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Report ID: 2355083
Reported User: Tukiruki
Report Submitted: May. 13, 2019 5:54 pm
# of reporters: 4
Reported Reason: Inappropriate IGN
Details: I know I report a lot of user names but cmon
LobbyPlayers are choosing namesRanked Game.Benoit: is that curry i seeBenoit: do my eyes decieve meBenoit: WHO IS THISCurry: what's your favorite chewing gumBenoit: BENOIT SUCKS?rly stupit: is this a room full of bad players i see ?????Piper: benoit does not sux ffsRanji: krazoon diesBenoit: i will tell youDay 1rly stupit: can't wait to lose xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoballoon humper: who wants tpDallas: I am the werewolf.Benoit: BUBBLE GUM : CURRYI hate black ppl: me plsBenoit: not a DRILLDallas: Mauling the first persont o askf or tp/loI hate black ppl: tpDallas: on n2James Bayley: i'm always gfRanji: tp lo on me im jailorNoir: fuck me in the ass jailorWilliam Phips: saying it now i wont be on tp lo claimsNoir: ;)I hate black ppl: im important role tooBenoit: NOT A DRILL BUBBLE GUM CURRYCurry: oh bubble gum is niceNight 1William Phips: docRice: shall i frameCurry: wow rudeRice: or shall we wait to kill off spiesRanji: alrightyNoir: sureRanji: i wont die to sk Ranji: hopefullyCurry: yeah waitRanji: or will IRice: kkRanji: yoloI hate black ppl checked Benoit.James Bayley investigated Twizzlers.Piper investigated balloon humper.Day 2Benoit has been killed.Benoit was attacked by the Mafia.Piper to Curry: gf is a reg hunterCurry to Piper: yeahPiper: Piper, P.I. N1 balloon humper: sriff/exe/ww I hate black ppl: eeeehhPiper: oof spellingballoon humper: wauwwwwwwballoon humper: good exposuerI hate black ppl: n1 benoit You cannot find evidence of wrongdoing. Your target seems innocent.James Bayley: any spy?Piper: N1 balloon humper: sheriff/exe/wwPiper: 4 upRanji: baloon claimrly stupit: i cc sheriff.William Phips: i say hang him regardless of claimWilliam Phips: too susDallas: they claimed sheriffCurry: 4 is WW lolJames Bayley: James the InvestigatorN1-Twizzlers med jan retJames Bayley: btwJames Bayley: 14 prob retJames Bayley: 11 i meanTwizzlers: Dallas claimed WWRanji: 4 ti claimsDallas: i'm WW mauling tp/lo askersDefenseballoon humper: whaddupballoon humper: im the retributonitsPiper to Curry: also did you report 10?balloon humper: invest will is bsballoon humper: i wil bring bak vigilante toniteDallas to Curry: u evilballoon humper: we can lync piperballoon humper: hes scumJudgementRice: well only one way to know igPiper: N1 balloon humper: sheriff/exe/wwCurry to Piper: doing that nowRanji: I'll exe him if innorly stupit: n1- Piper- inno !!. for the record .Piper: she is not scumWilliam Phips: just guiltyballoon humper: im not sheriff exe or werwolPiper: there were only two ti claimsCurry to Dallas: umm no?balloon humper: i am retributionistballoon humper: Piper is exe probablylJames Bayley: 11 is retI hate black ppl voted guilty.Ranji voted innocent.William Phips voted guilty.Twizzlers voted innocent.rly stupit voted guilty.Noir voted guilty.Lydia Dustin abstained.Samuel Sewall abstained.Dallas voted guilty.James Bayley voted guilty.Piper voted guilty.Curry voted guilty.Rice voted guilty.Dallas to Curry: ok m8Curry to Dallas: but don't maul me lmaoRice: & if this is actual ret, get 11 obvsballoon humper has been lynched.Ranji: tp on meRice: but i doubtJames Bayley: 11 revive benoitPiper: is this is ret I will suck you offDallas: LOL!James Bayley to Piper: who are you checking?Twizzlers: why me?Dallas: pipe rnever offers that to mePiper: 6?Dallas: what a time to be alivePiper: maybeRanji: ok piper is ti1Night 2balloon humper has left the game.Twizzlers: Howdy dead peepsTwizzlers: Twizzlers hereBenoit: whoa re youCurry: okayLydia Dustin: Spy (N1) B Ranji (MV) Benoit Ranji: hiRanji: roleRanji: why not post willBenoit: show yourself