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Report ID: 3260370
Reported User: FemboiLover
Report Submitted: Dec. 30, 2020 2:52 am
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Inappropriate Username
Details: lolicon
LobbyPerkaah: Reporting the host for his/her name. Just so you know.Helvadam: ummchineseffoooddd: i just got that now lolPerkaah: lolchineseffoooddd: i was like wtf whats wrong with his name then looked at yoursPerkaah: i was jokingPerkaah: XDHelvadam: not sure if joke or just dumbchineseffoooddd: you're dumbPerkaah: lolchineseffoooddd: hee's the hostchineseffoooddd: lolPerkaah: LOLHelvadam: I meant him not mePerkaah: I was jokingPerkaah: ...pleasechineseffoooddd: its obviously a joke dudemarshall12345: startHelvadam: ah like 911AlphaUlfr: wtf is going onchineseffoooddd: LOLmarshall12345: startkaylalynn: i wanna know the joke xDBlazoboyYT: glhf gamersPerkaah: There was a host with the name potatoesintheassPlayers are choosing nameshiss: hisshisspissShuichi Saihara: ehh loliLolicon: ohSweden: There was a host with the name potatoesintheassLolicon: hiSweden: and i jokingly said "reported"hiss: coolDeadPool: omg lolDay 1Sweden: A lot of idiots here from the last game. Please use your brains when playing the game.Gamethrower: noShuichi Saihara: lolEdgy Joke: ?PowerHouse: AyoEdgy Joke: salt from 1PowerHouse: Im a neutral benignDeadPool: your joke offended him lol also survNight 1Shuichi Saihara: 3 mafia not badjeb: i'll rb 15Shuichi Saihara: betjeb: switch?Day 2Gamethrower has left the game.Mangooser has been killed.Mangooser was attacked by the Mafia.jeb has left the game.Gamethrower has been killed.Gamethrower attacked by a Veteran.hiss: that suckshiss: LOLEevee has been killed.Eevee attacked by a Veteran.Lolicon: My will is funntLolicon: funny*hiss has been killed.hiss was attacked by the Ambusher.hiss attacked by a Veteran.Mangooser has left the game.Lolicon has been killed.Lolicon attacked by a Veteran.Lolicon: 3 town is what vet killedhiss: LOLhiss: that sucksEdgy Joke to Sweden: I almost tried ot RB youShuichi Saihara: wow the vet killed 3 townedi dont: Vet goes brrrrtSweden: Well. Don´t visit me no more. I am confirmed veteran. I WAS VET BAITING.Eevee: i fucking hate vets that alert night 1 and dont baitIgnored: rbdDeadPool: dude lolSweden: Don´t visit me.Sweden: I am confirmed.Lolicon: he didedi dont: RIP peeopleLolicon: look day 1hiss: he baitedDeadPool: fucking obviously lolShuichi Saihara: He is cofirmed but at what costSweden: get 3Eevee: thats not a vet bait lmaoEdgy Joke: But will 1 alert again?omg to Ranae: roleSweden: 3 goes up todayLolicon: That wasSweden: on my watchEdgy Joke: how many evils wanna take that 5050Edgy Joke: I wonderLolicon: thats why I viested him\DeadPool: also again i claim survivorRanae to omg: trapperLolicon: Dont be salty cause you missed itomg: whisper 3 escortSweden: 3 goes up and it is on my watchhiss: calling town stupid in this game from last brings attention to himEevee: not really, vet baiting is like hey im med or whatever, i went on him cause hes the only name i likeomg to Ranae: escortEdgy Joke: 3 will?hiss: thats an easy vet baitDefensehiss: everyone will know lolLolicon: No 8 your just salty you feel for itRanae: escortShuichi Saihara to PowerHouse: roleRanae: this was pushedEdgy Joke to Sweden: since you're confirmed I am the escort who rbs 11Lolicon: fell*PowerHouse to Shuichi Saihara: amne.Sweden to Edgy Joke: nicehiss: 1 had a GOOD vet baitSweden to Ranae: consortJudgementSweden: consortLolicon: It was really goodSweden: GUILTYDeadPool: agreed pushedhiss: frEevee: 13 you cant spell lmaoLolicon: If he was dusaomg: no i am escort u whispered u where trapper he is guiltyhiss: only noticeable after we die lolRanae: 1 is pushingEevee: its feelSweden: Yes. Innoes are mafiahiss: its fellEdgy Joke: 1 is the vetDeadPool voted innocent.Ignored abstained.edi dont abstained.PowerHouse abstained.Edgy Joke voted guilty.omg voted guilty.Shuichi Saihara voted guilty.Sweden voted guilty.hiss: lolEevee: fell is you fell the the steps lmaoShuichi Saihara to Edgy Joke: roleShuichi Saihara to omg: roleEdgy Joke: so they're the only confirmed townLolicon: You fell for itSweden: Don´t visit me. I am confirmed veteran.Ranae has been lynched.hiss: you fell for itEdgy Joke to Shuichi Saihara: you firstomg to Shuichi Saihara: escortEevee: oh jesus christ lmaoEdgy Joke: ...Sweden: disguisedNight 2Eevee: welp town is fuckedhiss: jesus this dude aint know english AND he dumb???Lolicon: ^Eevee: and he dumb lolLolicon: DAMNNNNNNNhiss: hit two birds with one stonehiss: niceLolicon: I wonder what JEB! isEevee: that message was more retarded then the "vet