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Report ID: 2552457
Reported User: TheIdesofNovember
Report Submitted: Oct. 08, 2019 1:22 am
# of reporters: 4
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: ~~claims pther town roles as VIP. see also: and
claiming psychic as VIP and was Trapper
LobbyThisLittleWolf: rawrdarnell123: you saw what happend last episode in the thunderdomeFadedSatan: I'm real mad.FadedSatan: I was the VIP.darnell123: a a a a aa a a aprivacyFadedSatan: And a crus revealed it day one.FadedSatan: By screaming AVVON IS THE VIPdarnell123: aaaaaaaaaaa pricacyNovailic: Is the thrower hereFadedSatan: So, if you see a human with the name Roblox Gamer report them.FadedSatan: No clue.terrifyingtea: i reported them heheNovailic: Plus he was crus and not on vip so he suckedFadedSatan: I did too.terrifyingtea: like?? sorry we repicked u it wasnt personal budNovailic: He wasnt even hostFadedSatan: Yeah.Deathwing4006: is that really why he threw?Novailic: YepVorkel: dont you love asking for tp then tp leaves you for a random guy who turns out to be medium in rankedDeathwing4006: petty afFadedSatan: Wow, players like that suck.FadedSatan: They ruin the game,Vorkel: yeahAiminSniv: im roblox player ahaha funnyVorkel: tps should go on the people who askFadedSatan: Sniveling little child.Vorkel: and his response was well the medium taoked first.. and said a jokeThisLittleWolf: Roblox player is 6ix9ineVorkel: talkedThisLittleWolf: mega snitchFadedSatan: Please report AiminSniv.Vorkel: what the hells robloxAiminSniv: im not roblox thoAiminSniv: it was a joke retardAiminSniv: i was normalguyFadedSatan: Ah.ThisLittleWolf: Faded you are dumbFadedSatan: Alright.FadedSatan: Excuse me?AiminSniv: you aint excusedFadedSatan: My apologies, NormalGuy.ThisLittleWolf: Aimin: calls Faded a retardThisLittleWolf: Faded" is fineDeathwing4006: *watches from afar*ThisLittleWolf: me: calls Faded dumbThisLittleWolf: Faded: *triggered*ThisLittleWolf: Faded you gotta get your priorities straightVorkel: this is how players change there name so they dint have to deal with a nother fight cause theres so little players playingVorkel: i did it!Novailic: Hmdjd aVorkel: dont regretFadedSatan: I wasn't making the assumption that he was calling me retarded.FadedSatan: Because everyone else responded in retaliation.Vorkel: guys just chillFadedSatan: Your statement was directed at me.Vorkel: we all get paid minumin wageVorkel: lets just chillFadedSatan: So, there is my reasoning behind my response.Novailic: Guys lets just be happy that none of us is RobloxCrimsonWolf995: I dontAiminSniv: well i did.CrimsonWolf995: I make more than minumun wageDeathwing4006: SighVorkel: neatPlayers are choosing namesVIP Game.Day 1GonnaThrowUp: im on vipSploof: on vipsomeone: coolGonnaCatch: vet baitingchoking: ga coven if your smart dont waste a attack on mesomeone: you meanGonnaThrowUp: sploof i was firstsomeone: medusa baitingsomeone: ah haNight 1GonnaCatch: haiGonnaThrowUp: helloAsmodeus: good Claim?GonnaCatch: cntrl sm1 into mehAsmodeus: elloHose Mad: AyeGonnaCatch: ill be bg mayveGonnaThrowUp: heheGonnaCatch: tell me their roleGonnaCatch: whisper plsHoes Mad checked Swing life away.Day 2someone: lets vfr 3Sploof: well gonna is not medusaJames Bayley: Psychic James Bayleyn1 Asmodeus, kerchoo, someoneYukira: I was witched. I am trapperkerchoo: N1: [E]: Asmodeus • Swing life away • Yukirasomeone: someone the