spiritCurry: ummRanji: beforeBenoit: twizzlerCurry: sureLydia Dustin: no rm Rice: ill frameTwizzlers: Am I the only one?Lydia Dustin: visits Noir: piper - inv, i hate - sheriff, james - invBenoit: tell curry bubble gum was wrongBenoit: yesLydia Dustin: So stayed quiet Benoit: tell him i read my roel wrongRanji: i dont trust youRice: too many invs egadsRanji: you could be bmerLydia Dustin: exe me then Noir: yeah.Ranji: okBenoit: and appologizeI hate black ppl checked James Bayley.James Bayley investigated Noir.Day 3Benoit: from meWilliam Phips to Piper: n2 piper(attacked)Ranji: ok sorly stupit: n2- i hate- inno !!Twizzlers: Curry Bubble Gum was wrongRanji: 6 was jailedLydia Dustin: JailedPiper: N2 Lydia Dustin: JAILED (attacked and healed) Piper: wtfRanji: she claims she is spyI hate black ppl to Ranji: n2 james innoPiper: I said I was investigating 6James Bayley: N2-Noir BG GF ArsoPiper: why would you jail herNoir: nope, im rt tk.Ranji: 6 claims she's spyCurry: twizzlers is confirmed medTwizzlers: Curry he read his will wrong and says he's sorryRanji: didnt post willNoir: doused.James Bayley: get gfJames Bayley: thenJames Bayley: pfftNoir: im tk not tp.Piper: 6 aint spyJames Bayley: TK is deadJames Bayley: hang 2Curry: ok 11 is confirmedPiper: whydidnt you kill her?Dallas: Noir is evilNoir: i already claimed rt.Dallas: let's hangNoir: noir the veterann1: fucking alerting bitches.n2: nah, fuck me.Rice: wait how is 6 spyRice: didnt postDallas: Yeah let's hang NoirLydia Dustin: How aint I spyNoir: nope.Ranji: my thoughts exactlyNoir: not tp.Twizzlers: James Bayley I nevered claimed retgRanji: rice calim plsRanji to Rice: role ?DefenseNoir: either way im dying tonightNoir: because of douseNoir: noir the veterann1: fucking alerting bitches.n2: nah, fuck me.Ranji to Piper: i think lydia dustin is bmerRice to Ranji: 'riff. which is why i counter a non postin spyPiper to Ranji: lydia has not voted either evils, kill it pleaseJudgementLydia Dustin: WHY IS 11 ALIVE James Bayley: exe 6 please, she is not spyDallas: Guilty. This is Godfather.Twizzlers: and Rice why did you say lynch me? And why did James think I"m ret?James Bayley: exe 6 pleaseNoir: yepDallas: cya GFLydia Dustin: WHY IS 11 ALIVENoir: exe dallasRanji to Piper: im executing 1 tonight, claims sheriffJames Bayley: 11 is goodNoir: dallas is pushing too hardNoir: exe dallasDallas: yes execute meDallas: cya NoirDallas: toodlesNoir: :)Rice voted guilty.rly stupit voted guilty.Dallas voted guilty.I hate black ppl voted guilty.James Bayley voted guilty.Samuel Sewall abstained.William Phips voted guilty.Twizzlers abstained.Piper voted guilty.Ranji abstained.Lydia Dustin voted guilty.Curry voted guilty.Noir: i love u dallasNoir: xoxoDallas: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づPiper: if there is a vig please shoot 6 thanks Noir has been lynched.James Bayley: exe 6 pleaseTwizzlers: Why you all think I claimed ret? WTF is wrong with y'all Balloon claimed retRanji: exeing 1Ranji: tonightDallas: no need to shoot 6Ranji: claimed sheriffTwizzlers: yesterday you were all after meDallas: 6 dies tonightCurry: yeah get 6 tbhRice: excuseDallas: i wills hoot 6I hate black ppl: boluditosTwizzlers: Get riceI hate black ppl: tp on meRanji: shoot 6Dallas: i will shoot 6rly stupit: //yawnDallas: don't worryPiper: aightBenoit: noir whyd u kill meNight 3Rice: so mean to meTwizzlers: I'm baaaackNoir: lmaooBenoit: twizlersBenoit: welcome bcackRanji: should've ccd sheriff claimsTwizzlers: Do you like the candles and cobwebs?Rice: N1: Twizzlers INNON2: Phips INNOBenoit: u did goodRanji: earlierRanji: nah u never postedCurry: jailor whispered "6 is probably BMer"Rice: well one was exeCurry: so i will BM himBenoit: yes i am glad u didnt put any spidersCurry: LOLBenoit: in the websrly stupit: dontTwizzlers: Still don't know why they all thought I was