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Report ID: 3253185
Reported User: FemboiLover
Report Submitted: Dec. 23, 2020 2:45 am
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: Outted his vamp buddies because he was "having a good crus game", very mad
Lobbywitchfairy2: hi againkhristina: helloooMrAugustMC: ./repickMrAugustMC: hiwitchfairy2: nowitchfairy2: pickwitchfairy2: unpickkhristina: unrepickPlayers are choosing namesLynch Thirteen: brba drunken sailor: let me go get some waterDoused Chicken: survnesiacDoused Chicken: i like that nicknameSurvnesiac: thanksDay 1Konata: there are vampsGreen Beans: who loves green beans?Survnesiac: oooha drunken sailor to Princess: ummmmhonest: i am honest personhonest: i am escorthonest: can you kill mePrincess to a drunken sailor: uhhhhNight 1Green Beans: well helloGreen Beans: good looking covenBerlin: hiiiJames Bayley: claiming bgGreen Beans: I am gonna claim trapper...bae: hellobae: idk what to claimHannah Brown: Claiming crusJames Bayley: had pb scroll last game and was attacked N1James Bayley: had no claim spaceBerlin: sameCovenLeader made Hannah Brown target Lynch Thirteen.*Vampires have bit a drunken sailor(Vampire).a drunken sailor was converted from being a Survivor.Day 2James Bayley has been killed.James Bayley was attacked by the Crusader.honest has left the game.James Bayley has left the game.Lynch Thirteen has been killed.Lynch Thirteen was attacked by the Mafia.V to Konata: I got you babyGreen Beans: oooh who was gonna get blackmailed?unununrepick: rbedPrincess: N1- bae, Hannah Brown, or Berlin is evil!Survnesiac: Survnesiac - LO N1 - Lynch Thirteen vb baeSurvnesiac: quite high actuallybae to Green Beans: hannah is mafia i believeManus: wellunununrepick: bae roleBerlin: berlin the sheriff n1-3-susHannah Brown: I was controlledPrincess: that kinda matches the deathnote and my willV: ok so 13 15 and 3 rolesHannah Brown: CrusPrincess: i say lynch 13V: nopeLynch Thirteen has left the game.V: 3 is lyingunununrepick: whyPrincess: even thenSurvnesiac: i think 4 is exeV: Cuase im crusSurvnesiac: wait whatV: Crus N1: 10 N2: N3:Princess: 13 visited who diedSurvnesiac: ooohbae: im docPrincess: can we lynch themPrincess: thank youGreen Beans: hmmmHannah Brown: Crus isn’t uniqueSurvnesiac: get 13 outta herePrincess: bruhPrincess: 13Princess: PLEASEPrincess: 1- bae, Hannah Brown, or Berlin is evilBerlin: vote 3unununrepick: 3 FIRST THEN 13Defensebae: um...JudgementV: if theres a vigi shoot 3unununrepick: okay we get 3 tomorrowHannah Brown to V: U know crus isn’t unique right?? I will be on u tonight even if u don’t wanna be on mePrincess: why does "i'm crus" have more importance than us seeing bae kill someoneunununrepick: guiltySurvnesiac: maybe notManus: 14 that's weirdly specificBerlin: guiltyPrincess: it's notSurvnesiac: there can be 2 crusesbae: 3 is mafia i controlled and killed lynch 13Konata voted guilty.V voted guilty.Manus voted guilty.Hannah Brown voted guilty.Survnesiac voted guilty.Green Beans voted guilty.Doused Chicken voted guilty.a drunken sailor abstained.unununrepick voted guilty.Berlin voted guilty.Princess voted guilty.Berlin: berlin the sheriff n1-3-sus so vig go wildbae has been lynched.V: SEE 3 is bad im dead tonight probPrincess: we know 3 is badPrincess: but 13 murdered someoneunununrepick: uhhhhhhhhhh CL>?Princess: using themV: yeah a mafPrincess: soBerlin: ahhhNight 2Green Beans: kill 7, he is obviously not lo. I will kill someone else,Berlin: fuck dudebae: umbae: sorryBerlin: lolGreen Beans: hopefully this is not a townGreen Beans: they gonna hang 3 tomorrow I thinkDoused Chicken: i am killing 10 in case of him being vigiBerlin: rightunununrepick checked Manus.Necromancer made Lynch Thirteen target Doused Chicken.Day 3Konata has been killed.Konata was attacked by the Mafia.Hannah Brown to V: I protected u from someonehonest has been killed.unununrepick: N2 Manus-susp!Princess: n2- V or a drunken sailor is good!Manus: rbdV: Nvm 3 is