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Report ID: 2516367
Reported User: coolcool420
Report Submitted: Sep. 11, 2019 12:46 am
# of reporters: 3
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: Guiltied the jailor who showed will
LobbyPlayers are choosing namesRanked Game.Lunafreya: first ranked matchLunafreya: yayDay 1xxxxdeodatxxxx: guys, have a lovely game! have fun! enjoy! =)Pool: helloPool: thanks u2Barazeg: Died night 1 4 timesDeodat Hobbs: If anybody sees my wife Abigail tell her I miss herxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: Talking d1 metaBarazeg has left the game.Night 1xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: i love lokiLoki: Loki the sheriff N1-xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: thats the only reason i got disney plusLoki: XdLoki: I love loki tooSly: ???Transporter swapped towns bootyhole with Mephistopheles.Transporter swapped Deodat Hobbs with giles.Chocolate Rain investigated King gidoraaah.Mephistopheles checked boo.Day 2Deodat Hobbs has been killed.Deodat Hobbs died guarding someone.Sly has been killed.Sly was attacked by a BodyGuard.Barazeg has been killed.xxxxdeodatxxxx: ty bg I love you =) Pool: goodjob BGgiles: transportedtowns bootyhole: bootyhole the spyn1 B( choloate rain) (transported) MV (xxxx deodatxx )giles: report gfKing gidoraaah: so ur .afxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: giles role?King gidoraaah: mafgiles: so king is mafxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: i said giles role?xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: GILES ROLEKing gidoraaah: heal me docxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: giles upKing gidoraaah: i wollgiles: xx upKing gidoraaah: wi check himgiles: im transporterKing gidoraaah: who is trans?Pool: any cc?xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: NO U DUMB SHIT HE IS TRANSxxxxdeodatxxxx: you claimed transed? who did you transxxxxdeodatxxxx: I ccgiles: giles the transportern1 myself and deodat hobbsn2 xxxxdeodatxxxx: I'm transgiles: where ur willgiles: jailor exe thatNight 2King gidoraaah: heyDeodat Hobbs: Med?King gidoraaah: u jailed lokiKing gidoraaah: n1King gidoraaah: am sheriffSly: jailedKing gidoraaah: pls let me see lokiKing gidoraaah: he never talksKing gidoraaah: mayve susTransporter swapped xxxxdeodatxxxx with giles.Transporter swapped xxxxdeodatxxxx with Pool.Day 3Pool has been killed.John Proctor has forged the will.Pool was attacked by the Mafia.xxxxxdeodatxxxxx to Loki: role?xxxxxdeodatxxxxx to Loki: will?Chocolate Rain has been killed.Chocolate Rain was attacked by a Werewolf.Pool: dude my will got changedSly: no shitPool: VeteranN1: Alert (Nothing)N2: No Alert Deodat Hobbs: Forger lolPool: also i was transedtowns bootyhole: n2 B( lunafreya) MV( poolx2 )xxxxdeodatxxxx: 4 is trans giles: maf attacked me. i trans'd myself wit poolKing gidoraaah: rolecallKing gidoraaah: am sheriffxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: LOKI ROLEKing gidoraaah: lunaxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: loki WILLLoki: Im sheriffKing gidoraaah: towns??xxxxdeodatxxxx: 5 what's your rolexxxxdeodatxxxx: sheriff will?King gidoraaah: tell us ur roles plsxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: LETS KILL LOKI JUST LIKE THANOS KILLED LOKIKing gidoraaah: n1 loki was in jailedgiles: 15 is mafxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: LOKI WHERES THE TESSERACTKing gidoraaah: n1 loki was in jailed n2 was jailedLoki: Im innogiles: 15 cc'd transgiles: no willxxxxdeodatxxxx: giles are you retardedKing gidoraaah: lokigiles: or evidencegiles: 15 upKing gidoraaah: ur role?towns bootyhole: i was transed n1xxxxdeodatxxxx: i transed you last night xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: LOKI WHERES THE TESSERACTtowns bootyhole: I WAS TRANSED N1King gidoraaah: get lokiLoki: ??giles: i transed myselfKing gidoraaah: get lokiLoki: Loki the sheriff N1-jailed N2-king(inno)xxxxdeodatxxxx: IT SHOWS 2 TRANSES RETARDgiles: no it dontgiles: i can readNight 3John Proctor: DoctorJohn Proctor: Been on youxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: ?xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: LMAOJohn Proctor: Hoping for a surprise attackxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: Been on youxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: Do u know who i am?John Proctor: BootyDeodat Hobbs: Man if you alerted it would have killed the rest of the maf and a tperDeodat Hobbs: lolxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: lolJohn Proctor: Only person that makes senseJohn Proctor: I'm right?xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: noJohn Proctor: ohxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: maybeTransporter swapped Loki with King gidoraaah.King gidoraaah checked Lunafreya.Mephistopheles checked King gidoraaah.Day 4Pool: i wasnt planning on dying xDPool: my bSly: lmaoLoki has been killed.Loki was attacked by the Mafia.Sly: wasn't planning on dying Deodat Hobbs: Oh I don't blame you lol just sayingSly: nice onePool: xD thanksgiles: n3 myself and john proctor (john proctor was jailed)towns bootyhole: n3 B(john proctor)(jailed) MV(Loki)John Proctor: i was jailedKing gidoraaah: i was transedxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: LMAO LOKI IS EVIL AND WAS KILLED MY AN EVIL JUST LIKE IN INFINITY WARPool: i know you was saying lolJohn Proctor: maf should give upxxxxdeodatxxxx: n3. Loki and King King gidoraaah: 2 transporter?xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: noxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: maf SHOULD NOT GIVE UPKing gidoraaah: or there is a witchPool: didnt mean it to sound mean xPgiles: yes its 2 transesJohn Proctor: i thought 13 was jailor tbhxxxxdeodatxxxx: there are 2 transporters 4 is just retardedKing gidoraaah: role call plsxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: 1 rolegiles: suck my dick 15King gidoraaah: lunKing gidoraaah: get lunagiles: i trans myself so pool got the double messagetowns bootyhole: where is this wwgiles: suck my fat dicktowns bootyhole: who wants to claim sheriff?DefenseLoki has left the game.JudgementKing gidoraaah: role?towns bootyhole: ??King gidoraaah: get john after thisgiles voted guilty.Mephistopheles abstained.King gidoraaah voted guilty.xxxxxdeodatxxxxx voted abstained.John Proctor voted guilty.xxxxdeodatxxxx voted guilty.towns bootyhole voted guilty.Lunafreya has been lynched.giles: NE come outNight 4towns bootyhole: reall?towns bootyhole: really?towns bootyhole: why am i in here?xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: claimxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: nowxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: motherfuckertowns bootyhole: exe me dumbassTransporter swapped King gidoraaah with Mephistopheles.Transporter swapped giles with Mephistopheles.King gidoraaah checked xxxxdeodatxxxx.xxxxxdeodatxxxxx decided to execute towns bootyhole.Day 5towns bootyhole has been killed.giles: report gfKing gidoraaah: omgKing gidoraaah: transxxxxdeodatxxxx: so roles?King gidoraaah: dont troll meKing gidoraaah: am sheriffxxxxdeodatxxxx: how am i trolling you?King gidoraaah: jailor who r u?giles: whats 1xxxxdeodatxxxx: 1 claimxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: 1 roleKing gidoraaah: get 1xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: 1 ne?King gidoraaah: afk mafiosuogiles: tru or they attacked spytowns bootyhole: i was attacked in jail last night alsotowns bootyhole: jailor is dumb as shitDefensexxxxdeodatxxxx to King gidoraaah: how am i trolling you? i saved your lifeJudgementxxxxdeodatxxxx: PSA learn how trans works if you play ranked... it moves YOU and NOT your targetxxxxdeodatxxxx: i saved your life you tardgiles: stfu dumbassKing gidoraaah to xxxxdeodatxxxx: u