vetTwizzlers: I ran out of time for the spiders lolCurry: yes i willBenoit: whewwwRanji: wcydTwizzlers: and spooky musicI hate black ppl checked rly stupit.Ranji decided to execute Rice.James Bayley investigated Samuel Sewall.Piper investigated Samuel Sewall.Day 4Rice: i gotta pissSamuel Sewall has been killed.Samuel Sewall was attacked by the Mafia.I hate black ppl to Ranji: n3 rly innoPiper to Ranji: N3 Samuel Sewall: bg/gf/arsoRice has been killed.Dallas to Piper: ok ic ould've swore i had lydia doused, maybenot lmfao!Dallas to Piper: i guess it was phipsPiper to Dallas: lordRice: i gotta go peepeeRice: brbPiper to Dallas: both tp are deadWilliam Phips has been killed.William Phips was ignited by an Arsonist.rly stupit: n3- Twizzlers- inno !!Lydia Dustin: (MV) Ranji Samuel I wasnt shot btw?Twizzlers: Told ya'll Rice was evil!Piper to Ranji: vote lydia jail twizzlersDallas: yes lydiaJames Bayley: this arso is badDallas: u got luckyCurry: okayDallas: very luckyCurry: hang 6 todayDallas: yesPiper: curryis here?Dallas: hang 6Piper: lolCurry: i am last tpJames Bayley: piperJames Bayley: willPiper: N3 Samuel Sewall: bg/gf/arsoJames Bayley: curry you are not bgCurry: lmaoCurry: i amDallas: so samuel is the new GFPiper: gget 6Curry: you will seeDallas: jailor can take care of thatDallas: tonightPiper: no he is deadTwizzlers: Bayley sided with Rice against meJames Bayley: i'll seeDallas: ohTwizzlers: both thinking I claimed ret DefenseI hate black ppl to Twizzlers: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeLydia Dustin: kill me get 15 I hate black ppl to Twizzlers: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeJudgementI hate black ppl to Twizzlers: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerly stupit: mmk lydia.Twizzlers: How about getting Samuel?Dallas: samuel is deadPiper: HE SI DEADDallas: i thought he was still aliveTwizzlers: REport I hate for spammingI hate black ppl: gg twizzlesJames Bayley: lmaorly stupit: lmaoRanji voted guilty.Piper voted guilty.James Bayley voted guilty.Twizzlers abstained.I hate black ppl voted guilty.Curry voted guilty.Dallas voted guilty.rly stupit voted guilty.Piper to Ranji: I am checking curryI hate black ppl: spamming? xdLydia Dustin has been lynched.Curry: L0LPiper to Ranji: dallas is arso and just ignitedI hate black ppl: with this much im talking? xdJames Bayley to Piper: who you checking?Twizzlers: I already reported I hate for name, I can't report for spamming He's whispering eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeCurry to Dallas: douse 10 tbhJames Bayley to Piper: btw you just bad bad badI hate black ppl: u reported me? pussy xdPiper: fucking uselessTwizzlers: samuelPiper: idiotI hate black ppl: butthurtNight 4rly stupit: can i bus uTwizzlers: Still mediumRanji: hey bmerRanji: nahCurry: ummTwizzlers: Medium foolrly stupit: that's not an answerRanji: ok we'll seeCurry: i think there is no needRanji: you need to tell town i was bmdRanji: night beforeCurry: we can push 10 or 11Ranji: or u dieJames Bayley investigated Dallas.Piper investigated Curry.Day 5Dallas to Curry: doneI hate black ppl to Curry: Your ability failed because your target was in jail.Ranji has been killed.Ranji was attacked by the Mafia.I hate black ppl to Dallas: Your ability failed because your target was in jail.I hate black ppl to Curry: it was twizzlersI hate black ppl to Dallas: twizzlersCurry to I hate black ppl: okayrly stupit: n4- Curry- sus !! if it's not obvious nowJames Bayley: N4-Dallas BG GF ArsoTwizzlers: Jailor is an ass. Was exe'ing me saying I'm the blackmailerJames Bayley: idiot jailorCurry: lmfaoI hate black ppl: twizzlers is jsut butthurt bc his team is losing ;cJames Bayley: we get DallasCurry: i am BG i got roleblockedDallas: i am siding with townJames Bayley: then curry tommorowDallas: there's no need to get meTwizzlers: He said