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Report ID: 3228502
Reported User: FemboiLover
Report Submitted: Dec. 01, 2020 2:14 am
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
Details: told me to kill myself
threw the game for maf then told other players to kill themselves.
LobbySANSYPANSY1: I was a vet, 4 town on 11 evilsSANSYPANSY1: naturally by the end town lostItsFunToLose: cause you suckSANSYPANSY1: I killed ww, 2 mafs and sk wdymItsFunToLose: and lost.SANSYPANSY1: 4 town on 11 evilsItsFunToLose: excuses.SANSYPANSY1: there was jug, sk, ww, coven and 4 mafItsFunToLose: I've won with 2 town.SANSYPANSY1: good for yadm312: lolItsFunToLose: Thanks.SANSYPANSY1: didn't ask thoKillaLoli: garlic themeSANSYPANSY1: klFiyero: I was isut a solo coven game and made it to the last 5dm312: I won with maf and witchKillaLoli: keeps vamps awaySANSYPANSY1: never got witch rlyPlayers are choosing namesCyberpunk: GOTY 2021Day 1Faustus: hang 7Garlic LoLi: garlic claim d1Neytiri: ga claimbork: TP/LO onmeJeffs pal: D1 surv claimgarlic bread: garlic tooFaustus: survivors are liarsBonny Jepp to garlic icecream: im ur gaNight 1Day 2Neytiri: i was rbed, once again im gaJonathan Corwin: I have a leadCyberpunk: I rbed 15Jonathan Corwin: Jonathan Corwin the Sheriff N1: Samuel Parris - Your target is suspicious!Jeffs pal: D2 surv claimNeytiri: good for ugarlic bread to Faustus: hey, did anything happen to you?Faustus: I have a lead. Survivors are evilbork: can we lynch 5 forbeing a survivor?Samuel Parris: ahem 5 roleJonathan Corwin: Jonathan Corwin the Sheriff N1: Samuel Parris - Your target is suspicious!Faustus to garlic bread: no whySamuel Parris: i agreeRoscoe: 5Samuel Parris: 5 is not a survivor???Jonathan Corwin: Get 2Jonathan Corwin: Jonathan Corwin the Sheriff N1: Samuel Parris - Your target is suspicious!garlic bread to Faustus: visitedFiyero: Why does this town hate survivors?Samuel Parris: 5 liesSamuel Parris: 5 moved last night!!!garlic bread to garlic icecream: rols pls, i know you visited 1DefenseNeytiri to Faustus: ur ga here !Neytiri to Faustus: protecting tnJeffs pal: I’m not a survivor I just didnt wanna die n1Faustus to Neytiri: nice! thanks!Jeffs pal: Jeffs pal the retri N1: no usable dead.garlic icecream to garlic bread: sherrifJudgementFaustus: Survivors are Liars.bork: dont claim survivor then retNeytiri to Cyberpunk: do NOT rb me again, i need to protect my targetCyberpunk: guiltyBonny Jepp: sounds like a necro move to mebork: yeah probably necroJeffs pal: fair enough ggFaustus: awoooooBonny Jepp: or jest tbhFiyero abstained.Cyberpunk voted guilty.Neytiri abstained.Bonny Jepp voted guilty.xd abstained.Jonathan Corwin voted guilty.Roscoe voted guilty.Samuel Parris voted guilty.SaraBear abstained.Faustus voted guilty.Garlic LoLi abstained.garlic bread abstained.garlic icecream voted guilty.bork voted guilty.Jeffs pal: OofSamuel Parris: lmao easy exe win lolJeffs pal has been lynched.Cyberpunk: gg 2bork: now we get 2 for claiming exeSamuel Parris: easy do itCyberpunk: no\Cyberpunk: he wonRoscoe: How was it an exe win for you if sheriff legit found him susFaustus: LOL GGFaustus: i winbork: yes 2 is fakeNight 2Jeffs pal has left the game.Cyberpunk: want me to rb 15 so you can kil 11>Cyberpunk: ?Day 3Samuel Parris has been killed.Samuel Parris was ignited by an Arsonist.Faustus to Neytiri: thanks!Neytiri to Faustus: ofcNeytiri to Faustus: lmk when u want the next onegarlic bread has been killed.garlic bread was attacked by a Werewolf.garlic bread: well they wasted a night lolFaustus to Neytiri: i am ww, so you can save it if you think i will get hung the next day.Neytiri to Faustus: ah okgarlic bread: arso revealed themselvesSamuel Parris: lol i won alreadyFiyero has been killed.Fiyero was attacked by the Mafia.Fiyero was ignited by an Arsonist.garlic bread: yeah I knowgarlic bread: ggFiyero: Why people hate me?garlic bread: I'd say 11 is wwFiyero: Areon waister a burn jsutnforFiyero: MeCyberpunk: ok 11 roll?Jonathan Corwin: Jonathan Corwin the Sheriff N1: Samuel Parris - Your target seems innocent! N2: Bork - Your target is suspicious!Faustus: ayyy thanks GAbork: im lookout so thats fajegarlic icecream: sherrifRoscoe: 10 is fake rightbork: fake*garlic icecream: Sherrif N1 #1 sus N2 #3 susFiyero has left the game.bork: lets lynch 10garlic bread: lolJonathan Corwin: Jonathan Corwin the Sheriff N1: Samuel Parris - Your target seems innocent! N2: Bork - Your target is suspicious!Bonny Jepp: nobork: if there jest we can give winRoscoe: wait 11 sus tooFaustus: mob justice! 10 10 10!Jonathan Corwin: Bork hasn't even posted a willRoscoe: 11 is jest?Cyberpunk: get 11bork: we gave exe winRoscoe: 10 claimed Jeffs pal was susbork: 10 is probably jestergarlic bread: wait are they ignoring 11's obvious lies?Faustus: exe is the besteJonathan Corwin: Jonathan Corwin the Sheriff N1: Samuel Parris - Your target seems innocent! N2: Bork - Your target is suspicious!Defensebork: or you guys can believe 10garlic bread: WOW what a townbork: lookout N1:4 N2:2bork: i have seen nothingJudgementJonathan Corwin: Yeah, this is evil. Why visit an exe?garlic bread: are you seeing this shit 2?xd: fakebork: if i die 10 is fakebork: i didnt know 2 was exexd: 10 ks goodFaustus: 5 was my target, GGbork: usualy exe is a fake claimxd voted guilty.Jonathan Corwin voted guilty.Bonny Jepp voted guilty.Cyberpunk voted guilty.Garlic LoLi voted guilty.garlic icecream voted guilty.Faustus voted guilty.Neytiri abstained.SaraBear voted guilty.Roscoe voted guilty.bork: 10 is not goodbork: or we have a hexbork: so probably 10 evilbork has been lynched.xd: tp on 10Jonathan Corwin: Could be hex masterFaustus: imagine trying to claim exe when there's already a dead onegarlic bread: what a dumb town rlyCyberpunk: or famerbork: yesRoscoe: push 107Roscoe: 10]Faustus: mafia running traingarlic bread: Ya'll ignored 11Night 3garlic bread: who should be wwJonathan Corwin: We need to get some survivors on our sidegarlic bread: actuallygarlic bread: they can't be a wwgarlic bread: cause I saw them visit 1garlic bread: and 1 was fineDay 4Cyberpunk: I rbed 8xd: 14 susJonathan Corwin: N3: Bonny Jepp - Your target is suspicious!Roscoe: Get 8?Roscoe: Why me 6?SaraBear: Sara Bear Body Guarding your life n1 Nytiri n2 Jonathan n3 Self Cuz scared (roleblocked)Cyberpunk: get 8Neytiri: i was poisonedNeytiri: im fucking gaBonny Jepp: your target is ga u fakeJonathan Corwin: N3: Bonny Jepp - Your target is suspicious!SaraBear: yes i was roleblocked i dont know whyxd: 14ssusFaustus: 9 is consortCyberpunk: nah 8 is arsoJonathan Corwin: I think 7 is the poisonerBonny Jepp: 10 is fakeFaustus: 9 is mafia consort with consig teammatesJonathan Corwin: N3: Bonny Jepp - Your target is suspicious!SaraBear: no why would you think that i just said im BGSaraBear: confirmed protectedRoscoe: so 7 8 9 10Neytiri: whats ppls obsession with killing GA'SBonny Jepp: GA N1: protect to prove N2: no protect? N3: no protect?Cyberpunk: 8 is arsoFaustus: 9 is evilDefenseBonny Jepp: are yall stupid..?garlic bread: how dumb can they begarlic bread: 8 was rbdgarlic bread: no killsJudgementJonathan Corwin: N3: Bonny Jepp - Your target is suspicious!Faustus: You know they're arso because you're consig + consortJonathan Corwin: Easy guiltyCyberpunk: inno get 8 hes arsoJonathan Corwin: N3: Bonny Jepp - Your target is suspicious!Jonathan Corwin: GuiltyBonny Jepp: im conf gaSaraBear: 15 is the GA no himRoscoe: inno push 8 ge tthis tmrwRoscoe voted innocent.Jonathan Corwin voted guilty.xd voted guilty.garlic icecream voted guilty.SaraBear voted guilty.Garlic LoLi abstained.Cyberpunk voted innocent.Faustus voted guilty.Neytiri abstained.Bonny Jepp: idiots..Neytiri: wait huhBonny Jepp has been lynched.xd: 14 def 2 strong i shot him i am vigilante!!!! sheriff plz check him tonightNeytiri: there was 2 ga'sNeytiri: idiotsgarlic bread: what a dumb townRoscoe: xd is probs mafiosoxd: nopeSaraBear: cyber are you mafia or coven or some shit why are you on me. Im freaking BG dont role block meNight 4Cyberpunk: You guys need to hang 8 or we lose!Jonathan Corwin: I'm having the time of my lifexd: 14 def2strongCyberpunk: kill 1bork has left the game.xd: 12 afk?Cyberpunk: yesDay 5Cyberpunk: S###Cyberpunk has been killed.Cyberpunk was ignited by an Arsonist.xd: niceJonathan Corwin has left the game.xd has left the game.garlic bread: this town is dumbJonathan Corwin has been killed.Jonathan Corwin was ignited by an Arsonist.Jonathan Corwin was attacked by a Werewolf.Cyberpunk: idk why they didnt kill 8Cyberpunk: wtfgarlic bread: this whole game you were sheeped by evilxd has been killed.xd was ignited by an Arsonist.Cyberpunk: I am evilNeytiri has been killed.Neytiri was attacked by the Poisoner.garlic bread: you are fineCyberpunk: 12 is afkCyberpunk: fuck megarlic bread: but the towniesFaustus: who poisons a GAFaustus: you're a mad ladRoscoe: what he sadRoscoe: saidSaraBear: who is the shit poisoner who did that to a GAgarlic icecream: good questionSaraBear: what the actual effRoscoe: hol upFaustus: its gotta be 11 with that perfectly timed GA protectRoscoe: 12 hasn't spokenGarlic LoLi: im just vibingCyberpunk: omgRoscoe: hol up memeSaraBear: who is the other GaCyberpunk: fuck you 12Faustus: both deadDefenseGarlic LoLi: frl?Neytiri: why is there 2 dead ga'sNeytiri: what is this townCyberpunk: idkSamuel Parris: town hates GAGarlic LoLi: eh idc anymoreCyberpunk: why didnt you guys vote up 8Bonny Jepp: stupid is what this town isJudgementRoscoe: This is poisoner.Garlic LoLi: maf was doomed from start jani sucksRoscoe: 8 is arso.Roscoe: Oh shi whatGarlic LoLi: yeah 8 arsoFaustus: what're you rosco?Roscoe: Inno this get arsoRoscoe: Roscoe The Tracker [N1][Garlic Icecream][Visited Faustus] [N2][xd][Visited Nobody] [N3][Jonathan Corwin][Visited SaraBear] [N4][RBRoscoe: ed]SaraBear voted guilty.Faustus voted guilty.garlic icecream voted innocent.Roscoe voted guilty.Garlic LoLi has been lynched.SaraBear: garlic is poisoner thenCyberpunk: 12 you cu nt you were afk stfu about mad is doomedSaraBear: he has to hangRoscoe: and get 8 tomorrowNight 5Garlic LoLi: i wasnt afkSamuel Parris: mafia was bad lmaoGarlic LoLi: jani is a useless roleCyberpunk: You didnt do your damn jobGarlic LoLi: maf was bad and uncorndinatedGarlic LoLi: dont project yourself onto meNeytiri: do ww's get poisoned ?Cyberpunk: You could have helpedCyberpunk: but noDay 6Garlic LoLi: jani just outs my exsisitenceGarlic LoLi: it doesnt thow anyone offBonny Jepp: ya tbh cleaning wouldnt have fooled anyone town was sheeping to mafgarlic icecream: rip XDNeytiri: ohGarlic LoLi: i wait till im mafi to do stuffgarlic icecream has been killed.garlic icecream was attacked by a Werewolf.Neytiri: i shouldveNeytiri: protectNeytiri: hmBonny Jepp: 15 was 11 ur target?Neytiri: noRoscoe: Ah shiSaraBear: omg i was doused in gas what the fucks....... hahaha me and roscoe doused in gas lololFaustus: LOLFaustus: 2 arsonists?SaraBear: howgarlic icecream: gg arsonFaustus: you doused each other and still can't lost.Faustus: lose*Roscoe: 2 arsos and a wwSaraBear: we hang 1Garlic LoLi: maf was doomed and they all thought i was afkRoscoe: AyeNeytiri: i was doomedSaraBear: haha you arsonist brotherSaraBear: lets goCyberpunk: stfu 12 kysCyberpunk has left the game.Garlic LoLi: wtf am i supposed to do as a janitor? lolFaustus: worst possible night for you bumbling idiots, dousing each other, and it wins you the gameFaustus: LOLGarlic LoLi: ok kidNeytiri: waitGarlic LoLi: hold your horsesSaraBear: i wonderef why people were doused that i hadnt dousedNeytiri: ur target killed me !Roscoe: LMAO trueFaustus: confirms who is whoFaustus: lolFaustus: gggarlic icecream: ripgarlic icecream: XDgarlic icecream: ggDefenseGarlic LoLi: reporting 9 for being a salty assgarlic icecream: good run as posioner though XDNeytiri: who kills ga's smhgarlic icecream: soryJudgementFaustus: wpwpgarlic icecream: did not knowFaustus: love to see itRoscoe: love this gameSaraBear: double arso winSaraBear: wow thats legitRoscoe: who knew 8Neytiri: but i claimed :(Roscoe: who knew that was a thing7Neytiri: and u ONLY killed meSaraBear: haha so greatSaraBear voted guilty.Roscoe voted guilty.garlic icecream: sorry randomFaustus: not ignitingFaustus: and still winninggarlic icecream: my faultNeytiri: smhFaustus: saucyGarlic LoLi has left the game.Faustus has been lynched.Bonny Jepp has left the game.SaraBear: i ignited alot almost lost cuz mafiagarlic icecream has left the game.GameOverArsonist has won.SaraBear: YEAHSamuel Parris: easy winEnd of Report
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