crus I was wrongSurvnesiac: hmmunununrepick: okayGreen Beans: ok who said that 13 visited 6 yesterday?unununrepick: get 8Green Beans: cause they liedunununrepick: 7V: get 9unununrepick: no GET 8unununrepick: N2 Manus-susp!Berlin: berlin the sheriff n1-3-susa drunken sailor: kill4Green Beans: 7 upGreen Beans: they liedSurvnesiac: awwunununrepick: NO. VOTE 8 FIRSTManus: I ws rbdSurvnesiac: finebae has left the game.unununrepick: N2 Manus-susp!Manus: I am loV: id rather trust the psyPrincess: even then we got CL bc of themKonata has left the game.Doused Chicken: Doused the Sheriff n1 5 inno n2 5 innounununrepick: get 8 FIRSTHannah Brown: Okunununrepick: PLEASEManus: 2 is exe probsSurvnesiac: ok whtunununrepick: 8 has no willPrincess: 5 i love you lolGreen Beans: 7 liedManus: LO n1-1 VB non n2-RbdDefenseManus: here's my lo wilManus: as I saidManus: rbdPrincess to a drunken sailor: i dunno what you are, but V is sussing me the fuck outManus: 2 is exeJudgementunununrepick: guilty, that was hastily scrawled onGreen Beans: this person could be legit... 7 lied about things yesterday. They are not lo...V: anyone rb him? if so speak now.a drunken sailor to Princess: townunununrepick: N2 Manus-susp!unununrepick: GUILTYManus: EXEManus: 2 is exeunununrepick: im NOT EXEPrincess: but this is 2V to Hannah Brown: ill guard you you guard 14Manus: INNOGreen Beans: Imma innoDoused Chicken: i believe 2 is exeunununrepick: GUILTYPrincess: we are listening toDoused Chicken: imma innoHannah Brown voted guilty.Doused Chicken voted innocent.Green Beans voted innocent.Princess voted guilty.unununrepick voted guilty.Survnesiac voted guilty.Berlin voted guilty.a drunken sailor abstained.V voted guilty.Manus: wtf throwsHannah Brown to V: Ok cool TO chain!Manus has been lynched.Hannah Brown to V: TP*Princess: defend yourself better thanunununrepick: so, innos?Doused Chicken: Doused the Sheriff n1 5 inno n2 5 innounununrepick: what was that about me being exe?V: 2 if you are exe just say it nowV: nvmGreen Beans: I believed himPrincess: LMAOV: wtfManus has left the game.Princess: imagineunununrepick: screw youNight 3Hannah Brown: Don’t attack 14 tonight, so I can pretend to protect themGreen Beans: I am bming that sheriff guy lolGreen Beans: thanksBerlin: okieBerlin: ofc :)*Vampires have bit V(Vampire).unununrepick checked Hannah Brown.Necromancer made James Bayley target unununrepick.V was converted from being a Crusader.Day 4Berlin has been killed.Berlin was attacked by the Mafia.unununrepick: wow 3 is actually susunununrepick has been killed.unununrepick was attacked by the Crusader.unununrepick: what is he?a drunken sailor to V: kill me so you’re confirmedBerlin: hypnounununrepick: V is getting sheepedGreen Beans: rbed, guessing we have a ret or necro or consort.V: OK no 9 is vamp, he can go fuck himself for turning me!Princess: n3- Hannah Brown, a drunken sailor, or Berlin(pm/forged?) is evil!Survnesiac: oohDoused Chicken: Doused the Sheriff n1 5 inno n2 5 inno n3 5 innoSurvnesiac: intrestingPrincess: v is jesterGreen Beans: oofPrincess: i saw that one comingunununrepick has left the game.Survnesiac: thanks 5V: 14 i was CrusDoused Chicken: i am jesterSurvnesiac: so usefulV: Now im vampPrincess: so you're throwing?V: hang 9Doused Chicken: 15 covered 1 as innoSurvnesiac: lets get 9 outta herePrincess: reportedGreen Beans: you outting your vamps?Princess: he's jesterV: fucker turned me not having itHannah Brown to Princess: I a, on u as promised to VPrincess: be honestDefensea drunken sailor: lo this is now a survivor will n1 afk getting some water n2 vest n3 no vest n4 I have to lie to win n5 fuck I am Sa drunken sailor: urvivorJudgementV: I wanted to hang him d3 anyway but we hanged 8 insteadSurvnesiac: nahhh surv claims are always evilPrincess: so you are throwingPrincess: disgustingSurvnesiac: we get 4 tomorrowPrincess: yeahDoused Chicken voted guilty.Hannah Brown voted guilty.V voted guilty.Green Beans voted guilty.Princess voted innocent.Survnesiac