to say he was bm'd night before or I'll die, but he's dead so ...James Bayley: idcJames Bayley: hang DallasDallas: james bayleyJames Bayley: we don't need arsoCurry: we hang 8 Twizzlers: Bayley what's YOUR role?Dallas: hang mafiaDallas: bayleyTwizzlers: You sided with Rice to try to lynch meDallas: must be mafI hate black ppl: twizzlers stop itDallas: to be pushing meJames Bayley: i got GFDallas: LOLJames Bayley: get DALLASDallas: bayleyDallas: why would u be pushing on meTwizzlers: but you al so tried to get me!rly stupit: that's not a roleDallas: unless mafJames Bayley: ALL TOWN ON DALLASDallas: plsCurry: bayley is obvious mafia how can you not see that??DefenseJames Bayley: piper stop voting with mafiaJames Bayley: 15 and Curry are mafiaDallas to confirm themselvesRanji: btw spyRanji: u suckJames Bayley: Dallas is ArsoJames Bayley: INNO ALL TOWNIESDallas to Twizzlers: mafia is pushing me to confirm themselves cuteJudgementrly stupit: i literally just accused curry.Lydia Dustin: btw no one caresJames Bayley: all evils will guiltyDallas: ur mafRice: wait why does 11 keep saying i pushed herDallas: i'm arsoJames Bayley: INNO thenJames Bayley: get curryCurry: guilty this lmfaoJames Bayley: upRanji: 8 is bmerRanji: i thinkJames Bayley: INNO ALL TOWNIESDallas: mafia is attempting to push meDallas: to confirm themselvesCurry: this is outted since Day 3Dallas: dead assRice: is ther emedPiper voted innocent.rly stupit voted guilty.I hate black ppl voted guilty.Dallas voted guilty.Curry voted guilty.Twizzlers voted innocent.Ranji: no ideaLydia Dustin: No shi t dum bass James Bayley: one idiotJames Bayley: townieCurry to Dallas: thanksJames Bayley: aliveJames Bayley: deserves to be reportedJames Bayley has been lynched.Rice: sry im new hereLydia Dustin: this is toenRanji: so piper is bmer ?James Bayley: jailor was trashJames Bayley: norly stupit: every1 is bg gf arso LOLrly stupit: ohTwizzlers: then they're all dousedRanji: how am I trashCurry: disguiserNight 5Twizzlers: HelloCurry: LOLRice: wazzap?Twizzlers: RANJIRanji: so medium is realRanji: lmaoLydia Dustin: you pushed me so hardRanji: okCurry: waitTwizzlers: you're an assholeBenoit: curry claimed rbd by conrotCurry: yesCurry: attack 11Lydia Dustin: and 15 had no claim Benoit: when bmer was confirmedLydia Dustin: all gameJames Bayley: curry is mafiaRice: twizzlers i didnt push u :( why you say thatBenoit: shouldve voted himJames Bayley: obviouslyBenoit: lolTwizzlers: I confirmed myself D2 loserrly stupit: it doesn't actually matter.Ranji: curry is evilCurry: i told arso to douse 10 idk if he did thoRanji: piper is townRanji: 10 is fake sheriffTwizzlers: Rice you pushed meJames Bayley: obviousRice: nahRanji: well yeahrly stupit: bet arso doused u Ranji: i jailed mediumrly stupit: or some shittttCurry: yeaI hate black ppl checked Piper.Piper investigated Twizzlers.Day 6Ranji: cause piper told me toRanji: didnt wanan exeJames Bayley: you dumb jailorI hate black ppl: for fuck's sake guysTwizzlers: Ranji I was proven D3I hate black ppl has been killed.I hate black ppl was ignited by an Arsonist.James Bayley: it was 4 vs 3I hate black ppl: benoit wrote on his willI hate black ppl: that he was retI hate black ppl: he is the disguiserJames Bayley: wowTwizzlers has been killed.Twizzlers was attacked by the Mafia.James Bayley: report thisJames Bayley: guyBenoit: LOL i am disg?Benoit: u tht dumRanji: lolI hate black ppl: what was that will idiotJames Bayley: Report this sheriff guyI hate black ppl: ?Ranji: so piper is the bmer ?I hate black ppl: so it is my ffaultBenoit: it was joke kidRice: wozzap?I hate black ppl: huhrly stupit: ok well. gg. finally i might fix my shitty winrate.James Bayley: you lost town the gameCurry: i forgot to blackmail 15Dallas: 15Ranji: no it's curryDallas: what's your usernameRanji: damnI hate black ppl: I did? JAI hate black ppl: JA JAJames Bayley: Trashassrly stupit: urmomdotcomI hate black ppl: look at all the townies you've killedDallas: niceDallas: seems legitRanji: jamesrly stupit: it isI hate black ppl: and i lost you the game? xdRanji: were you bmd ?James Bayley: noRice: hush all of youJames Bayley: you lost the gameJames Bayley: obviouslyrly stupit: pls check it i'm 3200 elo winrate 99.99999999999999999999999999999999%I hate black ppl: srsly if you are really good whisper to the jaior dailyDallas: vote me btwTwizzlers: Ranji said 10 was fake sheriffDallas: save timeDallas: pleaserly stupit: gotta fix that so it's 100%Curry: trueCurry: you just ignitedJames Bayley: dude sheriff you were too dumbCurry: no way to winJames Bayley: you don't deserve to playDallas: i wasn't trying to winJames Bayley: you handed evils the winDallas: town was retardedCurry: ikTwizzlers: he whsipered me random s hitrly stupit: i wasnt eitherDallas: piperrly stupit: lmaoDallas: voteJames Bayley: voting with evilsDallas: wtfWilliam Phips has left the game.Curry: just stating the obvious for dead chatJames Bayley: low elo assRanji: who you talking to?DefenseJames Bayley: the sheriffI hate black ppl: idkJames Bayley: who gultied meI hate black ppl: i have 2 ppl here in ignoreJames Bayley: and lost the gameRice: be nice :(I hate black ppl: they gamethrew thrice in a rowrly stupit to Piper: OK BUT PIPER. YOU SAW HOW SEY PLAYS. YOU SAW HER FUCK ME OVER TWICE.I hate black ppl: for their gameJudgementI hate black ppl: and i am the trash player, lulJames Bayley: you gamethrewPiper to rly stupit: ?James Bayley: you gultied meJames Bayley: the idiot towniePiper: what is your point?rly stupit voted guilty.Piper voted innocent.Curry voted guilty.Dallas: Dallas "The Arso Man" Arso WILL SOME DAY PREVAIL.rly stupit to Piper: DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK IT'S SHOCKING THAT GETTING STUCK WITH TEAMMATES LIKE THAT CAUSES A SHITTY WINRATEDallas: HALLELUJAHI hate black ppl: arso had wonDallas: GOD BLESS AMERICA---Dallas: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づDallas has been lynched.rly stupit to Piper: LIKE GODDAMNI hate black ppl: hwen ranji diedJames Bayley: you are sooo dumbJames Bayley: this is arsoRanji: why not douse a mafioso instead arso ?Piper: I don tcare about wrDallas: why not play good?Dallas: moronDallas: lmaorly stupit: ya sure did a couple of games agoPiper: why are you yelling in all caps at meRanji: real funny yeahNight 6rly stupit: yeeshCurry: lmaoCurry: ggDallas: i pushed NoirDallas: with u guysJames Bayley: evils won only because jailor and sheriff were weak playersDallas: not sure what more u wantDallas: ur the cuckDallas: who didn't exeDallas: the night u died jailorJames Bayley: the sheriff get's the entire blame thoI hate black ppl: dallas is rightDallas: james bayley the only one who did anything for the townDallas: lmfaoRanji: i was whispered by piper to jail twizzlers Ranji: so yeahI hate black ppl: i just wanted this shit to end fasterDay 7I hate black ppl: im a ti, now1 else could kill mafiaJames Bayley: don't play then sheriffRanji: it's annyoing getting whispered all the time as jailor Ranji: i couldn't keep upPiper has been killed.Piper was attacked by the Mafia.I hate black ppl: idk what you expected to happenDallas: don't claim jailor thenRanji: '' dont play sheriff ''Ranji: like he gets to chooseJames Bayley: he suckedRanji: well not dfending himI hate black ppl: guys like i guiltied bc we'd lostRanji: just saying that makes no senseI hate black ppl: see the graveyerd you killed the fucking whole townGameOverMafia has won.James Bayley: it was 4 vs 3James Bayley: and he gultied on meRanji: spy was quiet afI hate black ppl: WE CANTJames Bayley: giving evils the winRanji: made me think he's bmerI hate black ppl: KILLEnd of Report
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