bait"Day 3Ignored has left the game.hiss: than*Lolicon: That was the fucking point 8hiss: bruhhhomg has been killed.omg attacked by a Veteran.Eevee: doubthiss: this fucking dudeEdgy Joke: Fucking christEdgy Joke: Piratehiss: than is when you compare two thingsLolicon: you are fuckin r/woooshEdgy Joke has been killed.Edgy Joke was attacked by the Pirate.Lolicon: I n a humanhiss: we lose this oneEevee: only joke i see is whats happening between you and the loli loverEdgy Joke: Lmao I even joked about people risking it on vetEevee: no shithiss: its funnyLolicon: At least I dont want to fuck a pokemonIgnored has been killed.Ignored was attacked by the Mafia.omg has left the game.hiss: LOLEdgy Joke: no just little kidsLolicon: hey!Eevee: rather like pekemon then kidsLolicon: Thats only 2dEevee: yeah fucking weirdoLolicon: Pekemonjeb has been killed.Lolicon: omgEevee: pokemon, yeah lolhiss: 8 are you even listening to my english teachingLolicon: 8 you arent wining thisShuichi Saihara: 12 role pleaseSweden: ESCORT: Visits me.hiss: im trying to teach you budEevee: nahShuichi Saihara: N2 - Shooting 12 (Immune)hiss: i dont want you to make a fool out of yourselfEevee: i already won with your name 13DeadPool: loledi dont: well im pirate and im gonna pirate you tonightShuichi Saihara: gghiss: even though you already are lolSweden: 12 is niceEevee: go back to your fucked up pornShuichi Saihara: Ok betLolicon: evee isnt even that fuckableDeadPool: glad I cant visitedi dont: dont hang meSweden to edi dont: i am not hanging youLolicon: much better choicesEevee: eevee*PowerHouse: same 5Shuichi Saihara: Dont vote me I shall duel himedi dont: im gonna rb 6hiss: eveeLolicon: like LucarioSweden: niceEdgy Joke has left the game.Eevee: reported you already as isDeadPool: okSweden: who is the mafioso?PowerHouse: can i get everyones roles?hiss: imagine reportingLolicon: okedi dont: pirateLolicon: coolPowerHouse: im amneEevee: guessing 2 is with you as well?Sweden: is 6 the mafioso?DeadPool: survSweden: amne XDPowerHouse: so i wanna consider my choices.edi dont: im gonna pick slashEevee: 2 you apart of this loli shit?hiss: no lol whatLolicon: no i have never met 2 befoePowerHouse: wtfSweden: you had plenty of time to choosehiss: idk 13Lolicon: Winkk winkShuichi Saihara to PowerHouse: please turn into mafia I need helphiss: ;)))Sweden: DON´T VISIT ME TONIGHTSweden: I AM CONFIRMED VETNight 3hiss: at ALLLolicon: We both are Discord adminsLolicon: hehehehehiss: you werent supposed to sayhiss: we stay incognitoLolicon: I love the Discord admin thingEevee: doubt, fucking weird shit man. well good luck with your anime kids 13 and 2 rethink your life lmaoLolicon: Its so funnyEevee has left the game.hiss: frDay 4Lolicon: man 8 is a fun nazihiss: LOL "rethink your life"PowerHouse has remembered they were Ambusher.Shuichi Saihara: well gg 12PowerHouse: Your right 1.hiss: ikredi dont: welp i lostSweden: wow amnehiss: WOW amneShuichi Saihara: and thx 7PowerHouse: Your hundred percent right.Sweden: amne....wowPowerHouse: I did have time to pick.Lolicon: im 24 all I do is rethnik my fucking lifePowerHouse: And your choicesPowerHouse: to vote for mePowerHouse: fucked townSweden: mafia majority?Shuichi Saihara: So we vote 1 and winSweden: gg wpedi dont: I say we hang 6 nowedi dont: xDShuichi Saihara: ?PowerHouse: nahedi dont: im gonna rb 7hiss: 8 had a fucking IQ of 2DeadPool: im confused lolPowerHouse: 5 we would appreciate your vote for 1.Shuichi Saihara: 5 is surv, vote 1Lolicon: 2 did you see my will?hiss: low elo mfedi dont: 6 mafiosoLolicon: thats 2DeadPool: oh okLolicon: 8*hiss: oh yeah LOLDefenseSweden: how the turn tablesJudgementedi dont: 3 mafs yeetLolicon: I dont think ive played a match with you today 2Shuichi Saihara: No just 2hiss: i just hopped on nowLolicon: thats the funny thingShuichi Saihara: 1 - Vet 5 - Surv 6 - Godfather 7 - Amne 12 - Pirateedi dont voted innocent.PowerHouse voted guilty.DeadPool voted guilty.Shuichi Saihara voted guilty.Lolicon: 6 ive played with beforehiss: frfr lmaoLolicon: and 7hiss: oh niceSweden has been lynched.hiss: bro u know pipe?Lolicon: noPowerHouse: 1. i want to remember this choice. to vote for me. and realize. that you could've asked lie 6 did.hiss: pipetron?Lolicon: noGameOverMafia has won.hiss: oh, hes a youtuber lolPowerHouse: ggShuichi Saihara: Thx 7hiss: i was in his video and i made a fool of myselfShuichi Saihara: ggwpPowerHouse: whos a youtuber?PowerHouse: WaitPowerHouse: i wanna knohiss: pipetronhiss: i was drunk anddhiss: i was saying random shithiss: anyway cya dudesPowerHouse: popetron.PowerHouse: nicehiss: yeahEnd of Report
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