voted guilty.a drunken sailor: youV: Yes please hag me D5 so town winsGreen Beans: so 14 is vamp too?a drunken sailor has been lynched.V: 14 is toxicPrincess: psychicPrincess: i just like sailorPrincess: cool dudeGreen Beans: ah okSurvnesiac: we are getting rid of those pesky vampsV: Nah fuckemPrincess: did not deserve to be lynchedPrincess: for a fucking throwerPrincess: :PSurvnesiac to Hannah Brown: attack 14 tnNight 4Green Beans: I don't think I can winGreen Beans: but I am gonna tryDoused Chicken: V is a good killDoused Chicken: but nah 1Doused Chicken: he is covenHannah Brown: TrueDay 5Survnesiac to Hannah Brown: tsk tsk you thoughtGreen Beans has been killed.Green Beans was attacked by the Mafia.Berlin: nooooooa drunken sailor: Game throwing bitchGreen Beans: he was too strong, didn't know beforeSurvnesiac to Hannah Brown: we all know your mafiaGreen Beans: sorry berlin :(Survnesiac to Hannah Brown: so im helping youBerlin: its okieHannah Brown to Survnesiac: thanksV: 14 we were trying to hang him D3 you moron I was gonna push him no matter what on d4 Cause he came up as evil in your results!Princess: when the town is too evil to find anyone good :(Survnesiac: woowPrincess: but if you became vampSurvnesiac: lets get 4 outta hereV: idcPrincess: you shouldve helped your teamPrincess: idc is proving you don't care that you threwGreen Beans: well gl, on to the next for meGreen Beans has left the game.V: fuck him I was having a great Crus gameSurvnesiac: no throwers herePrincess: hence why i'm salty, and reporting youV: me and 3 were a good teamSurvnesiac to Princess: what r u anywayBerlin has left the game.a drunken sailor: I turn 4 the vamp. he’s on psychic role so he’s confirmedPrincess to Survnesiac: psychic stillPrincess to Survnesiac: i've been posting everydayDefenseV: 3 is mvpV: You a real oneSurvnesiac to Princess: rip so there is not town leftPrincess to Survnesiac: yea, got no results for goodV: fucking tp chain was solidSurvnesiac to Princess: well i guess that i finally can get my winJudgementPrincess to Survnesiac: what are you? you can be honestHannah Brown to V: We are last town I thinkSurvnesiac to Princess: exeV: Save 14s ungratful assPrincess to Survnesiac: ahhhSurvnesiac to Princess: i decided to mess around a bitPrincess: ungrateful?Hannah Brown abstained.Survnesiac voted guilty.Princess voted guilty.Doused Chicken voted guilty.V: gl 3 «3Princess: i'm grateful we fucking lynched youSurvnesiac to Princess: 4 was my targetV has been lynched.Doused Chicken: me tooa drunken sailor: I turn 4 the vamp. he’s on psychic role so he’s confirmedDoused Chicken: because snitches got the stitchesSurvnesiac to Princess: since they got confirmed d2 i kinda gave upa drunken sailor: so he won’t be killedPrincess to Survnesiac: lmao ripa drunken sailor: thrower has a big mouthNight 5a drunken sailor: Could’ve wonV: Nah mate I was gonna push you that dayHannah Brown: What even is this game lol, I’m kinda drunk so idka drunken sailor: a drunken sailor: I turn 4 the vamp. he’s on psychic role so he’s confirmedV: Nah fuck you for ruining my crus gamea drunken sailor: you shut upHannah Brown: 7 knows I’m mafa drunken sailor has left the game.V: Ignoring youDay 6Doused Chicken: wtfHannah Brown has been killed.Hannah Brown was ignited by an Arsonist.Doused Chicken: 7 got us goodV: nice 7 wonV: gg 3Princess: he was a g in whispers lolHannah Brown: ggDoused Chicken: 3 was hypnoDoused Chicken has been killed.Doused Chicken was ignited by an Arsonist.Princess has been killed.Princess was attacked by the Mafia.GameOverArsonist has won.Survnesiac: well ggPrincess: don't say sorry man! i kinda expected it, gg (: you did greatHannah Brown: GgDoused Chicken: great game 7Doused Chicken: i thought you are exePrincess: gg to hannah tooSurvnesiac: i just kinda acted like a jestSurvnesiac: exe thingSurvnesiac: yePrincess: you had the whole town confused lmaoEnd of Report
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