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Report ID: 3260185
Reported User: FemboiLover
Report Submitted: Dec. 29, 2020 10:06 pm
# of reporters: 1
Reported Reason: Inappropriate IGN
Details: pedophile
Lobbysd1Dave: coooooooooooomjazzeppi: davesd1Dave: hhhhhnnnnGGGGGAAAAjazzeppi: i want to fist youjazzeppi: i want to put both of my hands in your assholejazzeppi: and just tear your cheeks in halfjazzeppi: i want to tear you open davejazzeppi: im going to make you bleedsd1Dave: pls be gentlejazzeppi: nosd1Dave: pleaseHelvadam: yesjazzeppi: im going to ra pe yousd1Dave: it cant be like last timePlayers are choosing namesStabby Machine: *stabs you*Day 1Lydia Dustin has left the game.Tony Lizzuto: TPLO here jailor on measoingbab: fuck town all my homies hate townSushi: jest here! visit me and lets party!!andre esw has left the game.Harmonee Ew has left the game.spoinklob: aw hell nah 4 spunchlobsNight 1Lolicon: vhMax Caulfield: I hope you are not surprised why you have been sent to jailFrost: kill maxLolicon: Fucking whyMax Caulfield: Naughty naughty pedoLolicon: You memeing shitBig Mans: do whoever you want for now mafisosoStabby Machine: y?Lolicon: IM NOT INTO REAL KIDSLolicon: ANIME GIRLSFrost: played against him last gameFrost: hes goodMax Caulfield: FBI open upLolicon: ONLY!*Vampires have bit Frost(Vampire).Day 2Big Mans has been killed.Big Mans attacked by a Veteran.Big Mans has left the game.Frost has been killed.Frost was attacked by a Vampire.Avacyn to Tony Lizzuto: Avacyn the Trans N1-Sushi & Lolicon(target jailed)spoinklob to Lolicon: you pathetic pe doLydia Dustin has been killed.Splunch Blob to Lolicon: pedospoinklob to Lolicon: i hate you bitchasoingbab to Lolicon: u sick fuck u freak kys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEandre esw has been killed.asoingbab to Lolicon: PLEASE DIE PLEASE PLEASEHarmonee Ew has been killed.spoinklob to Lolicon: sick fuckLolicon: Wow people are really toxic cant wait to report them allSplunch Blob to Lolicon: i cant believe you do horrible things to childrenspoinklob: lolicon told me they are werewolfTony Lizzuto: maf got nuked lolasoingbab: 15 is an actual pedoasoingbab: vote emStabby Machine: uhhhLolicon: I only like 2d loliLolicon: not 3dFrost has left the game.asoingbab: freakLolicon: IM also VHSushi: so I am confirmed...Lolicon: SooStabby Machine: im jobeLolicon: you are 2Stabby Machine: i claim jobeSushi: gf partied at my housespoinklob: follow me on twitter @sugaroivia «3spoinklob: FUCKLolicon: Give me a sec gotta report those fucks real quickspoinklob: nvmTony Lizzuto to Splunch Blob: role?asoingbab: @sugaroiiviaSplunch Blob to Tony Lizzuto: you first what role?Tony Lizzuto to Splunch Blob: i claimed D1 bbTony Lizzuto: town on7Splunch Blob to Lolicon: i wasnt paying attentionDefenseasoingbab: you're defending a pedoasoingbab: like actuallyasoingbab: 15 you're sickSplunch Blob to Lolicon: remind me again pleaseasoingbab: please dieasoingbab: pleaseTony Lizzuto to asoingbab: to be fair it isnt technically illegalJudgementLolicon: Only into 2d lolisasoingbab: crusader btwTony Lizzuto: will?asoingbab: noneLolicon: nah mate fuck ofasoingbab: day 2Tony Lizzuto: :/Avacyn: why are you harassing them ?Tony Lizzuto: unhappyLolicon voted guilty.Max Caulfield voted guilty.spoinklob voted innocent.Avacyn abstained.Sushi voted guilty.Splunch Blob voted innocent.Tony Lizzuto voted guilty.Moonchild abstained.Stabby Machine voted innocent.Stabby Machine to Sushi: alertasoingbab: kys 15asoingbab: pedo fuckasoingbab has been lynched.Lolicon: IM NOT INTO REAL KIDSTony Lizzuto: ouchLolicon: Ffsspoinklob: lolicon is a loserspoinklob: patheticNight 2Tony Lizzuto: it is iMax Caulfield: DieTony Lizzuto: Tony LizzutoSplunch Blob: im transTony Lizzuto: i have no idea what is happenignMax Caulfield: The axe will silence you for goodasoingbab: pogSplunch Blob: okasoingbab: vote 15Max Caulfield: I don't believe youSplunch Blob: kill me if you suck child assholeTony Lizzuto: im going to dieTony Lizzuto: see ya todayTransporter swapped Lolicon with Max Caulfield.*Vampires have bit Lolicon(Vampire).Max Caulfield decided to execute Splunch Blob.Day 3Stabby Machine: hiSplunch Blob has been killed.Moonchild has been killed.Moonchild was staked by a VampireHunter.Stabby Machine has been killed.Stabby Machine attacked by a Veteran.Max Caulfield has been killed.Max Caulfield was attacked by a Vigilante.Stabby Machine has left the game.GameOverTown has won.Lolicon: The vamps are dead Im now vigiTony Lizzuto: vig with all due respect, you're gay.Avacyn: lol thats why jailor claimsTony Lizzuto: epic styleMax Caulfield: Why did the vig shoot mespoinklob: lolicon is gayTony Lizzuto: because he is a homoEnd of Report
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