(invest, consig, mayor) -Bomb: lolTommyInnit: Oh god its so obviously 4 and 3Bangry: vote 14 and 15Bangry: up 14 thenGiles Corey to Sadge: i got witched and teleported yesterday but if say this witch will understand i am bgTommyInnit: Oh theres a med?DefenseGiles Corey: xdAlwaysVoteGuilty: lol hang giles you tarnation savantGiles Corey: i am tpTommyInnit: Nvm pls dont say it thenGiles Corey: N1:12 N2:12 teleported and witchedGiles Corey: yesterday i got witched and teleportedJudgementSadge: DID U TRANStranny: i cc but innoIana: transportedTommyInnit: Dont ruin the game it’s boring when people tell medium the mafia bc dead mad told themBangry: 15 claimTommyInnit: Maf*Bangry: and 8Suck my clock: Trans N1-jailed N2-12,14. Enul prepares ambushnegro: is this true?Baby Pyro: investIana: not teleportedSadge: innoSadge: INNOCENTGiles Corey: i fot teleportednegro voted innocent.tranny voted innocent.Baby Pyro voted innocent.Iana voted innocent.Bangry voted innocent.Alina voted innocent.Suck my clock abstained.Sadge voted innocent.tranny clause voted innocent.negro: 15Bangry: hang 15Baby Pyro: investDefenseTommyInnit: Oh GOD it is so OBVIOUSLY 4Baby Pyro: Baby Pyro the Investigator N1: Bomb (Sheriff or Executioner) N2: Negro (Vigilante, Veteran or Mafioso)Baby Pyro: why am i upTommyInnit: NoTommyInnit: That is bullshit lmaoooJudgementnegro: innotranny: lol its vig/vet/maf/ambusherGiles Corey: This is jesterAlina: 3 tis are dead and lana is invest. guiltyBangry: too many invest claims. OBVIOUS GF LOL HANG BOMB IS MAFIOSOtranny: his will is wrongGiles Corey: Tih is jester but guinegro: gulityBomb: 1???Bangry: jailor innotranny: he forgot to put ambushertranny: loBomb: imdeadBomb: stop pushtranny: lol*Giles Corey: THis is jester guiSuck my clock voted guilty.Iana voted guilty.Sadge voted innocent.tranny voted guilty.Alina voted innocent.Bangry voted guilty.tranny clause voted guilty.Giles Corey voted guilty.negro voted guilty.Baby Pyro: ripTommyInnit: Heh?AlwaysVoteGuilty: RIP witchBomb: thisa is witchTommyInnit: OoooBaby Pyro has been lynched.Bangry to Sadge: jail and exe 8TommyInnit: Nice!Bangry to Sadge: if bad claimGiles Corey: oh it was witchGiles Corey: still goodtranny: ggBomb: rip witchBangry: 8 claim?Iana to Sadge: 1 might be hypno btwTommyInnit: If theres not medtranny: probably jestnegro: 8Bomb: trans is a big riptranny: or exeTommyInnit: Will you tell me who exe is?Sadge to Bangry: ahead of yaNight 3Bomb: i dont know exeTommyInnit: Otherwise dont tell plstranny: so uhh we lostTommyInnit: OhAlina: mayorTommyInnit: Med?tranny clause: yepBomb: i only knew witchtranny clause: no winning this but its aightAlwaysVoteGuilty: no medBaby Pyro: was i hypnoed n2?Crash: Out of luckSadge: no roomTommyInnit: If your here 3 is bg/gf/arsoBomb: there is 2 trans i thinkSadge: unless 1 hypnoAlina: i tried to reveal but it was to lateAlwaysVoteGuilty: no medium famSadge: reveal tmrTommyInnit: :cTommyInnit: OkAlina: ill reveal asap tomorrowBomb: :cTransporter swapped tranny with tranny clause.Transporter swapped Bangry with Giles Corey.Day 4AlwaysVoteGuilty: lol I stirred a hornet's nest with my little displayTommyInnit: So its only 3 leftTommyInnit: And who elseSuck my clock has been killed.Suck my clock was attacked by the Mafia.TommyInnit: WAIT 4 WAS REALIana to Sadge: I believe 1 is hypnoBomb: xDBomb: lolTommyInnit: OH SO 1 IS FAKEtranny: i was transedSadge to Iana: sametranny clause: me tooBomb: i told you 2 transBangry: hang one of the TP claimsAlina: was attacked in jail. jailor said there is no room for mayor. they should keep better countBangry: exe otherSadge: do itAlina has revealed themselves as the Mayor.TommyInnit: Wait but is 1 realAlwaysVoteGuilty: lol called that mayorBangry: ok coolSadge: 1 hypnotranny: lolIana to Sadge: should we push them?Sadge: no room nownegro: 1 roleGiles Corey: Doc protect jailor i will protect mayorBangry: hypno game??Alina: No RoOmSadge: uBangry: up 3 htenTommyInnit: Ok so 1 is badBangry: up 3Bomb: 14 claiming bg?tranny: whyBangry: they are prob hypnonegro: 1 uptranny: Doctor N1- sadge N2- sadge N3- sadge (transed)TommyInnit: YES PLS GET 3tranny clause: 1 uptranny: theres no hypno dudeTommyInnit: ISTGBangry: 14 which TP are you say nowBangry: N3: Myself & Giles Corey [transed]Iana: 1, jailor meant he thinks ur hypnoBangry: lolIana: 1 upTommyInnit: Is this mafiaDefenseBangry: Bangry - Trans N1: TommyInnit & Crash N2: Myself & tranny clause [transed] N3: Myself & Giles Corey [transed]Bangry: wait you seriuos??Bangry: i trasned 2 people n1Bomb: this was voted up without mayorGiles Corey to Sadge: btw i got teleported again yesterdayBangry: then protected myselfAlwaysVoteGuilty: lol no because he said he visited 8Bangry: tommy confirmed thisTommyInnit: Oh yeah this hypnoGiles Corey to Sadge: but he can be hypnoAlwaysVoteGuilty: that was the ENTIRE POINT OF MY BIG SPEECHJudgementtranny: this is hypno actually loltranny clause: wait was i hypnoed toonegro: guiltyBangry: i am not hypnoSadge: guilty imoBangry: but oktranny clause: the other nigh?tranny: i think so 9negro: idkBangry: sadge get a good exe tonightSadge: ill innoGiles Corey: if inno got docIana voted guilty.tranny voted guilty.Alina voted guilty.Giles Corey voted guilty.tranny clause voted guilty.Sadge voted innocent.negro voted guilty.Bangry: i think evils are 3 and 13Bangry: 13 prob consig??Bangry has been lynched.Iana: thanks for exe wintranny: im not evilGiles Corey: get 3 jailorBangry: how i hypnotranny: wowGiles Corey: LiarBomb: ambusher hypno and consigGiles Corey: get 3tranny: get 14 thenBomb: stacked mafBomb: thereIana: no 1 i was exeTommyInnit: Ily 10Giles Corey: get 3tranny: no room for 14,negro: jailor get 3Iana: 1 was my targetTommyInnit: You are amazingtranny: be smart jailorAlwaysVoteGuilty: oh you got crash killed lolIana: ill side with townBomb: «3negro: ill get 14tranny clause: good jobed exeGiles Corey: no room for youNight 4TommyInnit: «333tranny: i guess you weren't smarttranny: Doctor N1- sadge N2- sadge N3- sadge (transed)Bomb: told yall 2 transTommyInnit: Its 3 for sureSadge: ahhhhhSadge: I DONT KNOWTommyInnit: But idk about 13tranny: oh wellTommyInnit: 3 is gfAlwaysVoteGuilty: yeah all RT is now takentranny: we still have nayor at leastSadge: im sorry if wrongBomb: yeah 2 tp claimstranny: its oktranny: go aheadBomb: and 3 ts confirmedSadge: take a bullet 4 causeSadge decided to execute tranny.Day 5Giles Corey has been killed.Giles Corey was attacked by a Vigilante.Suck my clock: What elo is thisTommyInnit: FINALLY THE GF DIESAlwaysVoteGuilty: lol well RIP tp clainstranny: idkGiles Corey: who me?Suck my clock: Im in placementBomb: wait wtftranny: i lost 120 elo so i'm probably in woodtranny has been killed.TommyInnit: Oh porbably like 1200AlwaysVoteGuilty: its fine I don't think town can lose nowBangry: i was right honestlytranny: i actually thought 1 was jesterGiles Corey: i am gold at the momentSadge: LETS GOBangry: howBomb: there is still jester probIana: sorry 1, i did what my role is intended to doGiles Corey: slowly risingnegro: whos jailortranny clause: exactlytranny: im in platinumnegro: JAILORSadge: meAlina: lolnegro: ok so im viginegro: alina mayorBomb: 11 is the jesttranny clause: great shot rightBomb: i betBomb: lolIana: im exeTommyInnit: Notranny: notranny: hes vigiBomb: ahTommyInnit: 11 is viginegro: its 13 or 9Iana: that leaves 9Bomb: 13Iana: 11 Im exenegro: 9tranny: mafia lost either way soSadge: 13 exetranny clause: im the exeIana: 1 was my targettranny: im outAlwaysVoteGuilty: lolIana: 9 ur not exetranny has left the game.Sadge: its 9 i believeBomb: why would exe claim exe herenegro: 9 mafBomb: they just loseBomb: by doing thatTommyInnit: They alreay wonDefenseBomb: maybeBangry: its 13???AlwaysVoteGuilty: better question is why would MAFIA claim exe hereTommyInnit: Thats whytranny clause: inno thisBomb: for a chancetranny clause: i am an innocent trannyTommyInnit: No its 9 I thinkJudgementBomb: meh jailor has exesSadge: we win 100%Iana: no, im siding with town, and ur not confirmedBomb: anywaysAlwaysVoteGuilty: 2 exe claims=hang 1 kill the othernegro: dieTommyInnit: Ikw 2Bomb: thankstranny clause: negro why say that to meTommyInnit: Ikr 2*Iana: everyone else isAlwaysVoteGuilty: at least claim dying vigAlina voted guilty.negro voted guilty.Sadge voted guilty.Iana voted guilty.tranny clause: ggtranny clause: wpnegro: srytranny clause has been lynched.tranny clause: its knegro: ggBomb: double trans is the perfect jailor meta gameBomb: lolTommyInnit: GG WP EVERYONE, ILY 11!Iana: gg guysGameOverTown has won.AlwaysVoteGuilty: lol I STIRRED THE HORNET'S NESTSadge: ggTommyInnit: 1*tranny clause: ggsBangry: wowTommyInnit: GG WPnegro: ggIana: i always feel bad when winning as exe so i side with townEnd of Report
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