TrackerN1 - Hose Mad (3) --> YukiraJames Bayley: roles from all threekerchoo: James what the fucksomeone: LOLJames Bayley: kerchoo role?Avvon: Ah.kerchoo: James what the actual fuckHoes Mad: Hoes Mad the Sheriff if i die invest the last person i visited N1 13-inno N2 14-James Bayley: asmodeus role?James Bayley: kerchoo role?someone: get 3kerchoo: JamesAsmodeus: vigSploof: lmao whatkerchoo: what the *fuck*kerchoo: N1: [E]: Asmodeus • Swing life away • Yukirachoking: ga here just let me sitAsmodeus: thanks..someone: someone the TrackerN1 - Hose Mad (3) --> YukiraSploof: hose mad is clJames Bayley: haang kerchoochoking: and watch chaosJames Bayley: for no roleHoes Mad: im literally not clGonnaCatch: did quirks claim witcuedJames Bayley: Psychic James Bayleyn1 Asmodeus, kerchoo, someoneAvvon: Hey, Vig on Kerchoo.James Bayley: kerchoo hasnt claimedJames Bayley: okayDefenseHose Mad: Well shit ain't like I can argue with thatJudgementGonnaCatch: i mean you could cc and come up wif snthkerchoo: please no, James is gamethrowingAvvon: Crus On VIP. James Bayley: asmodeus shoot kerchoo, he isnt claiming but he was on the listGonnaThrowUp: did you claim??GonnaCatch: but okkerchoo: Vigi please don'tsomeone: theres 2 hoes mad someone: someone the TrackerN1 - Hose Mad (3) --> Yukirasomeone: i tracked 3someone: hoes mad is 4kerchoo: N1: [E]: Asmodeus • Swing life away • YukiraSploof: this is what happens when you guys choose the same nameHoes Mad: yeahGonnaThrowUp: hoes/hosechoking: dont take this offensive its just ga/survivor do whatever the f they want and then winkerchoo: James what the fuckkerchoo: report JamesAvvon: Shoot Kerchoo.Sploof voted guilty.GonnaThrowUp abstained.Romeo abstained.kerchoo abstained.GonnaCatch voted guilty.Tiny Tiffany voted guilty.Swing life away voted guilty.Yukira voted guilty.James Bayley voted guilty.Hoes Mad voted guilty.Asmodeus abstained.choking abstained.Avvon voted guilty.someone voted guilty.choking: guardingkerchoo: N1: [E]: Asmodeus • Swing life away • YukiraHose Mad has been lynched.Hoes Mad: can i get a tp pleaseJames Bayley: vigi on kerchookerchoo: please repost JamesAvvon: Pirate on Kerchoo.James Bayley: Psychic James Bayleyn1 Asmodeus, kerchoo, someonekerchoo: report JamesGonnaThrowUp: wait thats 2 psy claims??? Avvon: I'm on Hoes.Sploof: why does he keep damn saying james is throwingkerchoo: PsychicN1: [E]: Asmodeus • Swing life away • YukiraSploof: ohkerchoo: report James BayleyHoes Mad: ty avvonchoking: if yall smart dont kill gachoking: a wasteNight 2GonnaThrowUp: is 12 VIP?Asmodeus: ima die...GonnaCatch: does dust have rampage wif necroGonnaThrowUp: also 9 is transporterAsmodeus: possibleHoes Mad checked Yukira.Day 3Tiny Tiffany has been killed.Tiny Tiffany was attacked by Potion Master.Asmodeus: figured that would happenAsmodeus has been killed.Asmodeus was attacked by a Vigilante.Asmodeus: smh i hate playing covenJames Bayley: hang kerchoo nowkerchoo: N2: [G]: Yukira • Avvonchoking: just gonna watch the chaos unfold might push might not just ignore meSwing life away: Btw i am vigSploof: i mean okYukira: And Im trapper not tracker lolGonnaThrowUp: okay so ts claims are out of the picturekerchoo: thank you for not shooting me Vigisomeone: alrightkerchoo: I appreciate itsomeone: so can we fucking hang the pirate the moment he claims?