never let me see if my target is sus or innoboo abstained.giles voted guilty.King gidoraaah voted guilty.John Proctor voted guilty.xxxxxdeodatxxxxx voted innocent.xxxxdeodatxxxx voted guilty.Mephistopheles has been lynched.giles: we both transed me that night so i only got one message. change ur fuckin diaperxxxxdeodatxxxx: you can still see if your target is sus or inno it moves you not your target durr King gidoraaah: etfgiles: the fk u even talking aboutxxxxdeodatxxxx: giles take your meds and l2pKing gidoraaah: report himgiles: change ur diaperNight 5John Proctor: it aint me famTransporter swapped giles with boo.King gidoraaah checked boo.Day 6King gidoraaah: gliesxxxxdeodatxxxx: vote 8King gidoraaah: ur innoboo: im jesterKing gidoraaah: gliesgiles: ikKing gidoraaah: ur rolexxxxdeodatxxxx: 8 is mafiaJohn Proctor: im jailorJohn Proctor: so noxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: 8 upgiles: so hang 12King gidoraaah: gliesxxxxdeodatxxxx: ok then 12xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: lmao.King gidoraaah: 15 said he is transxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: 8 upgiles: he is, the spy confirmed himDefensexxxxxdeodatxxxxx: Lol/xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: *Lol.xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: Deodat Lawson the JailorN1: Loki - sheriffN2: King - sheriffN3: John - docN4: booty - no claim; exingN5: John - doc?xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: YOU MOTHERFUCKERSJudgementJohn Proctor: nah famxxxxdeodatxxxx: 8 will?giles: bruhJohn Proctor: guiltyKing gidoraaah: bodyguard is therexxxxdeodatxxxx: 8 post willJohn Proctor: I didgiles: guilty this late ass claim if hes inno its his faultJohn Proctor voted guilty.xxxxdeodatxxxx voted innocent.giles voted guilty.King gidoraaah voted voted innocent.xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: WHAT THE FUCKxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: reporting GILEStowns bootyhole: lol they hung the jailorxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: and U MOTHERFUCKERxxxxxdeodatxxxxx has been lynched.Sly: lmaoJohn Proctor: LMAOOOOxxxxdeodatxxxx: i already reported giles for being low iqSly: this is goodtowns bootyhole: jailor cant jail himselfSly: glad I stayedgiles: stfu this on you if inniogiles: yep dumbassKing gidoraaah: omgtowns bootyhole: if they read wills they would seegiles: late ass claimgiles: didnt even cc proctorNight 6towns bootyhole: lol jailor was dumb anywaysxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: u didnt show willSly: jailed john twice loltowns bootyhole: i showed it every dayxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: im going to forumsTransporter swapped John Proctor with xxxxdeodatxxxx.Transporter swapped giles with xxxxdeodatxxxx.King gidoraaah checked giles.Day 7xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: to report gilesKing gidoraaah has been killed.King gidoraaah was attacked by the Mafia.towns bootyhole: i even said the night you jailed john that he was jailedJohn Proctor to boo: so ur actually NE?towns bootyhole: you exed me because you were just dumbKing gidoraaah: jailor is poor afKing gidoraaah: glies is poor asgiles: king I cannot believe that willboo to John Proctor: john proctor ya babe. imma lie and say im wit towngiles: LOLboo: okay im wit townDeodat Hobbs: The mafia are going to win this...John Proctor to boo: lets vote 15 cause giles is cluelessgiles: oh ok we hang 8 thenboo: u gonna vote me up or nahxxxxdeodatxxxx: noKing gidoraaah: towns 0 1qgiles: i was gunna suggest itgiles: but then u said ur wit townJohn Proctor: im jailorKing gidoraaah: jailor is reportedJohn Proctor to boo: are you jest?towns bootyhole: yea i rreported jailor tooJohn Proctor: voteboo to John Proctor: yupgiles: vote boo dumbassxxxxdeodatxxxx to giles: trans yourself with 5giles: who tf is 5xxxxdeodatxxxx to giles: with 6 i meangiles: r u dumbgiles: no im not doing thatgiles to xxxxdeodatxxxx: both self wit johnNight 7towns bootyhole: llmaoooo the jailor made us lose this gametowns bootyhole: holy hell im glad i stayed to witness this throwTransporter swapped xxxxdeodatxxxx with boo.Transporter swapped giles with John Proctor.Day 8giles: hackerJohn Proctor: uh ohJohn Proctor: better lynch the jest or risk losing XDgiles: its a drawxxxxdeodatxxxx: i'm okay drawinggiles: we hang the jest we lose, we dont we win or draw. sorry booJohn Proctor: if you hang the jest you have a chanceJohn Proctor: cuz then im forced to attackgiles: only if jest sides ustowns bootyhole: john can still kill John Proctor: and i could mis-attackgiles: jest would killNight 8Lunafreya: wait this game is still going on?towns bootyhole: yea Lunafreya: damnDeodat Hobbs: Yeah town somehow managed to lose after those good first 3 daysKing gidoraaah: ur trash wwtowns bootyhole: its down to the 2 trans and 1 maf and jesterKing gidoraaah: first time here?Pool: was about to ask the same questiobPool: question*Transporter swapped xxxxdeodatxxxx with boo.Transporter swapped giles with John Proctor.Day 9John Proctor to boo: are you aliveLunafreya: there were 3 maf dead already I gave up lolxxxxdeodatxxxx has been killed.xxxxdeodatxxxx was attacked by the Mafia.John Proctor to boo: thank god i risked attacking youboo to John Proctor: xDKing gidoraaah: u dont win with mafLunafreya: wow really?giles: why the fk would you trans yourself wit the jestJohn Proctor: tbt to when GF left and maf died N1giles: lmaoLunafreya: is that part of the lastest patch?xxxxdeodatxxxx: giles is literal idiotLunafreya: I havent played in a few daysgiles: tbt to when 15 wouldnt stfu about me being a bad player just because he cant readgiles: or sheJohn Proctor: lmaotowns bootyhole: jailor threw away this game on usJohn Proctor: can we vote the jest nowgiles: yexxxxdeodatxxxx: giles was retarded af thoDefensexxxxdeodatxxxx: he refused to coordinate transes in 2 vs 1 vs 1 situationxxxxdeodatxxxx: if i transed with 8 giles would die probablyJudgementgiles: jest kill me so 15 doesn't get the winboo: tygiles: ywgiles voted guilty.John Proctor voted guilty.xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: im reporting giles at forumsJohn Proctor: lmaoKing gidoraaah: ypboo has been lynched.Deodat Hobbs: YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET A RARE JESTER ONLY WINgiles: town was so garbage this game. GG johnKing gidoraaah: report this trashgiles: especially that jailorJohn Proctor: pure luckDeodat Hobbs: Jester only win do itPool: kill maf pleaseJohn Proctor: it's in Boo's hands nowgiles: literally not speaking up when a maf claims jailorgiles: then yelling at town for hangNight 9boo: i wanna do it lolDeodat Hobbs: Kill 4 and get a Jester only winPool: kill maf pleaseboo: isnt 8 mafDeodat Hobbs: I meanDeodat Hobbs: 8Sly: kill 4King gidoraaah: jester won onlyDeodat Hobbs: 8 is for jester win lolSly: jester only winPool: 8 is mafboo: imma do itDeodat Hobbs: Yes get 8Pool: dont listen to sly his mafDeodat Hobbs: GOODboo: jester only winboo: heehKing gidoraaah: because we have a fotowns bootyhole: lol unless giles transesDeodat Hobbs: JESTER WINKing gidoraaah: fooolTransporter swapped giles with John Proctor.Day 10John Proctor: WOWPool: ggJohn Proctor: Wtf BooJohn Proctor has been killed.John Proctor was attacked by a Jester.Pool: ty booxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: WHAT THE FUCKDeodat Hobbs: LOLJohn Proctor: Not coolGameOverTown has i wanted a jester onyl win hahagiles: YIKES tf the matter with u jester?xxxxxdeodatxxxxx: GILES IM STILL REPORTING YOU IN FORUMSgiles: for what mateJohn Proctor: jerkxxxxdeodatxxxx: giles is trash level playerxxxxxdeodatxxxxx: MOTHER FUCKERboo: its raregiles: i literally carriedgiles: u got urself killedPool: thanks booPool: you the bestEnd of Report
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