>someone: he pirated meJames Bayley: Psychic James Bayleyn1 Asmodeus, kerchoo, someonen2 Tiny Tiffany, RomeoAvvon: Trapper. I was on 4kerchoo: PsychicN1: [E]: Asmodeus • Swing life away • YukiraN2: [G]: Yukira • AvvonSploof: noGonnaThrowUp: reomeo role?Sploof: dont waste a lynch on pirateJames Bayley: there cant be psychicsGonnaThrowUp: **romeosomeone: the pirate is a hoekerchoo: James is gamethrowingGonnaThrowUp: :0James Bayley: hang himAvvon: Y'all lynch Kerchoo.GonnaThrowUp: hang james? GonnaThrowUp: will dokerchoo: don't hang JamesSploof: dont hang either of themJames Bayley: vig on 11kerchoo: pelase don't hang Jameschoking: just gonna watch fhqosJames Bayley: for that statemntGonnaThrowUp: why??James Bayley: town voteJames Bayley: VOTEGonnaThrowUp: bitchkerchoo: do not hang Jameschoking: sighSploof: im not voting her///Defensekerchoo: PsychicN1: [E]: Asmodeus • Swing life away • YukiraN2: [G]: Yukira • Avvonkerchoo: two can play at the throwing gamekerchoo: James is VIPJudgementYukira: I believe them.James Bayley: guilty, cant be two psyschoking: dont take it personaly i just dont want my brain matter on the floorGonnaCatch: idkSploof: inno her..James Bayley: guiltyYukira: Inno thisJames Bayley: im psysomeone: im abstaiingSwing life away voted innocent.someone abstained.GonnaThrowUp abstained.Yukira voted innocent.choking voted innocent.Sploof voted innocent.Hoes Mad voted innocent.Romeo abstained.James Bayley voted guilty.Avvon voted guilty.GonnaCatch abstained.Tiny Tiffany: omfl reallyJames Bayley: what the fuckSploof: noJames Bayley: vig shoot 12James Bayley: i am the psychcickerchoo: James Bayley is gamethrowingchoking: now my brain matte4 wont be on the floor from a bulletSploof: do notJames Bayley: jeez learn to play townNight 3GonnaCatch: awwwGonnaThrowUp: fuckTiny Tiffany: this town is really stupid lolGonnaCatch: i wanted necroGonnaThrowUp: what do i do??GonnaThrowUp: vip?? should i risk it??Asmodeus: i mean my claim was horribleGonnaCatch: kill 12GonnaThrowUp: fuck y eah i dont GonnaCatch: dontGonnaThrowUp: give a shiitttGonnaThrowUp: :)Hoes Mad checked GonnaCatch.Day 4Asmodeus: i was relying on medusaSploof: i always mf lose from pirateHoes Mad has been killed.Hoes Mad was attacked by Medusa.Tiny Tiffany: And that's what town gets for being retarded.Hoes Mad has left the game.James Bayley: this town was awfulTiny Tiffany: Why they gonna inno the guy who's CCing the vip?Tiny Tiffany: Seriously?Asmodeus: lmaooTiny Tiffany: wtf...Sploof: james why did you claim psychciSploof has been killed.Sploof was attacked by the Pirate.Sploof: tiny because hes actually psyTiny Tiffany: I just don't understand the total and complete stupidity.Sploof: the moment james revealedSploof: he was psychicSploof: kerchoo was like "you're throwing"Sploof: ker is realTiny Tiffany: James is literally the psy the entire game. James Bayley has been killed.James Bayley was attacked by Potion Master.Tiny Tiffany: I can guarantee bayley was the vipTiny Tiffany: idiot lolSploof: SEEGameOverCoven has won.Yukira: Why the fuck was James throwing??? Idiot VIP.choking: well coven won again im just watching chaos unfold doooont mind me yallkerchoo: N3: [E]: GonnaThrowUp • someone • Romeokerchoo: ggGonnaCatch: XDSploof: james you're so fucking stupidAvvon: WTF WHY WAS HE CLAIMING PSYAvvon: WTFHose Mad: LmaioooooSwing life away: Report himAvvon: James, you moron.Sploof: the moment he claimed kerchoo knew he was throwing idk why town couldnt catch onEnd of Report
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